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Is the uniqueness of positive opportunity restricted only to few human beings?

Earth – is the residence for organism – and habitat for different living species is, a certainty. Organisms, although have established as various living species, it is indeed known that the human species, which is one among them, by acquiring evolution of life, have developed, from primitive state, to the modern state. For this, the principal cause is, probably, human species. In the formation of brain, unique subtility, of law of movement of matter itself, may be the cause. That itself is, rationally developing, as “intelligence”. As a result, with the uniqueness of sensory nerves, the natural feeling, caused, because of the influence of sense organs – thereafter, is developing, for thought – reflection – and intellectual churning. This itself is the uniqueness for the reflective level of living of human being – to the limit, of habitual way of living of organism!
If so, the thing that this uniqueness, not being present, from the point of view of entire species, for all human beings, why is it present, individually, for only few human beings, the reason present for that is the matter that has to be reflected upon. The number of intellectuals, who are responsible for progress, is limited only, for sure! Similar to the presence of uniqueness of thought of brain, is present for human race, on all the living species present on the Earth – it has to be investigated, if there is any, uniqueness in brain formation, execution, for only few human beings in all human beings, to acquire the intelligence.
To question the existing state, and to imagine, and acquire best, on that itself is, the uniqueness of reflection and intelligence present for human species. That itself even more, constructively, if one can reflect upon, science and technology as base, the brain of those kinds of people, has innovative uniqueness, for functional quality. Like this, with reference to species, as there is no equal opportunity, for all human beings, in anything, only few are getting, that uniqueness of positive, opportunity. If so, the species primary, would be present in the same manner, in all human beings. Along with the primordial bio-instinct of brain, its uniqueness means – not ‘change of brain’ indeed! Only its internal, functional change!
Brain internal function – for that, the influence of senses – the mind that is caused because of it – with the functional analysis, relating to the excessiveness of its thought, brain has to be examined. By means of ‘changing’ that method – which is present naturally – functionally, by changing the quality of mind, attempt may be made to keep under the control of human being. The process has to happen like that, and the results must be studied. As a matter of fact, the brain, at the state of birth, and its mind, in accordance with age, and by recognizing the surroundings – in suitability to the circumstances, the ‘change’ of its qualities and quantities, has been happening naturally itself.

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Human brain, lateral view
human brain
This is a real human brain fixed in formadehide. We use it for teaching in the University. Dura was removed for a better visualization of brain circunvolutions. The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons, each making about 1000 synaptic connections with. other neurons. I guess these connections are either absent or non-functional in many cases.

We use our brains every second of our lives but how much do we know about it? Here are the most interesting facts you need to know about your brain!



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The Force Within Us is the Power of the Brain

It’s a common thinking that there is a certain boundary in human thinking but when advancing towards this approach it explains the human brain has unlimited powers. The thinking ability of human mind is like that quantity that cannot be measured, no definitions, no boundaries and limited, unlimited powers etc. A famous science philosopher and thinker that normal human beings know only about 10 percent of the brainpowers say it. Nobody can unleash the power of the brain as it’s beyond the common thinking approach. Our brain is much diversified in nature and functioning, it can release electromagnetic waves, passes electric potential through it, conduction of impulses within fraction of seconds. There are many research scholars who have stated that only capabilities or human brain is tapped and used rest our not tapped.

If a person can conquer and explore all the capabilities of brain then he can become a super person. There human brain is divided into two main functioning states the subconscious and the conscious and subconscious. A very common analysis of brainwave technology can be made thorough our sense organs, all five sense organs directly response according to brain. Mental stability and organ functioning are just small parts of brain functioning. Most of the activity goes in background of consciousness. Shaping the subconscious brain action to reach positive, and intentional outcomes is done by mind power methods, which reach in background.

Theory behind how it happens is all of us are just the manifestation of energy of universe. We are not separate, as conscious mind believes, however rather we are well connected by subconscious mind to energy of universe. Subconscious has got no boundaries; and far different from conscious mind for that we have established the well-defined boundaries. Also, our subconscious doesn’t analyze, and that just accepts information that it gets, on other hand, our conscious mind prioritizes, analyzes, as well as makes options. People who haven’t been trained with brainwave technology for communicating over the subconscious as well as conscious minds have imposed unwittingly conscious mind’s sense of the boundaries on the subconscious minds also. Also, in an area of neuro science, it is named frequency following effect, also it is something happens very naturally in brain. It is about like old saying ‘you may lead the horse to water however you will not make him drink’.

Neurons in brain are in constant state of making the electrons as well as electromagnetic pulses, and it is down to communication mechanism from an area of brain to next. While it does this, the machines like ECG machine, can pick up the wavelengths & measure it. We can do same thing with the whole host of the stimuli that will differ from the visual and auditory stimulation. This will range from the subliminal flashes, to dream machine, and to binaural beats and isochoric tones that are in category of the engineered stimulation that is perceived deep in subconscious of brain, and cortical.

