How To Increase Brain Memory and Brain Power

Many things have been said about the human brain through the ages. The one that is perhaps the most profound is that it is a terrible thing to waste.

As small as it is in comparison to the universe we live in, it holds just as many mysteries. One thing is a scientific fact, however, that the brain is a human organ and every organ serves certain functions and performs best when provided with an optimum environment.

Like the heart, skin or lungs, its performance through the years and state of health as you get older depends on how well you treat it. Here’s how to increase brain memory and increase brain power by treating it like a well-oiled machine.

Lifestyle Changes To Increase Your Memory

Something not all people know is that the skin is considered to be an organ and the largest organ in the body. When you notice discoloration, wrinkles or the absence of a healthy glow to the skin, you’re likely to make changes to get achieve that healthy glow. It could be drinking more water and abstaining from ingesting toxic substances by quitting smoking or drinking. You may start exercising more, applying skin treatment masks and taking other measures to help.

It takes a change in lifestyle to make an impact from the inside out. People will take drastic measures and expend a considerable amount of effort to keep up appearances. What’s on the outside is important because it’s how others perceive us. What’s on the inside is equally, if not more important, because it determines not only our outward appearance, but it determines our health. Why not make lifestyle changes to preserve the brain the way you would work to preserve your looks?

The Benefits of Brain Exercise

The brain isn’t a muscle, so why would exercise help? It makes a considerable difference for a number of reasons. Your brain is not a muscle and the goal is not to increase its strength. The goal is to ensure your blood vessels are in excellent shape – good enough to ensure a reliable supply of oxygen at all times. Exercise gets your heart rate up, like running, jogging, walking, swimming or any other active sport can help do that.

This boosts brain health by keeping individual cells healthy and functioning optimally. To further boost the brain’s ability to create synaptic connections and improve memory, calming exercises like yoga or pilates are also beneficial. Improving your mental and emotional health through yoga and meditation relieves stress and allows the brain to harness energy for useful thought processes. Brain exercise by doing puzzles, memory games and reading or learning new languages also helps keep it healthy and active.

Why Eating Brain Foods Increase Brain Power

It’s helpful to remind yourself that you are what you eat, almost in a literal sense. Every cell of your body is made up of carbohydrate, protein and lipid molecules. Physics states that matter can’t be created out of thin air. All the cells that make up your body came from food you ingested at one point in your life. Food controls your emotions, your hormone levels, your behavior and so much more.

The brain simply functions better when you eat certain foods… brain foods. Avoiding junk food is essential for avoiding insomnia, sluggishness, lethargy, anxiety, depression and mood swings. By eating foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you can improve your memory. Chemical additives that are typically found in commercial, processed foods have a dramatic effect on your health, including your brain.

Brain Foods that Help Increase Memory and Brain Power:

Foods rich in antioxidants – blueberries, strawberries, dark chocolate, herbal tea

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids – fish like salmon, nuts, legumes, avocados, whole grains, beans

Supplements that Help Increase Memory and Brain Health

The brain needs a cocktail of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function well. It’s virtually impossible to fit in antioxidants and all kinds of vitamins and trace minerals into your diet on a daily basis. It can help to boost your diet with all natural supplements. If you’re making a fruit smoothie for breakfast, you can add a protein and omega 3 supplement to boost brain power.

Since there are so many supplements available, here are some to shop for. Ginkgo Biloba has been used as a supplement in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It helps increase mental alertness and memory. St. John’s Wort is an herbal supplement said to guard against several psychological disorders and curb depression. Glutamine is an essential amino acid which helps relieve stress. Bacopin and Vinpocetine are plant extracts helpful in relieving anxiety. One very common and high quality brain supplement that includes all of these mentioned herbs is called Cognimaxx.

The Impact Sleep Has on the Brain

Some people pride themselves on being able to sleep only five, six or even less hours a day. Don’t fool yourself. It doesn’t help to sleep less and be awake longer if you’re tired all day. Get a few more hours of sleep, wake up refreshed and get more work done in less time.

The brain needs sleep to re-energize itself. You wouldn’t expect your cellphone to work on zero battery, so why expect it of brain?

The body also has in internal clock. This is called circadian rhythm. Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time every day. Doing otherwise disrupts the body’s internal rhythm every time. Sleeping three hours one night and ten hours the next is that kind of disruption. Sleep is the time during which the brain creates connections that turn into memories. This is why some students cram all night and find themselves going blank the morning of a test. Sleep is an essential component of memory. Unless you are literally a computer or a robot, there’s no way around this. Accept it, take it seriously and your brain will thank you.

