10 Rounds Training Part 1 (Program, Packs, Pricing)

Coaches here we are man can I tell you
how excited I am for this training welcome to the ten rounds training this
is one program that is on fire and hasn’t even launched yet this is the
first time we’ve ever decked out a bus and have gone on the tour this is the first
time we have filmed out film the workouts in different locations guys
this program is going to be amazing so I’m not Joel I know sorry
he’ll be on next week but before he comes on next week I wanted to take time
to come in here to talk to you about the program talk to you about the details
the packs the programs all of the stuff that you need to be aware of so that
when it does launch not only are you ready but your coaches and your
customers are ready and they are fired up ready to go so um let’s you know what
we need to there’s a sizzle video out there I want you guys to watch I want
you to see to kind of get us in the right mood so I’m going to share my
screen and we’re going to watch this video to get things started this program has been years in the
making it’s all coming together it’s going to be something that people are
going to love to show you this and get to work on it engage okay okay all right
good well I’ve been doing this 39 years ago this is our training all my pros
people don’t understand they think they always need to have you back
pads speed bag you don’t need none of that to do this that’s what this program
is all about ten three-minute rounds of shadowboxing with these basic movements
the jab the cross the hook the uppercut the footwork all that we’re always doing
that’s where it starts from the ground up you feel that power
it’s starting from your feet traveling up it’s going into your core and it’s
gonna end with that power punch that had those defensive moves slip roll move our
feet all that agility movement this is boxing it’s all about your strength
stamina and your speed I don’t watch people and all they did
with shadow box and you cut them right up and you add weights to this on the
other two days we’re going to be lifting lower body and upper body full muscular
endurance strength training come on man it’s a knockout program people want love
10 rounds bro Debra shave it I probably doesn’t get you ass back to
work man I mean come on does that not get you
excited – does that not make you want to get up there is get in the ring I’ll be
like 1-2-3 I don’t know you know check out these boxing gloves right here
signed by Joel himself I don’t know what we’re gonna do with these
but my boxing experience has been Mike Tyson’s punch-out on Nintendo man
me and King Hippo right there in that little X okay let’s talk program let’s
talk the details let’s dive right into this I’m going to share my screen again
because you guys need to see this and you don’t need to see me
okay we’re gonna dive into ten rounds here we go guys let’s talk about this
program first of all love the graphics I mean this is killer stuff okay here’s
what we’re gonna cover today we’re gonna go over the program we’re gonna go over
the packs we’re gonna go over the pricing we’re gonna go over the volume
we’re gonna go over the training tools that are available to you the marketing
materials I’m gonna show you exactly where those are at and the key dates
that mean the most to you let’s get started with that so before I jump too
far into this this is something Cim did on the roundtable and I want to
make sure you guys are aware of this as well we get so many questions
that are straight up front these are I’m gonna give you the questions that we
always get in the answers that we always give so there’s first few slides I know
you’re anxious you guys want to know things right off the bat we’re gonna
give you things right off the bat so the first question that we always get will
there be a sample workout you bet you you bet your bippy there’s going to be a
sample workout available and that becomes available on BOD and on Vimeo
March 9th now the reason why we put this on Vimeo for those of you who are new is
because this is a link we want you to share this with your
customers with your prospects with the people who are out there wondering if
this program is right for them you can share a complete sample workout
through Vimeo through this link that links them right back to our page here
that we’re so excited for you guys to to take advantage of so that becomes on
March 9th that’ll be available both on BOD and and the Vimeo link next
question we always get well there be prep workouts yes yes there will be two
of them but these two prep workouts will only be available for those that
purchase so they’re unlocked the two with a purchase there will also be a
boxing basics introductory video to help you learn the moves now I was at NLC and
Joel and his team made it a surprise appearance and they walked us through
these boxing basics and can I tell you so incredibly helpful this is something
where you know when Core de force came out which is you got kind of lost in the
moves and like well is this what I’m supposed to be doing and then you just
felt like you didn’t get a workout do the boxing basics because he will show
you exactly how to get started properly so that when you start doing the moves
you’re not stuck you’re not falling behind you already know the basics and
it’s a counting program and it’s spot-on okay next question we always get when
can coaches purchased 10 rounds that date is on March 16th will coaches have
access to the program during the purchase window yes as soon as you
purchase soon as coaches purchases on March 16th the program will become
available to you on BOD now it’s going to be one week at a time so on
