13- Offense: The Trap of Satan

(Male narrator) Let me tell you a little bit
about what offense really is. The Greek word means,
to cause to stumble. It’s the word for the
bait on a mouse trap. You know that mouse is
not going into that trap because he wants to die. He’s going into that trap
because there’s cheese on that trigger thing. There’s cheese on that
and it smells good. (Music) (Music) (Music) We’re going to two references.
We’re going to Psalms 119. And then we are going also to the Book of Acts
the 24th chapter. Psalms 119 and Acts 24.
First of all in Psalms. I’ll read Psalms 119 verse 165. (reading verse) Amen. What he’s telling us here is
that one of the keys to walking; Amongst other things, he’s
telling us one of the keys to walking in the peace
of God is to learn to not be offended
or not take offense. Tell you neighbor, “I think this
is good for us this morning.” (congregation repeats) “I think
this is good for us this
morning.” Hallelujah.
Great peace. The Amplified, I believe says
this, if I remember correctly. But I do know the
Greek brings out. Not the Greek, the
Hebrew brings out that the word peace
means wholeness. “Great wholeness in
every area of life have they that love thy law and
nothing shall offend them.” Offense is an open door for the
devil to rob us of what God has provided for us including;
Our soundness of mind, our wholeness and
even spiritually, mentally, physically,
emotionally. All these areas. God wants us to be whole. Tell your neighbor,
“God has a plan and its for you to be whole.” “God has a plan and its
for you to be whole.” Amen. So he’s talking about that and
I just sensed in my spirit… You noticed this
week, this month we have that series as the
series of the month I believe, Offense: The Trap Of Satan. I pick those usually
a month or two, I think about a
month in advance. I had this come up in my spirit but its just been stuck in
there…stuck in there ever since I mentioned to Michelle
to make that one the book or the CD of the month. But um… but we’re going to do a little tune-up on
this, this morning. (congregation agrees)
Amen. I don’t know how many of you
are listening to the series but your going to listen
to it this morning cause I am going to teach on it. Amen. We’re going to do a tune up. We’re going to pull
into the shop, we’re going to get the
car up on the rack and we’re going to say,
“Okay, lets examine here,” we got some things maybe
that we need to examine “and find out how we
are doing on this.” This is one of Satan’s
favorite devices. I’ve been in the ministry for
going on twenty five years now and one of Satan’s devices… I
think this is his favorite ones. I know it must be cause
he uses it all the time and one of the reasons
it’s his favorite is because it works so much. It shouldn’t work so much,
in the Body of Christ but it does and the thing
we’ve got to do is learn to not take offense
when it comes. Because Satan cant
make you do anything. He can bring it but he can’t
make you latch on to it and be offended. Amen. Remember First… The Bible
says in Second Chronicles, Second Corinthians 2:11. It says that, “We’re not
ignorant of Satan s devices.” “We’re not ignorant
of Satan’s devices.” So, if we go into the
device ignorant of what his device is we are going
to be at the disadvantage. So lets get the advantage a
little bit sharper this morning. Amen. Praise the Lord.
“You gunning for me?” No, this come up in my
spirit about a month ago. So, anything that happened
today or last week or anything I’m not… (Laugh) Amen. How many of you
know it’s smart to be prepared ahead of time and not be kind of hit sideways and be taken out with
unsuspecting devices that we weren’t thinking
about at the time. Amen. So we we want to
have the advantage and in order to
have the advantage we’ve got to be not ignorant. Amen. Remember Jesus talked about in
Luke, I mean in Matthew seven. He talked about building
a house and getting the foundation laid
before the storm came. It’s important what you do
before these attacks come because you will be… You will have the
opportunity to be offended. “Well I’m just
believing I won’t. Praise the Lord.” Well then your saying
something against what Jesus said. Jesus said in Luke
17:1, I believe it is. He said, “It’s impossible…”
(quoting verse) One translation says
“…it’s inevitable.” You just can’t go through this
life without the opportunity and some are grand
opportunities to take offense. Maybe because somebody
did you wrong. How many of you know
wrongs are done. There a are many
injustices in this world. Many things aren’t right,
aren’t the way they should be. Don’t misunderstand me at all. But just because
things aren’t right, doesn’t mean you have
to go around all hurt and beat up and
offended about it. Wounded and angry,
hard-hearted and unforgiving, giving place to the Devil. I’m just going to go ahead and
preach and then I’m out of here. (congregation laughter)
Woo-hoo! Pastor Debbie and I are going
on a little trip tomorrow, we’re are going to
have a good time. (Laughing) Hallelujah. We are going to a little trip. (congregation laughter) She already knows
about it, she forgot. Anyway. “Great peace.” “Great peace.” I mean peace is something
I’m holding dearer, that s not a good
English word but… more dear and more dear. Oh forget it, dearer and dearer.