Mr. Rider is a health researcher who has written articles about improving your health through nutrition and supplemens, including increasing brain power through supplementation. He’s written brain health reviews to help people make educated choices.

Stroboskopscheibe by Hans Polterauer
human brain
Image by Ars Electronica
When a sequence of images moves slower than 16 frames per second, the human brain can perceive each one separately. If it moves faster, we perceive it as continuous motion. This effect—on which the magic of motion pictures is based—is what Hans Polterauer takes advantage of in this work of art. He positions three-dimensional objects on a disc that is set in motion and illuminated with a rapidly blinking light source. The result is a series of images that “overtaxes” the capacity of the human brain, which gets the impression that it’s not the disc but rather the objects themselves that are moving.

credit: rubra

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Double Your Brain Power with Food!

I’m sure you’re familiar with the well used statement:: “Healthy mind, healthy body: healthy body, healthy mind.”
And just as a proper diet is good for your body, so it is for your brain.
And the foods that you eat, whether they’re considered “good” or “bad” can possibly influence your brain power.
Avoid that Brain Drain!
Your brain is the greediest organ in your body, with some quite specific dietary requirements. So it’s hardly surprising that what you eat can affect brain function. And like any other organ in your body, your brain also needs the correct fuel to run well. Sadly, proper nutrition for the brain is often overlooked by a fast paced lifestyle and often having to eat “on the go”.
Take for example, the effect of simple carbohydrates (such as processed flour and sugary foods) on your brain and body. These foods can cause a rush of sugar into your bloodstream, causing Insulin to be released. Insulin works hard to “mop up” all the excess sugar in your blood; trouble is, Insulin is a bit too helpful, and can cause blood sugar levels to fall. This is known as Hypoglycemia. But it doesn’t stop there. Hypoglycemia can cause the release of Adrenal Hormones: these hormones squeeze stored sugar from the liver, sending blood sugar levels back up. This is known as a “sugar high”. So the body goes on a blood sugar roller-coaster, with “sugar highs” and “sugar blues.” But it still doesn’t stop there, because the ups and downs of blood sugar and adrenal hormones may stimulate brain neurotransmitter imbalance, causing fidgetiness, irritability, lack of concentration, and even tiredness.
After all, people work hard to keep their body in good shape for as long as possible, so why not do the same for your brain?
Food for your Brain
Here is a list of my Top Five foods which may impact, and even possibly, double your brain power!
Omega-3 Oils.
Possibly the number one food for brain health. Omega-3 oils, (or Omega-3 Fatty Acids) are Essential Fatty Acids necessary for human health. They are termed “Essential” because they cannot be produced by the body, and so must be obtained from your diet. Omega-3 oils are beneficial because they provide fluidity to cell membranes and advance communication between brain cells. They may help to boost learning power, but also greatly enhance mood. Foods rich in omega-3 oils include oily fish such as sardines, salmon and mackerel. Maybe fish is a “brain food” after all!
Vegetables and Legumes
Unlike processed flour which contains simple carbohydrates, vegetables and legumes contain complex carbohydrates which can supply your brain with a steady source of energy. These include soybeans, kidney beans, chick peas, and lentils.
Soya contains natural plant Oestrogens called Isoflavones.
They are thought to act on oestrogen receptors in the human brain, specifically those in the hippocampus, which we know is a crucial area for memory. As a result, new nerve connections may form more effortlessly. Medical trials have shown that persons fed a high Soya diet showed improvements in verbal and non-verbal memory and in mental agility. Good sources of Soya include Soya milk and Tofu.
Fruit such as Blueberries, Blackberries, Cranberries, Strawberries and Raspberries contain anti-oxidants. These help to rid your body of harmful free radicals produced during body cells changing oxygen into energy. Scientific Studies have shown that a good dietary intake of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables will radically reduce the risk of developing “Cognitive Impairment”.
Good news for chocolate lovers! Studies have suggested that eating milk chocolate may boost brain function. Substances like Theobromine, Phenethylamine and Caffeine, present in milk chocolate, can act as stimulants that may lead to increased mental performance.
So, the next time you feel tempted to eat that huge sticky donut, think about the upshot it might have on your brain as well as your body!

Lyn Davis is an Educator and advocate of Wellness. She wrote this article so that you can discover Brain Food which may benefit you.
Lyn also reveals other methods in her Fun Brain book which may even help to Double your Brain Power!

