1000-lb sisters Amy Slaton weight loss revealed, how much is her weight now?

Documenting weight loss journey in the TLC
show “1000 lb sisters,” Amy Slaton and her sister Tammy are from Dixon, Kentucky. As the season 1 of 1000 lb sisters concluded
this February, both siblings were able to drop impressive weights. However, viewers were left to feel sad for
the older sister Tammy. Initially, she was 605 pounds, despite losing
18 pounds she could not qualify for surgery. Kudos to Ammy she lost 31 pounds from her
initial weight of 406 lbs. And the doctor gave her a green light for
gastric bypass surgery. Since more good news has followed, Amy Slaton
surprised her whole family by dropping massive weight. On February 10, 2020, TLC Posted a video on
Youtube, Amy Weight Loss Revealed. The Viewers were shocked and happy to see
the new Amy, who had lost almost 100 Pounds. In the interview with Gynecologist Cindy Basinski,
she explained the effect of weight loss on Fertility. Thus, there is a possible chance of her getting
pregnant with constant weight loss. Amy and her husband, Mike, both want to raise
a family and are extremely happy with the progress. Previously, Amy’s weighed in 406 Pounds, and
now she is around 306 Pounds. She is still optimistic about losing 100 more
pounds in the future.

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