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Unleashing Your Brain Power and Subconscious Abilities

The human brain, being one of the most vital organs of the body, performs crucial functions that can never be ignored or given less importance. The brain is not only the mastermind of every physical activity but also the actions that are based upon thoughts. As such, it is the center of reasoning power and information.

All the information from the brain is carried to other parts of the body through neurotransmitters. Basically, the functions of the brain can be classified into two states: conscious and subconscious state of mind. The first category is responsible for the daily physical and common activities, whereas the second state of mind, subconscious state, mainly influences these actions involuntarily, that is, the person being unaware of the driving force behind his actions.

The human brain power is very powerful and there are various methods of enhancing the brain power. Of course, there are drugs that help to cure mental disorders like ADHD but often, methods like meditation are more common in daily life. Some of the drugs may have after- effects but the brain power can greatly be enhanced through other processes like brain wave technology.

It is a comparatively newer technology that is gaining popularity, among millions of people. It uses the power of brain that operates on different frequencies. While playing certain music or beats on these frequencies using binaural beats, the mind gets relaxed. The mind slips from conscious to subconscious state of mind and offers relaxation. As a result, the mind gets cleared of any negative thoughts and will have a overall positive outcome.

While some people are naturally geared to learning and having a great degree of brain power, others may not be so. Therefore, in order to improve brain power, it is essential to participate in such programs that will help to improve the learning and release the inner power latent within. The greatest part is that brain power can be enhanced by all individuals irrespective of age, gender or background and since everyone has an extreme degree of potential, it can be unleashed through such techniques.

The first step towards improving the brain power is to avoid negative thoughts and focusing on the positive ones that would help to enhance the overall life pattern. There are many CDs and books that give a proper guidance to enhance the brain power. The internet suggests different ways like doing regular exercises; playing games that involve thinking, taking food substances that enhance brain power such as omega 3 fatty acid, as also stimulating other senses and getting adequate sleep, regularly.

Since neurons are the power cells of the brain, when doing exercises based on neurobics, it certainly helps to increase the brain power and cognitive function. The other benefits are, it avoids aging of brain cells and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases. It is essential to always be aware of what part of the brain is being used in engaging the activity you do. This observing sense of mind will, amazingly, increase the power of brain and help to take control of the subconscious abilities.

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* Why Fire Makes Us Human *
human brain
Image by Bùi Việt Trung
Wherever humans have gone in the world, they have carried with them two things, language and fire. As they traveled through tropical forests they hoarded the precious embers of old fires and sheltered them from downpours. When they settled the barren Arctic, they took with them the memory of fire, and recreated it in stoneware vessels filled with animal fat. Darwin himself considered these the two most significant achievements of humanity. It is, of course, impossible to imagine a human society that does not have language, but—given the right climate and an adequacy of raw wild food—could there be a primitive tribe that survives without cooking? In fact, no such people have ever been found. Nor will they be, according to a provocative theory by Harvard biologist Richard Wrangham, who believes that fire is needed to fuel the organ that makes possible all the other products of culture, language included: the human brain.


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The Human Brain (full documentary) HD

Computer Simulation of the Human Brain

Researchers have recently constructed a new computer model of the cortex of the human brain. This model is similar in principle to the more well known Blue Brain computer model, but it simulates a much larger area of the brain. It actually less detailed at the neuron level when compared to Blue Brain. The Blue Brain project has already simulated a section of the rat’s brain that is named the neocortex. The Blue Brain computer simulation has successfully modeled approximately 10,000 neurons including near 30 million synapses.

This other computer simulation, however, has successfully modeled about a trillion neurons and almost a quadrillion synapses. This specific computer model is able to model the entire thalamo-cortical system of a mammillian brain. Apparently, the researchers have made of simulation of this brain region because is is involved in creating concious awareness.

An interesting thing that the scientsts have noted from this computer model is that they witnessed the recreation of larger-scale oscillatory activity (i.e. brain waves). They merely emerged as a function of the computer model and were not programmed into it. This basically means that this computer simulation actually was ble to replicate the way a regular brain would look like on an EEG readout. This is an indication that this method of simulating the brain is actually working as it should.

This computer simulation of the human brain will allow scientists to carry out a variety of different experiments that are not currently possible to do. It will enable researchers to gain a much better insight into the workings of the brain. Things that are normally very hard to do on brain wetware may easily be done on the computer model. Researchers will have much more leeway in carrying out different experiments on this virtual brain. The computer model will allow scientists to carry out experiments that are impossible from a physical or ethical standpoint.

This computer model will enable the simulation of almost any type of brain disorder. This is a very exciting possiblity that could help a tremendous amount of people. Researchers intend to investigate disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other psychiatric disorders. The scientists also intend to investigate the effects of pharmaceutical drugs on this computer brain model. This may lead to faster FDA approval for brain drugs.

