#22 – DEVLOG – Stamina, Vitres et Environnements

Howdy comrades, and welcome to our 22nd Devlog ! Let’s start already withthe new features we managed to add : First, let’s talk weak points. When the Engi’s shields are depleted, if you shoot him in the back (in the kind of battery he holds), it creates an EMP centered around him that deals damage over time to him and every nearby unit. Then, the Suicide now has an energy capsule that he’s supposed to detonate when in close range of a player, but we can now detonante it from a distance by shooting it, possibly granting us a multikill if enemies are clustered. We also added destructible objects, glass panes of various shapes and sizes. We still need to work on the shader, but the whole logic behind their shattering is here. They act as walls as long as they aren’t destroyed, but as soon as you shatter it, you can then go through, break it in even smaller pieces… What’s cool with them too, is that you can dash THROUGH them, effectively breaking them without interrupting your dash. Pretty neat. To add more feeling to the whole glass pane thingie, If something happens to explode near them, they shatter (like in reality), creating like a shockwave, and it really gives a.. Real feeling to it. Plus it looks cool. With Brieuc whose right there, we’re working on the HUD taking into account every criticism we got during the FEFFS. There’s tons of things to change, like the score counter, now in the top left corner, with a distinct hue, the Protosyn one, so that players can stop mistaking it with the shield counter. We’re also reviewing the stamina display, because there was none before and since we changed how the stamina functions in game, we need to display it. We’re globally trying to make everything look cleaner, be it gear Icons… Everything. Tons of stuff to do, and we’ll show it to you when it’s done. About Stamina, we changed the way it functions, you will now have 3 stacks that recharge themselves over time. 1 stack equals 1 action, be it jump, dash, etc… No more “jetpack” jump, where you need to hold the key to go higher. Now you can double Jump, as long as you have 2 stacks and you come from the floor. Same goes with the dash. Fixed distance, 3 uses max in a row. It’s pretty much the same, gameplay-wise but way easier to understand. Easier to use, too. I’m pretty much done with the damage localization, meaning that when we take dmg, an arrow indicating the direction of the damage dealer pops. For instance, if the mark appears on the right, It means (you guessed it) that damage comes from the right. If it appears on the bottom, damage comes from behind. Basic Stuff. I’ve used a shader to do it, with 4 directions possible, that can be animated without pictures. We’ve also upgraded to Unreal 4.20, more precisely 4.20.3 because 3 patches already came out. Fmod didn’t do anything weird, we managed to compile everything.. All good ! 4.20 comes with a few new features, that Brieuc might use to make the UI better, with a new curve system, and it’s super cool to make pretty animations and stuff. We made tons of progress on the 3D side too, But I’m gonna let Thiébaut talk about it !
*Caster switch*
So, about the whole modelling side, we made new environments recently. We started with the Hyperloop : A ginormous corridor that will host a big futuristic transport system, named… The Hyperloop. We started with this one, because it was simple and the easiest to understand for everyone. Level design-wise, it’s just a corridor made of blocks, and they’re simple to place. We’re keeping the same Artistic Direction when it comes to the “Laboratory”, meaning clean environment, electronic components everywhere, And mostly white and blue-ish. Right now, we’re making anew the spawn room, and Antoine and Yoan are the ones working on it. We have started revamping some environments, because we want to amp up the graphic quality of the game, but also to adapt to the new level design system, as we spoke in recent videos. With our new block system, we’re gonna be able to use much more settings which means we’ll be able to create many more maps, and it should be easier to do so. Right now, the biggest difficulty is the scaling. In the gamer we have a scaling that’s quite big even though you might not notice it. We might encounter big units that need 5 meters-wide corridors and doors, and since we’re in a fast fps we need to move quick and not be hindered by the environment all the time. We need big distances to move properly, if we don’t have them, it can render the game unplayable. Our challenge is now to make enormous environment, and detail them in a way that won’t hinder the player, and make them aware that they aren’t just human sized. Like doors, control panels anything human-sized We’re kind of hoping it will be enough because the only other way would be to change every shape of every block of environment, and that will prove to be a pain in the backside. You might have seen it, but we’re revamping all of our weapons too. We started with the Light Laser, because it was a simple one shape-wise, so it was mostly texturing which wasn’t too long. Since the Light Laser is supposed to appear in a different setting, the industrial quarter, the Artistic Direction is way more loaded in details, with screws, rusted metal, So even though it’s looking way different from our actual scenery, it’ completely normal, since it’s supposed to appear in a totally different quarter, industrial looking. We’re trying to improve our graphic level wth this change to the weapons, adding tons of little detail with painting, To make them more vibrant, and less like they’re part of the scenery. We’ll do the same with characters, and we already did it for the whole Helper/Engi/Raptor… package. They very distinct from the environment from the get-go, and that’s a good thing. Don’t want to miss them. That’s something they did too in The legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. Talking about concepts, Clément is pretty much done with the main character. He’s now looking super badass, way more charisma ! Mostly because it’s not some kind of UFO, but a real humanoid robotic thing, making it easier to identify ourselves. We’re really hoping it will catter to y’all. The next challenge, is to make heavier forms of this character, for the medium and heavy versions, they’re the project for the next few weeks. Also, we managed with Brieuc to establish an directive on the whole package of special capacities’ icons. Clear colours, like red for damage abilities, blue for defensive/shield ones, yellow for movement-related skills, and finally green, for evrything that’s akin to utility, helping allies, taking control of units.. So yeah, as you probably understood by now, we’re trying to polish our game as much as possible, because we have a pre-alpha coming soon, like, November. We’re trying to include not so much a huge number of features, but at least making the few ones already in it really cool looking and as near as possible to the end product. As for me, I’ll be in Paris to attend the Game Connection and I’ll visit the Paris Games Week too, but only to discuss with people, observe the industry in general, trivial stuff. Next saturday, we’re making an AMA live on Twitch, So come and ask us everything you want, and if you can’t attend the live, put them in the comments, we’ll answer them. And of course, a few days later the thing will be on Youtube to watch. Woops, forgot something. *calls me* Vyvy ! heh, he’s hiding. Ta-taaaa~ That’s Vyvy, our new Community Manager (totally not expecting to be seen, sorry guys !) ‘Yo !’ All right, that’s everything for this devlog, see you soon, and in the meantime, don’t forget : “Toutes les carottes du monde sont cuites !” (Lyrics from a french rap song by Fianso 😉 )

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  1. Simple question, le personnage principal, c'est une IA ? Si oui, elle a sa propre conscience ? Si oui, est-ce qu'il a une histoire ? Et aussi, y aura-t-il 4 personnages principaux pour le mode coop avec chacun une histoire propre ?)

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