Excess Sugar Impacting Brain Health Of People

The medical experts explain that there have been people in across the globe that experience extreme fatigue & other health disorders & this mainly happens due to the fact that they have been making excess consumption of sugar which forms the pivotal reasons for such sufferings. It is said that making consumption of excess form of sugar leads for the initiation of a number of health problems which may create an impact on the levels of insulin in the human body & it may lead for the outcome of diabetes.

Sugar usually provides taste & flavor in the meals & the medical professionals explain that people must make such incorporation of less than 25 grams on daily purposes & the proportion must be even less than this, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. According to the novel reports, the medical experts explain that consuming more of sugar in our daily diet could lead for a number of health problems adversely affecting the mental health & it could also lead for Alzheimer’s disease & other dementia issues. There have been increasing cases all across the globe wherein people have been noticed getting diagnosed with such form of issues & it becomes a strenuous task for executing control over such matters.

Not extreme, but there is certain proportion of sugar which must be provided to the human body which empowers the human brain & leads for its effective functioning. The human brain leads for the utilization of glucose which helps for its proper functioning & posture wherein the improper quantities lead for adverse impact on its brain health.

Brain required certain potential sources & certain other fuels i.e. ketones which are required for helping the synthesis of the healthy fats in the human body. The health professionals explain that making consumption of such proportions in excess quantities lead for improper stature of memory & also lead for the adverse development of the hippocampus that is an essential structure in the human brain. When a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it leads for complete shrinking of this structure that is located in the human brain.

They further elaborate that the human brain must be provided with healthy meals which lead for its effective functioning & therein it helps for keeping away from the health issues that are experienced by the people during the advanced stage of their life.

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B0009489 Nerve fibres in a healthy adult human brain, MRI
human brain
Image by wellcome images
Nerve fibres in a healthy adult human brain, MRI, Wellcome Images

Credit: Zeynep M. Saygin, McGovern Institute, MIT, Wellcome Images

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Magnetic resonance imaging

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Bird’s eye (axial) view of nerve fibres in a normal, healthy adult human brain. Brain cells communicate with each other through these nerve fibres, which have been visualised using diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DWI MRI). Diffusion weighted imaging is a specialised type of MRI scan which measures water diffusion in many directions in order to reconstruct the orientation of the nerve fibres. Since these images are in 3D, colours have been used to represent the direction of the fibres: blue is for fibres travelling up/down, green for front/back, and red for left/right. These patterns of connectivity in the brain are being used to study brain development and developmental disorders such as dyslexia.

This is a biology video for grade 7-8th students about the human brain and its different parts which include fore brain, mid brain and the hind brain.
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