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– Hi, my name is Kayla. I’m from San Clemente, California, and you’re practicing Fightmaster Yoga. – Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, the place to get your yoga fix. I’m Lesley Fightmaster. Today’s yoga video is a
total body vinyasa flow for strength and flexibility. Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel so you never miss a free yoga class. We’re starting sitting nice and tall. Feel free to sit up on
a block or a blanket. Widen the collar bones, close
your eyes, take a big breath, and bring your hands together
in front of your heart’s. May our practice today bring peacefulness, calmness to our bodies and minds, both on and off of our mats. Release your hands, and then inhale. Sweep the arms out around, and
now palms facing each other. Exhale, left hand to right knee, and right hand behind, twist. Inhale to lengthen through the spine. Exhale, roll the right shoulder back. Maybe twist a little bit more. Head to center, body to center. Inhale, sweep the arms up,
palms facing each other, exhale. Right hand to left knee, left hand behind. Sit tall in your inhale. Roll the left shoulder back, exhale, twist. And then inhale, Bring in the head to center, unwind, switch the cross of your legs. Now, this time, interlace
your hands in front of you. Face your palms out and then
inhale, arms up by ears. Exhale, start to turn to your right. Use your internal muscles
to make this twist. Draw your shoulder blades
gently toward the waist as you continue to lift up
through the arms and hands, maybe twist a little deeper. And inhale to center. Release your hands, unclasp, and now reclasp, other pinky
on the bottom, palms out. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, start to turn to your left. As you inhale, get really tall. As you exhale, use your
obliques, your internal muscles to twist, twist, twist. (sighs) So good for the spine. Bring yourself to center and release. Come off your block or
blankets if you’re using them, and come forward to hands and knees, and then hips back to the
heels, extended child’s pose. Extend the arms, spread the fingers, and then tuck your toes under. And stretch back once again. Really use the arms. Now, this time, inhale, come forward. Widen the collarbones. Lift the chin and tailbone. Now exhale, round the
back chin to our chest and press all the way
back to child’s pose. A little longer breath. Inhale, come up. Widen the collarbones, lifting
chin, lifting tailbone up. Exhale, round your back. One long exhale takes
you back to the heels. Now, one more time, longest breath. Inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale. Come forward. Run your heart forward through
the gates of your arms. Look up gently. And then exhale, exhale,
exhale as you round the back and take your hips back to your heels. Pause here, spreading fingers wide. Press into the base of the fingers and come up onto the knees, downward dog. Arms shoulders’ distance,
feet hips’ width, and just start to bicycle
one leg and the other, bending one knee and the other. And now bend both knees. Stick your hips way up. Stretch your back out, and then straighten the
legs as much as you can. Make sure your heels are
right behind your middle toes, arms and ears in line. Pull in through your ribs and your belly. (sighs) Stretch. I love me some down dog. Inhale, come forward into
plank pose, top of a pushup. I’m gonna pause here a
moment as you exhale. Knees can be up or down. Lower all the way slowly to your belly. Bring your hands by your
low ribs, little cobra. Press all 10 toenails
down, butt toward heels. And then lower down. Keep the belly pulling in. Inhale, little higher cobra if you can. Look to the right. If it bothers your back, stay lower. Keep lengthening tailbone to heels. Come to center and lower down. Inhale, come up again. Roll shoulders back and down, looking over the left shoulder, stretching the neck here, and then coming back down. Keep the hands by the low ribs. Inhale, we either low cobra or to updog. If you’re in updog, thighs
and knees off the floor, then tuck the toes, stretch back into Adho mukha svanasana, downward facing dog. Now, look forward, bend the knees, and step your feet to your hands. Then inhale, hands to shins,
lengthen your spine, look up. Exhale, fold. Bend the knees as much as you need to. Press down through the feet
and rise up on your inhale. And exhale, to the front of your mat,
hands at heart’s center. Then bring your arms down. Feet parallel, hips’ distance or together. Inhale, sweep the arms out around and up. As you exhale, hinge from your hips and fold forward over your legs. On your inhale, come halfway
up, lengthen the spine. Exhale, make your way into plank pose, and lower slowly,
chaturanga, knees up or down. Inhale, upward dog or low cobra. Now come back to plank. Either stay here and hold it or halfway down, press back to
plank, and then to down dog. So a little extra strength for you in your surya namaskar A today. Stretching back. Keep the belly lifted, even
