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The human mind is very crucial for effective body functioning. It controls all aspects of your body. Instructions to body cell operations originate from your mind and the failure of the mind to issue instructions to body cells results in undesirable outcomes. People who have brain dysfunctions or those whose brain power is low have been labeled names that are not amusing at all. It is very possible for an individual to change or improve the power of his or her mind towards personal development. If you can manage to increase brain power, you can be sure that you will smoothly take the road to success in life. This may involve engaging your mind in disciplines helpful in mind evolution.

Scientists have researched and found out that man underutilizes the brain, estimating that 33 percent of the human brain is utilized leaving out a whole 67 percent unutilized. They have further revealed that genius people use slightly more brain as compared to other normal people. Genius brain usage is slightly above 33 percent. This explains why geniuses are more innovative and creative compared to other people using only 33 percent of their brain.

Every person desires to increase brain power. Several ways exist to help you increase mind power, but experts advice that anyone seeking the utilization of a certain method to increase mind power should seek professional advice and guidance. This is so because some methods especially where drugs are involved can turn out to be harmful if not properly applied. One of the methods to increase brain power that require monitoring by professionals is antidepressant which involve chemicals that, if not well administered, may cause addiction. However safe the method might appear from the outside, thorough research is needed before one starts using the method of his or her choice.

Brainwave entrainment has been known for having no adverse after-effect and this has made the technique gain popularity among most people. Binaural beats have been widely used to increase brain power and the outcomes of this mind power technique have been quite desirable. There are numerous mind power techniques, but this technique has proved so perfect in its functionality as well as outcome. The method employs the use of certain beat frequencies in soothing and slipping the human mind into various states of mind. The mind states include alpha, beta and theta all of which respond to stimulus differently. For example, the alpha state of mind helps a person in maintaining consciousness as well as focus mostly associated with creativity and attention or concentration. Theta states are mostly associated with matters to do with the soul and spirit.

Brainwave technology has been specially designed for enhancing a relaxed as well as stress-free environment for people. To get the best results, consistency in use of brainwave entrainment method of increasing brain power is emphasized. People who employ the technique sparingly are unlikely to get the benefits they desire. If you really wish to increase brain power with reliability and safety, brainwave entrainment will serve you best.

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Image from page 149 of “True manhood : a manual for young men” (1888)
human brain
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Identifier: truemanhoodmanua00shep
Title: True manhood : a manual for young men
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Authors: Shepherd, E. R DeCosta, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1831-1904. White cross: its origin and progress
Subjects: Hakujujikai Sex Education Masturbation Sex instruction Sexual health Masturbation
Publisher: Chicago : Sanitary Publishing Co.
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
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nerves, one on each side, to thearms, limbs, stomach, liver, etc., supplying the nervetubing to every gland, muscle and bone plexus, inter-mingling with capillaries, becoming there exceedinglysmall and delicate. Each white thread is a tubule (little tube) filled withtransparent fluid, and through it nerve force is com-municated. The bundles of them are inclosed in amembrane and the whole is called a nerve. Distributed at intervals through the body areminute clusters of cells and plexus called ganglia.They too are little batteries and are united with oneanother and with the spine and brain by nerves. The brain with its system of nerves passing downthe spine and its branches therefrom, together with itschain of ganglia, is called the Cerebrospinal System of Nerves. Cerebro means brain, and spinal, referring to thebackbone. The cells of the brain develop electric10 tK4 TRUE MANHOOD. force on the same principle as man makes artificialelectricity. Creative force draws into each cell atoms

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. XLII. Brain and Nervous System. TRUE MANHOOD. 155 having an opposite character—positive and nega-tive—the acids and alkalies of the blood. Phosphorusand oxygen couple together, or perhaps fats and sul-phur. Uniting they form a new article, salts, andliberate electric force in the process. The salts aredisposed of by absorption, and the electricity is gath-ered in the nerves, and as illustrated in Figs. XLI.and XLIL, distributed throughout the system. Human electricity is called nerve force. It is muchfiner, more highly organized than that made by man.It is subject to the same laws of attraction and repul-sion, and gives off light, sound, heat, in the same way,e. g. sparks of light are often emitted with a crack-ling sound, when woolen garments, worn for somehours next to the skin, are removed in a dark, coldroom; and also by the hair when combed in clear,crisp weather. We find the same succession of young, old and de-stroyed cells in the brain as in all other organs. AGerman

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Brainwave Technology – A Guide to Unleash the Powers of the Mind

The mind is the central function hub for any individual. The functions of this organ are paramount to effective body use. The brain controls virtually everything in the body, this is from facial expression to digestion activities. Research has that even after an individual dies the brain takes another 24 to 48 hours to completely switch off. Some have compared the computers to the human brain while elaborating some issues. The human brain is much more powerful than any computer or supercomputer in that matter. It is true that the functions may be somewhat identical, but the human brain is more superior. The powers of the mind are unmatched to anything else.

