20 Min Beginner Weight Training for Beginners Workout Strength Training Dumbbell Workouts Women Men

hey everybody
it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 20 Min Beginner Weight Training for Beginners Workout Strength Training Dumbbell Workouts Women Men workout the only equipment required for this workout is a
pair of dumbbells and the weight that you’ll use will depend on your fitness
level you may also want to grab a chair or a bench but it’s not required I’m
going to be doing the standard exercises and follow me for those easier
modifications alright let’s get started with a light little warm-up we’re going
to start with a reach plus March so both arms reach overhead we’re just going to
march in place bringing up alternating knees so during
the course of today’s workout we’re not going to count any repetitions we’re
just going to try to get as many reps in as we can during the allotted time
period making sure to breathe stand nice and light on those feet and this is a
warm-up so let’s go at an easy pace of course if you can’t bring your knee
quite as high as we can that’s okay we just want to save some of it for the
workout that’s coming up oh yeah save your energy there’s plenty of plenty of
work yet to come breathe this one here for just five more seconds and three two
one zero good okay let’s warm up those shoulders with nice little arm circles
forward arm circles keep a soft little bend in those knees keep your core nice
and tight right and what we mean when we say keep your core nice and tight is I
like to think of it as drawing that bellybutton into your spine so just
keeping it nice and tight almost like you’re sucking it in but still allow
yourself to yeah there’s a good breast and just engaging that core throughout
good feel no shoulders warming up in that overall body temperature up let’s
do this one four five four three two one good okay next we’re going to warm up
that posterior chain so feet shoulder width apart arms are up and we’re going
to do a crossover either a crossover toe-touch or a crossover neat
so just a slight bend in those knees and as we bend over we’re going to push our
hips back engaging those hamstrings glutes lower back and Claudia is going
to go down to her knees so you decide if going all the way down to your toes is
appropriate for you your knees or maybe somewhere in between just push those
hips back like you’re trying to touch the wall behind you with your bum so you
should be if you’re doing this one right you should be feeling a little stretch
and your hamstrings and then your glutes so we notice how we start with that
little bend in our knees but we’re not continuing to to flex at the knees as we
go down right turning this into a squat excellent
just do this one for five more seconds and three two one two zero that’s it all
right warm-up is complete you guys ready to go let’s grab those those hand
weights gave your dumbbells so as we said in the beginning I’m going to be
forming the standard exercises Claudia can be performing those easier
modifications throughout the course of today’s workout you decide which one is
right for you and you can even mix them up between the two exactly so I’m going
to start with a staggered bent over row Claudia is going to do just a
traditional bent over row with a neutral stance so I’m bent over at a 45 degree
angle my legs or my feet are about shoulder width apart and I’m just
pulling back pulling back from those elbows right keeping your core nice and
tight so with your feet in a neutral position makes a little easier to
balance and this staggered stance engages your legs a little bit more make
it a little harder to balance from this unstable position again you decide which
one is going to be right for you today but either way we’re pulling back on
those elbows and anytime we do any type of row really again focus on pulling
back on those elbows like you have a string attached to those elbows and
you’re pulling back you don’t want to pull back from the hands but again
pulling back from those elbows that core tight or bent over on about a
45 degree angle just we have about five seconds left and three two one zero
all right now we’re going to hit that lower body next we’re going to move into
a dumbbell front squat so our dumbbells ready Claudia’s going to do the dumbbell
front squat using the chair or the bench so she’s going to actually sit back and
touch her glutes to that chair where I’m just going to do freestanding without
anything behind me and depending on how high or low your chair or bench is
that’s really going to determine the difficulty level on your front squat so
the higher that chair bench easier it is because then of course you don’t have to
go quite as far down we’re holding those dumbbells up at our
shoulder level anytime we do any squat the first thing
we’re going to move is our hips so break at those hips first but back and then
bend at the knees a lot of times big beginners run into a little bit of
trouble when they bend at the knees first and they get down here now all of
a sudden I’m in a bad hop word position so really emphasize hips back and then
bend at the knees being sure to keep your core tight back straight you don’t
want to bend over more seconds on this move keep your feet flat on the ground
and three two one zero good okay can set those dumbbells to the
side we don’t need them for the next one we’re going to do a push up variation
next I’m going to go ahead and use the bench but you could also use a chair if
you chose to do so Claudia’s going to do her variation from her knees we’re going
to go push up plus shoulder touch so core is nice and tight back is straight
we’re going to go push up shoulder touch shoulder touch next one push up shoulder
touch shoulder touch so now on this incline variety the high here your bench
or whatever it is you’re using the easier it will be and the lower the