each Friday we’re gonna upload the next week’s worth of workouts and the
previous weeks will stay up it is an ongoing thing we’ll just keep adding the
weeks worth onto that when can your customers and your coach prospects when
can they purchase ten rounds the date for that is April 6th now this is three
weeks after the coach window starts and the reason why we did this is because
the a good chunk of you are joining us on the success Club
trip and we didn’t want that to mess up your plans for the sale and for your
customer launch and everything like that so we said okay let’s just
make this April 6th so you from March 16th until April 6th it’s just coaches
only on April 6 customers can purchase the ten rounds and the question we
always get when is a VIP early access start once again if you guys remember
this it became available to coaches on the 16th as soon as you purchase it the
same thing will happen with your customers on April 6 as soon as they
purchase it it will be available to them in the back office excuse me on BOD we
love that okay let’s go over the ten rounds overview so just some high-level
things for you guys to be aware of this is our first ever boxing program which
we are so excited about it is a six week program and it’s five days a week now of
those five days three of them will be boxing days two of them will be
weightlifting days which I really am so excited that he did that
each workouts just around 30 minutes and the equipment that you will need are
light medium and heavy dumbbells the resistance loops I’ll go over that in
just a second and a small towel because the sweat will be real and guys what I
mentioned this before what’s so fun about this one is the program is not
shot at a Beachbody studio this is shot at six iconic cities around the
United States which are still going on as we speak so with ten rounds let’s
talk about what you get so obviously 30 workouts that’s six weeks well five
workouts a week that is 30 workouts total you do get the workout calendar
you get the get started guide and get started video the Beachbody guide to
nutrition as well as the free sample workout that boxing basics video to
prep workouts the ten rounds intro to nutrition and a seven days sample meal
plan for 2B and UPF yes as you guys are aware 2B mindset and UPF are the
nutrition programs we would love everyone to attach it is going to be
just that pop up promo as you guys are used to when somebody purchases the 10
rounds program okay as you guys know this bus tour is on fire if you do not
know about it if you jump on Instagram and follow 10roundprogram you will
then see all of their locations you’ll see that I’m currently live today the
25th they are in Washington DC very awesome that they get to be there and
then on March 1st they’ll be in Philadelphia those are the coach events
the Philadelphia one is sold out but if you do have want to attend the DC one
reach out to your coach development team they will help you get in contact with
that the filming locations as you see here on the left are LA Las Vegas Dallas
Miami Brooklyn and in Philly kind of the last sweet spot as you guys know there’s
some iconic locations there that have to do with boxing now this is
something that we want you guys to pay attention to these next three slides are
very important and we get a lot of questions about these and we want to
make sure you’re aware of this so that you can help promote this not only to
your coaches but to your customers as well you guys have spoken and we have
listened the the t-shirt when you finish your program is back with ten rounds so
yes there’s a special 10 rounds beachbody challenged shirt here is how
you can get that shirt you have to purchase ten rounds by May 31st and
submit your results to the Beachbody Challenge by July 31st those are the two
qualifications purchased ten rounds any of the ten rounds pack options by the
31st May 31st and submit your results to the Beachbody Challenge by July 31st you
will receive the special 10 round shirt in addition to the normal Beachbody
Challenger that comes with that now what’s so fun about this shirt is this
kind of like a you know when you go to a concert you buy the tour shirt now this
is not an exact replica of what it will look like this is just a mock-up right
now we’re still in the working stages of making this look good but it will kind
of be like a tour shirt where you can then get a hold of this they’ll be drawn
on the front 10 rounds logo you’ll see the dates and locations kind of a
way to take advantage of this guys who doesn’t love a free t-shirt in to get
fit this is a sweet combination number two the ten rounds towel goes to the
first time in rollers now this is something that we’re all so brand-new
that we’re excited about there is a 10 round towel now remember we want you to
one of the things we asked you to have is a towel with you because of all this
what they’ll be happening and now through April any coach who enrolls
their first client which is a customer or a coach with a 10-round pack will
receive a promo code to get this 10 rounds towel for free for free now if so
let me just quickly clarify who gets who can get this for free
it is anybody who has not signed up a customer or a coach yet but does sign up
a customer or coach for the very first time and that person purchases a 10
rounds pack so we want to encourage those of you who are new those of you
who are a little bit nervous about sharing this get excited get out there
sell your very first ten rounds pack any your first pack and it happens to be 10
rounds you will get a promo code to receive this towel for free now for