The Breath of God
human brain
Image by DeeAshley
I choose to believe that we are eternal, we are light, we are created from star ignitions so that or light will never dim. That’s what I hope, anyways infinity and eternity – the 2 concepts that never cease to boggle the human mind. In the grand scheme of things it’s really not that hard to do. I cannot wrap my consciousness around the question of existence. From a brain cell to a galaxy to a casual thought, to a dark passion – all stemming from one tiny point somewhere in the cosmos. Space itself is but a luxury we can’t afford to take for granted. Somewhere out there, maybe God dwells – the masters of energies. The one that transcends space and time, the one that lit the fuse and it all began. But through our human limitations we can’t see beyond what is placed before us. When the answers we seek are beyond our comprehension. God lies somewhere in that beyond. I struggle to know what that means and I can’t come up with a satisfactory answer. I lose perspective every time I try. And for us, perspective defines our reality. We struggle to understand the forces that guide the universe, yet we can’t understand the forces that guide our own selves. So does true understanding happen on the inside or on the outside? I guess no one really knows, though many claim to via religion or science. But what we see and hear and calculate and formulate is only the tip of the iceberg. I think there is a place, a long ways off from our understanding, where science and religion meet and merge as allies, as on entity, as the ultimate God. A place where the order of all things coincide and reconcile. But maybe these things are kept hidden from us because we are not ready for the truth. History has shown that truth can stare us in the face but we won’t see it until we’re ready. The truth may even be here now, just waiting to be discovered. Events realized before they happen. I sit and think and worry that the existence of God is an illusion, when I could be breathing God every time I fill my lungs. God could be the love I feel when I stroke a cat or the fear I feel when I take to the air. The desire to avoid the unnatural and search for the truth. The pleasure. The guilt. The joy. The sadness. Defies logic and yet embraces it. Relativity at its best.

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Healthy Food And Ayurvedic Pills To Boost Brain Power

Our brain power depends on our age. Often it is seen that aged people have weaker memory than the young adults. The reason is simple; human brain strop developing as human body stop growing. This means when our body development is complete and when it gets older, our memory becomes weaker. However, in some case we can find out young adults or kids who have a very poor memory and that too have some specific reason. No matter, what the reason is, one must try healthy food to boost brain power. Nonetheless, some people also say that healthy foods cannot do the tasks alone and one must have some ayurvedic pills to boost brain power as well.

How healthy food can help to gain memory?

There are various kinds of food ingredients that have the natural power of memory boosters. If one consumes such kind of foods in a regular manner then he or she can achieve a stronger memory or can get rid of the issue of poor memory. Those, who eat junk foods most of the time, may have various kinds of health issues including poor memory. So eat healthy to stay healthy and to obtain a stronger memory to achieve success in life. Try tasty and healthy food to boost brain power every day.

How Ayurveda can help to boost memory?

Ayurveda is a hub of natural remedies. It is an ancient science, trusted by our ancestors and by the modern scientists as well. It has many natural remedies for various types of ailments. It can cure complex health issues of human. Treating the issue of poor memory can be an easy task with the help of ayurveda. It has powerful natural remedy which is made of pure herbs that work as memory booster. It works in a natural manner so it never harms your body in any way. Choosing ayurvedic pills to boost brain power is the best thing one can do to boost up his or her memory and increase the brain power.

BrainOBrain capsules – useful and affordable:

BrainOBrain capsules are one of those hugely used natural remedies that have the power to boost up weak memory or poor brain power. It is worldwide used and trusted because of its natural and herbal ingredients. The key ingredients of this pill are Silver (Chandi Bhasm), Gold (Swarn Bhasm), Richolepsis claberrima (Brahmdandi), Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari), Orchis mascula Linn (Salabmisri), Celastrus paniculatus (Jyotismati), Acorus calamus (Vacha), Agati grandiflora (Augustia), Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi), Bauhinia tomentosa (Kachnar), Convolvulus pluricaulis (Shankhpushpi Poley germander (Amberved), Brunella vulgaris (Ustekhadus), etc.

Since these capsules are made of pure herbs so it is good for our brain and it never comes with any type of side effects. So trying ayurvedic pills to boost brain power is as important and necessary as having healthy food to boost brain power. Keep both these in mind and you can have a strong memory with enhanced brain power.

Brain 125px
human brain
Image by Image Editor
human brain

Brain Training Online – Here Are Some Games To Improve Your Brain Power

Brain training online games or almost any other game for that matter involving pc’s are acknowledged to normally allow you to be sluggish and impair your mind as well. Although this is not really a stated scientific point there exists evidence on account of this kind of reduction of mental acuity in your present age bracket. Even though this is taking place there is a massive buzz in relation to strengthening our mental capability by means of participating in brain games online.