I just said it. (Audience laughing) I do better when I’m
not trying to be just correcting all my
English, you know. Hallelujah. So, it will steal your peace. That what he’s talking about. It will steal the
peace in your mind. You know, you’re
always thinking about how somebody did
you wrong. Or, there are injustices
in the world and people do things wrong
against us, all of us. But not everything that we think
somebody did us wrong about did they actually do us wrong. Some thing are just
perceived offenses. “Well they didn’t
think of me right.” Well… Why is it always about you? (congregation agrees)
Amen. Praise the Lord, I should have
wore armor this morning I think. Let me tell you about
what offense really is. The Greek word means
to cause to stumble. It’s the word for the
bait on a mouse trap. You know that mouse is
not going into that trap because he wants to die. He’s going into
that trap because there’s cheese on that little… What do you call
that trigger thing? There’s cheese on that
and it smells good. It appeals to him. And let me tell you this,
offense appeals to the flesh. Or we would never go into it
and never get trapped by it. Because it does trap us. Amen. I mean that
big ol’ hammer’s going to come down across
the back of our neck. You know, what I’m
talking about? Somebody said, “Well not me.” Well, then your
against The Word. The Bible tells you
what’s going to happen. Amen. Hit you real good over the head.
Amen. Pop your eyeballs out.
You ever seen that? (congregation laughter) I am in rare form
today, I’m just… When we grew up, we
always like those ones when we caught the mouse
and his eye would… Well, anyway. Anyway some of you city
folks are still getting… So. So, Praise the Lord. I got to keep you excited cause
this might hurt a little bit. Amen. “So nothing shall offend them.” Jesus said, remember I
think it’s Luke 17:1. (quoting verse) In other words, you can’t
go through this life without an opportunity
to be offended. Whether it’s real or perceived.
Well and probably there’s going to be somebody that
does you wrong. And its not perceived,
it’s just… You just cant hardly go
through life without that. But notice here he says, “Great
peace have they that love” thy law and nothing
shall offend them.” So being that… he said,
“…its impossible to not have the opportunity
to be offended.” That doesn’t mean that you
can’t go through life without taking… I like to say
grabbing hold of the offense. You know what I mean? Some of us, and I
say us, all of us. There’s a number of
us, including myself. You know, there are
things that we picked up, growing up in our homes
and some home were just they were… world
champion offenders. They grab onto offense. They started you know
sucking on the bottle that had offense in the bottle.
I mean it was… Some of our families. I mean we were suckled on it. Then we went to
Elementary School and got our education in it. Then went to Junior
High and High School and got a High
School degree in it. Then we went on to college, we
got a college degree on it. Now we’re majoring
on it in life. And people are handing
us doctorates on it. You know because… Boy your good at that, lets just
give you a doctorate on that. Amen. As some of you know
I like the outdoors and in the bush,
out in the woods, there’s certain
little briers that… There’s these things called
cockle-burrs, for example. I mean, if you don’t have the
right kind of clothing on you’re going come out of there
with all these burrs all over
you. Amen. And that’s the
way some people are. I mean they can’t hardly
walk past three… They’re within three miles of an
offense and that thing will go. BONK! You know? (congregation laughter) It’s a bad spiritual habit. If nobodies offending you,
you find somebody else that’s offended and
join up with them. “Oh, it’s terrible how
they treated you. You should, you should
get even, you should do…” Except here comes that big trap.
BONK! You know? Look at your neighbor and see if
their eyes are bugged out yet. (laughs) Amen. So we’ve gotta learn not
to take the offense. Here he said, “We can actually
live where nothing offends us.” Tell your neighbor, Polk
them real hard and say. “That’s my goal.”
