Unleashing Your Brain Power and Subconscious Abilities

The human brain, being one of the most vital organs of the body, performs crucial functions that can never be ignored or given less importance. The brain is not only the mastermind of every physical activity but also the actions that are based upon thoughts. As such, it is the center of reasoning power and information.

All the information from the brain is carried to other parts of the body through neurotransmitters. Basically, the functions of the brain can be classified into two states: conscious and subconscious state of mind. The first category is responsible for the daily physical and common activities, whereas the second state of mind, subconscious state, mainly influences these actions involuntarily, that is, the person being unaware of the driving force behind his actions.

The human brain power is very powerful and there are various methods of enhancing the brain power. Of course, there are drugs that help to cure mental disorders like ADHD but often, methods like meditation are more common in daily life. Some of the drugs may have after- effects but the brain power can greatly be enhanced through other processes like brain wave technology.

It is a comparatively newer technology that is gaining popularity, among millions of people. It uses the power of brain that operates on different frequencies. While playing certain music or beats on these frequencies using binaural beats, the mind gets relaxed. The mind slips from conscious to subconscious state of mind and offers relaxation. As a result, the mind gets cleared of any negative thoughts and will have a overall positive outcome.

While some people are naturally geared to learning and having a great degree of brain power, others may not be so. Therefore, in order to improve brain power, it is essential to participate in such programs that will help to improve the learning and release the inner power latent within. The greatest part is that brain power can be enhanced by all individuals irrespective of age, gender or background and since everyone has an extreme degree of potential, it can be unleashed through such techniques.

The first step towards improving the brain power is to avoid negative thoughts and focusing on the positive ones that would help to enhance the overall life pattern. There are many CDs and books that give a proper guidance to enhance the brain power. The internet suggests different ways like doing regular exercises; playing games that involve thinking, taking food substances that enhance brain power such as omega 3 fatty acid, as also stimulating other senses and getting adequate sleep, regularly.

Since neurons are the power cells of the brain, when doing exercises based on neurobics, it certainly helps to increase the brain power and cognitive function. The other benefits are, it avoids aging of brain cells and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases. It is essential to always be aware of what part of the brain is being used in engaging the activity you do. This observing sense of mind will, amazingly, increase the power of brain and help to take control of the subconscious abilities.

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* Why Fire Makes Us Human *
human brain
Image by Bùi Việt Trung
Wherever humans have gone in the world, they have carried with them two things, language and fire. As they traveled through tropical forests they hoarded the precious embers of old fires and sheltered them from downpours. When they settled the barren Arctic, they took with them the memory of fire, and recreated it in stoneware vessels filled with animal fat. Darwin himself considered these the two most significant achievements of humanity. It is, of course, impossible to imagine a human society that does not have language, but—given the right climate and an adequacy of raw wild food—could there be a primitive tribe that survives without cooking? In fact, no such people have ever been found. Nor will they be, according to a provocative theory by Harvard biologist Richard Wrangham, who believes that fire is needed to fuel the organ that makes possible all the other products of culture, language included: the human brain.


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