A standard man or woman only uses 25% of their genuine brainpower. Perhaps a lot less than this most of the time. But some of the memory games that happen to be available nowadays to be tried on the net are in reality built to improve a person’s brainpower. They’re also intended to coach you on utilizing all four parts of the human brain. This is an exceptional approach to educate the human brain and also increase your mind ability in addition to honing a razor sharp mental capacity.

It’s funny how far we’ve come as far as technology is concerned. Our computers are so advanced that they can practically do anything at this point in time. And yet they have made people lazy by doing certain functions for them quickly where in the past people would have to use their mind to accomplish these things.

Utilizing a calculator to try and do smaller computations may be a fantastic example. How frequently do you grab your calculator or maybe pull this up on your laptop or computer instead of just doing the work by yourself in your head? I believe is quite often but I’m not seeking to single you out without any reason. I am as likely to do this just as much as the other person and I be considered a complete liar if I said otherwise.

This is exactly why brain training on the net is critical for every individual at this point in time. We need to strengthen all of our brain function plus brain capacity more than previously just because technological innovation now takes care of most of the stuff that had been employed to continue to keep a sharp mental focus.

Several of the regions you may increase are as follows: attention, processing swiftness, knowledge and also memory. And this also is only to mention a few of the numerous great advantages from taking part in online brain training activities. One more fascinating matter taking place whilst participating in these kinds of games is the fact those who suffered with despression symptoms are starting to remove their despression symptoms by simply playing along and also exercising the minds.

The nice thing about applying these brain games will be that you’re really training your mind and therefore strengthening its ability as well as reflexes which might be in terrible condition as a result of the fatigued way of living an average joe leads presently.

It’s vital that you practice brain training online by employing brain games mainly because it keeps our own mind effective in addition to healthy and balanced. To be able to continue to be fresh and active you’ll want to allow your brain to have these awesome workouts.

Want to find out more about Brain Training Online , then visit Marc Black’s site on how to choose the best Brain Training Online for your needs.

The Golden Ratio ( 1 : 1.618 )
human brain
Image by Martin_Heigan
The perfect Ratio of 1:1.618 that occurs everywhere in Nature.

In this example I used the Corona (Latin for Crown) of a Stapelia schinzii var. schinzii flower (from Namibia, Africa), to illustrate Nature’s divine Ratio. The Inner and Outer Corona, and Corolla Lobes (Petals) all conform to this exact Ratio.

The Golden Ratio (or Golden Mean) can be found in everything from human anatomy, to a nautilus shell, galaxies, butterflies, insects, plants and flowers.

Architects used this formula (π / Phi) from the Parthenon to the Pyramids, and Renaissance Artists like Leonardo da Vinci used it for the Composition of the Mona Lisa.

Best viewed LARGE.

Read more about "The Golden Ratio" at Wikipedia.


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Subconscious Mind Power Techniques – 3 Effective Subconscious Mind Power Techniques

The brain is a complex entity. This also gives the reason for use to make full use of this complexity to maximize the potential of our brain – From using short term to long-term memory and from using the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. Our human brain contains all these special components but surprisingly, according the Einstein the man himself, we only use 10% of our brain most of the time. So what ever happens to the other 90%? To make full use of the human brain as a whole, we will definitely need to figure out for ourselves some of the mind exercises and subconscious mind power techniques that would help you to maximize the usage of the brain.

Many people have yet to realize that the subconscious mind plays an important role in determining the success or fall of a person. While there might be other factors, the ability to develop a strong and healthy subconscious mind will help the person to achieve greater things in life. Check out these 3 simple steps on how to use your subconscious mind power effectively:

#1 Meditation

Meditation is said to be a form of communication with your subconscious mind. Try to do this is in a peaceful and quiet environment so that you are able to relax and focus entirely on communicating with the subconscious mind. During this meditation, you are encouraged to repeat positive affirmations. You can also do this before you go to sleep so as to allow the subconscious mind to work through the positive affirmations while you have your night’s rest.

#2 Visualize

Visualization is a good way of enhancing your positive affirmations. By visualizing, you are allowing yourself to get into reality. Try to imagine each affirmation as though it is really happening to you. This will definitely increase the reliability of positive affirmations. Alternatively, you can try using your vision, and write them in places where you can see it. Over time, you conscious mind might get immune to the existence of these messages. However, you subconscious mind will continue to read this messages and will eventually tune your brain to work towards the positive affirmation. So place messages at your desk, fridge and even bedroom and make sure that these messages are noticeable.

