【ESO】Stamina Sorcerer – Self Sustain Build for Maelstrom Arena/Solo Dungeon

This time, I want to introduce Stamina Sorcerer build which is focusing on self sustain. I made this build for Maelstrom Arena and solo/duo dungeon Thus, this build is great for self healing while killing enemies. That is why, this is NOT the best build for maximizing DPS in well organized group. This build does not require rare weapons, equipment, and even alliance skills. I think that this build is affordable even if you are a newcomer to ESO. All gear except jewelries are craftable. Nowadays, Agility rings are expensive but I expect that getting those rings are much easier than getting Malestrom arena weapons and trial set. Without Vigor and caltrops in Alliance war skill line, I could complete Maelstrom Arena. Therefore, it is easy to try. For this build, I am using Varkyn Scoria for additional damage with DOTs. 6% chance when damaging an enemy with a DOT to damage the enemy and nearby enemies. You can get the helm in veteran City of Ash dungeon. You can get the shoulders from Gold Pledge(daily quest) I am using Twice Born Star(TBS) set for maxmizing Critical rate and Critical damage TBS is craftable set which require 9 traits research so it takes long time to make them for newcomers. So many players can make them so please ask your friends/ guild members to create them. While you are wearing TBS, you can have two mundus stones at the same time. Thus, I have Shadow and Thief mundus stones for Critical rate and Critical damage. For maximizing TBS set effect, we should have Divine gears as many as possible My helm is Well-Fitted but Divine is better. For increasing physical/stamina based DPS, we should maximizing Stamina pool. That is why, all gears should have Stamina Enchants. Actually, I did not use legendary Enchant for gears for saving money lol Please use CP160 Legendary Enchant for all gears to maximizing DPS if you afford. Also, you can upgrade all gears to legendary if you afford. That is much better for survivability and DPS. For Maelstrom Arena, I need Physical/Spell Resistance as much as possible. Therefore, I am using two heavy and five medium. As you know, we need at least five pieces of medium gears for getting weapon damage passive. Once again, I am using 5 TBS, 2 Varkyn Scoria, and 3 Agility jewelries. Weapons are Dual and Bow. I am using two Hunding’s Rage daggers. Two Hunding’s rage gives us Weapon Critical and Daggers also gives us Weapon Critical due to dual passive. Also, I am using Hunding’s rage Bow but 1 item does not give us anything, so it does not matter. I am using Weapon Damage Enchant for additional Weapon damage. I choose Precise trait for additional critical rate. I guess Sharpen (penetration) can be better for higher DPS but for this build, I am using Precise for survivability. Thanks to Critical Surge, higher critical rate means higher survivability. I upgraded weapons to increase DPS because I think upgrading weapons is much more important than upgrading armor. Lets move on skills. As you know, I mainly use dual skills and bow skills. First skill is Blood Craze which is healing version of Rending Slashes. I think Rending Slashes is much popular than Blood Craze because Rending Slashes have stronger initial damage and snare effect. Thus, for DPS, I am sure that Rending Slashes is better but I need the heal from Blood Craze for Malestrom Arena and solo dungeon. Second one is Bloodthirst not Rapid Strike. This skill also heal me a lot. Because of those skills, I usually don’t die while attacking enemies. Let me skip third-one, fourth skill is Steal Tornado which is great AOE skill for stamina DPS. OK now we can get back to third skill, Dark Deal. Dark Deal is on Dark Magic skill line. Consume Magicka to restore Stamina and Health. TBS gives us some Magicka, so we can use Dark Deal more often. For this build, I only use Magicka for Dark Deal and Critical Surge, so I can convert Magicka into Stamina frequently. Fifth skill is Bound Armaments which gives us max stamina and minor physical resistance. Heavy attack become stronger while turning on the Bound Armaments. Second bar is for Bow and Buffs. I only use buffs and DOTs for second bar and mainly use first bar. First skill for the second bar is Poison Injection which is great single DOT. Second skill is Endless Hail for AOE DOT. I tried other Bow skills and I do not think they are worth using. My bow skill is still 48.. but it is fine. Third skill, Critical Surge is the key spell in this build. Critical Surge was changed in last patch. Until last patch, Critical Surge heals us 60% of critical damage. But now, it heals us only 3000 when dealing a critical strike once a second. When I saw the change first time, I thought that is huge nerf but actually it is much better than I thought. Now, even small Critical Damage heals us 3000, so DOTs heals us a lot. Fourth skill is Hurricane which gives us a lot of important things. Major Resistance, Movement Speed and even AOE DOT. I am using Absorption Field for Ultimate. The ultimate does not damage enemies at all, but imo that is much better than any other Ultimate for Malestrom Arena. Absorption Field for Ultimate stuns enemies for 12 sec and keep healing us. When I get panic, I use the ultimate and it is always saving me.

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