(congregation repeats) To never be offended again.
(congregation repeats) Never, never, never.
Never, ever, ever. Never. Can’t be done. That’s my goal. Have we all been there? No.
(laugh) Just yesterday, I started
getting some reports on. ” Okay, well they said you don’t
have to do the sprinkler system
but,” you have to do this now
and this now and this… And I started… It
started coming on me. How many of you know
what I’m talking about? Who do they think they are?
Ugh… It ain’t worth it. It ain’t worth it today,
I’m having a good day. It ain’t worth it today.
(congregation agrees) That’s my goal. Not
to be offended. That’s our… and it ought to
be our goal and it is possible because Jesus said here…
The Bible here said, “Nothing shall offend them.” Talk about my mama.? You talk about me, smear
my name in the mud. Ruin my reputation. Nothing.
What do you do? Well, you just turn your case
over to God and say, “God,
you’ll take care of me.” That’s what Jesus did.
He was falsely accused and he appealed to the
higher court of heaven. Hallelujah. Alright, Acts twenty-four. (chuckles) Ha. Ha. Ha.
It’s good your laughing. Helps the medicine, go down. Acts twenty-four, lets look
at what Paul said here. Now Paul had been
beaten, left for dead, people made vows to
kill him, before… They wouldn’t eat
until he was dead. You know? They beat him and chased
him from city to city and did all kinds
of things to him. If there was anybody who had an
opportunity to be offended, it
was Paul. But noticed what he said here. Notice in the twenty-fourth
chapter of Acts in the sixteenth
verse. It says…(reading verse) (reading scripture) Oh, nobody would get
offended at God would they? I meet multitudes of
people offended at God. They think he’s done them wrong. But the Bible says, “He’s the
righteous judge of all the
Earth.” He won’t pervert justice
for one single person. God’s not doing you wrong. Amen. “Well how come God
won’t promote me?” Well maybe that little
attitudes the reason. (congregation chatter inaudible)
Acts 24:16. “Here in do I exercise
myself, to have always a conscience
void of offense.” I have to… Here’s
now what he’s saying. Exercise means to
work, doesn’t it. (silence) You can’t go down to the gym and
say, “I come here for muscles.” (Audience laughing) Okay come on over
here… take your payment. Come on over here, lay
down on this bench, pick that up, push
it away from you and do that fourteen times,
fifteen times, whatever. “No, no I don’t want to do
that, I just wanted muscles. I don’t want to sweat,
I don t want to work.” I don’t wanna… it doesn’t
work that way does it? Paul said, “That to not take an
offense its gonna take work.” You’re going to have to push
it away and not just once. Matt here, he works out,
some of you guys works out. And do you just do it once?
One rep… one rep everyday. “Okay I did it, one day.” No, he does it over and
over and over again. Somebody said, “We know
this.” I know me too, but I got to keep
reminding myself of it. It’s going to keep on coming and
sometimes there’s people in our
lives through which…
through which… there’s things that keep
coming through them. (congregation feedback)
C’mon Pastor. Amen. And so you have to keep
pushing the offense away. They keep on irritating you. (congregation laughter) Amen. Keep on doing things that bother
you to the point your hurt in
your feelings. Getting all angry about
it, unforgiveness and ill-will toward
them and all of that. So you got to keep on pushing
all those things away. “No I’m not going to take the
offense, I’m not going to take
the offense.” Amen. So he said, “I have
to work at this.” And you’ll have to work at it,
if you and I are going to have a life, that we don’t take
offense. It’s going to take
work. This isn’t for the
spiritually lazy. Amen. Praise God. So that means strenuous effort. Now it has appeal to your flesh. That mouse, it takes
work for that mouse… “Don’t go over there,
don’t go over there.” It takes work, because
it has appeal. That cheese smells so good.
I’ve watched them. You see their little nose.
(sniffing) (congregation laughs) They know daddy just
got killed but… (sniffing) sniff, sniff, sniff.
You know? Isn’t that right?