#3 Use positive words

This is harder than what it might sound to you. These positive words are slightly different from positive affirmations. Using positive words would require you to discipline yourself to continue using positive words regardless of the situation that you are in. This is definitely a good practice as these positive words will allow the subconscious mind to act on the positive affirmations faster and hence it will shed more positive light on you. Words like “might” will definitely make you feel more motivated and positive, as compared to “will”.

Do try these techniques today and develop a healthy and happy mind that will help to boost your way up the ladder of success. At the same time, do look out for other techniques that will help you to develop your subconscious mind and boost your mind power!

Discover The Revolutionary Methods That You Can Implement To Literally ‘Reprogram’ Your Mind at http://www.mindsecretsexposed.com for success. Learn how to harness your mind power and achieve massive success. Click Here to grab your FREE copy of the Mind Secrets Exposed Leaked Chapters.

The human Brain
human brain
Image by Mollenborg

Increase Brain Power With Brainwave Technology

The human mind is very crucial for effective body functioning. It controls all aspects of your body. Instructions to body cell operations originate from your mind and the failure of the mind to issue instructions to body cells results in undesirable outcomes. People who have brain dysfunctions or those whose brain power is low have been labeled names that are not amusing at all. It is very possible for an individual to change or improve the power of his or her mind towards personal development. If you can manage to increase brain power, you can be sure that you will smoothly take the road to success in life. This may involve engaging your mind in disciplines helpful in mind evolution.

Scientists have researched and found out that man underutilizes the brain, estimating that 33 percent of the human brain is utilized leaving out a whole 67 percent unutilized. They have further revealed that genius people use slightly more brain as compared to other normal people. Genius brain usage is slightly above 33 percent. This explains why geniuses are more innovative and creative compared to other people using only 33 percent of their brain.

Every person desires to increase brain power. Several ways exist to help you increase mind power, but experts advice that anyone seeking the utilization of a certain method to increase mind power should seek professional advice and guidance. This is so because some methods especially where drugs are involved can turn out to be harmful if not properly applied. One of the methods to increase brain power that require monitoring by professionals is antidepressant which involve chemicals that, if not well administered, may cause addiction. However safe the method might appear from the outside, thorough research is needed before one starts using the method of his or her choice.

Brainwave entrainment has been known for having no adverse after-effect and this has made the technique gain popularity among most people. Binaural beats have been widely used to increase brain power and the outcomes of this mind power technique have been quite desirable. There are numerous mind power techniques, but this technique has proved so perfect in its functionality as well as outcome. The method employs the use of certain beat frequencies in soothing and slipping the human mind into various states of mind. The mind states include alpha, beta and theta all of which respond to stimulus differently. For example, the alpha state of mind helps a person in maintaining consciousness as well as focus mostly associated with creativity and attention or concentration. Theta states are mostly associated with matters to do with the soul and spirit.

Brainwave technology has been specially designed for enhancing a relaxed as well as stress-free environment for people. To get the best results, consistency in use of brainwave entrainment method of increasing brain power is emphasized. People who employ the technique sparingly are unlikely to get the benefits they desire. If you really wish to increase brain power with reliability and safety, brainwave entrainment will serve you best.

Click Here to get your Free “Success Accelerator” Brainwave Cd today! Unleash your Mind Power potential to attain the lifestyle that you want. Visit http://www.MindMaximus.com and claim your Free Cd today!

Image from page 149 of “True manhood : a manual for young men” (1888)
human brain
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: truemanhoodmanua00shep
Title: True manhood : a manual for young men
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Authors: Shepherd, E. R DeCosta, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1831-1904. White cross: its origin and progress
Subjects: Hakujujikai Sex Education Masturbation Sex instruction Sexual health Masturbation
Publisher: Chicago : Sanitary Publishing Co.
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and Harvard Medical School

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
nerves, one on each side, to thearms, limbs, stomach, liver, etc., supplying the nervetubing to every gland, muscle and bone plexus, inter-mingling with capillaries, becoming there exceedinglysmall and delicate. Each white thread is a tubule (little tube) filled withtransparent fluid, and through it nerve force is com-municated. The bundles of them are inclosed in amembrane and the whole is called a nerve. Distributed at intervals through the body areminute clusters of cells and plexus called ganglia.They too are little batteries and are united with oneanother and with the spine and brain by nerves. The brain with its system of nerves passing downthe spine and its branches therefrom, together with itschain of ganglia, is called the Cerebrospinal System of Nerves. Cerebro means brain, and spinal, referring to thebackbone. The cells of the brain develop electric10 tK4 TRUE MANHOOD. force on the same principle as man makes artificialelectricity. Creative force draws into each cell atoms

