April, 2016

How Brain Fitness Exersizes Can Benefit You

The vast majority of people who think about exercise, really only ever consider the exercise that goes into the human body. In reality, however, it is important for you to make sure that every part of your body is as fit as possible. This would include the brain, which is not only necessary for thought, it can actually help you in many ways to overcome barriers that you may be experiencing in the gym. Here are some brain fitness exercises that will help you to get the most out of this all-important part of the body.

One of the most important things for you to understand is that in order for the brain to be sharp, you need to exercise it regularly. This is something that many people have lacked, simply because they spend most of their time watching TV or mindlessly surfing the internet. A number of things that can assist you in doing so would be mind games, such as crossword puzzles or sudoku. As a matter of fact, as people age, their doctor may recommend that they do these puzzles regularly in order to keep the mind sharp.

Another thing that can really affect the function of the brain is our diets. There is an old saying, you are what you eat, and our brain is going to get the lions share of what we put into the body. The reason why this is the case, is because it is responsible for so many different functions that go on within the human body and it must be nourished in order for everything to function properly. Eating a diet that is high in raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to start. You should also make sure that you are feeding it throughout the day so that you do not experience any highs or lows in your sugar levels.

One of the most essential things that you can do is to make sure that your brain is getting enough water as well. The human body, and especially the brain is made up almost entirely of water and if you are depriving yourself of this natural resource, you’re really depriving yourself of the ability to lead a normal life. Hydrate yourself thoroughly by drinking half of your body weight every day in ounces of water and you will notice a huge difference in the function of your mind. Although it is not really one of the brain fitness exercises, such as puzzles, it is equally or more important to do regularly.

Finally, make sure that you’re getting enough rest as the brain needs rest in order to grow mentally. Most of us tend to push ourselves and only get six hours of sleep a night or less, but the human brain needs much more than that in order to function properly. Whenever you put all these things together, diets, hydration, proper rest and the use of a few brain fitness exercises, you will really have a resource that will benefit you in many different ways.

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Call of the Kindred

Come to me, little mortal
I can bring you to heaven’s portal
There’ll be no sorrow, there’ll be no pain
Feelings of joy will fill your brain

Come to me, sweet human thing
Give me your heart and I’ll make it sing
Forget your fears, leave them behind
Forget the troubles of your kind

Come to me… yes, that’s right
Now hold still, it’s no good to fight
I’ll take your blood, and leave you dying
Didn’t you realise I could be lying?

Solinquair, 1996

Understanding our Four-Part Brain

Those religions or disciplines stating that the physical form should be ignored, that it’s not important, are off track. This is the whole idea of the earth plane schooling system. It is to learn mastery of the physical form and to evolve it to where it is totally usable for all that the soul can apply to it. This is the goal. It will take generations. It has taken generations to bring it to this point, and will take generations to carry it further.

Miracles cannot take place until the physical form has evolved to the point where it is buoyant enough to walk on water. The quicker the animal-based brain can evolve and control the body, the quicker all this will happen. This is definitely the starting point, the control of the physical body through the physical brain. This is a matter of evolution, and on-going experiments will speed this up.

This experimentation is the penetration of the human brain with new genes without going through the birthing process. This is what is taking place at this particular time on our particular planet. This is pervasion, which is the penetration of the human brain by genes of the higher planets to help this control over the physical form be gained in a faster way than normal evolution would allow it to take place. The experiments are on-going. All one has to do to be part of this experimentation is to express the willingness to be part of it, and they will be part of this experiment to whatever length their animal-based brain will allow them to be.

The higher genes penetrate the brain to allow the physical form to come under the control of that brain. This then allows the soul to use that brain, which then progresses the evolution of that particular entity. At the present time, this is the path of progress on the earth plane. It may not be in the future. As we move past the need of penetrating the brain with new genes; as the physical form catches up and contains the ability to bring these new genes through in the birth process, there will be a backing off of the penetration as is being done at the present time.

There are different spirit-guiding energies that take up residence in the different sections of the brain. These are the past lives that are chosen for their different strengths and weaknesses (they can be considered your “guides” that change as you grow and develop.)

They need to be turned into strengths with their overriding essence of spirituality and talent. They take up position in each section of the brain and as it develops the human then draws on this energy to use as inspiration.

I would like to talk about the make-up of the brain itself. To help with the understanding of the stages of progress the brain needs to go through I will give an explanation describing the new way of thinking about the brain. This is that the human brain is not only divided into the right side and the left side, it is actually divided into four parts.