Scientist have proven that humans only use a third of their brain power, this is however slightly higher to some. Geniuses are viewed to use their brain capacity much more than average person. To affirm my statement, the supercomputers available in most of the tech savvy institutions cost the human brain less than 33 percent to build, thus the power in the human brain can in no way be undervalued.

Scientist offer different suggestions to increase on brain capacity, these suggestions are effective but then, they may have negative after effects in the long run. Scientist will advocate for some use of drugs to train and evolve the human mind. These drugs are expensive and as common out of reach to many individuals.

There are many ways an individual can use to evolve his mind. You are not promised to have a genius mind, but your mind developments to undertake functions in a more eased manner. This results to the individual leading a healthier way of life. Stress related complications have a very negative effect on the brain. These results to brain complications such as ADD and ADHD, acute conditions can lead to diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and heart failure conditions, many deaths are related to this kind of diseases.

A healthy brain exudes better functions and focus to undertake any specific activity. Concentration is very important to any person achieve good result, flighty minds cannot reach a desired level of accuracy. Disciplines to help individual get along with better brain development are encouraged in most arenas. Artists and writers make up as those people who need unwavering mind concentration to perform tasks. This may be through practicing meditation or activities that helps the mind to converge.

Yoga and brainwave technology entertainment is one effective way an individual can engage for brain development. These methods help in training the mind to specific activities that are important for the overall human health. Brainwave technology is exceptionally effective in aiding an individual attain this with minimum effort. The use of binaural beats can help an individual positively attain levels of brain activity he/she never anticipated in the first place. The continual use of brainwave entertainment helps in developing the mind for better day to day functionality. One is bond to feel the effects of the powers of the mind with a boost in the brain capacity.

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human brain
Image by ramesh.rasaiyan
Like all insects, ants have six legs. Each leg has three joints. The legs of the ant are very strong so they can run very quickly. If a man could run as fast for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse. Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight. An ant brain has about 250 000 brain cells. A human brain has 10,000 million so a colony of 40,000 ants has collectively the same size brain as a human.

Shot taken with Canon 100MM L IS USM.

Brain Science 101 – Development of the Brainwave Technology

The human brain works in many brainwave statuses. These stages are of different frequency ranging from 100 Hz to a lowest of 0.1 Hz and all these are given different names like, delta, theta, gamma, alpha and beta. Now to enhance the life of an average human and also his abilities these brainwaves can be brought into careful considerations and has been done by scientists. The result has led to the development of a range of technologies that cater to the brain amusement and power the intelligence to greater levels. This is actually the need of the hour as well. In today’s time and age one has to be sharp, alert and on the ball all the time.

Also adaptability, observation and absorption are key factors for personal and professional growth. Even the creativity and innovation are part and parcel of this process. The brainwave technology caters to developing the scientific gadgets and processes to enhance all these for the human brain. Science has realized that by tuning the brainwaves one can control the frequencies and as a result the performances of the mental faculties. Usually the technology used for this purpose is based on audio frequencies as it is better to perform.

Brainwave technology is around for very long time now, also this article can explain a bit on where it is, and where it came & where it is at present. Obviously you have to understand that power of mind as well as such technology has much more literature that is attached to that and in case, you have to find out a lot you can about it, is while you do your research. The brief article will just give you the brief overview of market as well as how it is doing & what it will do for you, however many people are now getting the information from the official sources, and thus look in the offline & online to enrich yourselves with a few dedicated information yourself. Also, with this thought in your mind it is simple to see why you must make use of the brainwave technology over method other way of the hypnosis therapy. In case, you have not heard of the brainwave technology or the applications and then you are for treat. Technology is around for long time in fact, around 200 years in case, you would like to be exact & it used in preserve of medical & scientific industry – as it was been deemed very powerful tool being freely available to mass market.

One important thing about the brainwave technology is it is around for very long time also it was been discovered close to hundred years before that brain was able to produce the brainwaves. Newest technology that allowed us to measure the brainwaves, as well as E.E.G machines, which can measure the brainwaves on top of scalp that allow us exactly measure brainwaves.

By Gregory Frost. (Brain Science 101 – Development Of The Brainwave Technology)

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human brain on white background
human brain
Image by _DJ_
human brain on white background