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what’s up muscles and strength steve kuclo team ALLMAX in the house we are muscle and strength gym we’re gonna be knocking
out arms stick to the basics on a lot of things and it works don’t think basics
is easy or it doesn’t work it’s really what builds the foundation of a lot of
great athletes so what I am doing here is the five sets
of ten reps of ten second rest in between sets so it’s mega volume super
high intensity fast pace if you do it right you can kind of get in and out of
the gym if you’re in a hurry but this is not about being in a hurry it’s about
maximizing volume and getting the most out of a workout here as we go into the
Arnold prep to really etch in that detail and try to get as much volume and growth
as we can at this point so let’s do it the past two years roughly maybe a
little bit more I started working with Geena Davis and she was doing all my
training through my last several preps and then starting last Olympia she took
over my nutrition as well just to kind of marry the nutrition with my training
because to me it’s you know we’re performance athletes in the gym and if
you’re not feeding your body properly you’re not going to get the results you
want in and out of the gym getting there baby it’s set four coming up it is a constant evolution of different
things to keep the body guessing I think a lot of people get stuck in the same
rut doing the same rep ranges the same tempos the same amount of sets and all
that kind of stuff on a regular that your body adapts it gets it gets used to
it quickly so you have to constantly switch things up and pretty much every
two to four weeks through my prep we’re switching it up between volume and reps that’s exercise one down arms isn’t about curling you know
hundred pound dumbbells and curling 225 and all that like I can do it but it
didn’t really translate to me for size with arms I feel arms is what that
really responds more to volume kind of like calves and quads and stuff like
that and legs so you know the more you could push in more blood the more
nutrients the more volume it really responds to growth so I start my prep with a little bit
lower volume heavier kind of more compound movements more rest between
sets and it really kind of helps just build that base for me I feel like I
respond really well to heavy ways I think a lot of people just look at
training like got something I got to do and you go through the motions but the
importance of training I mean we built our muscle in our bodies on training not
cardio no cardio machine has ever put muscle on people like weights do all right this is one of my favorite
finishing bicep movements it is standing cable curl for biceps and I kind of use
it to simulate a front double bicep rear double bi when I’m posing I feel this
really gets help with the peak of your bicep I feel you really can’t cheat with
it you can’t swing weight and it’s very isolated for your biceps so one of my
favs using the five-set drops kind of a
reverse drop has been really really good for helping volumizing keeping the shape
and in the size of my muscle as I as I go through prep I start my prep usually
in the 280 range and I kind of stay there through my prep I compete
somewhere between 280 and 285 last year Olympia I was 285 on stage for
prejudging a lot of people like where’d you start your prep at over 300 I was
like actually I started it like 278 and then I kind of grew into the show and
personally I like to do that it’s a lot easier on the body and it’s not like I’m
starting at 320 pounds or 300 pounds have to drop 20 or 50 pounds
to get in shape all right that’s it for bis we’re gonna
tris you’re gonna be starting triceps with a push down warm up the elbows but
I’m doing a little bit different variation using a long lat pulldown bar
but I like going wider and by doing this I feel the inside head of my tricep a
lot more you don’t need to spend two hours in the
gym you can get in in 45 minutes 60 minutes when you do a body part like you
know arms and maybe an accessory like calves or abs or something you can get
in 45 minutes an hour and be done legs and other body parts take a little bit
longer obviously just because it’s more involved in a lot more weights and stuff
like that but stick to the basics on a lot of things and it works don’t think
basics is easy or doesn’t work it’s really what builds the foundation of a
lot of great athletes all right we’re gonna be doing our
second movement for triceps we’re gonna be doing close grip bench press kind of
a basic movement that works great for that tricep thickness I feel like you
can put a little more weight on really recruit a lot of the tricep into this
you try to take your shoulder and chest out of it so you’ll find a sweet spot
range of motion I don’t go all the way down to my chest you’ll see that I go
about two to three inches above and I don’t quite lock out so I keep it within
a really just sweet spot for my tricep so I’m ready to start let’s do this I get another one there all right I’m doing a cable version of a
tricep kickback versus using dumbbells I’m using actually the booty queen and
ankle cuffs but I convert them into like handles that are easy to use that kind
of wrap around your hands that are comfortable so when I use these I kick
out and it really is for me I kind of simulate how I’m doing like a tricep
pose you know side tricep or using like a three-quarter tricep so doing that
it’s you know simulating a pose I’m able to kind of really put that mind-muscle
to it and kind of really squeeze it out so one of my favorites when it comes to
finishing off the tricep this is what I’d love to do for arms
high volume high pace high intensity the combo of those to me is really what
leads to growth in the gym through your workouts you know you have to have that
intensity you have to push yourself past that pain threshold put as much blood as
you can into the muscle use the right supplements and you will get results so
now it’s time to feed and rest and grow so thanks for watching guys make sure
you subscribe below and don’t forget turn on the post notifications

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  1. It would be good if you guys could display the weight in kg and lbs for each workout, a bit like Brian Shaw does it on his channel. I think it'll help us better measure the intensity of each exercise and gauge our own progress. Just a suggestion… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

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    – favourite snacks to buy on bulk
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    – best fruits to cut and shred
    … just some ideas, keep up the brilliant content guys! Love this channel

  3. What is the point of doing all this exercises for arms? It's not like you will get big like him unless your on steroids!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  4. Theoretically perfect execution according to what we understand about arm training. Thanks Muscle and Strength ๐Ÿ’ช

  5. First he says heavy weight isnt the ideal way then 2 minutes later he says he responds to heavy weight really well………..

  6. Great work out guys. Some new exercises I can introduce in my training. If I may suggest a video on pre-workouts powders. There are a ton out there. It would be nice to see an unbiased/unsponsored video from some of these pros on what they like to use.

  7. Skip to 4 Minutes and admire how strict his form is. His shoulders are still and only the biceps are moving. #Madness

  8. People who say this workout isn't recommended for natty's never made a single gain from their own training methods.

  9. Dont forget his inside is getting obiliriated with his steroid drug. Tumor liver cancer etc. The bad side effect will catch you soon junkie.

  10. Wow Just tried to do this workout and my god my arms are like Jelly and i cant even lift as heavy as Steve. Great workout Thumbs up

  11. "Time to eat, rest and grow," he forgot about the most important part of his day-to-day: time to inject and swallow anabolic, growth hormone, insulin, etc. ! That is what makes him "grow"!

  12. ู…ูˆุณูˆุนุฉ ูƒู…ุงู„ ุงู„ุงุฌุณุงู… Fitness says:

    How many wourkout Sets and reps ?

  13. Everyone keeps talking about steroids…you don't just pop or inject steroids and become a bodybuilder. It still takes years of hard work and dedication and it doesn't take anything away from the advice that he's giving.

  14. I admire Steve Kuclo and all pro bodybuilders. But, they only talk diet and training, which they work so hard on, but they never mention the steroids and illegal supplements they're on. We all know it, why not confess it?

  15. Can someone just tell this guy he looks shit… Not pure strength he is platforming on biological rhoids and supplements. True strong men such as seen in the old times would laugh at these clowns

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