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The Truth Behind the Power of the Brain

The great scientist, Albert Einstein, once said that we use only one tenth of the capability of our brain. But this is actually an understatement because the human brain is much more capable of achieving more and has the potential to very large extent which is not tapped to its full extent. Thus, we see that the human brain has a lot of untapped energy which can be transformed into useful activities that are helpful in making us live a better and more peaceful life.

Studies reveal that the brain has the capability to develop electromagnetic waves that are triggered by the neuron or nerve cells and the cortex of the brain. These electromagnetic waves are responsible for communicating and synthesizing all the functions of the brain from one part to another. Apart from this function, the electromagnetic waves also help the brain to get into one state.

To get a clearer idea, it is necessary to know the various states of the brain. The brain exists in two different states: the conscious and the subconscious state. In the conscious state, the brain exhibits higher frequency of wave lengths and as such, it has better mental focus and creativity. When in the subconscious state, the electromagnetic waves have a lower frequency and would help to retain information better.

Evidently, being in a state of subconscious mind is always preferred because we learn better, think better, and have a positive outlook on everything. Therefore, when a person is able to set the electromagnetic waves in accordance with the subconscious state of mind in the conscious state, it would help the person to achieve more and bring out the full potential or power of the brain.

The power of the brain can be thus enhanced by centering audio waves to make the cortical in the brain to respond to these electromagnetic waves. The sounds placed will be both relaxing and allows the mind to get into a more stable state. The power of the brain released has the potential to achieve greater success that will be unbelievable. In effect, it would give a complete control of the mind and body and gives us the edge and power needed to be successful and productive in life.

Apart from these, it is feasible to increase the power of brain through other external methods like exercising regularly, taking healthy foods like plenty of protein fat- free foods, micronutrients and omega fatty acids with balanced die, releasing the stress once in a while and getting adequate sleep. Taking up a hobby that is interesting and cherishing or playing games that relive the stress are also other techniques that enhance the power of brain.

The human brain is actually capable of achieving a lot more then what is being achieved today and this is true for all people, irrespective of age, gender or country. Hence, if tapped in the right way and enhanced properly, the power of brain can achieve a lot more that goes even beyond our imaginations.

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Human Brain Evolution
human brain
Image by hawkexpress
A golden spiral over lay on a human brain. It looks coincide with a human brain evolution. At the beginning of the spiral, there is the "pineal gland". Is the pineal gland the first and the oldest brain?

One more thing. Did you watch a movie "Pi"? It’s a movie about mathematics and a quest for the "truth". At the end of the movie, Max Cohen, a leading character of the movie, screwed a side of head using electric drill. I didn’t understand well why do that and why the side of head. But now I understand maybe it is because to access a center of the spiral.

5 Mind Blowing Mysteries Of The Human Brain

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The brain is an incredible organ, and according to recent research it’s even more complex that first thought. A single human brain is believed to have more molecular-scale switches than all of the internet connections, routers and computers in the world.

So here we have 5 mind blowing mysteries surround the brain that are sure to leave you thinking. From the mysteries of dreaming to the unanswerable question of what is reality?


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How a Brain-inspired Theory May Solve Problems of Big Data

Anglesey, UK, June 21, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ – We think of supercomputers as being super-powerful. But they can be overwhelmed by the floods of information now produced in science, commerce, government, meteorology, social media, and other areas. And compared with the human brain, they gobble up lots of energy and take up lots of space.

But the human brain may provide some answers in the shape of an SP machine, based on the SP theory of intelligence, which is itself based on research into the workings of brains and nervous systems. This new thinking about “Big data and the SP theory of intelligence”–developed by Dr Gerry Wolff of CognitionResearch.org–has now been published in the journal IEEE Access [Note 1].

“We can save a lot of energy by using probabilities” said Dr Wolff. “Instead of doing computations mechanically, we can concentrate our efforts where answers are most likely to be found. We don’t need some special process for gathering information about probabilities because, as a by-product of how the SP system works, it creates a statistical model of its environment.”

