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Enhancing Brain Waves For Maximum Success

The actual ability of the brain to remember things is not the whole to blame as far as concentration is concerned. In fact, it is not the one to blame as far as concentration is concerned. You will need to apply some efforts so as to concentrate. Brain waves and the study of them is an interesting thing to help you achieve various end results as you may desire in one time in life or another. You may need to be versed with the working of the brain waves and the technology that modifies them so as to know to apply them in your life.

You need to be acquainted with the fact that your brain is an electrochemical organ. This means that it will generate electrochemical energy as it works on and on. In fact, brain will generate about 10 watts of electrical power while at full capacity. The electrochemical waves are necessary to have the brain cells connect with each other. There are millions of cells in the brain and for them to connect at one time, you will generate up to about five to 50 million recorded volts if an electrode is placed on the human scalp.

The electric power of the brain is produced in a manner that is characteristic of the human brain. Brain waves are what display the electrical activity, and the waves can be categorized as from the most to the least active. Beta waves are generated when the brain is aroused and engaged in activities. These are the fastest category among the four and are of low amplitude. They range between 15 to 40 cycles per second and depict a strongly engaged mind. In beta, you will be in an active conversation and at high beta when in debate. When engaged in conversation and speech as well as teaching, you will be in beta.

Alpha is the second in order of frequency alpha, unlike beta, represents non-arousal and the waves are in higher amplitude than the beta but slower. The frequency is in between 9 to 14 cycles per second. An alpha state is experienced by a person who has completed a task and is seated to relax. An alpha state is used for meditation. This is for example taking a break to relax in a garden.

Theta brainwaves are characterized by very low frequency and very great amplitude and are produced at in between 5 to 8 cycles per second and a person in theta state is characterized by daydreaming after completion of a task. Freeway driving can induce a state of theta such that the drivers will not be able to remember the last five miles they have just driven. At theta, you can get very good ideas. Theta state can occur while at the shower or tub. The knowledge on how you can harness on your brain power and the waves induction process is very necessary to increase productivity, whether it is in work or relaxation. Delta depicts frequencies of the range 1.5 to 4 cycles per second and is of greatest amplitude but slowest. Having a deep dreamless sleep means that you have achieved the lowest frequency possible for the brainwaves.

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Planetary brain
human brain
Image by adriansalamandre
A collage (80 X 60cm) made using the traditional scissors and glue technique.
Around 90% of the human population are right-handed.
I am proud to be amongst the 10% of left-handed people!
The right hemisphere of the brain is dominant in left-handed folk, this side is often linked to creativity, intuition and "global" thinking. On the other hand, the left hemisphere is linked to logic, mathematics and "linear" thinking.
Einstein once said "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift" and
"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

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A black hole is a region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping.[1] The theory of general relativity predicts that a .
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Exploring Different Types of Brain Waves to Find the Real You

Brain is considered as the supreme seat of power in human mechanism. You may have come across lots of texts explaining the numerous functions of brains, ye very few texts actually deals with the types of brain waves that are generated by individual blocks of cells called neurons. Our brain similar to an electrochemical organ emits different frequencies while functioning called brain waves. As per the neurological research our brain waves pattern is directly linked with our behaviors, performance and capabilities. We can actually measure these brain waves using an electroencephalogram or EEG.

These brain waves are measured in hertz or cycle per second.

The human brain waves can be differentiated into four namely:

a) Beta- Measured between 13 to 38 Hz, these waves are emitted during sleep, deep relaxation or even during the process of visualization. It is commonly associated with arousal, cognition, alertness and concentration. Too much stimulation of beta activity can induce panic, increased blood pressure and creates a state of anxiety in the victim. Stimulants like alcohol, nicotine in cigarettes, caffeine in coffee, diet pills etc can induce this sate of brain.