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The skull of a city
human brain
Image by sara biljana
“Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed and pulsing.”
– Truman Capote, Summer Crossing

Learn How You Can Enhance Your Brain Better

The human brain is the soul of the human nervous system. It controls involuntary activities such as respiration, digestion, and heartbeat, which are also known as automatic functions of the body. This organ also controls other conscious activities that are considered as higher order activities like reasoning, abstraction, and thought. The human brain is superior to any other brain of any other living species that are known to humankind.

The brain is also the center by which other human characteristics are defined. Creativity, for example, is much associated with the brain. So is personality. The brain lets us make decisions and define colors and smells. This organ controls every other perceived activity of the human body.

However, the human brain, as strong and as invincible as it may look, is not going to stay that way forever. As with any other part of the body, the human brain will wither in the future. One’s lifestyles and all other external factors will take toll against the human brain. As one grows old, the human brain will become slower in terms of functioning and rejuvenating itself. However, there are ways on how to enhance the power of the human brain as age catches up. This article tries to give some useful tips on how to do just that.

1. Live a healthy lifestyle.

The brain is an integral part of the human anatomy. It is probably the most important organ in the body; but of course, we all know that every other organ in the body works for the others to function properly. The human brain is subject to the lifestyle of the person who owns it. If the person loves alcohol, he may not fully reap the powers of his brain. Alcohol and other dangerous substances destroy brain cells. An alcoholic will argue that, “I’ve been using only ten percent of my brain, drinking will activate the other 90% of it.” This is a total fallacy. This premonition was formulated in the 1800s and there is no truth in it. The brain is a lifetime organ, so we must preserve and protect it.

2. Eat the right foods.

Eating the right sets of food will definitely benefit the brain. The brain is the most active part of the body. Even when one sleeps, the brain remains active and vibrant. The brain will appreciate it if one eats the right and balanced sets of food. The sad thing is that the brain is usually taken for granted when it comes to having a balanced meal or a workout because people are so focused into developing their outside looks. It’s about time that we give the brain a break.

3. Engage in proper exercise.

Proper exercise is good for the brain and not only for the body. The human brain needs a well-balanced life.

4. Release stress once in a while

Releasing stress is necessary to be able to clear the brain from all the difficulties and the clouds in one’s life. One must take time to get into a relaxing mood and a good night sleep.

The brain is an organ to be cherished. No individual will ever be able to live his life to the fullest if his brain is not functioning well. A brain that is cared for will result in a more active and fulfilling life.

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human brain
Image by Rev314159
a human brain from work. ok, i work at the biology labs at my university.

How Phosphatide Reduces Brain Fatigue And Increases Memory Vitality

Phosphatide is one of the numerous lipids or chemicals that are present in the human brain. The human brain consists of around 30% of phospholipids or the Phosphatide. Also more than 1/5th of the nerves that are present in the human body are composed of the Phosphatide or the phospholipids. The Phosphatide is one of the most active lipids in the human brain. The lipids that are responsible for the memory and the thought also assist in the nourishing of the human brain.

The Phosphatide is also responsible for the amalgamation of acetylcholine, which is the primary memory neurotransmitter of the brain. The main reason behind the loss of concentration and the capability of absorption and retaining of the memory is the reduction in the acetylcholine levels. When the brain is assisted in the retaining the levels of the acetylcholine, the capacity of the brain to retain the memory and also the concentration levels are increased.

Maintaining the levels of Phosphatide:

To maintain the levels of Phosphatide, the Nan Lecithin Granules are used. These granules are prepared from pure Soybeans and are genetically non-modified and oil-free. It does not contain any preservatives, colouring or artificial flavour. The Soybeans are probably the richest source of Phosphatide. The Nan Granules are very easy to digest and their lovely taste, make them easy to consume. It can be consumed by mixing it with salads, cereals and so on.

Phosphatide to decrease the Brain fatigue and increase memory vitality:

The Phospholipids have their primary function as the reduction of mental fatigue as well as increase the memory vitality. The Phosphatide is a natural source of tremendous energy. Maintaining the levels of Phosphatide in the brain means that the memory vitality and the memory retention and the alertness of the human brain also increase manifolds. The chronic brain fatigue mostly arises due to the reduced brain vitality and thus maintaining the levels of Phosphatide assists in the nourishment of the human brain and also maintains the Phosphatide level.

Maintaining the proper levels of Phosphatide boosts the memory vitality of the brain. The main reason being that Phosphatide is present in every cell in certain quantities. The highest concentration of the Phosphatide is in some of the most vital organs in the human body. The human brain consists of more than 30% and the nerves in the human body contain over 20% of Phosphatide.