The researchers also want to learn more about consciousness and how it is constructed. I have serious doubts as to whether the computer model will actually be able to model consciousness. However, this new computer model will likely give scientists a much greater understanding of how the human brain functions. Overall, the research is extremely interesting and it has quite a few potential benefits in advancing our knowledge of the brain.

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Human brain, medial view
human brain
This is the same as "Human brain, lateral view". We have a better view of the brainstem here. Also we can see the left lateral ventricle (the big cavity) because the septum pelucidum was removed. In the upper part of lateral ventricle a series of fringes corresponding to the transversally cut corpus callosum can be observed. Behind the brainstem there is the cerebellum. Some scientists consider the cerebellum like a computer that controls activities related to balance and motor skills, so that the rest of the brain can focus on conscience. I think sometimes my cerebellum is the only part working in my brain because I keep motor skills while my conscience is absent.

The human brain: Important Structures and structural damage

Different regions in the brain, to name a few, would be the medulla(medulla oblongata) ,reticular

formation, cerebellum, hypothalamus, amygdala and hippocampus. The medulla or medulla oblongata is

the lower portion of brain stem. It occurs in the hind brain. It is inferior to the pons and anterior to the

cerebellum. It controls autonomic functions and relays nerve signals to the spinal cord. The amygdala is

an almond shaped mass of nuclei located deep within temporal lobes. It is medial to hypothalamus and

adjacent to the hippocampus. It controls arousal, emotional responses and hormonal secretions. It also

controls autonomic functions associated with fear. The cerebellum is located just below the occipital

lobes at the base of skull and above the brainstem. Its function is to translate plans from M1 into

specific instructions, timing, helps control saccades, compares current motor plan to new plans sent

from other brain areas. The hippocampus is a horseshoe shaped sheet of neurons located adjacent to

the amygdala and within the temporal lobes. It functions in emotions, navigation and spatial orientation.

It also acts in consolidation of new memories. The reticular formation is a set of interconnected nuclei

that are located throughout the brainstem. It plays an important role in mood regulation, motor

coordination and exhalation. The hypothalamus is located below the thalamus and is posterior to the

optic chiasma. It controls autonomic functions, emotions, endocrine functions, homeostasis , motor

functions . It regulates food and water intake .It also regulates sleep wake cycle. (Pineda 4)

Brain damage can occur due to variety of illnesses and injuries. Widespread brain damage can occur

form hypoxia (shortage of oxygen), infections, poisoning by teratogens ( like alcohol). Localised brain

damage can be caused by physical trauma including surgery, stroke, poisoning from lead or mercury.

The consequences of damage in the areas, depends on the functions they serve. Severe damage to the

hippocampus leads to difficulties in forming new memories (anterograde amnesia) and also affects

memories formed after the damage (retrograde amnesia).

Damage to reticular formation is serious and can lead to coma or death. If damage is less severe, it can

cause fatigue, changes in sexual arousal and disrupted sleep patterns. Injury to hypothalamus may cause

growth problems in children. It can cause hypothyroidism symptoms which include feeling cold all the

time, weight gain ,constipation among others.( Brent)

Interestingly, damage to amygdala has been seen to make people less loss-averse. They show an

increase in risky behavior as amygdala is associated with fear. Any damage to the cerebellum

irrespective of cause or location leads to problems with movement. As an example, damage in the

anterior portion spinocerebellum causes disruption in movement of lower limbs, a wide and staggering

gait occurs without much disruption in the arms. The cerebellum integrates motor action of muscles and

joint every moment. Lesions in cerebellum consequently result in loss of motor coordination in the

body. Damage to vestibulocerebellum makes it difficult for a person to maintain a fixed gaze and it may

become impossible to stand upright. Damage in cerebrocerebellum impairs the ability to produce a

sequence of skilled movements like playing a musical instrument. ( Purves et al.)

Any damage to medulla oblongata or any nerves passing through it , may result in paralysis or loss of

motor coordination. One may lose sense of touch, develop vertigo or have trouble swallowing. One may

also not be able to detect pain or temperature changes. In the medulla oblongata nerves cross sides, so

if the right side of medulla oblongata is injured, the symptoms appear on the left side. ( Newell )

Neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physiatrists specialize in treating brain injury. Neuropsychologists

assess the severity and create rehabilitation strategies. Physiotherapists also play a significant role by

sensory stimulation, fitness and aerobic training, and functional training.