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. XLII. Brain and Nervous System. TRUE MANHOOD. 155 having an opposite character—positive and nega-tive—the acids and alkalies of the blood. Phosphorusand oxygen couple together, or perhaps fats and sul-phur. Uniting they form a new article, salts, andliberate electric force in the process. The salts aredisposed of by absorption, and the electricity is gath-ered in the nerves, and as illustrated in Figs. XLI.and XLIL, distributed throughout the system. Human electricity is called nerve force. It is muchfiner, more highly organized than that made by man.It is subject to the same laws of attraction and repul-sion, and gives off light, sound, heat, in the same way,e. g. sparks of light are often emitted with a crack-ling sound, when woolen garments, worn for somehours next to the skin, are removed in a dark, coldroom; and also by the hair when combed in clear,crisp weather. We find the same succession of young, old and de-stroyed cells in the brain as in all other organs. AGerman

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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Herbal Brain Enhancement Remedies To Increase Memorizing Power In Adults

Human brain is stated to be the powerful organic machine. This organ is responsible for controlling all the thoughts, movements and sensations and it helps humans in reacting quickly to things. This organ stores a huge amount of data in the form of images, texts and concepts. This organ is responsible for regulation of complex functions and it helps in performance of many functions like breathing, blood flow and hormonal balance without consciousness of humans. Its functions can be improved with herbal brain enhancement remedies.

How to achieve strong memory?

Strong memory is something that relies on the health and vitality of this organ. Regardless of whether you are a student trying to memorize a number of concepts, working professional trying to remember the tasks to be performed within this entire week or even an aged person looking for ways to stay mentally sharp, there are safe remedies to increase memorizing power.

What are safe remedies?

As most of us know and even some of have experienced, Ayurveda is a safe alternative system of medicine that provides us with a wide range of herbs for a number of ailments in our body, without any side effects like those caused by other systems of medicines. This is why humans are recommended to rely on herbal brain enhancement remedies. Let us gather some details about such a remedy called as BrainOBrain capsules.

What is BrainOBrain capsule?

This is an excellent memory booster supplement that will help in improving brain power within a short period of time. It is manufactured understanding the fact that human brain needs lots of power and stamina for performing at its best. This is why the herbs that are known to improve the healthy functioning of brain are added as ingredients in these herbal brain enhancement remedies. This multi-ingredient remedy will bring down the effects of age and free radicals on the brain, thereby improving its functions to a great extent. The effective ingredients in these capsules will strengthen the brain structure and neurons by providing vitamins like E, C, B9, B12 and B6. Generally, factors like mental fatigue, stress, anger, fear and hopelessness are known to affect the functioning of brain. The effects of these things on the human brain will be reduced by the effective ingredients in these herbal brain enhancement remedies to improve brain functions.

These herbal capsules have multiple ingredients and each one of them will perform their own role in improving memory and brain functions. This is why these capsules are called as effective remedies to increase memorizing power:

All these ingredients make these remedies to increase memorizing power, the best.

Neural Connections In the Human Brain
human brain
Image by Image Editor
Two-dimensional brain Researchers at Brown University have created a computer program to advance analysis of the neural connections in the human brain.

Credit: Radu Jianu/Brown University

[Reciprocal link back Neural Connections In the Human Brain]

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How Your Brain Creates Mind Power

Sometimes it is easy to overlook how truly amazing our human brains are. The truth is, your brain is awesome — and its capacity is nearly impossible to grasp. In terms of power and intricacy, even the least developed human brain leaves the greatest computer of our times in the dust. Your brain is capable of processing an estimated 30 billion bits of information each second.

Your Brain is High Density Real Estate. Wonder how your brain is able to create your mind power? Let’s start here: You have about 30 billion neurons — the nerve cells responsible for conducting information throughout your brain. And if you were to stretch those tiny neurons end to end, they would actually stretch about 6000 miles — the distance from the surface of the Earth to the moon and back. And all of this is packed into your 3 pound brain.

Plus think about this: Each of those neurons is actually a tiny self-contained computer with the capability of processing an estimated one million bits of information. This gets even more amazing when you consider that although each of your neurons can act independently and also communicate with other neurons. And here is yet another amazing fact — it is estimated that your brain contains up to 100,000 miles of neural fibers created as your neurons reach out to communicate with each other.