Big savings may also be possible in transmitting things like TV programmes. With some further development, the SP system may learn general rules and patterns from that kind of information. If the transmitter of a TV programme, and TV sets, all know those rules and patterns, then a TV programme can be transmitted economically by sending only the parts that are different from the general rules and patterns.

The SP system may help to bring some order into the chaos of different ways in which knowledge is represented in computer systems. In just one area–the representation of images–there are many different formats–JPEG, TIFF, WMF, BMP, GIF, EPS, PDF, PNG, PBM, and more–and each one has its own special mode of processing. “This jumble of different formalisms and formats for knowledge is a great complication in the processing of big data, especially in processes for the discovery or learning of structures and associations in big data.” said Dr Wolff. The SP system may help to simplify things by serving as a universal framework for the representation and processing of diverse kinds of knowledge (UFK).

The SP system may also help in such things as recognising patterns in big data, reasoning about big data, and in presenting structures and processes in visual forms that would help people undersand big data.

“A useful step forward in developing these ideas would be the creation of a high-parallel version of the SP machine” said Dr Wolff. “This would be based directly on the existing SP computer model, it would be hosted on an existing high-performance computer, and it would provide a means for researchers everywhere to see what can be done with the system and to create new versions of it.”

[1] “Big data and the SP theory of intelligence”, J Gerard Wolff, IEEE Access, volume 2, pages 301-315, 2014, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2014.2315297, http://bit.ly/1jGWXDH. This is an open-access article that may be downloaded without charge. Further information about the SP research may be found via http://www.cognitionresearch.org/sp.htm.

[2] Contact: Dr Gerry Wolff PhD CEng, CognitionResearch.org, jgw@cognitionresearch.org, +44 (0) 1248 712962, +44 (0) 7746 290775, Skype: gerry.wolff, www.cognitionresearch.org, 18 Penlon, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, LL59 5LR, UK.

Press Contact:
Gerry Wolff
18 Penlon, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, LL59 5LR.
+44 (0) 1248 712962

Majestic Birds of Prey
human brain
Image by jurvetson
I learned so much about birds today. The current New Scientist sheds light on their senses. They gave this example of the Great Grey Owl, with ears offset asymmetrically on the skull at 2 and 7 o’clock. The differential timing and volume allows it to pinpoint prey, even when the rodent is scurrying in tunnels under snow.

“Intriguingly, the hearing ability of birds living in temperate climes fluctuates through the year. The auditory regions of their brains grow during the breeding season, then shrink when song becomes less important. Understanding this process could provide clues to treating Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.”

“Another important difference between bird and human hearing occurs in the inner ear, and especially in the cochlea – the structure containing the vibration-sensitive "hearing" hairs. It is snail-shaped in humans, hence its name, whereas in birds it is banana-shaped. In both, the hair cells detect changes in pressure and transform these into electrical signals, which are interpreted as sound in the brain. Crucially, we cannot replace damaged hair cells, making deafness a scourge in older people. Birds, have no such problem: they can grow new hair cells. If we can discover the genetic basis underpinning this difference, it could give us the potential to solve a common cause of age-related hearing loss.”

But how about their vision system? New Scientist on the bird’s eye view:

“Raptors can see to distances far greater than we can. One reason for this is that the light-sensitive layer at the back of our eyes, the retina, has one fovea, a sensitive spot where the image is sharpest. Raptors, in contrast, have two foveae in each eye, which is equivalent to a camera having both a telephoto and a macro lens.”

Are you predator or prey? Eyes facing forward for the hunt, or to the side to detect inbound threats? It gets a lot more complicated than that, with differing functions for each eye. See below…

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Brainwave Technology – A Guide to Unleash the Powers of the Mind

The mind is the central function hub for any individual. The functions of this organ are paramount to effective body use. The brain controls virtually everything in the body, this is from facial expression to digestion activities. Research has that even after an individual dies the brain takes another 24 to 48 hours to completely switch off. Some have compared the computers to the human brain while elaborating some issues. The human brain is much more powerful than any computer or supercomputer in that matter. It is true that the functions may be somewhat identical, but the human brain is more superior. The powers of the mind are unmatched to anything else.