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The Breath of God
human brain
Image by DeeAshley
I choose to believe that we are eternal, we are light, we are created from star ignitions so that or light will never dim. That’s what I hope, anyways infinity and eternity – the 2 concepts that never cease to boggle the human mind. In the grand scheme of things it’s really not that hard to do. I cannot wrap my consciousness around the question of existence. From a brain cell to a galaxy to a casual thought, to a dark passion – all stemming from one tiny point somewhere in the cosmos. Space itself is but a luxury we can’t afford to take for granted. Somewhere out there, maybe God dwells – the masters of energies. The one that transcends space and time, the one that lit the fuse and it all began. But through our human limitations we can’t see beyond what is placed before us. When the answers we seek are beyond our comprehension. God lies somewhere in that beyond. I struggle to know what that means and I can’t come up with a satisfactory answer. I lose perspective every time I try. And for us, perspective defines our reality. We struggle to understand the forces that guide the universe, yet we can’t understand the forces that guide our own selves. So does true understanding happen on the inside or on the outside? I guess no one really knows, though many claim to via religion or science. But what we see and hear and calculate and formulate is only the tip of the iceberg. I think there is a place, a long ways off from our understanding, where science and religion meet and merge as allies, as on entity, as the ultimate God. A place where the order of all things coincide and reconcile. But maybe these things are kept hidden from us because we are not ready for the truth. History has shown that truth can stare us in the face but we won’t see it until we’re ready. The truth may even be here now, just waiting to be discovered. Events realized before they happen. I sit and think and worry that the existence of God is an illusion, when I could be breathing God every time I fill my lungs. God could be the love I feel when I stroke a cat or the fear I feel when I take to the air. The desire to avoid the unnatural and search for the truth. The pleasure. The guilt. The joy. The sadness. Defies logic and yet embraces it. Relativity at its best.

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Human Brain VS Computer, Which Smarter?

Electronics develops at an astonishingly swift speed. Their prices, no matter complicated types like laptops, desktops or cell phones or some simple ones for example RC toys and MP3, are dropping day by day. However, functions of electronics device become more and more versatile, especially computers.

According to one article from The New York Times, since the start of the year, a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has been fine-tuning a computer system which could master semantics similar to human beings. Although the research has made an impressive progress, the language system they study, called NELL (Never-Ending Language Learning system) still needs human assistance to handle some high complexity of programs.

Electronic (http://www.pickegg.com/wholesale/cell-phones/) computing devices best human brain in high channel capacity, long-lasting working efficiency, fast and precise computing performance or other tasks which can be crisply defined. However, they have zero or low capability of comprehensive evaluation of the situation, unraveling semantics, and offering practical, alternative solution.

Human brains’ intelligence is still unbeatable today. It helps us to understand the meaning of words and phrases hinging not only on their context, but also on background knowledge that we have learned for years. In comparison to electronics, a human brain generally could:

* React to unexpected events
* Utilize temporal and spatial concepts to study pieces of information, analyze their relation and organize into an integrated whole
* Offer alternative method when the original failed
* Provide creative ideas or designs

We humans have strived to creating a computing electronics which could act as intelligently as ourselves for years, but still no perfect result. Human brain and computer each have pros and cons. The most practical way to conquer their defects most people think is to combine and use. For intelligence, human brain has absolute advantages. But as to working efficiency, we couldn’t defeat computers. Having the super computer in the movie Resident Evil still needs our effort and persistence.

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To cool off, to sleep, perhaps to dream
human brain
Image by Carolannie: out and about, not lost yet
Parboiled humans toiling along in 105°F (over 40°C) look to past adventures in cooler climes…a memory to cool our feverish brains whilst seeking slumber in torrid breezes

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5 Fascinating Ways To Increase Human Brain Function

There are many ways to increase the human brain function and we will take a look at five important and easy ways in which you can improve it.

First you need to improve the way your brain works. Its concentration, its focus and its ability to think. You can do this in a number of ways. Try testing your mind in different ways. Try concentrating. Reading a book is a good way to concentrate. It helps the imagination and keeps your mind working constantly as you imagine the scenes from the book in your mind. You could even play strategy games that can help increase your concentration and you ability to think. If you play chess you will constantly have to calculate each move in your head and think about the consequences of each move. This will help you think more, thus improving the thinking ability of your mind.

Try improving your memory by memorizing stuff. Memory is a very important brain function. By memorizing small stuff like names or phone number helps. This sharpens your memory and reduces your forgetfulness. You tend to forget thinks less. A sharp memory is very important. As you grow older you feel that you tend to forget things. By working on your memory you can sharpen it and also improve the human brain function.

Try sleeping enough to rest your brain. Sleep improves the human brain function. A well rested brain is one that is better in its performance than one that is fatigued, stressed and even over worked. Under too much stress, the brain is unable to think. So sleep and good rest keeps the mind fresh and helps to improve the human brain function.

Try and learn new movements or do activities that improve the range of movements that your body performs. This improves the working of your brain and helps improve the coordination of it with your other limbs such as your arms and legs. These movement activates include dancing and even aerobics. Scientific research has proved that such movements can help increase the number of brain cells. This increase in brain cells is very important for the human brain function.

Another way to improve the human brain function is to sharpen all your other senses. The sense of smell particularly. Try smelling and tasting new things while keeping yourself blindfolded to see if your brain recognises the tastes and smells. A brain that is functioning well is capable of distinguishing between different smells and tastes. Thus by adopting such practices, the human brain function is bound to improve.

All the ways that have been mentioned in this article are tried and tested ways of improving the human brain function. Improving this function is very important for the well being of your body and your life. A healthy working brain is important to lead a healthy life. Furthermore, a human brain that functions in a good way is important for your success as well.