everybody else I’ll tell you how to get hold of this a little bit later but that
is how you can receive this if you’re a first-time enroller and number three the
things we want you to pay attention to now this is something that changed as of
this morning so if you’ve been talking to your upline and they’ve been telling
you one thing it changed this morning we like we’ve been behind the scenes
working in our little tails off to make sure that this is solidified it went
live on the roundtable and now it’s I want you guys to be aware of this there
is going to be a 10 rounds coach group with Joel in the past there has been a
2-week group which has been a VIP kind of a launch group with the super trainer
we are now moving that to a one-week group and it’s going to start on March
16th that date has changed I’m not telling you what it used to be
because that doesn’t matter this is now a March 16 so the day it becomes
available to coaches is the day you can access the ten rounds coach group with
Joe now this is not just exclusive to coaches this is anybody any coach or
prospective coach can participate in this special Facebook group with Joel no
longer are we requiring a purchase with this but but as you see here on the note
only coaches who purchased the ten rounds pack will have access to the
first week of workout so Joel will be in this group every single day to talk you
through the to give you insights to talk you through the moves to make sure that
you’re maximizing this program the best you can to make sure that you are aware
of what it’s expected that you understand the moves that you can
perfect the moves and then how to make the most of the customer release on
April 6 so where he’s kind of like all encompassing group and anybody can get
in who was a coach or a prospective coach but he will be referencing the the
program and the workouts in the program and the only way you can access the
workouts is if you are a coach and you purchase 10-round any 10 rounds pack on
march 16th or any time after that so that’s kind of what’s a little bit
different with this this group runs March 16th through the 22nd
once again anybody can enter joel is going to be in there live giving you the
best tips and tricks that he has to make sure that you’re not only perfecting the
moves but that you’re ready for the customer launch on April 6th but only
those people who purchase the ten rounds stuff can get access to the first week
of workouts that he’ll be referencing so new information as there this morning if
you’ve heard it otherwise this is the most updated information ok let’s now
dive into the packs pricing and a volume with ten rounds so I’ll kind of start
with at the bottom move all the way up to the top this one is the Digital
streaming only this is somebody who is just interested in getting VIP early
access you you get it on March 16th when it becomes
available you’ll notice that there’s the retail price and the coach price they
big price there for coaches 37.46 and then you’ll notice there’s a Canada
price in a UK price as well as along with the PV and TV now and you know if
you’re just so nervous about writing all of this down just quickly take a
screenshot we’ll move on to the next slide and we’ll keep building from there
so after the VIP Digital streaming only access becomes the accessory bundle this
is the one we recommend strongly to coaches who are kind of engaged already
this one not only includes the VIP or the access but you get the printed
collateral this is something where we feel this gives you a leg up above
everybody else so that when your customers come to you you can answer
their questions because you have the workout calendar because you have the
getting started guide because you have that guide to nutrition and you get a
set of the 12-inch resistance loops now in the past we’ve used other programs
have used the resistance loops Joel is gonna use these and they will maximize
your outcome with 10 rounds you might as well get them if they if they haven’t
broken already these guys snap every now on them get a new set and use them
because Joe is gonna use them you’ll see the price there for coaches which is 44
96 55.39 in Canada and 44 96 in the UK along with the PV and TV okay now now
let’s get into kind of what your customers and prospective coaches can
access this now obviously with each there’s going to be a lunch promotion
which is $20 off all challenging completion packs for 10 rounds which is
a limited time only let’s go through each of these things now remember the
challenge pack includes BOD the complete yeah includes by the completion packet
does not so let’s just go over the base challenge and completion pack so it
comes with the the accessory bundle that I just went over with you and it comes
with the annual BOD membership Shakeology or the performance stack
either one and it comes with a shaker cup this is the
based challenge packed now during the promotion price of the challenge packed
you’ll see that it’s one hundred and sixty dollars and once the promotion is
over it’s 180 the completion pact is a hundred and thirty and one hundred fifty
you guys can see the different PV TV and the bonus points associated with that as
well as the different pricing okay that’s the base pack then we move up to
the deluxe pack so it’s everything that we just talked about it comes with the
ten rounds accessory bundle that comes with the BOD membership annual bog
membership comes with Shakeology comes with the performance stack both
Shakeology and performance stack and it comes with both a Shakeology and a
performance line shaker cup guys cannot stress the importance of a balanced
nutrition that includes Shakeology and the performance line products to