Scientist have proven that humans only use a third of their brain power, this is however slightly higher to some. Geniuses are viewed to use their brain capacity much more than average person. To affirm my statement, the supercomputers available in most of the tech savvy institutions cost the human brain less than 33 percent to build, thus the power in the human brain can in no way be undervalued.

Scientist offer different suggestions to increase on brain capacity, these suggestions are effective but then, they may have negative after effects in the long run. Scientist will advocate for some use of drugs to train and evolve the human mind. These drugs are expensive and as common out of reach to many individuals.

There are many ways an individual can use to evolve his mind. You are not promised to have a genius mind, but your mind developments to undertake functions in a more eased manner. This results to the individual leading a healthier way of life. Stress related complications have a very negative effect on the brain. These results to brain complications such as ADD and ADHD, acute conditions can lead to diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and heart failure conditions, many deaths are related to this kind of diseases.

A healthy brain exudes better functions and focus to undertake any specific activity. Concentration is very important to any person achieve good result, flighty minds cannot reach a desired level of accuracy. Disciplines to help individual get along with better brain development are encouraged in most arenas. Artists and writers make up as those people who need unwavering mind concentration to perform tasks. This may be through practicing meditation or activities that helps the mind to converge.

Yoga and brainwave technology entertainment is one effective way an individual can engage for brain development. These methods help in training the mind to specific activities that are important for the overall human health. Brainwave technology is exceptionally effective in aiding an individual attain this with minimum effort. The use of binaural beats can help an individual positively attain levels of brain activity he/she never anticipated in the first place. The continual use of brainwave entertainment helps in developing the mind for better day to day functionality. One is bond to feel the effects of the powers of the mind with a boost in the brain capacity.

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human brain
Image by ramesh.rasaiyan
Like all insects, ants have six legs. Each leg has three joints. The legs of the ant are very strong so they can run very quickly. If a man could run as fast for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse. Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight. An ant brain has about 250 000 brain cells. A human brain has 10,000 million so a colony of 40,000 ants has collectively the same size brain as a human.

Shot taken with Canon 100MM L IS USM.

Brain Science 101 – Development of the Brainwave Technology

The human brain works in many brainwave statuses. These stages are of different frequency ranging from 100 Hz to a lowest of 0.1 Hz and all these are given different names like, delta, theta, gamma, alpha and beta. Now to enhance the life of an average human and also his abilities these brainwaves can be brought into careful considerations and has been done by scientists. The result has led to the development of a range of technologies that cater to the brain amusement and power the intelligence to greater levels. This is actually the need of the hour as well. In today’s time and age one has to be sharp, alert and on the ball all the time.

Also adaptability, observation and absorption are key factors for personal and professional growth. Even the creativity and innovation are part and parcel of this process. The brainwave technology caters to developing the scientific gadgets and processes to enhance all these for the human brain. Science has realized that by tuning the brainwaves one can control the frequencies and as a result the performances of the mental faculties. Usually the technology used for this purpose is based on audio frequencies as it is better to perform.

Brainwave technology is around for very long time now, also this article can explain a bit on where it is, and where it came & where it is at present. Obviously you have to understand that power of mind as well as such technology has much more literature that is attached to that and in case, you have to find out a lot you can about it, is while you do your research. The brief article will just give you the brief overview of market as well as how it is doing & what it will do for you, however many people are now getting the information from the official sources, and thus look in the offline & online to enrich yourselves with a few dedicated information yourself. Also, with this thought in your mind it is simple to see why you must make use of the brainwave technology over method other way of the hypnosis therapy. In case, you have not heard of the brainwave technology or the applications and then you are for treat. Technology is around for long time in fact, around 200 years in case, you would like to be exact & it used in preserve of medical & scientific industry – as it was been deemed very powerful tool being freely available to mass market.

One important thing about the brainwave technology is it is around for very long time also it was been discovered close to hundred years before that brain was able to produce the brainwaves. Newest technology that allowed us to measure the brainwaves, as well as E.E.G machines, which can measure the brainwaves on top of scalp that allow us exactly measure brainwaves.