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The Azure Blue Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle
human brain
Image by Stuck in Customs
See you all today at the Google HQ!
I’m excited to meet a lot of my Google friends in person! The talk is today, and I’ve got everything ready for it. For reference, here are a few links I will mention during the talk:

HDR Tutorial – Free tutorial here on the site – you’ll be up and running with a pretty pic in an hour!
Jill Bolte Taylor – about the Right and Left Brain on TED
HDR Spotting – a site with the Attention Distribution Engine to drive more traffic to other HDR Artists sites (still in beta – you have to get an invite code from existing member)
Textures Tutorial – The textures and a video showing how I got those textured-photos
Videos – A collection of free videos showing how I take HDR Photos in the field…
Twitter and Human Evolution – A longer treatise on what it suggests…

Daily Photo – The Azure Blue Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle

I mentioned yesterday that I was able to get a private tour throughout Hearst. It was a long and great day! Thank goodness I had a mass of memory cards… I got so much footage it was crazy!

I could have picked a bunch of shots to be the "first", but I thought this one was particularly wonderful. There are two enormous pools at Hearst Castle, and this is the indoor one. This is a nice vantage point because this spot is actually quite difficult to reach! There is no door behind me… so I had to "shimmy" along that edge you see… It was NARROW… the shimmy was like a video game, except while holding a ,000 camera! Sketchy! But I just had to get over here because I could visualize the shot before it happened…

Here’s a cool fact about this pool. Part of Hearst has now been gutted so there is room for the IT department. The IT department uses the water from this pool to cool their equipment… wild, eh?

from Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com

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How To Enhance The Human Brain

The human brain is the soul of the human nervous system. It controls involuntary activities such as respiration, digestion, and heartbeat, which are also known as automatic functions of the body. This organ also controls other conscious activities that are considered as higher order activities like reasoning, abstraction, and thought. The human brain is superior to any other brain of any other living species that are known to humankind.

The brain is also the center by which other human characteristics are defined. Creativity, for example, is much associated with the brain. So is personality. The brain lets us make decisions and define colors and smells. This organ controls every other perceived activity of the human body.

However, the human brain, as strong and as invincible as it may look, is not going to stay that way forever. As with any other part of the body, the human brain will wither in the future. One’s lifestyle and all other external factors will take a toll against the human brain. As one grows old, the human brain will become slower in terms of functioning and rejuvenating itself. However, there are ways to enhance the power of the human brain as age catches up. This article tries to give some useful tips on how to do just that.

1. Live a healthy lifestyle.

The brain is an integral part of the human anatomy. It is probably the most important organ in the body; but of course, we all know that every other organ in the body works for the others to function properly. The human brain is subject to the lifestyle of the person who owns it. If the person loves alcohol, he may not fully reap the powers of his brain. Alcohol and other dangerous substances destroy brain cells. An alcoholic will argue that, “I’ve been using only ten percent of my brain, drinking will activate the other 90% of it.” This is a total fallacy. This premonition was formulated in the 1800s and there is no truth in it. The brain is a lifetime organ, so we must preserve and protect it.

2. Eat the right foods.

Eating the right sets of food will definitely benefit the brain. The brain is the most active part of the body. Even when one sleeps, the brain remains active and vibrant. The brain will appreciate it if one eats the right and balanced sets of food. The sad thing is that the brain is usually taken for granted when it comes to having a balanced meal or a workout because people are so focused into developing their outside looks. It’s about time that we give the brain a break.

3. Engage in proper exercise.

Proper exercise is good for the brain and not only for the body. The human brain needs a well-balanced life.

4. Release stress once in a while

Releasing stress is necessary to be able to clear the brain from all the difficulties and the clouds in one’s life. One must take time to get into a relaxing mood and a good night sleep.

The brain is an organ to be cherished. No individual will ever be able to live his life to the fullest if his brain is not functioning well. A brain that is cared for will result in a more active and fulfilling life.

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mowgli sketches-compare6
human brain
Image by DTWX
Mowgli sketches-compare6

Start: Sunday, August 16, 2009, 11:22:05pm
Done: Sunday, August 16, 2009, 11:52:09pm

