How Phosphatide Reduces Brain Fatigue And Increases Memory Vitality

Phosphatide is one of the numerous lipids or chemicals that are present in the human brain. The human brain consists of around 30% of phospholipids or the Phosphatide. Also more than 1/5th of the nerves that are present in the human body are composed of the Phosphatide or the phospholipids. The Phosphatide is one of the most active lipids in the human brain. The lipids that are responsible for the memory and the thought also assist in the nourishing of the human brain.

The Phosphatide is also responsible for the amalgamation of acetylcholine, which is the primary memory neurotransmitter of the brain. The main reason behind the loss of concentration and the capability of absorption and retaining of the memory is the reduction in the acetylcholine levels. When the brain is assisted in the retaining the levels of the acetylcholine, the capacity of the brain to retain the memory and also the concentration levels are increased.

Maintaining the levels of Phosphatide:

To maintain the levels of Phosphatide, the Nan Lecithin Granules are used. These granules are prepared from pure Soybeans and are genetically non-modified and oil-free. It does not contain any preservatives, colouring or artificial flavour. The Soybeans are probably the richest source of Phosphatide. The Nan Granules are very easy to digest and their lovely taste, make them easy to consume. It can be consumed by mixing it with salads, cereals and so on.

Phosphatide to decrease the Brain fatigue and increase memory vitality:

The Phospholipids have their primary function as the reduction of mental fatigue as well as increase the memory vitality. The Phosphatide is a natural source of tremendous energy. Maintaining the levels of Phosphatide in the brain means that the memory vitality and the memory retention and the alertness of the human brain also increase manifolds. The chronic brain fatigue mostly arises due to the reduced brain vitality and thus maintaining the levels of Phosphatide assists in the nourishment of the human brain and also maintains the Phosphatide level.

Maintaining the proper levels of Phosphatide boosts the memory vitality of the brain. The main reason being that Phosphatide is present in every cell in certain quantities. The highest concentration of the Phosphatide is in some of the most vital organs in the human body. The human brain consists of more than 30% and the nerves in the human body contain over 20% of Phosphatide.

As the main function of Phosphatide in the brain is to assist the synthesis of the acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter, the increase in the levels of the Phosphatide helps the human brain by decreasing the stress and the fatigue of the brain and increasing the brain functionality and the memory vitality. It is the building block of the neurotransmitters whose main function is to communicate with the cells in the human body. Phosphatide contains a phospholipid known as the Lecithin. It carries out the main function of the Phosphatide. That is, the maintenance of the levels of the acetylcholine in the brain. This lecithin is responsible in checking the levels of stress, overload and fatigue, which disrupt the functioning of the neurotransmitters.

Thus the Phosphatide or the phospholipids that are present in the brain assist the brain in maintaining its functionality ultimately resulting in the reduction of the brain fatigue and the increase in memory vitality.

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