2018 Women’s Health Golf Classic

Good afternoon. Thank you for coming to the 2018 Women’s
Health Golf Classic. Your continued support for Sunnybrook’s
Odette Cancer Program is most appreciated. Sunnybrook offers one of the largest and most
highly specialized breast cancer care programs in the world. This is only possible with the help of friends
like you. Since 2003, this tournament has raised more
than $2.5 million, thanks to a dedicated group of participants and volunteers. This year, the tournament is supporting Sunnybrook’s
PYNK Program. PYNK delivers breast cancer care and conducts
research to address the unique needs of women age 40 and younger. Dr. Calvin Law, chief of the Odette Cancer
Program, will explain more about the program momentarily. First however, I want you to meet Limore,
one of the patients at the Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre, who knows the impact
of PYNK firsthand. My life before my cancer diagnosis was really
awesome. I have three girls, age 8, 6 and 4, and I
have an amazing husband. I was diagnosed December 21st, 2016. It was devastating. It was really devastating. Really hard. I was introduced to the PYNK program on day
one. What the PYNK program did is offer me advice
and support on how to get through a cancer diagnosis and through the treatment, but for
someone who’s young. A woman my age and younger, we tend to have
young careers, we tend to have young families, we tend to have a husband or a partner and
our lifestyles are very active and it requires a very certain amount of understanding from
the care people and the doctors and everything. I always knew that PYNK was there. So if I needed to make a phone call at any
time of the day, to hear encouraging words, to hear advice… If I wanted to connect with other people,
if I had that need, they offer so much. And you don’t realize how much that voice
of support helps you get through. And knowing that you’re not alone. Today I’m doing amazing. I appreciate every little moment that much
more. If I wake up in the morning and it’s a beautiful
day and I get a hug from my kid, I just go wow, that’s remarkable. I almost didn’t have that. The care that I received at Sunnybrook was
beyond what I could imagine. So patient-centric. I really felt like I was cared for on a deep
level from everyone, from my doctors, nurses, to the woman that was cleaning the rooms. Sunnybrook loves its patients. I felt loved and cared for. As Limore said, at Sunnybrook, we pride ourselves
on personalizing care for our patients. That’s why we started PYNK, the first program
of its kind in Canada for young women with breast cancer. PYNK offers specialized treatment and organizes
support groups for patients and their families. We also conduct research to improve outcomes
and reduce impact on patients’ lives. Your support today will help us enhance PYNK
services and resources for women like Limore. This is another great day for Sunnybrook. For the past 15 years, the Women’s Health
Golf Classic has supported breast cancer research, patient care and innovation at Sunnybrook. We are grateful to every golfer, sponsor and
volunteer for continuing to make this tournament a success, year after year. A big thank you to the co-chairs of this event,
Anne Odette Kaye and Marilyn Hull. You and your committee are amongst our most
dedicated volunteers, and we appreciate all you’ve done and continue to do for the patients
at this great hospital. As you know, Sunnybrook is committed to inventing
the future of health care, and we do that thanks to your support. I want to thank you, all of you, at the Women’s
Health Golf Classic. Thank you!

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