out your breath and look up. Hips high as you lightly
step or float feet to hands. Lengthen halfway up. Exhale to fold. Press through the feet. Inhale, reach up, keep
the ribs and belly in. Exhale, hands to heart. Again, inhale, sweep the arms up. And exhale. Hinge from your hips
to fold over the legs. On the inhale, lengthen
the spine, look up. As you exhale, step to
plank and chaturanga. Shoulders no lower than elbows. Then inhale to press into updog or cobra. As you exhale, make your way to plank. Either stay or chaturanga,
press up to plank, and downward facing dog. So if it’s too much to
take that extra chaturanga, hold plank or you could do
it with your knees down. Keep stretching back
to lengthen the spine. Spread your fingers wide. Press into the base of the fingers. Lift up through your
forearms as you breathe here, and then exhale everything out. Step forward on your
inhale, lengthen halfway up. Exhale, and fold in. Root through the feet. Inhale, reach all the way up, and exhale, bring the hands down. One more. Inhale, sweep the arms up. As you exhale, hinge from
your hips and fold forward. On your inhale, look up to lengthen. As you exhale, step or
float back, chaturanga. If you float back, please bend the elbows. Inhale, upward dog or cobra. Exhale, plank, either hold it or double dipping chaturanga. Press up and stretch into the down dog. Breathing here. As you press into the base of the fingers and you lift through your forearms, try to turn your outer
upper arms, triceps back, and lift your inner upper
arms, biceps forward. Look up, hips high,
lightly step or hop up, then inhale, lengthen. Exhale to fold. Press down, inhale with
a long spine, reach up. Exhale. And pause here, feet hips’ width. Now bring your right arm down and reach left arm in line with your stretch to the side body. Keep the legs firm, keep
lengthening tailbone to heels as you spin your inner thighs back. Come to center, inhale, lengthen. Then exhale, left arm down. Reach the right arm over,
stretching the side body. Try to keep your hips level. Inhale, come back up. And exhale, bringing hands to heart’s. Back to tadasana at the front of the mat. And inhale. Feet together or hips’ distance. Bend the knees, drop the hips, utkatasana. Exhale, fold forward and
straighten your legs any amount. Look up, inhale. Look up, step or float. Chaturanga tandasana. Then inhale to press your
hands and feet, updog or cobra. Exhale to downdog. As you inhale, right away,
step your right foot up, spin your back heel down for warrior one. Pull the right hip back. Exhale, ride your breath down,
chaturanga, one big breath. Then inhaling, upward dog,
shoulders over wrists. Exhale, back to down dog. One big breath here, left foot steps back, heel is down, warrior one. So one big inhale through all of that. And exhale, lower back
down, chaturanga tandasana. Inhale, press through the hands and feet, open the front of the body. Exhale, stretch all the way back again, downward facing dog. Any time you want to
break, please push pause, take a child’s pose. It’s always, always an option. even out the breath here, draw in through the ribs and belly, look up, hips high. Step or hop feet to hands, inhale. Lengthen the spine. Exhale, forward fold. Bend the knees, drop the hips
on your inhale for chair pose, utkatasana. And then back to samastitihi. Again, bend the knees,
inhale, drop the hips. Exhale, fold, utanasana. Inhale, ardhautanasana, look up. Exhale, step or float,
chaturanga tandasana. Inhale, urdhva mukha svanasana, updog. Exhale, to downward dog. Right away, inhale, right foot steps. One long breath all the way up. And then exhale. Chaturanga tandasana, one long exhale. Inhale, make it a full breath, updog. And exhale, back, down dog. Inhale, right away, left foot steps. It’s a long inhale all the way up. And then exhale to lower back down. You got to do this one long breath, and then full inhale to upward facing dog. Exhale to downward facing dog. Even out the breath
here, inhales and exhales equal in length. Pull in through the ribs and belly, lift up on the pelvic floor muscles as you stretch our your spine. Try to stay with the breath. Look forward, step or hop as you inhale, come halfway up ardhautanasana. Then exhale, fold. On your inhale, bend the
knees, drop the hips, utkatasana, reaching up. Then samastitihi, come to standing. Step your feet hips’ distance apart. Bring your hands to your hips. On your inhale, look up, lengthen. Exhale, hinge from your hips, grab your big toes with
your first two fingers. Lengthen the spine, look up, and then fold on your exhale. Bend your knees if you need to. If you can straighten the legs, then shift your weight toward the balls of your feet so your hips are right above your heels. Crown of the head is reaching down, pull in through your belly, lift it in and up. Shoulders away from ears. Inhale, halfway up. Exhale, grab your hips. Inhale, come all the way to standing. Back to tadasana at the front of the mat. Feet together or hips’ width apart. Then we’re gonna balance. Grounding down through your left leg. Pick up your right foot, take it anywhere above or below your knee. Anywhere but on the knee