By Gregory Frost. (Brain Science 101 – Development Of The Brainwave Technology)

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human brain on white background
human brain
Image by _DJ_
human brain on white background

The Bodiless Soul in the Spirit World and the Soul Energy Inside Our Bodies Are Mini-Brains; Yet, Soul Intelligence is Miniscule in Comparison to the Limitless God

Although I am a believer in God and that He gave us our souls to give us life, I am also a scientist and one can explain the workings of the human body based purely on science. When I was a Professor at Stony Brook University, I did just that when I taught the pharmacology of salivary secretion to the Dental and PhD students. I can even accept that you can partially though not totally explain our planet and universe through science. However, there is no way that you can possibly scientifically explain that a spirit world exists in Heaven outside our planetary system and that our souls have energy intelligence independent of our human brains. Learn with scientist/spiritualist Jerry Pollock who has an imaginary interview with Methuselah’s Divine soul in the spirit world while Jerry’s wife Marcia’s soul joins in on the conversation.

The Soul has Intelligence:
Several authors like Dana Zohar, Ian Marshall, and Tony Buzan discuss our Spiritual Quotient, SQ, and the spiritual intelligence of our souls. Buzan argues that we are not humans having a spiritual experience but spiritual human beings having a human experience. Zohar and Marshall tell us that we not only have our brain IQ or Intelligent Quotient and our EQ or Emotional Quotient but also our SQ of our soul. The authors further claim that you can grow your SQ by the spiritual acts you perform in your life.

Methuselah Interview:

Methuselah: Jerry how can the soul be intelligent or a mini brain as you and Marcia claim? According to the mysticism of the Kabbalah and Orthodox Judaism, the soul doesn’t occupy space in the body?

Jerry: Your first question is a zinger because it’s true that although we know the soul exists, no anatomist has been able to locate the soul in our bodies. From Michael Newton’s books, we know that the soul initially goes into the fetus between three months and birth and completely integrates with the human brain. Then from Marcia and my book collaboration, we know that the energy of the soul spreads to every part of our body reaching all our organs and cells up until age eighteen when the human brain is generally at its final maturation state.

Marcia: Hi honey. I’ll add to Jerry’s point by stating that we do know from Mantak Chia and the work of the Thies that energy flows through eight to fourteen meridians which have been mapped geographically on surface channels of the body. What we are claiming is that like the blood carrying oxygen, soul energy when our health is perfect is flowing optimally to each one of our body cells and organs. In a sense we have located the soul. It’s energy that is freely flowing and everywhere in the body but its main station or source is in our brains. If our soul energy ever stops flowing like if we ever stop breathing, we die.

Methuselah: Where exactly is the soul in our brains?

Jerry: The energy moves counterclockwise starting on top of the left brain to inside the right brain and from there to behind our left eye circular to our right eye then back to our left brain and then continues ad infinitum on this directional pathway.

Methuselah: Blood has a mass. You can weigh it. Is the same true for soul energy?

Marcia: Yes, the soul is energy. According to Albert Einstein, all energy has mass and all mass has energy. Therefore the soul has mass but because the soul comes from the Divine, it’s not possible to weigh it.

Jerry: However this mass is a special Mass because the soul has intelligence. The soul is made up of energy particles given to us by God. When reincarnation or incarnation takes place and a soul enters a fetus, Marcia and I calculated that the fetus is infused with seventy-five million energy particles which represent about three inches of three dimensional space. Marcia’s bodiless soul in Heaven is about one-hundred times more potent than my soul constrained in my body.

Marcia: Yes and I can read Jerry’s thoughts even before he can get his complete thought out from his soul. Thoughts originate in the soul.

Methuselah: In the soul world, I’ve studied up and I learned about Einstein’s famous equation of special relativity, E=mc2. The m is mass but you are introducing a different principle here. You’re saying that the m is actually M, a special Mass granted to us by God in the form of our souls. However from a previous interview, you stated that with speeds approaching c, the velocity of light, an object has infinite mass and infinite velocity.

Jerry: That’s true, Methuselah. The soul travels at speeds one million times the speed of light. That’s how the soul lives on forever as time stands still at such speeds. At such incredible speeds, a human being would be all squished up and would appear flattened. From Newton’s studies and my own personal experience in dying in a past life and then having my soul rise to the spirit world, the soul is tiny and is all squished up appearing to me as an irregularly pear-shaped dumbbell. You could imagine if we put one hand on top of the head and one hand under both feet of a physical human being, and compressed the person under powerful pressures, we would get a structure approaching a dumbbell.