maximize the results I have seen the before and after pictures I’m going to
show a few of them to you today the before and after pictures are
staggering they are so amazing but these people did not get these results
simply by doing the program their nutrition was on point in that heavily
included Shakeology in the performance line products so don’t discount
these two amazing amazing product lines okay now onto the mega challenge pack
these mega challenge packs have become extremely popular with people because it
gives them everything they need to set themselves up for success because guys
it includes the accessory bundle the BOD membership Shakeology performance stack
and it also includes hydrate the 3-day refresh beach bars and two shaker cups
the 3-day refresh in my opinion is the best way to start any program for
somebody who’s beginning day one I would set them up for success so fast and that
becomes the 3-day refresh it gets them losing weight immediately gets them on
point immediately helps them get started on their nutrition well and then they
get started moving on with the program and guys the beach bars what a great way
to introduce healthy snacks to these people and so the mega pack cannot
discount how important this is you’ll guys see the price for the challenge
mega packs and the completion Mega packs down there below okay this
a big slide I’m not going to go over every single line but if you want to
take a quick screenshot of this this will be a ten rounds product pricing
quick reference goes over everything that I just talked about kind of a one
slide one-stop shop for all things regarding the packs available and the
pricing that is associated with it okay let’s go over to all the training and
marketing guys moving on to how we can ramp up to ten rounds so excited about
this so obviously today we have this training next week we have Joel Freeman
himself coming off the tour hot to be on the champions page to go over this
program with you so excited for you guys to learn more about what he has to offer
with ten rounds now this says here the training tools I’m going to I am going
to stop share because I want to walk you through this step I want to show you
exactly where to find the training tools that are available to you so I’m going
to quickly do this so so if if all of the stuff that we have for you is
available in your back office and I’m going to show you how to do that right
now so I’m gonna show my screen again okay here we go okay so if you go here
to your back office which is Coach.team beachbody com and you log over here to
grow my business and then you click on product tools and shareable media all of
the information we have regarding our programs are found here all of the
product tools all the media that’s available to you for any program is
found here and the ten rounds is right here at the top so we’re gonna click on
that and here’s everything now the most important in our opinion that is
available to you right now is this 10 rounds product training guide all the
information that I just went over is found here talks about what is it what
makes it unique who is this Joel guy what’s included with 10 rounds what
tools are available to you then it goes over the equipment nutrition it goes
over so much stuff here guys and here’s the pack options for you why should
somebody get started just tons of information that we want to
make sure you’re aware of the best thing that you can do is arm yourself with all
this information so that you can be more confident when talking to your prospects
about 10 rounds okay there’s an FAQ the 10 rounds sales support material guys
the pre-order tracker it is out it is live I would print this out and I would
fill it out with the name of the people that I’m talking to all of my coaches in
my downline all of my prospects write down what are they going for are they
going for a challenge pack a completion pack or if they’re a coach do they just
get the accessory bundle the digital unlock makes sure that on March 16th and
on April 6th I follow up with them and you can print out as many of these as
you want there’s all the information which is on the back that will help you
know the pricing as well as what’s included with these we have the Canada
and the UK there okay so very excited about that
now if you guys you guys I hope you guys can click on this click view more stuff
it will take you to more information I’m sorry right here this next one ten
rounds images and graphics we have provided for you images and graphics
regarding all things ten rounds so if you click on a view more you will see
the challenge pack comparison which is right there you can just quickly
download that gives you options you can put this on your social media pages the
completion packs the promo pack ten rounds offers talked about joining you
I’m the coach preview group with Joel that I’ve talked about and if you want
the 10 rounds logo you don’t have to google it it is right here that you can
quickly download and use for yourself okay and then the 10 round videos this
is the one I clicked on this morning it’s available to you now I just talked to
the people who are in charge of 10 rounds and they told me that they’re
gonna upload a lot of stuff today and all week so every day I would come back
here to see what’s new and available I know that there’s stuff going up this
afternoon that you look that we have for you more videos and more before
and afters all the charted training materials that you have so come back to
this page often and you will find new stuff so that’s kind of
exciting stuff that I wanted to show you exactly where to find it because I know