Humans have a double growth process, the exoteric, outer, physical expression and the esoteric, inner, spiritual expression. Because of this double growth track, we have the brain separated into the left and the right sides. The left deals with physical growth, our exoteric (outer) life and the right side deals with our spiritual growth, our esoteric (inner) life.

Now we need to divide the right and left sides in half giving us four parts to the brain. There is a lower left side, a lower right, an upper left and an upper right. Each of these sections has three levels, with each level having twelve stages. The lower left section, levels 1-2-3 deals with our physical bodies; the lower right, 4-5-6, our emotional bodies; the upper left, 7-8-9, our mental bodies; and the upper right, 10-11-12, our spiritual bodies.

This gives us twelve levels or dimensions of the human mind. Most of humanity is functioning on the third level, using only one fourth of their brain, but there are some people who are starting to connect with their inner being. This is a new phase or stage of growth that takes place when moving into the second section of the brain, the lower right side, the fourth level or dimension of the mind.

This is the structure of the brain and the path of progress should be from lower left brain to lower right brain, then upper left and upper right, with the apex of the mind where your inner being will be located. There are no shortcuts available. The progress must be made by all in the same manner, left to right on the lower and left to right on the higher. The left deals with physical body functions, the right with the creative process.

There is a well-defined path to open the channel that needs begun as a child. There are three major stages of synthesization or blending that will occur over time as a child grows. These three stages of synthesization are: the first stage which takes place at mind dimension six, the second stage at mind dimension nine and the third stage at mind dimension twelve.

* First Section of the Mind: Dimensions 1-2-3 (Physical Body Section)
Work is done here on the forming of the personality. A beginning stage of blending takes place when the half of the soul in incarnation begins having some influence on the animal-based brain in the process of forming a personality. Actually, the forming of the personality is completed at mind dimension three. At this stage the half of the soul in incarnation gains control over the physical body, a soul-infused personality

* Second Section of the Mind: Dimensions 4-5-6 (Emotional Body Section)
When you have moved through the twelfth level of mind dimension three you “graduate” into the second section consisting of mind dimensions 4-5-6. This is the emotional body section and work is begun on merging the soul-infused personality with the half of soul on the inner planes. This takes place once the individual evolves to level six. It is only at this point that the individual can receive direct guidance from the half soul left on the inner planes. It also seems that emotion can’t be assisted with or controlled by the inner plane soul until this synthesization takes place. When this takes place you “graduate” to the third section.

* Third Section of the Mind: Dimensions 7-8-9 (Mental Body Section)
Your graduation from the second section, at mind dimension six, leads you to the third section, mind dimensions 7-8-9. You work in this area attempting to communicate with the other half of your soul that you blended with at level six, and the thoughts of your seedcore which is a collection of the wisdom and knowledge of all those in your spiritual family tree. This leads you to complete connection with your personal guidance system at level nine, the second stage of synthesization.

* Fourth Section of the Mind: Dimensions 10-11-12 (Spiritual Body Section)
When the connection is made, at the twelfth level of mind dimension nine, then the soul on the inner planes enlists the help of a Master teacher along with their seedcore, as the move is made into the fourth section, levels 10-11-12. Level ten is the scientific section. Level eleven is focused on spiritual truths and level twelve is connection with the total mind of the Creator.

The third level of synthesization occurs when all aspects of the half of the soul in incarnation and the half of the soul not in incarnation merge with the overshadowing spirit and attain the ability to be in communication with the mind of the Creator. This takes place at level twelve when you reach the “apex of your mind.” This is the final “icing on the cake,” if you will, after the synthesization or blending of the other parts has taken place. This means that the total creative channel has been built, the third stage of synthesization.

This article was excerpted from The Fantastic Human Being by Norma Hickox and can be ordered at Norma is a musician. She plays & teaches 6 instruments & composes music. She has also done painting, writing, dance and theater.

IMG_5496S Jacob Smits. 1855-1928. Paysage de Campine. Landscape in Campine. Grenoble. Musée des Beaux Arts.
human brain
Image by jean louis mazieres
Jacob Smits. 1855-1928. Paysage de Campine. Landscape in Campine. Grenoble. Musée des Beaux Arts.


