10 Best Underwear Tips For Women’s Health: Ladies And Their Panties!

Hello my name is Dr. Malik Haruna king
and these steps i will share with you will improve the way you use and handle your panties and improve your vaginal health and sex life number 1 One day one pair of panties as
much as possible make sure you put on clean washed pair of panties every single day after taking your bath you
know don’t repeat please . try as much as
possible to put on something fresh something clean every day it keeps things fresh and beautiful down
there number two never share panties never share panties with someone else I know some ladies who live together
do this like seriously some things are called private Hey sharing is not caring in this case it
is not healthy it is not healthy stop it never share
panties number three iron your panties
there’s nothing wrong to once in a while iron your panties you could use low heat most importantly
follow the instructions written on the panties this is a general tip and might not be
appropriate for some types of underwears number four go for cotton panties cotton
material is the healthiest it is smooth comfortable and Ideal better than
Satin lace nylon wool velvet or any other
material out there so good for cotton panties if you can it is the best for vaginal health number five hand wash your panties as
much as you could always hand wash preferably with warm
water and soft detergent instead of using the washing machine never use bleach and remember to always
wash separately and not with other regular clothes handle them with care
number six sundry your panties sundry is the best after washing dry naturally avoid the
use of artificial dryers the sun rays are powerful let them touch your panties it
is lovely and healthy that way number 7 buy quality panties save some
money I get beautiful and new ones please avoid second hand or fairly used
underwears and this is something you should invest in for the sake of your
health number eight replace your panties
regularly always replace your panties after every few months you don’t have to wait till it is torn and worn out number 9 use panties liner sometimes if
you are having excessive vaginal discharge either its normal for you or its due to infections
you might want to keep the place as dry as possible and often try using panties
liner to help absorb stuff it also helps hasten recovery from
vaginal infection number ten sleep without panties as much as possible
avoid going to bed with your panties on except maybe you’re on your period and want to keep things intact try getting
boxers or even pyjamas scanty and loose-fitting night gowns are better allow for fresh air and ventilation thanks for being here with me if you find this video
helpful don’t forget to hit the like button and share this video with your
friends my next video will be on how to get rid of vaginal odors completely stay healthy stay happy now and always

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