As the main function of Phosphatide in the brain is to assist the synthesis of the acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter, the increase in the levels of the Phosphatide helps the human brain by decreasing the stress and the fatigue of the brain and increasing the brain functionality and the memory vitality. It is the building block of the neurotransmitters whose main function is to communicate with the cells in the human body. Phosphatide contains a phospholipid known as the Lecithin. It carries out the main function of the Phosphatide. That is, the maintenance of the levels of the acetylcholine in the brain. This lecithin is responsible in checking the levels of stress, overload and fatigue, which disrupt the functioning of the neurotransmitters.

Thus the Phosphatide or the phospholipids that are present in the brain assist the brain in maintaining its functionality ultimately resulting in the reduction of the brain fatigue and the increase in memory vitality.

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This is my human, not yours!
human brain
Image by Tomi Tapio
Scram, you fluff-brained mogg!

2009-04-25 at the RUROK 72nd cat show. Id 10997. Large on black
Uncropped, focusing point in the center naturally.

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The Difference Between The Right And Left Side Of The Brain And What Happens When They Cannot Communicate

The human brain is an amazing thing. Doubtlessly, you have heard someone described as “right brained” or “left brained” at least once in your life. Psychologists accentuate the difference between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere of the brain, describing the left brain as logical, rational, analytical and objective. The right brain is the “creative” side, associated with aesthetics, feelings, intuition, and subjectivity. In reality, the differences between the right brain and the left brain might be exaggerated in popular culture, however there still are some key differences between the two.

The left brain specializes in language functions like grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing. The right brain is sometimes referred to as the “mute side of the brain,” excelling at nonverbal and spatial tasks, being linked to artistic ability and facial perception.

Some evidence suggests that the left hemisphere is involved most when it comes to well rehearsed or routine processing, and the right hemisphere comes into play when it comes to processing novel situations. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere controls the left side. But many simple tasks require both hemispheres to be involved, and therefore communication between the two is necessary.

This is where the corpus callosum comes into the situation. It ties the two hemispheres together and makes coordination and communication between the two possible. The corpus callosum lies along the fissure between the right and left brain and is responsible for transferring different types of information from one side to the next.

At times, though, a procedure named corpus callosotomy is necessary, generally a last resort to treat intractable epilepsy. This surgery results in the corpus callosum being severed to a certain degree. At first, doctors will only try to remove one third of the corpus callosum, but if epileptic seizures persist, another one third will be lesioned, leaving only one third of the corpus callosum, and most information transfer between the two hemispheres greatly reduced. To be continued in part two….

Mallory Megan works for Rapid Recovery Solution and writes articles on medical collection agencies.

water …
human brain
Image by Ðenise
in any form, facinates me [love this sink too].

Between earth and earth’s atmosphere, the amount of water remains constant; there is never a drop more, never a drop less. This is a story of circular infinity, of a planet birthing itself. -Linda Hogan

Human beings are made up mostly of water, in roughly the same percentage as water is to the surface of the earth. Our tissues and membranes, our brains and hearts, our sweat and tears–all reflect the same recipe for life, in which efficient use is made of those ingredients available on the surface of the earth. We are 23 percent carbon, 2.6 percent nitrogen, 1.4 percent calcium, 1.1 percent phosphorous, with tiny amounts of roughly three dozen other elements. But above all we are oxygen (61 percent) and hydrogen (10 percent), fused together in the unique molecular combination known as water, which makes up 71 percent of the human body. – Al Gore, Earth in the Balance

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Acetyl-L-Carnitine: The Best Anti-Aging Brain Nutrient That Boosts Your Memory Power

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is said to be an amino acid derived included in the bio-chemical mixture of acetylcholine. It is one of the most significant neutron-transmitter without which a person is not able to memorize or learn anything. It even helps to provide enough nutrition to your brain function memory in order to make you survive the ravages of aging and time. In other words, Acetyl-L-Carnitine can be defined as one of the necessary amino acid supplements to human life. When this chemical compound is added to other supplements it provides synergistic effects which show signs of fighting some of the oxidative alterations in human body which causes aging.

Anti-oxidants like Vitamins E and C have been utilized to combat against some of the oxidative effects of free fundamentals on the human body. These free fundamentals were the by-products of human metabolism that combated oxidative effects. However, these days it is being gradually generated in the environment through radiation, lots of exposure to sunlight, smoking cigarettes and pollution. Acetylcholine is one of the first neutron-transmitters that were discovered and its significance in preserving an appropriate operation of the human brain is beyond doubt. It is said to be an important process which enables human brain cells to create sufficient memory power and to communicate accurately.