Its hard to resist. And that’s the way the flesh is. “Oh I, oh I want
that, I want that,” I want to get mad, I
want to get irritated, I want to get in unforgiveness. Here’s one… “I
want to be hurt.” (congregation
feedback inaudible) “Well, people hurt
people don’t they?” People do things, but its a
choice, its a decision to take
the hurt. (congregation agrees)
That’s good Pastor. If you look up in the English
dictionary, which I did. I looked up in the English
dictionary what it means to be
offended. It means to… to offend means
to hurt or to cause pain. But really what that
describing is the thing that somebody else
has done to us. That’s really not
what offense is. Yes, they have done
something against us, but really it’s a choice now
whether we’re going to take that
offense. There’s a difference between
somebody violating you and me or doing us wrong and there’s
something different between that and us
taking the offense. And I’m telling you what. It can be, it can be
like those cockle-burrs when you walk through the woods. I mean you get those things off
and their sticking to your
fingers and it can be like that. It is
work to get that off of you. Isn’t that right? So really what offense is: Is
that which causes a person to
stumble. Its a trap. The real… offense is the cheese, not the actual spring
that comes down. That’s the result. The offense is what attracted
the person… the mouse… We’re using as an
illustration of the person. Attracted them into the trap.
The cheese was the offense. And the thing thew Devil wants
to do is he wants to… Yes, he wants to hurt people but
he also wants to draw them into
the trap. You understand? And in doing that he has put us
in a jail house so to speak. Amen. Just because someone has done
you wrong doesn’t mean you have
to stumble over it and stop making progress
in your life spiritually. Amen. Now, here’s what it means
in studying it the Greek and different Bible verses I can
kind of give capsule definition. Taking offense means being…
it’s a combination of several
things. Being irritated by the
wrong that was done. And then your irritated to the
point of your feelings being
hurt. And then your angry about it and
get into strife and
unforgiveness in your heart. It’s a combination of all
those things put together. Did you here that?
I’ll say that again. It’s a combination of being
irritated by the wrong that was
done to the point of being
hurt in you feelings. Then getting angry about it. Then getting into strife
and unforgiveness. I’ll just give you
the rest of it. It leads to separation. Every time that’s the result
of offense. Every single time. It leads to separation and
it is rooted in pride. “What do you mean
rooted in pride?” Well, if you studied pride
carefully. Pride is all about
me. “How you did me. What I
didn’t get from you. You should have done me, this or
you should have thought of me.” Where is all that coming from? Why is “me, me, me” the one we
are thinking of all the time. Pride. You’ll be much happier in life
just getting you off the mind. Well, thank you for
your enthusiasm. Forget about you. Well I don’t know why
that didn’t go over quite like I thought
it would go over. I guess we are
thinking about it. Hallelujah. Tell your neighbor,” You’ll be
much happier getting you off
your mind.” (congregation repeats) You know what I mean?
“How people treat me. What I want out of this.” How about getting engrossed
in being a blessing. Helping somebody else,
sowing into somebodies life. I was just thinking, coming
to church this morning I was thinking, “Man, I just
love going into church”. For several reasons: I just love
the fellowship of the saints, I love the word of God,
I love obeying God and what he’s told me to do. But
I just love helping people. That’s just life to me.
That’s just… Amen. Alright, so the thing we have to
recognize is it always leads to
separation and we will get into that
in a little bit, alright. But offense, can be
manifested in anger or it can be manifested
in silent seething. It can be manifested in
the silent treatment. Sitting over there not saying
anything .- “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, nothing. Nothing’s wrong.” -“Oh,
come on somethings wrong.” “Leave me alone, I’m fine.
It will be alright.” You’re not fine, its not
going to be alright. (Laugh) Amen.