b) Alpha- Measured between 8-13 Hz, alpha brain waves is associated with relaxed and calm brainwave pattern. Alpha patterns can be divided into ‘twilight state’ and ‘super learning’ state. The former occurs in state of deep relaxation (often between sleep and waking) whereas the latter occurs when the brain pattern is more focused yet in a relaxed manner. This is a trance state in which the individual is open to suggestion as the conscious logical mind is inactive. Excess of alpha activity can lead to daydreaming and excessive escapism from the reality.

c) Theta- Measured between 4-7 Hz, theta brain waves are commonly observed with the sate of dreaming sleep. However theta waves are also associated with many beneficial states such as increased creativity and increased memory power. This is one of those ‘aha’ experience where the victim is subjected to sudden insight or unique innovation. Theta waves can be located in those areas where we bury our memories, sensations and emotions. Theta waves produce a pattern when we try to block painful memories or unpleasant experiences. Insomnia is often associated with hyper activity of theta waves.

d) Delta- Measured below 4 Hz , delta brainwaves produce the slowest brain pattern. It occurs when the individual is undergoing dreamless sleep. This is total unconscious or coma stage. The mind is at complete rest and passes through dormant phase.

A careful manipulation of these brain waves can help in the optimal use of brainpower. For example it is proved that during alpha phase, visualizing our innate dreams and passions as I they are actually real will make them manifest into reality when confronted with affirmations. This theory is based on the concept that the subconscious mind during this phase accepts whatever it is told. The subconscious mind tends to reject the word ‘will’ as it is in the undefined future tense. Various brainwave entrainment packages use this idea to make an individual proficient in descending to the alpha level and thereby master self-hypnosis to strengthen their mind.

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Area 47 in the Ötztal Valley, Tyrol
human brain
Image by Harald Felgner
Brodmann area 47, or BA47, is part of the frontal cortex in the human brain. Curving from the lateral surface of the frontal lobe into the ventral (orbital) frontal cortex. It is below areas BA10 and BA45, and beside BA11.

As part of the BBC #In the Mind series Fergus Walsh visits the Bristol Brain Bank, one of a network of ten brain banks managed by the Medical Research Council. Here he shares some facts and figures about what makes the human brain one of the most complex structures in the world. The report contains detailed shots of the human brain from the start.

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Working With A 3D Brain Model Can Increase Your Knowledge Of The Human Brain

Using 3d models in medical research and training is pretty important in many scenarios. Theoretical models are carried out in laboratory experiments and human models are used to teach about medical conditions. In terms of the human individual, both a 3D body and 3d brain model can be used for a variety of reasons. The human body can easily be explored, research, and studied amongst medical professionals, and individuals studying to become one.

Putting Your Brain Model To Use

One essential explanation why 3d models are so useful in the medical industry is simply because the regions of the body and human brain can be looked at without the use of an actual body. For example, a 3d brain model used by a college professor can help students to learn the diverse names and locations of the brain lobes. In addition, it may help students to grasp brain grooves and ridges exceeding what they had before.

An instructor can actually take a 3d brain model to show how the real human brain works right from a pc. These kinds of hands-on approaches make the presentation much more pleasant enjoyable for the audience.

In the medical profession, 3d brain models serve another purpose in laboratories for even further comprehension of the human brain. In the laboratory, this type of model can be used when conducting experiments on the human brain. The 3d brain assists you to study in great detail the different segments of the brain–cerebellum all the way to the frontal lobes–in various controlled situations.

Other Options To A Brain Model

When deciding whether or not to invest in a 3d brain model, it is critical to consider the pros against the negatives. There is 3d modeling software available to create your very own custom 3d brain model. For instance, you could take the task on yourself and create a brain structure model. You may seek the services of a proficient artist to create a three-dimensional model. These may be expensive options, but they serve convenient purposes for many people.

Adding Hair To Your Brain Model

A perfect compliment to the 3d brain model would be a 3d model with human parts, including human hair. Adding hair to your 3d brain model gives you a complete understanding about the human head as a whole.