Now remember – we are just talking about the average human brain. When you consider a highly refined human brain like that created through consciously focused mental exercise – your “neural fiber mileage” could easily quadruple.

Why You Can “Think Fast.” Each of your neurons takes an estimated million times longer to send a signal to the next neuron that today’s super fast computers. Yet your brain’s ability to process information makes even the fastest computer look like a slug.

How can that be so? Computers basically make connections one at a time. But a single neuron, on the other hand, can simultaneously send a signal to hundreds of thousands of other neurons in less than 20 milliseconds – one tenth of the time it takes for you to blink.

How the Power of Mind Works. All of your beliefs, your habits, everything making up your mental reality, is contained in physical neural-pathways. Each time you think a thought, it is communicated among your neurons via tiny electro-chemical messages.

The first time you have an experience or learn something new, a new pathway is created. Then the next time you have that experience, your brain will search to see if your have experienced it before. If you have, it will follow the same pathway.

The more often you have that experience or think that thought, the most physically complex and durable the neural pathway holding that thought will become. This is how a thought or action becomes a habit – and a habit is best thought of as more of a cemented highway than a footpath.

You cannot rationally “think” these physical networks away. That’s why it is so hard to break a habit. Habits are wired into your brain as actual physical connections.

How to Change Your Brain. If you have some personal aspects you’d like to change (and who doesn’t), you’ll do well to start by recognizing the fact that you can’t just think or rationalize them away. Logic does NOT reach where you need to go.

You’re going to have to create something more powerful. Something that overrides what you wish to change. And you are going to have to create neural pathways that are stronger that the one you wish to change.

Two things create strong neural pathways: Repetition, and intense emotion.

The basic secret of using your mind power to change is this: (1) Stir up and allow yourself to truly “feel” intense emotion about what you wish to change, (2) select a new positive behavior or thought pattern, (3) associate your new pattern with even stronger positive emotion, (4) reward yourself with praise each time you replace the old pattern with the new one, and (5) make it a point to repeat this as often as possible.

Does this seem too simple? What you are doing is actually creating physical changes in your brain – rewiring the neural pathways that create the power of the

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Canadarm2 (NASA, International Space Station)
human brain
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
The International Space Station’s Canadarm2 moves toward the station’s new P5 truss section for a hand-off from space shuttle Discovery’s Remote Manipulator System (RMS) robotic arm. Canadarm2 is a robotic arm that assembled the space station. It is routinely used to move supplies, equipment and even astronauts. As well as supporting the station’s maintenance and upkeep, it is responsible for performing "cosmic catches," the capturing and docking of unpiloted spacecraft that carry everything from science payloads to necessities for the crew. Out of this technology, NeuroArm was created. NeuroArm is the world’s first robot capable of performing brain surgery. It is a highly precise robotic arm that works in conjunction with the advanced imaging capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. Surgeons need to be able to perform surgeries while a patient was inside an MRI machine, which meant designing a robot that was as dexterous as the human hand, but even more precise and tremor-free. Canadarm and neuroArm were developed by MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates.

Image credit: NASA

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An animated tour around the human brain (commissioned for Brain Awareness Week)
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The Force Within Us is the Power of the Brain

It’s a common thinking that there is a certain boundary in human thinking but when advancing towards this approach it explains the human brain has unlimited powers. The thinking ability of human mind is like that quantity that cannot be measured, no definitions, no boundaries and limited, unlimited powers etc. A famous science philosopher and thinker that normal human beings know only about 10 percent of the brainpowers say it. Nobody can unleash the power of the brain as it’s beyond the common thinking approach. Our brain is much diversified in nature and functioning, it can release electromagnetic waves, passes electric potential through it, conduction of impulses within fraction of seconds. There are many research scholars who have stated that only capabilities or human brain is tapped and used rest our not tapped.

If a person can conquer and explore all the capabilities of brain then he can become a super person. There human brain is divided into two main functioning states the subconscious and the conscious and subconscious. A very common analysis of brainwave technology can be made thorough our sense organs, all five sense organs directly response according to brain. Mental stability and organ functioning are just small parts of brain functioning. Most of the activity goes in background of consciousness. Shaping the subconscious brain action to reach positive, and intentional outcomes is done by mind power methods, which reach in background.

