11. How to: boost energy / strength with the 3 thumps; YDCtv

Hi there, it’s Yvonne Decelis. It is Thursday. It’s November 8th, and it’s about 11 a.m And I’m just here to show you how to do the three thumps which is step one in done Eden’s daily energy medicine routine Again, this is called the three thumps pretty quick and easy. He starts with the cheekbones You start here tapping your cheek So you can use these two fingers or these three fingers and you just tap And you tap hard enough so that if you were sleeping and someone did this to you would not only wake you up But you probably want to punch them out Because this is kind of you gonna tap hard not to the point of pain but fairly hard on the bone You do this for a little while best practices for breathing that well the number one best practices It shouldn’t distract you from what you’re doing. You shouldn’t be breathing fairly comfortably I’m gonna breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth when you breathe in through your nose tongue touching the roof of the mouth up against the back of the teeth and Out through the mouth When you exhale you can let your tongue drop and again if this breathing technique distracts you from the rest then just breathe normally but and out and again you Don’t have to do the enter the nose out through the mouth. That’s just a best practice but read comfortably The next tap after the cheeks is on the chest or the thymus it’s called the thymus I’m trying to move my microphone Out of the way. It’s part of my headphone. Sorry about that This is the thymus thump. I’m just standing to show you exactly where it is that you’re gonna be doing this next tap right here With your fingers or with your hand Again, you’re thumping on your thymus point. She also refers to this as the King Kong spot you can do the King Kong something if you want to but fingers is fine for knuckles and then the very last section that she does after it the thymus is at the bra line arrange right underneath the pecs And when I do this, I try very hard to keep the tapping at the center as opposed to the sides out here I try to keep my tapping right in the center My reason for not wanting to go out to the side more because I’m afraid of giving myself back spasms. I taught this exercise to my mother and she Unwittingly gave herself back spasms and when she told me that I stopped doing this one standing up I actually do it either sitting down or lying on my back and I always try to keep it right at the center In any way that is a quick overview of how to do the three thumps. I will be back here again soon I just wanted to thank you as always for taking the time to come out here. I really do appreciate it Namaste peace and light I will be back in a few days but as always thank you again for coming out here if you have a few moments to spare if you go down below and either hit subscribe Thumbs up comment anything you have time for I would really appreciate it because I would like to hear back from people to see if they’re liking what I’m doing and if there’s anything in particular that you want to see a particular energy medicine exercise request that and I will respond to you. Thank you very much again, peace and light and we’ll be back. So Cheers Thank you so much. Bye

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