With that said, buying a high-quality, ready-made 3d brain model definitely will be beneficial over the long haul. Brain 3d models by far are the best teaching tool in regards to learning the inner structure and functions of a body. The hair 3d model is an added benefit to the brain 3d model in that it furthers the student’s understanding of the brain and the relationship that it has with other parts of the body.

As you can see, there are various uses for a 3d brain model. Whether in the classroom, in a medical lecture hall, or in private learning sessions, virtually any medical professional can use a ready-made 3d brain model to assist him or her.

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the human brain
human brain
Image by justine warrington
The human brain on Queen Street

The Unfixed Brain

In this teaching video, Suzanne Stensaas, Ph.D., Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah School of Medicine, demonstrates the properties and anatomy of an unfixed brain. WARNING: The video contains graphic images, a human brain from a recent autopsy. Background noise is unrelated to this brain or the deceased. There are two purposes for this video: 1) to stress the vulnerability of the brain to highlight the importance of wearing helmets, seat belts, and taking care of this very precious tissue, and 2) to use as a teaching aid for students who only have access to fixed tissue, models, and pictures.
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Tips about How To Promote Babies Brain Development

Provide appropriate information to stimulate the brain cell
According to the scientific research in the recent decades, there are about hundreds of millions of brain cells in the human brain and one in ten among them are very active. Every active brain cells have 20,000 branches, all of which connect with other tens of thousands brain cells and transmit the information. All these connections depends on the the perception and movement exercise in the early age. For example, the sweet smile, the soft touching embrace and decorate a colorful room are the better behaviors to stimulate babies’ brain. Based on the scientific research, since the children are born, all kinds of good stimulation should be given to children to stimulate their brain so as to establish the good intelligence system as soon as possible. When babies are one year old, parents should make children watch the colors, the shapes, the sizes of a variety of objects and ask them to distinguish. When babies are two year old, parents should ask them to smell a variety of odor to stimulate the development of the olfactory cells. When kids are three years old, parents should ask your children to enjoy a variety of taste with his tongue so as to stimulate the development of taste cells. With the development of visual sense, tactile sense, sense of smell and taste sense, children’s intelligence would be developed very well.

Give them the enlightenment with the vivid language
During the development process, children’s thinking ways should be transformed from the specific and imaginal thinking to the abstract thinking gradually. When doing the family education, parents should ask children to express their meaning with a complete sentence so as to develop children’s perception and acceptance on the language in the early time. For example, they would say the sentences such as pen is used to write, we drink milk every day and so on. With the vivid and innovative words, their understanding and memory can be promoted, finally, their creative power also developed during the process.

Develop the left brain and the right brain at the same time
As is known to all, human brain can be divided into left brain and right brain, both of which have the different functions. The right hemisphere is responsible for processing rhythm, literature, images and imaginal thinking but what a pity most people’s right brain is not developed very well. Behaviors such as drawing, laboring and sports training are the best way to develop the right brain intelligence.

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IMG_5447S Jean Souverbie. 1891-1981. Paris. La musique. Music. 1918. Grenoble. Musée des Beaux Arts. (Centre Pompidou Paris)
human brain
Image by jean louis mazieres
Jean Souverbie. 1891-1981. Paris. La musique. Music. 1918. Grenoble. Musée des Beaux Arts. (Centre Pompidou Paris)


L’Art Moderne, annoncé bien avant le début du 20è siècle par les impressionnistes et les post-impressionnistes, a été un facteur tout à fait remarquable de renouvellement des formes, dans la peinture européenne. On peut dire que la civilisation européenne se distingue d’autres grandes civilisations par cette recherche constante, à l’échelle des siècles, de la nouveauté. Cela n’a pas été le cas par exemple des civilisations islamiques ou chinoises dont les valeurs ont infiniment plus accordé la priorité à la pérennité et au maintien des traditions. Une fois encore on constate que l’art est un révélateur des valeurs qui animent les sociétés.