Panel 1- Mowgli sitting beside a tree & pondering to himself in deep thought. Not only I like the overall mood of this capture, but I also like how I drew the rest of his foot on the lower left of the panel since the original shot had it cropped.
Panel 2- Mowgli looking up after he has supposedly fallen down & turning to his attackers. I didn’t have too much of a problem drawing the rest of his feet, which were covered up by the branches, but the small near dot of his mouth I had to improve at the start & at the last minute to get the right detail there.
Panel 3- Mowgli backing up in order to protect himself to whoever is going to harm him. I like Mowgli’s line of defense that he expresses on here & how I drew the rest of the foot in the lower left side of the frame.
I also to draw the rest of the area covering up by the boomerang. That wasn’t too hard on my behalf.
Panel 4- Mowgli squatting on hands, knees & toes and touching the soft ground as if to get a sense of the surface underneath his feet. The expression of discovery & sense from an individual is something that I’ve always admired, especially if it’s from children because it exhibit’s the style of innocence & playfulness.
Panel 5- Mowgli on the ground holding his head as if from falling from a higher ground. I like the overall posture & sense of feeling that he portrays here.
Panel 6- Mowgli standing atop a hillside overlooking the edge as far as his eye can see. I like the back view & upright pose in this one, as well as the sense of emotion that is portrayed here & would great in a panoramic WIDESCREEN view on a picture frame or painting, which is what I always like to see.
Panel 7- My Favorite panel in the set. Mowgli lying down on his stomach next to his ‘Mother’ & catching a little nap. This is my favorite one because I like the feeling of rest & relaxation and overall calmness that he expresses here and just adds more to the good natured Childlike peace that is exhibited here.
Panel 8- Mowgli falling down on his side plugging his ears as to not hear Balloo’s constant loud snoring. Eh, I thought this picture was a bit humorous & the way his body is posed & expressed, so I kept it.
Panel 9- Mowgli swinging on a vine in traditional Wild Child style. You always need at least one or two frames where a Human Being is swinging from treetop to treetop, to give it a bit of ‘Tarzan’ like quality, which is why I added it to this project.
Panel 10- Mowgli hunching over & getting ready to leap over to his next destination. I like his stature & the action style pose in this one.
Panel 11- Mowgli sitting down rubbing his side as if he fell down again. Like some of the previous shots, I had to draw the rest of his foot on the lower panel. His expression on his face was pretty good too.
Panel 12- Mowgli sitting down overseeing his next possible whittling project on a piece of tree branch. I enjoyed this panel simply because the way his face has a sense of childlike delight & innocence.
Panel 13- Another shot of Mowgli kneeling down with the rest of his Wolf Pack. Another pose that I liked, although it looks a bit too small to work with, but it looked good overall.
Panel 14- Mowgli reeling away from someone or something attacking him. Another small panel, but still has some detail to it. Also had to draw the rest of the toes as they were hidden behind that dirt mound.
Panel 15- Mowgli grasping his arm like someone just hit him in a state of discipline. His expression looks a bit cartoony, though. He almost looks like he needs to call the Ghostbusters, or something. ;p Anyways, I like the pose, detail, facial expression and the way his body turns & contorts to whoever disciplined him.
And I still like the way his face looks, though.
Panel 16- Mowgli reeling in from the shock of his previous disciplinary encounter. Almost the same as the previous panel, but a bit more style to the pose & the way his arm and body is contorted to mach that style.
Panel 17- Mowgli kneeling up and now feeling a bit more calm from his previous tear. As before, the different style of posing & sequence from the other two. I also admire the sense of calmness & taking on a bit of authority from his reeling fearlessness, or something.
Panel 18- Mowgli kneeling down in a state of varied, but lone emotion. This is a somber moment between the Feral Boy & his Natural Environment that surrounds him. Another innocent type of emotion that I like.
Panel 19- Mowgli sitting down with his Wolf Pack. Although this was a rather small piece to work with, I like the relaxed sense of posture that he emotes in this particular panel.
Panel 20- Another shot of Mowgli sitting beside his Wolf Brethren. I really like the type of stature he has in a Gentlemen sense of fashion in this one. It makes him look like the Man Cub that will dominate his Jungle.
Panel 21- Mowgli atop on a high tree branch ready to take action. I like the way his body contorts to match that stylish & authentic Action Movie pose that I’ve always liked in these projects.
Panel 22- Mowgli on the same branch in the previous panel, but with a varied yet puzzled look on his face. Eh, I think I might’ve overexaggerated his face here, especially the mouth, but at least I did the rest of the pose & his body justice if I may say so.
Panel 23- Mowgli sitting on a rock in a deep thoughtful expression. Another picture of the Feral Boy in a calm & peaceful manner with all thoughts of ill passing away. and stuff.
Panel 24- Mowgli lying on his back, pondering about something on his mind. Another relaxing moment with the Wild Boy like the other ones before it. I often contemplated about removing the rock, but then it would look like he’s holding an invisible baseball or something. 😆 So I just left it in for the sake of it.
Panel 25- Mowgli sitting with his Wolf Pack in a lone ravine. Digitally removing that annoying mongoose around his neck wasn’t too much of a problem. I just had to draw a new shoulder on him and that was pretty much it. Other than that, the posing was once again good in this piece & realized late into the trimming process that he had a knee in there, so I had to draw his knee which was a bit hidden because of the layout of the loincloth that was blending in with the picture. Brain Tricky, eh? 😉
See Original Version here: xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/19622466/or/1279217317/name/mowgli+…

Human Brain Memory – How the Human Brain Memory Can Be Used Effectively

What is David’s number? Where did you keep your spectacles? What’s your neighbors’ family name? Are all these questions bothering you? Then this call for some workout on your brain memory. Being forgetful does not mean that you are just getting older. It just means that you have yet to give your brain the right amount of workout. The ability to keep your brain memory fresh and sparkling new is as good as keeping yourself healthy and in shape. Discover some of the ways on how the human brain memory can be used effectively, for your own advantage.

