The Truth Behind the Power of the Brain

The great scientist, Albert Einstein, once said that we use only one tenth of the capability of our brain. But this is actually an understatement because the human brain is much more capable of achieving more and has the potential to very large extent which is not tapped to its full extent. Thus, we see that the human brain has a lot of untapped energy which can be transformed into useful activities that are helpful in making us live a better and more peaceful life.

Studies reveal that the brain has the capability to develop electromagnetic waves that are triggered by the neuron or nerve cells and the cortex of the brain. These electromagnetic waves are responsible for communicating and synthesizing all the functions of the brain from one part to another. Apart from this function, the electromagnetic waves also help the brain to get into one state.

To get a clearer idea, it is necessary to know the various states of the brain. The brain exists in two different states: the conscious and the subconscious state. In the conscious state, the brain exhibits higher frequency of wave lengths and as such, it has better mental focus and creativity. When in the subconscious state, the electromagnetic waves have a lower frequency and would help to retain information better.

Evidently, being in a state of subconscious mind is always preferred because we learn better, think better, and have a positive outlook on everything. Therefore, when a person is able to set the electromagnetic waves in accordance with the subconscious state of mind in the conscious state, it would help the person to achieve more and bring out the full potential or power of the brain.

The power of the brain can be thus enhanced by centering audio waves to make the cortical in the brain to respond to these electromagnetic waves. The sounds placed will be both relaxing and allows the mind to get into a more stable state. The power of the brain released has the potential to achieve greater success that will be unbelievable. In effect, it would give a complete control of the mind and body and gives us the edge and power needed to be successful and productive in life.

Apart from these, it is feasible to increase the power of brain through other external methods like exercising regularly, taking healthy foods like plenty of protein fat- free foods, micronutrients and omega fatty acids with balanced die, releasing the stress once in a while and getting adequate sleep. Taking up a hobby that is interesting and cherishing or playing games that relive the stress are also other techniques that enhance the power of brain.

The human brain is actually capable of achieving a lot more then what is being achieved today and this is true for all people, irrespective of age, gender or country. Hence, if tapped in the right way and enhanced properly, the power of brain can achieve a lot more that goes even beyond our imaginations.

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Human Brain Evolution
human brain
Image by hawkexpress
A golden spiral over lay on a human brain. It looks coincide with a human brain evolution. At the beginning of the spiral, there is the "pineal gland". Is the pineal gland the first and the oldest brain?

One more thing. Did you watch a movie "Pi"? It’s a movie about mathematics and a quest for the "truth". At the end of the movie, Max Cohen, a leading character of the movie, screwed a side of head using electric drill. I didn’t understand well why do that and why the side of head. But now I understand maybe it is because to access a center of the spiral.

5 Mind Blowing Mysteries Of The Human Brain

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The brain is an incredible organ, and according to recent research it’s even more complex that first thought. A single human brain is believed to have more molecular-scale switches than all of the internet connections, routers and computers in the world.

So here we have 5 mind blowing mysteries surround the brain that are sure to leave you thinking. From the mysteries of dreaming to the unanswerable question of what is reality?


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