Theory behind how it happens is all of us are just the manifestation of energy of universe. We are not separate, as conscious mind believes, however rather we are well connected by subconscious mind to energy of universe. Subconscious has got no boundaries; and far different from conscious mind for that we have established the well-defined boundaries. Also, our subconscious doesn’t analyze, and that just accepts information that it gets, on other hand, our conscious mind prioritizes, analyzes, as well as makes options. People who haven’t been trained with brainwave technology for communicating over the subconscious as well as conscious minds have imposed unwittingly conscious mind’s sense of the boundaries on the subconscious minds also. Also, in an area of neuro science, it is named frequency following effect, also it is something happens very naturally in brain. It is about like old saying ‘you may lead the horse to water however you will not make him drink’.

Neurons in brain are in constant state of making the electrons as well as electromagnetic pulses, and it is down to communication mechanism from an area of brain to next. While it does this, the machines like ECG machine, can pick up the wavelengths & measure it. We can do same thing with the whole host of the stimuli that will differ from the visual and auditory stimulation. This will range from the subliminal flashes, to dream machine, and to binaural beats and isochoric tones that are in category of the engineered stimulation that is perceived deep in subconscious of brain, and cortical.

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The skull of a city
human brain
Image by sara biljana
“Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed and pulsing.”
– Truman Capote, Summer Crossing

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: The Best Anti-Aging Brain Nutrient That Boosts Your Memory Power

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is said to be an amino acid derived included in the bio-chemical mixture of acetylcholine. It is one of the most significant neutron-transmitter without which a person is not able to memorize or learn anything. It even helps to provide enough nutrition to your brain function memory in order to make you survive the ravages of aging and time. In other words, Acetyl-L-Carnitine can be defined as one of the necessary amino acid supplements to human life. When this chemical compound is added to other supplements it provides synergistic effects which show signs of fighting some of the oxidative alterations in human body which causes aging.

Anti-oxidants like Vitamins E and C have been utilized to combat against some of the oxidative effects of free fundamentals on the human body. These free fundamentals were the by-products of human metabolism that combated oxidative effects. However, these days it is being gradually generated in the environment through radiation, lots of exposure to sunlight, smoking cigarettes and pollution. Acetylcholine is one of the first neutron-transmitters that were discovered and its significance in preserving an appropriate operation of the human brain is beyond doubt. It is said to be an important process which enables human brain cells to create sufficient memory power and to communicate accurately.

In detail, Acetyl-L-Carnitine allows neurons to preserve communication when the enzyme levels and few other essential chemical compounds are declining all through the human body because of slow progress of the body with time. It has been recognized that acetyl-l-carnitine supplements slows the human brain function memory power which starts occurring in the middle of the age and even to the enhanced concentration and focus of the memory. Several studies have revealed that acetyl-l-carnitine supplements can actually promote enhanced energy generation via its effects on fatty acids. This maintenance of fatty acids is specified by its effects on the liver spots that are the known signs of aging among the people.

These liver spots are normally seen on the aged people however Lipofuscin which causes these signs even affects the brain and the internal organs. Lipofuscin is consisted of several waste products like the damaged oxidized fats, proteins and other lipids. Production of Lipofuscin can be stopped by antioxidants and even reduced by the acetyl-l-carnitine supplements. ALA or Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants that occur naturally in green vegetables like broccoli or spinach and also in beef. It is even a coenzyme that works with other metabolic enzymes for producing energy. In addition, ALA increases the levels of glytathione that is important for an appropriate functioning of neurons.

However, due to the effects on Mitochondria which makes a mixture of ALC and ALA so appealing in the human ecology. Actually, when Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine are utilized together they work more effectively when they are being used separately. It is perhaps due to the invention of several synergistic effects that leads to longer life span in the humans. Thus, it appears that several supplements that consists both the Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine are more helpful that either of these lonely improves the degeneration of energy levels and even improves the decline in memory power, concentration and focus which comes with aging. This is why Acetyl-L-Carnitine is one of the best anti-aging brain nutrient which boosts your memory power.

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Area 47 in the Ötztal Valley, Tyrol
human brain
Image by Harald Felgner
Brodmann area 47, or BA47, is part of the frontal cortex in the human brain. Curving from the lateral surface of the frontal lobe into the ventral (orbital) frontal cortex. It is below areas BA10 and BA45, and beside BA11.

The human brain is puzzling — it is curiously large given the size of our bodies, uses a tremendous amount of energy for its weight and has a bizarrely dense cerebral cortex. But: why? Neuroscientist Suzana Herculano-Houzel puts on her detective’s cap and leads us through this mystery. By making “brain soup,” she arrives at a startling conclusion.

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