As days go by, you will soon forgot about the different memories. These memories will just drift away, no matter how hard you try to keep them as a part of you. Your memory also plays a very important role in determining your success in various aspects of life. The ability to have a healthy mind and physique will help to ensure that you will have a fair share of success too.

The human brain is a complex entity. For decades, scientists have tried to explain how to brain works, but time and again, they failed. But basically, the human brain memory functions on these 2 components – short term memory and long term memory.

The short-term memory is the kind of memory that shadows off in the shortest period of time. It just used to recall the things that happen just after we experienced it. For example, after watching a movie, you are able to recall it to your friends, just by using the power of your short-term memory. Short-term memory also applies when you are reading sentences from a book or magazine. This also means that short-term memory has a limit to the amount of information that it is able to load in. So, in order to use your short-term memory effectively, try not to clump long pieces of information together. You can use hyphens and hyphenate your phone numbers such that it is easier to remember.

The more important part of your brain memory would be the long-term memory. Long-term memory is responsible for storing all information -from your childhood days until the day you held your first grandson.

Both short term and long term memory can be sustained simply by doing various mind exercises. Otherwise, you can start now by using mind games that involve memory work. Furthermore, these mind games carries many other advantages like promoting strategic planning, visual workout, logic and problem solving techniques.

Other techniques would also to develop photographic memory. There are plenty of ways to go about doing this. One of them is to use subliminal products that help to tune the brain to develop the ability to have photographic memory. The subliminal and self-hypnosis products are highly recommended for those who are looking for a fast and easy technique to developing the right skills.

There is of course other mind training tricks out there. Regardless of the method or technique that you use, what is more important is that you are constantly doing mind exercises to make sure that you are able to sustain your human brain memory as the brain is the key operator that helps us to function properly.

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VIDEO: False Creek
human brain
Image by Hejl
In Explore: 3rd position on Tuesday, October 28, 2008

by Jim Hejl

This is a view over False Creek in Yaletown (in Vancouver, BC)
Posted on Sunday, April 20th, 2008.


– 5D still camera (it captured 2263 images over 5 hours)
– Images remotely captured with "Remote DSLR Pro" on a WinXP machine
– Cropped, batch adjusted, and batch exported in Aperture
– Combined images with QuickTime PRO
– All post work done in FinalCut Pro 5

If you want to have some fun, "scrub" the video forward and backward (using the timeline), and watch the water level change (and the entire dock move!). Pretty entertaining 🙂

The technical challenge here is to expose each frame properly, without getting horrible flicker. The daytime shots were shuttered arround 1/250th, while the night shots were often 7 second exposures (or more). This variable exposure is difficult, because any SLIGHT difference between any 2 frames will cause a flicker (and the human brain is very sensitive to flicker). So, the magic trick is to go from 1/250th to 7 second exposures smoothly. If you’ve done time-lapse over varying illumination conditions, you know what I’m talking about. it isn’t an easy problem.


Artist: Radiohead
Album: Radiohead – Me & This Army: Radiohead Remixes (2005)
Track: You & What Army (bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)

If you have Quicktime 7, you can view a less-compressed version on my site:


Jim Hejl

(the first few frames of video are needed b/c Flickr uses the "first frame" to generate the thumbnail —– not the marked Poster Frame in the stream. Grrrrrrrr……..)

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Intriguing Facts About the Human Brain

The human brain is one of the complicated organs in the human system, understanding how the brain works is a whole subject by itself. In fact research has never had a conclusive report of the functions of the brain. However, the available facts about the human brain can help anyone understand bits about the power of the brain. The brain has several organs charged with different functions; each organ functions determine how well activities are carried around the brain. For instance the frontal lobe has some organs which are charged to perform acts of feelings, memory etc.

So how does it work? Well, take for instance, an individual finds themselves inclined to sleep should lights go off when they are in a room, what happens in this scenario is that the brain produces some chemicals known as serotonin and dopamine to affect this effect. One should understand that this happens automatically. The brain controls an individual behaviors drive to achieve success and so on.

The brain is the controlling head of nervous system. A human brain is protected by thick bones of skull and weighs about 1.5 kg. Human brain is much larger than other mammals and its Cerebral Cortex (located in forebrain) is mainly responsible for most of the expansion. Forebrain’s frontal lobes control the executive functions of human beings such as planning, controlling motivating and abstract thinking.

The Central purpose of the brain is to control the body’s actions and reactions in response to other actions. It receives all the sensory information from the body and rapidly analyses it and then sends messages to the body organs as it is explained in the following lines:

(1) Our body’s balance, posture and movements are controlled by Cerebellum

(2) The Brainstem controls our heart beat breathe and conscious related brain functions.

(3) Our special thinking and learning of routine life is controlled by neocortex.