Marcia: Wow, Jerry we didn’t discuss it this way in our book. As I stated before, we can’t weigh the soul’s infinite mass.

Methuselah: I still don’t understand how the soul is a mini brain. Where is God in all of these wild claims of yours?

Jerry: Marcia and I did calculate God’s energy particles and it turns out that God has at least one billion quadrillion energy particles. As the universe is expanding, so are God’s energy particles so that the numbers we are proposing may be well below the actual amount.

Marcia: The population is more than six billion in our world. That means God has to supply seventy-five million energy particles to each soul and this we calculate would use up almost half of His own energy particles if we assume the minimum number totaling God’s energy.

Methuselah: I see now from what you are saying about the soul having intelligence? God would have trillions times more intelligence than each of us. Of course, Albert Einstein was not average so his intelligence would be far above average and each of us.

Jerry: Yes that’s true, Methuselah. God is omnipotent or all powerful, omniscient or all knowing, and omnipresent or is everywhere.

Marcia: God represents a limitless organizing intelligence that is the being of us all, our planet, and our universe.

Jerry: We don’t yet understand the essence of God. God too has His secrets that He hasn’t shared yet. The Bible says that we shall know God as the waters of the sea in the Messianic Age. I suspect that God will share with us how he can create miracles through his limitless energy and exactly how He created our world.

Methuselah: I think I’m a miracle. I lived way past my expected age being 969 years old when I died. I led a charmed life. I was blessed.

Marcia: Indeed you were, sweet Methuselah. That’s because you were such a good person when you lived on earth.

Methuselah: Thank you, my dear. I keep coming back to the original premise, because you still haven’t provided specifics of how the soul can be a mini brain.

Jerry: Perhaps this is one of God’s secrets. One thing we didn’t mention was that when a soul leaves a dying or dead body, it returns to the spirit world with a tiny piece of the human neural brain circuitry from the body it lived in. This would mean that the soul contains pieces of the human brain from each past life that it has lived. Even so, the soul on its own independent of the human brains is still a mini brain.

Methuselah: Sounds like something straight out of science fiction.

Marcia: Yes but much of what was written in science fiction has come true or will come true on earth in the future.

Methuselah: Perhaps in our next interview about the soul my dear children, we should talk about soul function in relation to body function.

Jerry and Marcia: Sounds good. We look forward to it. See you soon, Methuselah.

Note from Jerry:
Methuselah’s words are a creation of Jerry’s mind. Jerry has never contacted Methuselah’s soul in the spirit world but has continuous contact with Marcia’s soul.

As a professor for thirty years, I published seventy-five scientific articles including seven patents. I also published four fiction and nonfiction books. See my website http://www.jerrypollock.com In April 2012 I and my wife Marcia coauthored a unique book, Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations: Energy of the Soul. Marcia’s soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world. Our souls communicated by thought-energy telepathy.

onεsεlf as an othεr . .
human brain
Image by ” fragments ‘pictosophiques “

Outlining a Theory of General Creativity . .
. . on a ‘Pataphysical projectory

Entropy ≥ Memory ● Creativity ²

Study of the day:

"Le cerveau humain est un cartographe né, et cette cartographie débute par celle du corps dans lequel il est installé."

"The human brain is a born mapmaker, and this mapping begins with the body in which it is installed."

( Antonio Damasio – L’autre moi-même )

| . rectO-persO . | . E ≥ m.C² . | . co~errAnce . | . TiLt . |

Find More Human Brain Articles

Human Memory – A Complex Process Within Our Brains

How the human memory functions is a very intricate and misunderstood subject. As this subject affects each and every one of us in our daily living, there have been numerous detailed studies undertaken to determine how this complex activity takes place within our brains. In reality, while there has been a great amount of progress in understanding the human brain and human memory it is impossible to reach any absolute consensus among the experts as to the mechanics of human memory. In simple terms the human memory can be likened to a DVD recorder, although it is far more complicated in its workings.