harder it would be no matter which one you’re doing I want you to keep your
back and core nice and tight nice and straight
one into the next and ideally we’re getting down until both elbows reach a
90-degree angle before we come back up making sure that we keep our hands in
line with their chest we don’t want to be reaching with our face when we come
down right but instead bring your chest down
excellent this one’s working your shoulders your chest triceps core
hitting multiple muscle groups about five more seconds on this one almost
there let’s do it four three two one and zero
good we are going to need the dumbbell to the next one now we’re going to go to
the floor go and go to the ground working do a pullover next which is a
great move for both your chest as well as your back
so both dumbbells have a slight bend in your elbows and go ahead and allow those
dumbbells to lower behind you feel that stretch and then pull them back over I’m
going to perform it with an additional I so hip up so I’m just going to drive off
my heels keeping my glutes nice and tight my back straight you decide which
variation is right for you mine is just puts a little extra work on your glutes
hamstrings and lower back again you decide which one is right for you you’re
not quite ready for that just hang out with me and leave those hips on the
ground that’s right making sure to maintain a slight bend in
your elbows and if you can’t reach those arms all the way down until the
dumbbells hit the ground that’s okay to just get whatever your full range of
motion is but be careful not to bounce those dumbbells off the ground we have
five more seconds on this move keep it nice and under control throughout the
whole move good let’s do this one four three two one zero
good okay work keeping your dumbbells we’re up on our feet for the next one
we’re going to move into a dumbbell goodmorning feet are shoulder-width
apart first move then bring those dumbbells up to let your side elbows in
I need I’m going to a one-leg good mornings I’m going to put one leg out
now both of us are going to bend over at our hips using your hips as a hinge kick
those hips back behind you bending over until your upper body gets
to about parallel to the ground and then back up you’ll feel that stretch in your
hamstrings as well as your glutes this one leg variety put extra emphasis on
the one leg as you’re finding out just a great one for your overall posterior
chain and this one be sure to keep your back nice and straight no slouching no
hunching over you’re going to switch at the halfway point if you’re doing coach
Kozak’s in about three seconds so go ahead and get ready to switch opposite
side now if you’re doing two legs just go ahead and keep moving yeah keeping a
slight bend in your knees or in your your back leg if you’re using the one
leg variation and again just drive in those hips back behind you this one’s
working your hamstrings your glutes as well as your lower back and then just
holding the dumbbells in place working your biceps in your forearms we’re
getting a lot of work five seconds left a lot of working in a short period of
time today excellent and let’s hit this one four
three two one zero good all right next we’re going to do a two-for-one move and
your modification is just going to be more or lighter weight palms facing offs
dumbbells are in front we’re going to a reverse curl bend at those elbows keep
the wrist straight and then overhead press reverse back down and then
negative portion of that curl so it’s one two three four and repeat get into
the little rhythm and flow one two three four good great one for your forearms
biceps shoulders and triceps all getting hit on this one make sure you’re keeping
a good base core is nice and tight back is straight a little soft bend in those
knees now once your legs are he’s locked out on this one and keep
those dumbbells under control specially on the way down you want to just let
them flop down right I’m nice and under control
excellent work arms are starting to burn I feel it a little bit that’s all right
that’s how we know it’s working you’re doing great guys keep it up five
more seconds on this move breathe four three two one zero
all right we’re moving into some lower body move next I’m going to do a
stationary lunge Dumbo’s are at my side I’m going to step
out drop both knees until they get to a 90 degree angle and I am just doing a
split squat you see have a nice base here I have my right my left foot in
front and I’m just going down to a 90 degree angle here so if you can’t quite
get all the way down where Claudia is at that’s alright maybe halfway down today
come back every time you repeat this workout we get a little bit stronger in
that lower body a little bit more mobility and you’ll be able to get
further down and we’re going to switch sides here in three two one
alright put your legs if you’re doing the stationary lunge just go ahead and
keep moving and alternating legs keeping good posture on this one straight up and
down as you’re lowering your body you don’t want to lower yourself forward but
instead drop straight down up every rep great one for your total lower body
hamstrings quads glutes all getting hit on this one we can feel it we have about
five more seconds almost there right to the end four three two one zero
good we only need one dumbbell for the next one I’m going to use the bench and
Claudia is going to do this one from her knees we’re going to do a high plank
reverse fly so going to get into high plank position so on one arm slight bend
in that arm we’re going to reach through we’re going to fly bring that
hand and dumbbell up slight bend in that elbow as you use your back to pull that
dumbbell reverse like that core tight making sure to breathe
pulling nice and under control and again just as we did on the push up variation