In detail, Acetyl-L-Carnitine allows neurons to preserve communication when the enzyme levels and few other essential chemical compounds are declining all through the human body because of slow progress of the body with time. It has been recognized that acetyl-l-carnitine supplements slows the human brain function memory power which starts occurring in the middle of the age and even to the enhanced concentration and focus of the memory. Several studies have revealed that acetyl-l-carnitine supplements can actually promote enhanced energy generation via its effects on fatty acids. This maintenance of fatty acids is specified by its effects on the liver spots that are the known signs of aging among the people.

These liver spots are normally seen on the aged people however Lipofuscin which causes these signs even affects the brain and the internal organs. Lipofuscin is consisted of several waste products like the damaged oxidized fats, proteins and other lipids. Production of Lipofuscin can be stopped by antioxidants and even reduced by the acetyl-l-carnitine supplements. ALA or Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants that occur naturally in green vegetables like broccoli or spinach and also in beef. It is even a coenzyme that works with other metabolic enzymes for producing energy. In addition, ALA increases the levels of glytathione that is important for an appropriate functioning of neurons.

However, due to the effects on Mitochondria which makes a mixture of ALC and ALA so appealing in the human ecology. Actually, when Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine are utilized together they work more effectively when they are being used separately. It is perhaps due to the invention of several synergistic effects that leads to longer life span in the humans. Thus, it appears that several supplements that consists both the Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine are more helpful that either of these lonely improves the degeneration of energy levels and even improves the decline in memory power, concentration and focus which comes with aging. This is why Acetyl-L-Carnitine is one of the best anti-aging brain nutrient which boosts your memory power.

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Area 47 in the Ötztal Valley, Tyrol
human brain
Image by Harald Felgner
Brodmann area 47, or BA47, is part of the frontal cortex in the human brain. Curving from the lateral surface of the frontal lobe into the ventral (orbital) frontal cortex. It is below areas BA10 and BA45, and beside BA11.

The human brain is puzzling — it is curiously large given the size of our bodies, uses a tremendous amount of energy for its weight and has a bizarrely dense cerebral cortex. But: why? Neuroscientist Suzana Herculano-Houzel puts on her detective’s cap and leads us through this mystery. By making “brain soup,” she arrives at a startling conclusion.

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Natural Brain Booster Supplements To Prevent Mental Fatigue

The human brain may not go into decline with age but the process of aging can affect it anytime. The studies on human brain show that lifestyle choices and good food choices can keep brain active and protect it from fatigue. The study in Germany in 2014 on human brain showed that cognitive capability does not decline with age. The impact of aging slows down the brain’s power but does not restrict brain from working normally. Especially, at a higher age when the brain processes too many information, it may slow down in delivering results. The problem of brain fatigue is mostly linked to negative thoughts such as anxiety and stress. Natural brain booster supplements can help to protect brain from stress and anxiety to prevent mental fatigue. The natural brain booster supplements are made up of herbs which have the power to relax brain to reduce impact of stress on brain.

Researches on mind power showed – people remain sharp and have good cognitive functions when they protect brain from harmful chemicals, radiations and pollutants. For example – Smoking can have adverse impact on brain health as smoking increases the process of aging.

Natural brain booster supplements contain herbs rich in antioxidants that can reduce the formation of free radicals to prevent brain aging. Taking foods that increase the flow of blood to the brain cells helps in increasing memory. Herbs such as Convolvulus pluricaulis was tested in laboratory for its effect and was found to be effective in improving blood flow to brain for reducing stress. The intake of herbs helps in reducing the impact of radiations or chemicals on human brain.

Herbs can repair damaged brain tissues and herbs such as Bacopa monnieri can help in regrowth of tissues. Bacopa monnieri was tested in laboratory for its power of increasing memory. About 76 adults in the age from 40 to 65 were given the herb and three testing sessions were conducted. The study found that the regular intake of the herb reduced the rate of forgetting new information in people.

Mental fatigue is the term mostly used for boredom or inability to do a work because the mind is not motivated to do it. The human brain is not only very complex but has the capability to adjust to new changes and emerge stronger. When the brain is given the right set of nutrition it can become strong and this reduces the problem of fatigue. To reduce the symptoms of mental fatigue natural brain booster supplements such as BrainOBrain capsule can be taken which helps in increasing the motivation level.

Herbs such as Bacopa monnieri that are found in the natural brain booster supplements help in enhancing motivation and reviving interest. Herbs relax the brain to prevent anxiety and increase its capability to handle mental pressure. Several herbs and natural minerals can be found in the herbal capsule that are mixed in the right ratio to get a person the right kind of remedy for mental problems such as loss of concentration, loss of memory, fatigue and stress. The remedy helps in empowering the mind to reduce the symptoms of mental fatigue and make a person mentally strong to handle intricate mental stress.

Human brain recognizes patterns
human brain
Image by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓
Human brain recognizes patterns

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