The human memory is able to retain key information that we like to revisit time and time again. It is also extremely complex in that it allows us to recall feelings and sensations that we have experienced. As well as these elaborate functions our memory recalls how to carry out relatively simple daily functions such as eating, walking, talking and the like.

There is so much more for scientists to learn about the human memory and as previously alluded to, the study of the human memory will give rise to many more disagreements than agreements among the leading experts in the study of the human brain and how it functions. Nevertheless, what we do know is the human memory involves three main functions which are short term memory, sensory memory and long term memory. There is also one more type which is known as the working memory.

In sensory memory the human memory recalls something that happens in a split second and occurs after the mind forms its first perception. It is like being able to look at at an object and then immediately commit the details to memory. Sometimes some of these details or information actually moves into short term memory. This is the part of a human’s memory that enables us to recall a happening or object a few seconds or even a minutes after it has first occurred.

The newly discovered human memory function that is referred to as working memory is very much like short term memory because it is a function where there is not very large storage needed to perform tasks inside the mind. The difference between working memory and short term memory is that the former is more to do with purpose while the latter is dependent on duration of time.

The other human memory function that interests many people is the long term memory, that unlike short term memory does not disappear after a few moments. Information committed to the human long term memory can possibly remain in the brain for many years. There is no definitive agreement among psychologists about the duration of long term memory, some argue that it is a memory that lasts forever, while others feel it only lasts for a few years at the most.

The study of the human brain and human memory functions continues and our understanding of its mechanics grows day by day. Even with the amazing technological advancements we see on a daily basis I doubt if we will ever truly get to know everything about the human brain and how it works – well at least not in our lifetimes.

For more information on the workings of the human memory and memory retention tips and techniques visit Memory Improvement Online.

Ancient Snowy Mornings, Bristlecone Forest Ca
human brain
Image by ™ Pacheco
It snowed most of the night. I couldn’t really sleep. But around 1:00 AM or so, as our web weatherman predicted… clear skies would in fact prevail. I have to say, I was starting to think they had the whole thing wrong. Stars glimmered thru my little FJ window, as the bitter cold swiftly crept into my little traveling hotel in the mountain tops of Inyo. I had woke to start the engine and heat the cabin a few times during the long night, but It was now time to venture out under the disappearing stars and into the dawn. The fresh snow that fell the last few days would soon melt away in the predicted sunny blue monday skies, so I had maybe 2 or 3 hours before my eastern sierra back drop dripped away. I did have to search out a near "thing" thru the softly powdered ancient hills, careful not to walk in places that might be used inside a future foreground. It does pain me to disrupt the beauty of freshly fallen snow for any reason. It’s as though no human on earth could ever lay it down in more a perfect and random way. Just as it should and foreve will be, without apology… without conscience. It didn’t take long to find a subject, as these hills are literally scattered with subject matter. A wide angle put me to close to this fella, and with my small 5′ 7" perspective it’s limbs obscured my softly packed sierra backdrop. Sometimes I choose to break a solid line through an image with the subject, however I really didn’t like the effect here. I chose to stay back with a telephoto… back back way back… just until the snow capped peaks shinned a little in the sharp morning light now painting the hills to light and dark contrasts of golden wow. It all happens so quickly doesn’t it. Replaying it in my brain now feels like one giant stream of thought happening over eons of time, yet the entire process was about 10 minuets long. Once I had this shot, I played with some various comps, close and far, broken and not broken, wide and long… until the big blue sky finally invaded my tranquil snowy hill. Trust your instinct but plan to be surprised I always say. Happy mistakes happen at the most unplanned moments and there is no rhyme, reason or rule book to accommodate or calculate for those moments. I traversed the snow covered hilltops well till noon gathering every star flare thru ancient limbs that I could, I even watched some afternoon football on my ANCIENT ipad. Soon after the game, I planned to venture to the hilltops above the ancient groves. somewhere off the beaten path with a far away view. Twilight approached and I suspected a giant earth shadow would soon creep over these ancient hills. I could hardly wait. I find it’s always best to be the first in line. Random happenings seem more vibrant and exciting from the front row.