20 Delicious Fruits On Keto Diet You Can Eat & Fruits To Avoid

Keto diet fruits. Are there fruits that
you can eat on the keto diet? coming right up so even though fruits and
vegetables fresh ones especially are nutritious and generally wholesome for
people if you’re on a keto diet you want to learn which ones are high in
carbohydrates and you want to restrict those so today we’re going to talk about
fruits are there any fruits that you can eat and as always people are looking for
a straight yes or no answer and there’s no such thing because we are all so very
different so the goal with keto diet is to stay in ketosis to keep the carbs low
enough that you’re burning fat instead if you add back too many carbs then your
body goes for the carbs and forgets how to burn the fat and you were kicked out
of ketosis so there’s a lot of variables that influence this so before we go into
the fruits themselves let’s just go over that your age your metabolism your your
degree of insulin resistance your genetics your activity level they all
influence how easy it is for you to burn fat and to stay in ketosis for some
people 50 grams of carbs will still keep them in ketosis whereas other people
might have to go as low as 10 or sometimes even just complete fast to to
get into ketosis the other thing that matters a lot is how much of the fruit
are you eating so it’s not just whether you can eat a fruit is how much does it
take before it becomes a significant amount of carbohydrate and finally your
goals how quickly do you want to make this happen is it just like do you have
specific goals or are you just trying to stay in the general range for for health
so let’s dive right into it and talk first about the ones that you really
really want to avoid the fruits there are almost pure sugar are the dried
fruits so raisins dates apricots and figs that
are dried raisins have 75% sugar dates have 68% apricots and figs around 55
some more than half of what you’re eating is pure sugar absolutely not
okay on the ketogenic diet the next group that you want to avoid are fresh
but very sweet fruits things like banana that has 20 grams figs have 16 in the
fresh variety so dried figs have 54 but fresh ones still have 16 grams of sugar
grapes lots of sugar 16 cherries 14 grams of
sugar mango 13 and Kiwi and pineapple have 12
grams of sugar and realize also that these fruits have been engineered to be
sweeter and sweeter and sweeter as our cravings for sweets have increased they
have engineered and manipulated the fruits to carry more and more sugar so
that’s another part of the problem the next group in orange are things that we
have around a lot they’re available in almost every store and we consider them
our basic fruits like apple blueberries apricot orange and grapefruit so these
are still they’re not as sweet but they’re still very sweet and the only
one I might say would be okay for some would be blueberries because they’re
really tiny and you could have just a few if you like to have for for a snack
or something or just before you eat and you want something sweet then having
just a few blueberries is not going to weigh that much whereas if you have a
whole apple or a whole grapefruit or a whole orange that’s going to add up
really really quickly if you are closer to the 50 gram range and still stay in
ketosis then you might be able to have half an apple if it’s a half of a small
apple so you get 50 grams that would give you about 5 to 6 grams of
carbohydrate and that might be alright for other people who
tend to kick out of ketosis earlier than any amount of of these would probably
still be too much number four on the list is lemon juice and now we’re into
the stuff that is probably okay you’re not going to consume a whole lot
you’re not going to consume a big quantity of lemon juice so even though
it has eight grams of sugar per hundred you’re only gonna maybe consume a
teaspoon or two you’re not gonna drink down a half a cup or a cup so the tiny
tiny amount that you get if you add a little lemon juice to some water is
negligible and the top three items on the list are berries berries are
generally the best type of fruit that you can eat because they are low in
sugar and high in fiber they have a low glycemic index and you can have quite a
few before you get up to a significant amount of sugar my personal favorites
are raspberries just because they give you so much flavor they really packs a
punch and the same thing with blackberries strawberries are a little
bit more diluted in flavor depending on on what kind you you get of course but
this again is just a personal preference that I just think there’s so much flavor
that you get a lot out of it for just a little bit you could still have a pretty
good handful and stay under five grams of carbs so again we have to keep all
these variables in mind people want a yes/no answer can I eat this can I not
eat this there is no way of knowing unless we take all of this into
consideration and we use some trial and error so if you know that it hardly
takes anything for you to get out of ketosis then you probably don’t want to
have any of this at all if you kind of in the mid-range somewhere then yeah you
can probably have some berries here and there and if you’re toward the upper end
where you could have maybe 50 grams of carbs and still stay in ketosis then you
can probably have a fair amount of the berries you could
maybe have a few pieces of the stuff in orange here the the blueberries apple
orange you might even have a few cherries or grapes here and there and
still stay in ketosis and of course it all matters how much you have of each
thing and it depends on what your goal is how quickly do you want to reverse
this one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the underlying problems of what
you’re trying to deal with is insulin resistance and most of that insulin
resistance was caused by sugar and high fructose corn syrup so sugar being 50%
sugar 50% fructose and high fructose corn syrup being 55% fructose those were
the things that created the problem they choked the liver essentially so fruit
the primary carbohydrate in fruit is fructose so if your liver is really
really congested then in addition to the ketosis part you might want to be very
very careful with the fruits so if you’re new to this channel and you enjoy
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