Interesting Brain Facts You May Not Have Been Aware Of

The brain as we know is a very delicate organ and all the same time, a very important body organ. What could we have done without the brain? The brain is so essential that, scientist have been able to find out the type of nutrients suitable for it, the kind of things that can destroy the brain cells and so on. All these constitute brain facts and should be understood more in order to protect the brain.

Some brain facts are good whilst others may not be too good. For instance, a good brain fact is that, the brain is used by the human being to develop so many important things relating to technology and so on. It is through the brain that, technology has advanced so well and keeps on improving day in day out. Though some people believe that the human brain is superior to any other brain, it is also believed among some humans that the capabilities of the brain among human beings also vary.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that, it’s through the wonders of the brain that certain deadly weapons are developed. Not just weapons alone, but anything that can cause pain to the human being. For instance it is through brain thinking that some scientist where able to develop weapons of mass destructions. Also it was through the brain that scientists where able to go to the moon and even launch a satellite which today is used for quite a number of things.

It is often a pity when people maltreat the brain cells by taking in so much alcohol or hard drugs such as cocaine or ‘weed’. These drugs are so powerful that, they usually end up destroying the brain cells. And of course once the brain cells are destroyed, it implicates a lot. Mostly madness sets in or some times the victim behaves abnormally which is usually not accepted by the society. This implies why most societies are strongly against illegal drugs and will always do what it takes to get rid of them. Among the brain facts, one hard brain fact is that, it obeys or thinks along side what you wish for it to do. This explains why criminals are what they are.

Another thing is that, the brain is usually ready for change, when some one who is partially crazy or mad is rehabilitated, the brain adapts to this rehabilitation and so on. So basically the brain accepts what it is commanded to do and nothing can change this. For instance children go to school and are told schooling is good, immediately the brain picks that up and these children are grown so obsessed with this idea.

As earlier mentioned some brain facts can be detrimental whiles others are helpful. The main point is that, the brain is a precious organ and should be treated as such. If most of the masses really understood this, hardly will there be incidence of drug abuse in our societies. Besides, many will try as much as possible to put the brain to a good use instead of misusing it.

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Katrina Killed the Klown
human brain
Image by Keoni Cabral
MORE PIX: My set of abandoned New Orleans Six Flags here.



Photo I took in 2009 at an abandoned 6 Flags amusement park in New Orleans, compliments of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. A park that, at one point, sat beneath 8 – 10 ft. of flooded waters. Sometime after drying out, someone spray painted ‘Six Flags 2012 coming soon’ on the wall above the downed and dearly departed clown head. But they were clownin.’ Six Flags will never rebuild there.

My ‘breaking and entering’ story here:

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

New Orleans. What a place! What a world unto itself. Its rusted, moldy, empty Six Flags park symbolic and emblematic of a sad, stormy past that still affects its troubled present.

Ohhh — if only you could have joined me at the Louisiana dead end of dead amusement rides. In the faded, nearly forgotten Six Flags.

I spotted the haunted lines of its empty roller coaster from the Ninth Ward off Interstate 510 while playing tourist in 2009, promptly begging a friend to pull over in order to illegally investigate. She relented.

Adults instantly transformed into jittery kids, we found an open gate — infiltrated it — and proceeded to sneak around the ‘End of World’ setting, half expecting mangled Zombies to creep out of the shadows at any moment. So, sooo surreal. An adrenaline enhanced experience I’ll NEVER forget. It was like exploring an eerie junkyard theme park on ecstasy, the sick criminal cousin of Disney World. In a good way.

I could have spent days, if not weeks snapping pictures on the lonely grounds. But we could only stay for as long as Mother Daylight allowed. Which was about 45 minutes.

But for that short period that seemed like hours — man oh man, it was too good to be true! We had the ENTIRE ruined site to ourselves. At least until we spotted slivers of movement across the way and nearly ran, thinking it the Po Po. The police.

Turned out to be 3 teenage friends wandering in amazement, just as we were. When we approached the wide-eyed group, they said they initially thought we were security (especially since we were wearing black shirts) and almost fled themselves. We all laughed at the revelation, shook hands, compared notes and moved on.

Soon after, with darkness calling as well as the reality of other breathing things called ‘humans’ in proximity, the special solitude of the place lost its luster. And with the fear of the Po Po fresh on the brain, we quickly left.

Later, I read of a handful who had been arrested on the property for trespassing; so our fears may have been justified. However, many more got away with the same as you can find tons of online pictures featuring the site.

Since then I’ve seen conflicting reports on the fate of the park, with a few pegging it for demolition. Too bad. So sad.

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