joint for tree pose. Find a steady focal point, reach up through the arms if you can. Draw the front ribs in, lengthen through the back body, now pin your left hip in toward center as you drop your right hip down. Breathing, now point the knee
forward and extend the leg. Pull it up as high as you can comfortably, but keep your hips right above, or shoulders right above hips. Dropping outer right hip down. And then release it. Release the arms, ground down now through your right leg, left foot up anywhere below
the right knee or above it. Anywhere at all is fine,
just not on the knee joint. Inhale, sweep the arms up. Now pin your right hip in towards center and drop your left hip down. Keep a steady gaze, bend
your triceps forward. And now point the knee forward, then extend the leg. As you lift it up, keep
dropping that left hip down. Keep hips above heels,
try not to lean back. And bend the knee, release, good work. Back to tadasana at the front of the mat. Then inhale. Reach up, urdhva hastasana, exhale, and fold forward. On your inhale, lengthen
the spine look up. Exhale, step or float through, chaturanga. And inhale, press up
through the hands and feet, and exhale to downward dog. This time we’ll lift the
right leg back and up, coming up onto the ball of the left foot as you bring your knee
forward, shoulders over wrists, and then step it lightly forward. Stay on the ball of the back
foot for high lunge crescent. Take a moment, bend the back
knee, tilt the pelvis forward, then straighten it, pulling
your right hip back. Reach up tall through all
four sides of the waist. Now bend your right elbow, take your left hand on top of that elbow, you can stay with that or
bring the left arm behind. To clasp hands, hold your
shirt or grab a strap. Roll your left shoulder back. Make sure your right
knee is above your ankle this whole time. Now take the back foot flat. Keep your arms as they are, warrior two, line up front heel and back arch. Drop your right hip down. Lift your back, inner thigh up, then release the arms out, and drop the left arm,
reverse your warrior. Bend into your right knee. Keep reversing, straighten right leg, slowly stretch the side body. Inhale, set up for triangle pose, shorten the stance if you like to. Cringe from the hip crease, reach, reach out and down. Stretch up through the left arm. So right hand can go to your shin, foot, floor, or a block. Lengthen all four sides of the waist, especially from your right
hip through your right armpit. Look up at your top hand if
it’s okay with your neck. Release, bend the knee, chaturanga. Inhaling, upward dog or cobra, exhaling, downward dog. Let’s do the left side. Inhale, left leg back and
up from the inner thigh. Exhale, bring it forward. Come way up onto the
ball of your right foot. Round your back a little bit. And then looking at the left hand, lightly step the foot there. Stand the ball your back foot
as your rise up on the inhale. Bend the back knee, tilt
the pelvis forward a little, then keep that length you created as you straighten the back leg. Make sure the left knee is over the ankle. Now bend your left elbow, take your right hand on top of it. You can stay here for
your shoulder stretch or bring right arm out to the
side and behind your back. Clasping hands, holding your shirt, holding the strap, whatever works. Keep reaching the left arm up. Tricep spins forward toward your face and roll right shoulder back. Let’s take the back foot flat, line up heel to arch, warrior two. Continue making sure knee is over ankle and pointed over the middle toes. Press the back thigh back and lift back inner thigh up. Release the arms, reverse your warrior. Drop the right arm,
bend into the left knee. Now keep reversing as you
straighten the left leg. Take an exhale here, next inhale, come up. Set up for triangle. Shorten the stance if you like. I like more stability, so I shorten it. Hinge from your hip crease. Reach, reach, reach out and then down. Left hand to shin, foot, floor, or block. Stretch through the right arm. Shoulders in line with each other. Look up to the right hand
unless it bothers your neck. Lengthen from your hip crease
through the left armpit. Keep drawing the left hip under you, and then bend the knee, chaturanga tandasana. Inhale, press through your hands and feet. Exhale, tuck the toes,
making your way back. Downward facing dog. Stretch back here and then look forward, and come to seated, stepping or hopping. We’ll set up for bridge. Heels under knees, feet
hips’ width and parallel, toes in a little. Pressing into the heels, come on up, grab the sides of your
mat, roll shoulders under. You can keep that or
interlace your fingers. And keep lengthening your sitting bones toward the backs of your knees. Spiraling your thighs toward each other. Pull the belly in, keep
the low belly engaged. And then slowly lower down, soles of feet together, knees apart. With a hand on your heart’s
