Hello everyone, welcome to the wonderful content that Mrs. Si brought to you today The speed of the stars in the entertainment industry can be said to be very fast. In the past two years, there have been four major flows of the entire network: Lu Han, Wu Yifan, Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, Now it has been replaced by Xiao Zhan Li Xian Yi Yi Qian Xi Wang Yibo New Four. Recently there are four new big wall heads that have attracted everyone to “climb the wall”. To say this so-called “head of the wall”, Means the stars that fans like besides their fate, It can also be said to mean second life. There are more stars in “Wallhead”, commonly known as passers-by. Before, Yi Qian Qianxi, Liu Haoran, Bai Jingting, Wu Lei It is called [Four Great Wall Heads 1.0] member. As Qianxi has leapt to the top, Hao Ran’s younger brother is also the 95 highest student in Erfan. They have also become the fate of many fans. Recently, with the rise of sweet pet dramas, A batch of salty, sweet, and milky men became the new “wallheads” for everyone. Netizens nominated [Four Big Wall Heads 2.0] members. They are: Ren Jialun, Song Weilong, Hu Yitian, and Xu Kai. These four characters and face values ​​are very easy to circle, The artist is also a handsome man. Don’t you say, watched their play, No one doesn’t hold their bodies (no). Auntie will give you a plate of these four new walls now Ren Jialun-early marriage in the UK can reap the heart of a girl, A new generation of ancient puppet king! To talk about the “strongest machine” this winter, It is Ren Jialun … interpretation of high cold Jinyiwei Lu Yi. Dressed in a flying fish suit and holding an embroidered spring knife, uniforms are tempted anytime, anywhere. It also has famous family and famous products. Starting a career can be screaming. Once opened, it’s so soft. Feeding kiss, roof kiss, forehead kiss, “Six yuan a catty shrimp” CP is so sweet that it explodes, Let thousands of girls dream of wearing this summer. The audience who watched the show was always caught by Ren Jialun’s acting skills! The look of driving is not greasy at all, The successful modeling of the role has increased him to more than 3 million. Just how hot Ren Jialun is now can be explained with one thing. Ren Jialun boarded on February 14 Valentine’s Day cover for the “Bazaar of Fashion” e-zine. After the sale, in less than three days, it exceeded 520,000, It also surpassed Li Xian, one of the top class. Fans can play as much as a single male artist. Not long after Ren Jialun became popular, she disclosed her relationship. And then married and had children, This series of news broke the hearts of many fans, After all, there is almost no such precedent among traffic stars. But it ’s okay, a fan of public romance, Ren Jialun himself returned by the circle of strength! Compared to face value, His advantage in the entertainment industry is more spiritual and focused. Let the character show the inner change of the character without relying on lines, This requires skill. “King Guangping King”, “Gentle Fairy Purple Xuan”, “Xiao Xuan, a proud scholar”, “Experience with domineering and dedicated land” He proved with one good character after another– What about married and childbearing! Not yet harvesting you with acting! Auntie found that Ren Jialun’s roles in the circle were basically costume dramas! Call him a new generation of costume heavenly king. Modern clothes are generally handsome, and costumes are too handsome! No wonder some fans strongly demand that Ren Guochao’s costume be semi-permanent! Song Weilong——The little wolf dog in the year The second big “wall” is- Song Weilong, a handsome guy who has not yet reached the legal age of 99! Yan value is too tall, the school herb is him. Yuan and Song in “The Next Stop Is Happiness”, As if tailored for Song Weilong. The famous scene of cycling around the campus is walking charm radiograph. In the play, Song Weilong really knows him very well ~ He called second, and no one dared to call first. Although young, there are always unexpected elevator kisses and niche kisses. With this promiscuous character, He has also become a rising star in the hearts of fans. Eyebrows with thick eyebrows, strong nose and tough lines Let him be rated “Chinese face genius” by Korean netizens. Who doesn’t like watching handsome guys? This face, this figure. With a smile, my heart gave you Suhua. Makes you never imagined, The young boy also went to Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts. From the perspective of resources, Huanyu Entertainment, which signed with Mom in 2015, From variety shows to dramas, it is strongly supported by the mango department and has great stamina. Upcoming “In the Name of the Family”, “Another Flower” It is fair with “Yunshang School”, and the popularity is guaranteed. The disadvantage is that this young man has a lot of love affair. Dismissed many passers-by. I think you’re the ordinary love genius? Of course, if acting is against, Even if you are married, you are not afraid (such as Ren Jialun above). Still young Do n’t waste your handsome conditions and good potential, A little entrepreneurial you will go further. Hu Yitian-high ratings in hand, the male god on campus can’t be confused! The same high value, high altitude, high ratings, handsome guy Hu Hansan, No, Hu Yitian killed him again! In addition to holiday fans chasing Lord Lu and Yuan and Song Dynasties, There is also a group of Jimei’s flowers in “Peerless Double Pride”. The show is a miracle ride in ratings. Everyday ratings break 2, Hu Yitian’s performance of this man is firmly in his hands. Although, Hu Yitian’s ancient costumes have mixed opinions, But there are still many people who look at him. Of course, it may be that each flower is in its own eyes, and it is difficult to adjust it. Auntie is still very optimistic about Hu Yitian because it is really handsome ~ Glimpse from his debut work “Summer Solstice”, The boy’s clean and innocent looks captured a