Is the uniqueness of positive opportunity restricted only to few human beings?

Earth – is the residence for organism – and habitat for different living species is, a certainty. Organisms, although have established as various living species, it is indeed known that the human species, which is one among them, by acquiring evolution of life, have developed, from primitive state, to the modern state. For this, the principal cause is, probably, human species. In the formation of brain, unique subtility, of law of movement of matter itself, may be the cause. That itself is, rationally developing, as “intelligence”. As a result, with the uniqueness of sensory nerves, the natural feeling, caused, because of the influence of sense organs – thereafter, is developing, for thought – reflection – and intellectual churning. This itself is the uniqueness for the reflective level of living of human being – to the limit, of habitual way of living of organism!
If so, the thing that this uniqueness, not being present, from the point of view of entire species, for all human beings, why is it present, individually, for only few human beings, the reason present for that is the matter that has to be reflected upon. The number of intellectuals, who are responsible for progress, is limited only, for sure! Similar to the presence of uniqueness of thought of brain, is present for human race, on all the living species present on the Earth – it has to be investigated, if there is any, uniqueness in brain formation, execution, for only few human beings in all human beings, to acquire the intelligence.
To question the existing state, and to imagine, and acquire best, on that itself is, the uniqueness of reflection and intelligence present for human species. That itself even more, constructively, if one can reflect upon, science and technology as base, the brain of those kinds of people, has innovative uniqueness, for functional quality. Like this, with reference to species, as there is no equal opportunity, for all human beings, in anything, only few are getting, that uniqueness of positive, opportunity. If so, the species primary, would be present in the same manner, in all human beings. Along with the primordial bio-instinct of brain, its uniqueness means – not ‘change of brain’ indeed! Only its internal, functional change!
Brain internal function – for that, the influence of senses – the mind that is caused because of it – with the functional analysis, relating to the excessiveness of its thought, brain has to be examined. By means of ‘changing’ that method – which is present naturally – functionally, by changing the quality of mind, attempt may be made to keep under the control of human being. The process has to happen like that, and the results must be studied. As a matter of fact, the brain, at the state of birth, and its mind, in accordance with age, and by recognizing the surroundings – in suitability to the circumstances, the ‘change’ of its qualities and quantities, has been happening naturally itself.

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Human brain, lateral view
human brain
This is a real human brain fixed in formadehide. We use it for teaching in the University. Dura was removed for a better visualization of brain circunvolutions. The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons, each making about 1000 synaptic connections with. other neurons. I guess these connections are either absent or non-functional in many cases.

We use our brains every second of our lives but how much do we know about it? Here are the most interesting facts you need to know about your brain!



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