Many scientists believe that the area located in the forehead of the brain (prefrontal cortex) has the key role in forming short-term memory. The evidence of this fact is that many types of scans like MRI and PET have shown that prefrontal cortex always appeared busy at the time of casualty. Prefrontao cortex holds a flexible storage of information that always has a relevance to the current in-hand task.

The most appealing thing is the connection between consciousness and the memory. A recollected observation is just real like a current memory experience. Anyway, discoveries and fact revealing about memory and the brain are still in progress and much more is expected to come to know about brain mysteries in the future.

As mentioned earlier, people can manipulate their brains to achieve desired success, it is very important for an individual to know how to take advantage of laws of attraction when it comes to personal development acts. Self help practices such as self affirmation acts play a great role when it comes to affecting lifestyle change, one should always think positive so as to achieve what they desire in life.

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human brain
Image by jurvetson
These are harvester ants with powerful jaws. In a strange coincidence, a harvester ant colony has a comparable number of neurons as a human brain (and sometimes they try to convey this message visually =)
Blog on the hive mind.

There are about 1.6 million ants for every person on earth. The ants you see crawling around are all female.

This gel farm was developed by NASA to survive Space Shuttle launches (sand would shift and crush the ants under many G’s). They wanted to study tunnel formation in microgravity. The gel does not collapse during launch, and it contains all the food and water the ants need. It also has some antibiotics and anti-fungal agents.

The subject of Puzzle 39.

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Divine Soul Versus Human Brain and Heart Function: Where Do Intelligence, Wisdom, Thought, Voice, Love, Passion, Memory, Imagination, Happiness, Fantasy, Anger, Jealousy, Anger and Doubt Originate?

During the course of a day, you can have hundreds even thousands of thoughts, each one becoming the “now” of the moment. IBM devised a computer that drew a tie with the human brain of Russian chess champion Gary Kasparov but could that IBM computer be a match for Kasparov’s intelligent soul? Discover where intelligence, wisdom, thought, voice, love, passion, memory, imagination, happiness, fantasy, anger, jealousy, and doubt originate and how they are expressed by our souls and human brains. Learn with scientist/spiritualist Jerry Pollock who has an imaginary interview with Methuselah’s Divine soul in the spirit world while Jerry’s wife Marcia’s soul will join in on future conversations.

The Soul Functions Independently of the Human Brain:
We know that the bodiless soul in Heaven lives on for the eternity, that the soul is essential for the body to have life, and that the bodiless soul in the spirit world has its own separate intelligence independent of the human brain. However we need to also inquire about the soul constrained within our physical bodies here on earth.

Methuselah Interview:

Methuselah: Jerry I’ll grant you leeway on what the three of us so far have discussed about the Divine soul. However a lot of people, including your scientific colleagues are going to think that your suggestions are way out there. And now you want me to believe that the soul is equally important in function to our physical bodies. Aren’t you overreaching a wee tad bit my young scientist friend?

Jerry: I really don’t think so, Methuselah. I must remind you that when we discuss the spiritual world of the soul, we go beyond the ability of explanations from science. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot attack a problem at the level the problem was created.” With all due respect sweet old man, you are relying on your human brain to try and resolve problems related to your soul. It can’t be done. I can’t emphasize enough that science cannot explain miracles nor can miracles explain science. Yet my belief is that God created our world through scientific miracles.

Marcia: Hi honey. I’ll add to Jerry’s point by stating that we have confirmed everything we propose together through my bodiless soul’s intelligence in the spirit world which is one-hundred times more powerful than Jerry’s soul constrained in his body in the physical world. And Jerry has expertly learned to ask questions of and get answers from his Divine soul by measuring his internal special electromagnetic soul energy.

Methuselah: Now that you both have enlightened me on your non scientific claims, give me just one example that demonstrates the power of the soul in the human body.

Jerry: Methuselah, you didn’t have tape recorders in your day.

Marcia: We know what they are from our library studies in the soul world, so Methuselah is familiar with tape recorders even though he has never used one.

Jerry: Okay! If you listen to a tape of your voice, it doesn’t sound like the voice you hear when you speak aloud. I sound so different listening to my voice than I sound if I tape myself and then listen to my voice. Most people have a unique voice they project to others. Marcia is telepathically communicating her thoughts right now and she sounds exactly like she sounded when she was alive in her body.

Marcia: You see dear Methuselah, people hear your voice that originates in your soul and is then expressed in your human brain by the saliva, tongue, larynx and voice box. The combination of the two, your soul and human brain, gives each person that unique voice that projects out to other people.

Methuselah: But why does Jerry hear a different voice when he speaks?

Jerry: I listen to my own voice only through the speech apparatus of my human brain. My soul is not involved. Marcia I have a question I never asked you before. I know you told me that you have a tiny fragment of your human brain that left with you when you died, but do you and Methuselah hear your own voice in the soul world the same way I hear my own voice when I speak?