the higher your bench your chair the easier it’ll be the lower the harder
it’ll be switching sides in five seconds switching here and three two one zero I
try to stay up if you can one right into the next this one’s going to hit your
abs hit your upper back shoulders again at let that base arm is working your
tricep and chest very efficient workout today in a total body strength workout
in and a very short period of time do an excellent keep it up just keep moving
focus on what brought you here today to begin with whatever that is
five seconds and three two one zero still just need just one wait for the
next one I’m actually going to lose my weight for this one we’re going to do a
dumbbell or no weight windmill so both toes are going to be pointed out about a
45 degree angle put that one arm up whether you’re using the weight or not
now we’re going to kick that hip out to the side
slight Bend and both knees bend over look up at that arm and back up and now
ideally you’re coming all the way down and you’re touching your toe you might
not have the flexibility for that today and that’s totally okay
you only get down to your knee that’s alright do the best you can
this one’s great for your overall core as well as your shoulders
hamstrings gluts multiple muscles getting hit on this one alright we’re
switching sides in five seconds and three two
one-zero switch it up opposite side now often point those toes opposite side
direction arm up kick that hip out to the side this one is all about kicking
that hip out every time good feel that stretch in those hamstrings as well as
in your glute breathe stay focused you got it keep moving focus on what
brought you here today to begin with because that’s going to be the thing it
gives you through to the end nice work everybody whoo
and keep balance you can see I’m not perfect right just about getting a
little bit better everyday not about being perfect almost there five more
seconds on this side and three two one zero
nice okay so no weights needed for the next one we’re going to go to the ground
and move into a plank working on that core next so from our forearms I’m going
to be up on my feet Claudia’s going to be on her knees you decide which
variation is right for you we’re going to do a plank for 30 seconds keep that
core nice and tight back is straight we don’t want your butt up in the air and
we don’t want your butt sinking so notice how from Claudia on her knees
that she’s still lowering those hips right so she can keep her back straight
she doesn’t have her glutes up in the air you got five more seconds guys
Akim stay up stay up here we are almost there are three two one
yeah excellent work guys we’re all right so we’re going to do a quick little
cooldown when the point of the cooldown is twofold one so allow your heart rate
to come down slowly and in addition to that is to gain a little bit of mobility
so the first one we’re going to do is going to be a yoga variation we’re going
to do a downward dog cause maybe the wall variation is going to do it from
the wall I’m gonna do it from the floor you decide which one is right for you
but either way we’re going to come up onto those hands when drive our hips
backwards as we keep that core nice and tight
bring our navel in to our midsection when also at the same time stretching
those shoulders bring in our body backwards and for this for the wall
downward dog you’re basically just making a 90 degree angle and you’re just
creating a nice square with the wall just pulling yourself back here and
breathe that point of the workout you’re all done you can go and check this one
off the list and be proud of yourself guys that’s right you’re one step closer
to that goal that’s it it’s four three two one zero
good all right nice and slow so we can go in now we’re going to move into a
Cobra I’m going to do Cobra from up on my my life straight arms and Claudia’s
going to do her Cobra form her forearms so on this one both of our g’nite we’re
both going to have our feet on the ground we’re going to stretch up bring
in our chin to the ceiling orange is a little harder from the forms is a little
easier inside which one is right for you taking nice and controlled breaths
that’s it allow that heart rate to come down slowly again just lie yourself to
second here to give yourself a pat on the back we proud of yourself for
getting through today’s workout you can come back tomorrow or the next day do it
again just get a little bit better at it every time just coming back making
little improvements let’s go three two one zero
all right I got just one last one we’re going to do a chest opener great one two
I switch back on your side and I feel weird over there I’m doing on my side
next we’re going to do a little chest opener we’re going to interlace or
interlock our fingers behind a back chest opener and then go ahead and pull
those shoulders back as you bring your chest forward room for your chest as
well as your shoulders bring your hands up at the same time and if you want a
little extra stretch you can bend over and allow your arms to come up and over
I learned this one from our good friend Shawn Veeck
number one yoga and Pilates guy on the inner west he’s our favorite it’s a good
move let stretch keep pull no shoulder back bringing that chest forward
controlled breathing four five four three two one zero and that is it my
friend excellent works audio way to go out
there excellent workout they’re so proud of you guys for pushing through right to
the very end you guys like this workout don’t working out with us for a while
and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check
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we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us
today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see
you at your next workout

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