Les techniques utilisées par les peintres européens, au cours du 19è siècle, pour créer un art nouveau sont multiples, sauf omission, on peut les recenser ainsi :
"La Peinture Plate" par exemple avec Manet, plus tard Gauguin, Maurice Denis, les Nabis… Cette technique réduit ou supprime les volumes et la perspective et privilégie les lignes. Elle retourne à une esthétique qui était celle de la peinture Byzantine, Romane et Gothique. Avec d’autres thèmes évidemment.
La décomposition de la lumière et des couleurs en taches et en points. Les Impressionnistes. Les Pointillistes
Les couleurs arbitraires ou symboliques. L’artiste s’écarte des couleurs "réelles", celles perçues par l’oeil et le cerveau humain, et invente des couleurs apparemment arbitraires: Gauguin, les Fauves, le symbolisme, le surréalisme … C’est une technique que la peinture romane et gothique avaient mis en pratique très régulièrement.
La valorisation de l’Esquisse. L’esquisse a été pendant des siècles, seulement, ce que son nom indique : une Etude préparatoire à un tableau définitif. Au 19è l’esquisse devient un procédé définitif, terminal, d’expression artistique.
La décomposition de l’espace et des volumes du réel, en lignes et surfaces, plus ou moins synthétiques et significatives. (Cézanne).
La "multiplicité des points de vue" sur un objet ou un sujet. Technique qui cherche à rendre le réel comme si on le regardait, en même temps, depuis plusieurs points de l’espace. (Les Cubistes)

L’Art a toujours été, une manière de rêver le monde réel. Mais les nouvelles techniques de l’Art Moderne, s’éloignent toutes, de manière très intentionnelle,volontariste, de la représentation exacte du réel.
Les peintres tendent à créer un art dans lequel l’interprétation du réel l’emporte sur sa reproduction.
L’artiste moderne ne reproduit plus guère le réel, il le rêve, ou l’invente. Ces tendances ont abouti à l’art non figuratif, autrement appelé l’art abstrait.

Ce renouvellement des formes en peinture est total. Il a apporté de nouvelles possibilités, très intéressantes, et très belles, d’expression artistique.

MODERN ART: The renewal of forms

Modern Art, announced well before the beginning of the 20th century by the impressionists and post-impressionists, was a factor quite remarkable renewal forms in European painting. It can be said that European civilization differs from other great civilizations by this constant research, across the centuries, novelty. A modernist obsession. This was not the case, for example, Islamic and Chinese civilizations, whose values have infinitely more given priority to the sustainability and maintenance of traditions. Once again we see that art is a revealing of the values that inspire civilizations.
The techniques used by European painters during the 19th century to create a new art, are many. Except omission, and we can enumerate:
"The Flat Painting", for example with Manet, Gauguin, Maurice Denis, the Nabis … This technique reduces or removes volumes and perspective and focuses on lines. She returned to an aesthetic that was practiced by the Byzantine painting, Roman and Gothic.
The decomposition of light and color spots and dots. The Impressionists. the pointillist
Arbitrary and symbolic colors. The artist moves away of the colors "real", those perceived by the eye and the human brain, and invents arbitrary colors: Gauguin, the Fauves, symbolism, surrealism … It is a technique that painting Romanesque and Gothic had practiced regularly.
The valorization of the Sketch. The sketch was, for centuries, only what its name indicates: a preparatory study for a final table. In the 19th the sketch becomes a permanent process, terminal, artistic expression.
The decomposition of the space and the real volumes, lines and surfaces, more or less synthetic and significant. (Cezanne).
The "multiplicity of perspectives" on an object. Technique that seeks to make the real, as if you looked at him, at the same time, from several points of space. (The Cubist)

Art has always been a way to dream the real world. But the new techniques of modern art, are moving away all so very intentional, deliberate, of the exact representation of reality.
The painters tend to create an art in which the interpretation of reality trumps its reproduction.
The modern artist is hardly reproduces reality, it’s dream or invent. These trends have resulted in non-figurative art, also called abstract art.
This renewal forms in painting is total. He brought new possibilities of artistic expression.