180kg Georgian HULK – Levan Saginashvili with his unique arm strength / armwrestling tips

Lightweight car Change your car Traditionally we’re gonna have a joint workout And today my guest is Levan Saginashvili 7-times World Champion in Armwrestling. He’s in top 8 of the world best! So let’s start! We’ll start with a standart classical excercise – hyperextension. I recommend to do this exercise before every workout to strengthen your back Levan also often make this exercise Now we’ll see how he makes it I see such a beast on this trainer for the first time I start every workout with this exercise For begginners I recommend not to use weights Make this exercise just with the weight of your own body Only after certain time you can use a barbell add some discs on the barbell Armwrestling time The most important is that move So you do it with the help of your whole body? Yes! You use your bodyweight And your technics You twist it a little, right? A lot of technics but the mov is only one Like that and like that! you work with your body weight Let’s do the squats and see how Levan do it Do you make it during your workout? I used to do it But haven’t done it for a half year because of the huge back load Let’s do squats and bends for legs and loin Make a comfortable grip, put the barbell on your back/shoulders You loin should be fixed and then bend like this You seat like that and go back to this position Unbend In your hands the barbell looks like it’s for kids Arm fix like that Is there something one should pay attention not to be injured? The main thing is warm-up There are some athletes who use this technics This way one could be easily injured It’s better not to do this ever broke somebody’s elbows? No Can a fist be faster the shoulder? they should move togather What is you personal trick? I use my upperbody When you hold on to this thing do you help yourself like that? if you let it go, it’s fall It’s even better to hold on like this In weightlifting to lift more we use a grip like that The more rings you can make – the stronger your grip Take it on your maximum width and lift it up Squat as low as possible fixing your loin and squat your stomach goes between your legs Is there some secrets to disable your rival When you start a fight, maka a hit And when you both are tired and fixed in one position what can you do? You make it like this Unbend your elbow So it could be easier Fingers are very important in armwreatling Am I comfortable rival for you? Normal. Would not say that very comfortable Everything before we did very quick because it was a warm-up Now we’ll talk about squats Your legs position is very importan Legs width should be the same or a bit more as your shoulder width Very important that your foot and elbow face one direction also it’s very important that your pelvis should go back slowly go down go down and quickly up To feel more comfortable do your squats with the bench Touch the bench and go up don’t relax I often used this exercise before competitions I had an injured knee and I couldn’t squat low so I made only this squats with the bench We have different arm length and I should put my elbow down here You stay like this But I have to go here When my arm is longer I put it like that anyway Is explosive power important? It’s 100% of success What should you activate first? Fingers, hand arm and then all togather you should male it really fast I do it in the middle You should also start fast We also make a warm-up with watermelon Can we use it also? When we do squats it’s not only legs we train we also train our loin and back this bend forward is good if you don’t fix your loin it’s very hard to do squats right Last month I made a contest in social media It was called Matrioshka and people should put discs on the barbell with one hand I think with your strength and grip it’s not a problem But it’ll be interesting to watch Here are the discs Our task is to do it fast with one hand You need to have strength to pick up the disc And also it’s very important to fix and balance. Levan has all these abilities. Maybe he will need some flexibility Can’t twist it Now we just brag ) How to see the talanted person in your sports? When a bigginer comes we just watch his movements You did exactly what I told you to do and understood everything And there are some people who can’t understand the process even after numerous explanations I can say you can be an armwrestler Bench press? Once I did 250 kg or I can do 200 kg for 7 reps Biceps? Standing! 60 kg His strength is obvious In weightlifting grip strength is also very important To keep it we practice discs juggling Like this or this Try to catch it It’s funny Not fast enough How many workouts a week you have? 4 workouts a week Different? For strength? Technics? Only strength And sparring once a week armwrestling sparring all the rest are general workouts 4 times a week you train what you have for the first training? For example, I could make a bunch press Shoulders The second training of the week is biceps, How long does it take? 3 hours! that’s much It’s 4-5 exercises The third training fingers hands the fourth training? Back and fingers Fingers and hand try to train all the time Some technics workouts? Or you don’t have it in armwrestling? If you have good technics but don’t have strength, you won’t succeed If someone is a little stronger you have a chance but strength is more important So you trainings are more to develop the strength Who has the lightest bodyweight in top 8? 105 kg What should he do to conquer you? He should be fast Have a good statics and explosive power Challange with a weight from my last video Saw it in one of my joint trainings with Belenyuk I try to test myself with weight from 16 to 32 kg I couldn’t do it with 32kg Levan made it easily 32 kg is easy want more kg? Yes 24 kg is done The last challange is to pull the car. We also put some extra weight in here The car will go forward but Levan should make it stop Let’s try Levan will try to pull the car The car is not that heavy around 2 tons plus full tank plus 80 kg of weighlifting discs plus me What I wanna say is we make sports popular the car is very lightweight Sports to people And resume for today Our sports have much in common weightlifting and armwrestling Something we were able to do today something was impossible Thank you very much! It was very interesting! We have a new contest Who will guess? What is the bodyweight of Levan on today’s workout? The winner will get a torn t-shirt )))

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  1. Arm wrestlers train a whole different part of their forearms. You will actually rarely see arm wrestlers train grip strength.

  2. Турнир топ8 еще не закончился, а ты уже назвал его самым сильным! Не торопи коней, там есть претенденты на звание самого сильного!

  3. Уникальный спортсмен жду их противостояния с Денисом Цыпленковым.

  4. Как ты определил что он самый сильный топ 8, если топ 8 еще не закончился? Значит ты просто пиздабол?

  5. Please make video with subjects wearing less clothing. I would die happy and fulfilled if I got locked in
    a prison cell with these men where they made me their sex slave.

  6. от его надо кинуть на тушение сибири , больше толку и пользы от этой тушки

  7. Это тяжолое упражнение у многих не получается .в смите решает проблему

  8. hes a 180kg bear yet he has no solid moves and explanations in the sport he competes. Devon Larrat is the ultimate arm wrestler, he has no need for such sizes, strength and HGH. respect your selves and compete in a more natural down to earth body weight and see how good of an arm wrestler you are

  9. Леван молодец,скромный и простой.Лично моё мнение,если Казах(Кадыргали),наберёт и продолжит работу хотябы со с130 кг.то ему не будет равных,он думает как Ларрат и Брзенк,может и на старте и в затяжной борьбе выносить соперника.Леван сила,Виталик старт.

  10. Я на секунду придставил свое лицо на место арбузаD: после чего резко выключил видео!

  11. TOP 8?

    I thought Levan was TOP 1…as in best in the world? Am I missing something? WHO are the 7 wrestlers ranked higher than Levan?

    The rankings TOP 3 are Levan Michael and Devon… because Denis is finished and no longer counts

  12. Levan is a freak of nature. His power is off the charts. Using back pressure and side pressure with his arm to pull a car like that was incredible.

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