Praise the Lord. Now, like I said, “It always
leads to separation.” It will separate you
from Gods word… Remember, “Great peace have
they that love thy law” and nothing shall offend them.” In other words, if you love
God enough you’ll decide I’m not going to
take the offense because that will separate
me from The Word. I don’t wanna get… I
love the word too much. It’s my help, it’s my answer. It will separate you
from the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
manifesting in your life, it will separate your
from Gods people, relationships that Gods brought
you to bless your life. And listen, God never
leads through offense. “Well I just feel led.” Well, I noticed you weren’t led
’til you took the offense. (congregation agrees) C’mon. Out of the job or out
of the marriage or out of the… Whatever church family
or whatever it is. Boy, I tell you, I
think we needed this worse then I thought. He never leads by offense. Now there’s a lot of people that
will tell you they are being
led. Have you ever figured out
people can tell you one thing and that s not really
whats going on. Have you figured that out yet? Amen. A lot of people aren’t paying
attention to the voices their
listening too. They don’t recognize
the voice of offense whenever they are
listening to it. They think its the Holy
Spirit leading them. Well, I have found out,
that its… I’ve noticed… I have been in the ministry
close to twenty-five years and I’ve noticed some…
I’ve learned a few things. One thing is, is before
that offense came they just loved everybody. They wouldn’t have
thought about leaving. Then the offense came and they
felt like God was leading them and then if somehow or another
you got them through that and they got pass the offense. They don’t want
to leave anymore. Whether it’s their marriage
or whatever it is. I’m preaching betting
then your Amening. They don’t recognize…
Now some of them will swear up and down almost. “You know, Gods leading us.” Not recognizing the voice
they are listening to. There are different voices in
the world, many voices in the
world and they all have a path they
are going to lead you down. Amen.
So learn to recognize it. Here’s one way to recognize it. If it’s really God leading you then you can do it without the
validation from somebody else that you have to share the
offense that somebody did you
wrong. “I just wanted you to know
why we are leaving and…” Well, if it was God, then your
big enough to do it without sharing it with somebody else. (congregation agrees) C’mon.
– Amen. It needs the validation
of somebody else to. “Awww, isn’t that terrible
how they treated you?” Thank you for your enthusiasm.
Hallelujah. Now, offense breaks the
connection to The Word and to those God wants
to use in your life. Offense destroys unity. If there is nothing happening
in your life, in an area, its possible that you have
become offended at God or
someone in that area. You need to check that
out, check that out. “Jesus in his own town there
could do no mighty work.” Isn’t that right? Mark said “He could there
do no mighty work.” I don’t want there
to be my house. I want there to be
somewhere else. (Music) You know, lets read that text
one more time that we used. Acts 24:16, “Herein
do I exercise myself” to have always a conscience void
of offense towards God and
towards men. You know, one of the exercises
of Faith we use to get rid of
offense, is to not take
thoughts of offense. A thought coming to us
doesn’t equal us taking it. Well we can use our faith to
resist thoughts whenever they
come. One of the thing we
want to learn to do is cast down the imaginations
that the enemy brings to our
mind. Well to do that, you must become
skilled and be schooled in that. My announcers coming to give you
information about a product that will help you develop in
that skill, in Jesus name. Stay tuned, Pastor Jay will be
back with a few closing
comments. Offense is one of Satan’s
favorite weapons against your
spiritual growth. In today’s timely series,
Offense The Trap Of Satan, Pastor Jay Eberly explores the
pitfalls and traps of taking
offense and even more importantly, he
sheds a light on learning a new
habit. Not taking offense
when it comes. For twenty dollars you
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Satan’s trap of offense. To order, visit us
at WWW.soffc.org. I want to encourage you
to go on our website and look at all the
products we have available. You can also watch these
broadcasts over and over again. They’re archived there
for your benefit. You know, we need to be fed the
Word of God along this line. The Bible tells us in Psalms,
our text in our broadcast today. It said, “Great peace have
they which love thy law” and nothing shall offend them.” Let’s exercise ourselves
in that this week and be sure and
not take offense. We are going to see
you again next week. We are going to be talking
more about these things. We are going to be talking about
how in Jesus own home town he could there do no mighty work
because they were offended at
him. Well we don’t want our
house to be a place where Jesus can’t do
what he wants to do. Amen. So we look forward
to seeing you next week. We will be talking more
about these same truths. Until then, I believe that you
are going to live a victorious
life in Christ. Faith and honor for the things
of God will guard our thought
life. But then offense, it
changes gate keepers. Now instead of letting in
things that come from God, it actually blocks things
that come in from God and only allows in anything in
line with criticism, offense,
bad mouthing people. Amen. And replaces the gate-keeper. Amen. And God’s blessings
won’t be allowed in. I want to invite you
to like us on Facebook at Eberly Ministries where
you can learn about current events, new product
offers and daily quotes, You’ll be blessed. (Male narrator)

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