center, hand on your belly, breathe here, think of something
you’re grateful for today, anything at all. And let’s set up again. Feet hips’ width, heels under knees. Pull the belly in as you lift into bridge, you can hold the sides of
the mat or interlace fingers as the shoulders roll under first. Then spin your inner
thighs toward one another. Lengthen sitting bones
toward backs of knees. Keep your neck long. Draw your front ribs down. Absorb them into your body. Release, roll down. Soles of feet together, knees apart, hand on the heart’s
center, hand on the belly. Think of your heart’s desire. What is it that you would
really love to have, do, or be? And then this last one, grab
your block if you have one, we’re gonna take it right
to the base of the spine. Supported bridge, and then
we’re lifting the legs. So in a moment as you’re ready, start to lift your legs
up toward the ceiling or toward the sky if you’re outside. And keep the legs together. Spin your inner thighs toward each other just like you did in bridge. Lift up through the balls of your feet or flex the ankles and lift through heels. This one is great for
relaxing the nervous system. Start to bend the knees. Come down, lift off your block, and then we’ll hug knees
into chest, apanasana. As you grab your knees, also grab a strap if you have one handy, or use a towel or whatever you have and take it to the ball
of your right foot, extending the right leg up. Bend your left knee,
left foot on the floor, you can keep it there or
extend your left leg out, toes point up. Draw your right hip
forward, so hips are level. Now take left hand onto left hip and open the right leg to the right. Keep your left hip down, look over your left shoulder
unless it bothers your neck. And then inhale, center,
switch hands with your strap, exhale, twist. Bring it over to the left and
look over your right shoulder. Inhale, bring it back to center, and exhale, release it,
bend your right knee. Sole of the foot onto the floor, strap to the ball of the left foot. Reach that up, draw left hip forward. Extend right leg forward,
or you can keep it bent. Breathe here, stretching
out the hamstrings. Now keep your right hand on your right hip as you open the leg to the left, look over the right shoulder. Nice stretch for the hip as
we slow down and cool down. Inhale, leg to center,
switch hands with your strap. Exhale, and twist. Looking over the left shoulder. If it bothers your neck, of
course, look straight up. Bring it back to center as you inhale, and then release it,
put it off to the side. Bend the knees, draw your sitting bones toward your heels to lengthen your spine, making
sure it’s nice and long, into shavasana. Extend the legs, arms by your sides, let your feet flop open. Close your eyes, get comfy. Our quote today comes
from Thich Nhat Hanh, “When we practice smiling
peacefully and calmly, “our peace can permeate
the entire universe. “The source of a true
smile is an awakened mind.” Relax, we’ll be back very shortly. In to take longer breaths as you move through your hands and your feet. Make a long stretch through
your arms and your legs. Bend your knees, roll yourself off to your right for a moment, feeling that calm, that peacefulness. And thank yourself for
taking your practice. Come on up, get a comfortable
seat, bring hands together. Let’s bring our hands to
the forehead to remind us to have clear and loving thoughts. Our hands to the heart’s center to remind us to have clear
and loving intentions. And the hands to the mouth, reminding us to have clear
and loving communications, and let’s send this positive energy out to all beings everywhere. Namaste, the light in
me recognizes and honors the light in you. Bye. I hope you enjoyed your
yoga practice today. Did you know that I’ve
created an alignment course specifically for yogis
who practice at home? I am a registered yoga teacher, and I’m registered at the 500-hour level with the experienced certification, which means that I lead teacher trainings, and I’ve done this for
close to 10 years now, I’ve led dozens of trainings. I’ve created an alignment course to help you stay safe in
your practice at home. In fact, it’s been called a must-have for yogis who practice at home. I want to give you the first day of the alignment course for free. All you got to do is click the link in the description below, the first one that you see, enter your email address, and
I will send it right over. And, if you liked today’s
video, push the like button, and comment, and let me know
what you liked about it. And if there are parts that
you’re struggling with, tell me about that too. I want to know so I can help you. Don’t forget to push the subscribe button and that little bell, click
that as well so that you know whenever there’s a new video for you because I’m gonna be uploading
new videos every week and they will help you to get
stronger and more flexible in your body and in your mind.

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