Marcia: Yes Jerry we do, but we don’t have the same bodily Voice apparatus that you have because we don’t have physical bodies. It’s done though an alternative mechanism in our soul brain that even we don’t understand. Its’ exactly the same sound of our voice that we hear in the soul world to what we heard when we were alive. It’s not our projected voice that you are hearing now.

Methuselah: All very fascinating but let’s move on. We are speaking silently by thought energy communication but could we speak aloud?

Jerry: My guess is that sound wave communication would be far too slow. Right now we connect through thought-energy telepathic communication. The thought originates and is expressed in our souls, not our human brains. Only God because of His limitless energy is capable of somehow communicating in a loud voice, as He did when He spoke the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai to the ancient Israelites. I have been blessed to hear God’s Voice in life and so has Marcia.

Methuselah: Marcia, can you tell me where wisdom, fantasy and imagination come from? I understand that Albert Einstein valued imagination above knowledge. He was unusually brilliant.

Marcia: They all originate in the human soul. Wisdom is different than your human intelligence or IQ which originates in your left brain. Wisdom represents all your years of following the spiritual path as it allows you to think out of the box and truly solve problems on a different level than where the problem was created. As Job famously quoted in the Bible, “Days speak and a multitude of years teach wisdom.” Wisdom comes with age and represents the accumulation of life’s spiritual intelligence through your SQ or spiritual quotient that comes from your soul energy in your right brain and is expressed there but can cross over and affect your left brain. Your spiritual intelligence can help with your human IQ or brain intelligence, as the left and right brains come into balance. Fantasy, imagination, and love of art and music originate in your soul and are expressed in your right brain. Your love of art and music also comes from the passion of the spiritual energy of your heart and is expressed by your physical heart.

Methuselah: What about doubt? Human beings are prone to doubt.

Jerry: God gave us doubt so that those disinterested in Him could exert their free will and not believe Him. However, doubt has crept into every facet of our lives. The left brain controls procrastination and doubt. There is no connection to your soul. The same is true when you dwell upon and fear death. One thing that we just touched upon in our book is that you can ameliorate and reduce your fear of death with belief in God and the eternity of the soul.

Methuselah: Jerry, you and Marcia have a great love. Where does the feeling of love come from? Is it your brain?

Jerry: No, not your brain, at least if you ask the question, “Where does love originate?” True love originates in the pintele yid, the soul energy of your heart, and the love is expressed in your physical heart which also gives us the passion of loving someone or something. The pintele yid is the place where you activate the sparks of your spirituality. The heart has numerous neurons traveling through it like the brain and there are neuron connections from the brain to all your body organs including your heart. You also feel your emotions in the feeling parts of your brain. The same is true for happiness, joy, laughter and sadness. You feel rejection and sadness in your heart like the expression, ‘a broken heart.’ Your human brain is responsible for dwelling on this sadness or putting an emotional spin on this sadness. Grief is the same as sadness as I constantly feel in the present on losing Marcia.

Methuselah: But Marcia you and I don’t have a physical heart.

Marcia: Nevertheless I still feel sadness and love for Jerry in my bodiless soul. I just don’t have the passion that I had in my physical body when I was alive. That’s one of the main reasons we come back and reincarnate or incarnate into a new body. We want to come back and feel that passion high that we get in our physical bodies. We can’t get that strictly with our souls. Because we retain a small piece of our human brains, we still retain the five senses but to a lower degree than when we were in our physical bodies.

Methuselah: And the negative emotions such as intentional anger and jealousy, we don’t feel these emotions in the soul world.

Jerry: True. These negative emotions are the product of the left brain. Our free souls don’t feel negative emotions. An evil inclination resides in the left brain and this triggers jealousy and non-called-for anger. Some anger is justified in life if someone is treating you unfairly. It’s natural to feel legitimately angry sometimes or even a lot.

Methuselah: What about memory?

Jerry: Well of course the human brain has the necessary components of memory for both the conscious and subconscious states. The soul too acting as a mini brain has its own memory bank. That memory bank is wiped out after the fetus is born but it’s recovered again when the soul leaves the body at the time of death and returns to the spirit world. Because of past lives, the soul while still in the body also has a hidden memory bank that can be activated through hypnosis, meditation, or in other ways.
Methuselah: Last question. Can you be wealthy and spiritual at the same time? I already know the answer to that question. It’s Yes providing you use your wealth for spiritual purposes. Time to close up shop, children.

Jerry: I look forward to being interviewed by you again. Bye, Methuselah. Bye Marcia.

Marcia: Bye luvee.

Note from Jerry:
Methuselah’s words are a creation of Jerry’s mind. Jerry has never contacted Methuselah’s soul in the spirit world but has continuous contact with Marcia’s soul.

As a professor for thirty years, I published seventy-five scientific articles including seven patents. I also published four fiction and nonfiction books. See my website http://www.jerrypollock.com In April 2012 I and my wife Marcia coauthored a unique book, Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations: Energy of the Soul. Marcia’s soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world. Our souls communicated by thought-energy telepathy.

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