large number of fans; Later, with the role of “Little Beauty” Jiang Chen became popular, Auntie was watching his fans, From 400,000 to 8 million in a month. There is also the most anticipation of the “Long Love Orange Huainan”, It seems that the school drama is still the most beloved type. As long as Hu Yan’s face value does not collapse, he is still a big wall of thousands of girls! Xu Kai-not greasy, virgin acting is his nirvana! The last one of the new four walls is another fresh meat ace of Yu Zhengjia. Almost became soso Xu Kai. Think about the “Yanxi Raiders” that went all over Asia last year. How many fans did Xu Kai make with the affectionate Fu Heng! From youth to middle age, Fu Heng, who is a resourceful resourceman, successfully made his appearance. And loved by countless viewers. In the same year’s costume fairy-tale drama “Swagger”, things are calm, Li Chenlan Once again recognized and sought after by the audience. Xu Kai is one of the most talented in acting. The official height is 187, and it is very smart to have Yan Yan and acting, No wonder even if there are rumors, it makes a large number of Jimei difficult to resist his charm. Just these four people, 咋 Can satisfy the longing and desire of fans for high-value? Auntie “face of the wall” with beauty and acting skills continues to arrange ~ Supplementary nomination: Xu Guanghan-Can milk and salt are both pure and desire, Want to see you every minute Xu Guanghan, this treasure boy used a canvas bag and white shirt, Suddenly pulls you back to a beautiful and ignorant youth. I hummed that “Last Dance” every day “So close your eyes temporarily …” Coupled with Xu Guanghan’s face and gestures, how can this picture keep people off. Keke, there are only two kinds of people in the world: People who don’t know Xu Guanghan and those who fall in love with Xu Guanghan! This 90-year-old Scorpio boy is decorated with many horns in the show. From juvenile to middle-aged, from sunshine to steady, Characters of different personalities perform very well and have their own charms. It’s so overwhelming! Yi Zhengyi’s face, a look that has no role to interpret. And even challenged the villain role of the morbid murderer in The Dreamer, He looks terrible. In “Hajira”, she interpreted what is meant by desire and purity. Captured the hearts of many girls. Simplicity and cleanliness are the key words of Xu Guanghan. Abstinence and heal high and cold temperament, He has an addictive charm. Hurry up and close this wall! Additional nomination: Hyun Bin-Canned pineapple will expire, But his face value will not be right! This 37-year-old man is out again to be deceptive! The new European drama “The Fall of Love” has a ratings of 21.683%, Breaking the ghost record and becoming the number one viewer of tvN in the past, It’s enough to see how hot the show is. The drama exploded, and Xuan Bin, the actor, also sucked countless fans again. Even with the topic of # 玄 彬 帅 # has become a hot search. Generation male god Hyun Bin, although 37 years old, The hero of the idol drama is still very good, Let countless fans scream: “You can still love Hyun Bin for another hundred years!” He was super MAN when he was wearing a military uniform. When angry and jealous, It’s like a big boy who just fell in love, so cute. “Since then, the leading men in Gao Qianwen have all looked like Xuan Bin.” In this era when fresh meat is harvested, Many people who grew up watching the TV series starring Hyun Bin, They are getting oily. But the male god Xuan Bin is still a male god. Debuting for more than a decade, like a day, with a 360-degree no dead angle, Kill the Quartet. 15 years ago, “My name is Kim Sanshun” It became the first love of countless people overnight. Ten years ago, “The Secret Garden” made him hot overseas. In 2020, he is still “killing” people with his face! It is indeed a national treasure actor that the President ’s wife loves! Such a man who doesn’t say I can! Supplementary nomination: Park Su-jun-wild face throwing his face, Fall in love with this round chestnut head Let the aunt see, who hasn’t watched the revenge drama Itaewon Class? Pu Shilu, a chestnut-headed puppet, It is expected to become the popular ideal of thousands of girls in the next stage. Height 185, single eyelid with small eyes, And the man with a slightly round face poke the aesthetic point, I can’t say how handsome he is, but he is handsome. It ’s true that Park Xujun is really good at picking scripts. Participating works are one fire and one, It can be said to have a cosmetic-like acting skill, and it is given the name “drama throwing face”. He’s in “Why Secretary Secretary?” The president who thinks the universe is the most handsome, Love with the goddess Park Minyoung is sweet! He is also the bottom youth in The Road to Three Classes, Introducing work to buddies in Parasites, College students who have been “green”. Whether it ’s overbearing president Lee Shuai, Hotel owner, high school student Park Shilu, and genius novelist Wu Liwen, It was still boxing player Gao Dongman, he held it, which was impressive. It ’s not good to shape the character’s ability. What does it act like? And never let you see the shadow of the previous one in this drama. There is nothing wrong with CP with him! In daily life, he is also a trendy man standing on the front line of the trend! You said, who can look away from this world’s best ~ How about, after seeing so many trendy walls, who is your dish? Alright, that ’s it for today ’s video If you like Sister Auntie ’s videos, please subscribe and follow Auntie Fourth will update the wonderful entertainment information every day

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  2. 許凱,他會成為真正意義上的大明星,不會淹沒在沙灘上。


  3. Allen Ren 任嘉倫!! I like the new top 4! Xukai and Song Weilong are great also. Very proud of Allen, he's the oldest among all the current and past top 4, but his baby face make him look similar age to the younger ones.

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