L’Art Moderne, annoncé bien avant le début du 20è siècle par les impressionnistes et les post-impressionnistes, a été un facteur tout à fait remarquable de renouvellement des formes, dans la peinture européenne. On peut dire que la civilisation européenne se distingue d’autres grandes civilisations par cette recherche constante, à l’échelle des siècles, de la nouveauté. Cela n’a pas été le cas par exemple des civilisations islamiques ou chinoises dont les valeurs ont infiniment plus accordé la priorité à la pérennité et au maintien des traditions. Une fois encore on constate que l’art est un révélateur des valeurs qui animent les sociétés.

Les techniques utilisées par les peintres européens, au cours du 19è siècle, pour créer un art nouveau sont multiples, sauf omission, on peut les recenser ainsi :
"La Peinture Plate" par exemple avec Manet, plus tard Gauguin, Maurice Denis, les Nabis… Cette technique réduit ou supprime les volumes et la perspective et privilégie les lignes. Elle retourne à une esthétique qui était celle de la peinture Byzantine, Romane et Gothique. Avec d’autres thèmes évidemment.
La décomposition de la lumière et des couleurs en taches et en points. Les Impressionnistes. Les Pointillistes
Les couleurs arbitraires ou symboliques. L’artiste s’écarte des couleurs "réelles", celles perçues par l’oeil et le cerveau humain, et invente des couleurs apparemment arbitraires: Gauguin, les Fauves, le symbolisme, le surréalisme … C’est une technique que la peinture romane et gothique avaient mis en pratique très régulièrement.
La valorisation de l’Esquisse. L’esquisse a été pendant des siècles, seulement, ce que son nom indique : une Etude préparatoire à un tableau définitif. Au 19è l’esquisse devient un procédé définitif, terminal, d’expression artistique.
La décomposition de l’espace et des volumes du réel, en lignes et surfaces, plus ou moins synthétiques et significatives. (Cézanne).
La "multiplicité des points de vue" sur un objet ou un sujet. Technique qui cherche à rendre le réel comme si on le regardait, en même temps, depuis plusieurs points de l’espace. (Les Cubistes)

L’Art a toujours été, une manière de rêver le monde réel. Mais les nouvelles techniques de l’Art Moderne, s’éloignent toutes, de manière très intentionnelle,volontariste, de la représentation exacte du réel.
Les peintres tendent à créer un art dans lequel l’interprétation du réel l’emporte sur sa reproduction.
L’artiste moderne ne reproduit plus guère le réel, il le rêve, ou l’invente. Ces tendances ont abouti à l’art non figuratif, autrement appelé l’art abstrait.

Ce renouvellement des formes en peinture est total. Il a apporté de nouvelles possibilités, très intéressantes, et très belles, d’expression artistique.

MODERN ART: The renewal of forms

Modern Art, announced well before the beginning of the 20th century by the impressionists and post-impressionists, was a factor quite remarkable renewal forms in European painting. It can be said that European civilization differs from other great civilizations by this constant research, across the centuries, novelty. A modernist obsession. This was not the case, for example, Islamic and Chinese civilizations, whose values have infinitely more given priority to the sustainability and maintenance of traditions. Once again we see that art is a revealing of the values that inspire civilizations.
The techniques used by European painters during the 19th century to create a new art, are many. Except omission, and we can enumerate:
"The Flat Painting", for example with Manet, Gauguin, Maurice Denis, the Nabis … This technique reduces or removes volumes and perspective and focuses on lines. She returned to an aesthetic that was practiced by the Byzantine painting, Roman and Gothic.
The decomposition of light and color spots and dots. The Impressionists. the pointillist
Arbitrary and symbolic colors. The artist moves away of the colors "real", those perceived by the eye and the human brain, and invents arbitrary colors: Gauguin, the Fauves, symbolism, surrealism … It is a technique that painting Romanesque and Gothic had practiced regularly.
The valorization of the Sketch. The sketch was, for centuries, only what its name indicates: a preparatory study for a final table. In the 19th the sketch becomes a permanent process, terminal, artistic expression.
The decomposition of the space and the real volumes, lines and surfaces, more or less synthetic and significant. (Cezanne).
The "multiplicity of perspectives" on an object. Technique that seeks to make the real, as if you looked at him, at the same time, from several points of space. (The Cubist)

Art has always been a way to dream the real world. But the new techniques of modern art, are moving away all so very intentional, deliberate, of the exact representation of reality.
The painters tend to create an art in which the interpretation of reality trumps its reproduction.
The modern artist is hardly reproduces reality, it’s dream or invent. These trends have resulted in non-figurative art, also called abstract art.
This renewal forms in painting is total. He brought new possibilities of artistic expression.

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