a lot of coaches like well how do i how do I find this these these marketing
materials well it’s right there okay so now let’s dive into the fun part let’s
dive into the results that a few people have already received with 10-round
these results are amazing let’s dive in right here okay okay let’s check this
out this is Ryan 49 years old that checked out this before and after
this is after 10 brands lost eighteen point two pounds in eight point seven
five inches he said I love that 10 rounds made me feel like an athlete
again also it was no it was great not to worry about finding a full gym for this
knowing that I really just needed the bare minimum in terms of equipment and a
little space to move made it so much easier to commit and succeed killer
results I mean look at those ABS you guys you’ll notice that the ABS in this
program are just so so amazing okay here’s another view of Ryan okay check
this out guys those are the side by side then the ones on the left obviously the
before the ones on the right obviously the after just amazing okay so
much he’s so much more confident secure and my age is only a number now okay
let’s look at one other really quick this is Karen 39 years old mother and
she’s a legal manager lost twelve point eight pounds and 13 inches she says
after ten rounds I’m in much better shape I fit back into my pre pregnancy
wardrobe and I get tons of compliments on how great I look I have long
forgotten cheekbones that are now visible again mentally I now have more
confidence in my body and endurance level I start my day knowing that my
body will not stop me from accomplishing tasks I’m looking forward to being able
to stay active with my little girl just in time for her first steps great job
Karen okay here’s another view of her her before is on the left her afters on
the right we are going to be uploading double
digits multiple double digits here of before-and-after pictures in the back
office for you to use so that you can best market 10 rounds I have found that
when people are scrolling when people are on their phones going through
Instagram or Facebook or whatever else what stops them our before and after
pictures we will provide these for you we will guys there’s some being uploaded
today that you can use to help market ten rounds before and after pictures are
some of the best marketing materials we have available to you okay other video
things that are gonna be going live three things this week the first one
importance of joining a group introduction to nutrition video which is
a one-minute cut down and we there’s going to be a six reality series of
videos the first one will release this week and then guys after that we have
the free sample workout obviously which is on 3/9 there’s going to be a
second ten rounds of sizzle video on the week of three two what’s in a 10 rounds
challenge pack that same week joel challenge pack unboxing the week of the
16th and a coach mashup on the 13th so let’s talk dates so the first one free
sample workout lunch but before we go there March 2nd guys the ten rounds pre
launch sale page on TBB.com will be available to you and on March 9th the
free sample workout will be the first thing that you see remember that’s going
to be on bod and on Vimeo check out that when it comes available to you the ten
rounds coach preview group with Joel Freeman will run March 16th through the
22nd the coach exclusive window which is going to be March 16th through April 5th
the challenge pack promotional period which is the $20 off March 16th through
April 30th ten rounds apparel launch which goes along with this we’re very
excited about also launches on March 16th and offer for sales and customers
goes live on April 6 as you guys are aware and the early access period goes
from April sixth all the way to September 30
kind of take a screenshot of this is that the last one no one more then it
becomes available to all bottom members on October 1st if you want to screenshot
this that was your time these are the dates that you need to be aware of so
that you can best manage and take advantage of all things 10 rounds okay
guys that is 10 rounds right there can I just tell you this program has so much
hype behind it this program has the opportunity to help leverage your
business to the next level but it comes down to you we’ve provided you now the
materials the training you next week you’ll see Joel on here to go over even
more what do you do with that what do you do with all this information you
talk to people I would sit down either with my success partner or my upline or
just by myself if you don’t have either sit down and map this out write down the
things that stick out to you the things you’re excited about start looking at
the before and after pictures and then put a scheduling a like a posting
schedule together and when you’re gonna start talking about what and when did
you start promoting this and when your groups are going to run take on this
like a business because it is that’s what it is to you on this because 10
rounds is going to be one of those programs that will take your business to
the next level if you put in the work guys so excited about what this program
has to offer cannot wait to show you the things that we have available to you
next week on the same Channel right here on the champions page we will be live
with Joel to go over so much more cannot wait to see you there
in the meantime take information put together schedule and I cannot wait to
see what you guys have to put in store on your social media pages guys thank
you for joining me today on a ten rounds training we’ll catch you next week bye

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