22 Min HIIT Strength and Cardio Workout at Home – Cardio and Strength Training Workouts – Weight

hey everybody
it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 22 Min HIIT Strength and Cardio Workout at Home Cardio and Strength Training Workouts Weight workout the only equipment required for this routine is a
pair of dumbbells and the way that you’ll use will be completely dependent
upon your fitness levels now for today’s routine I will be providing the easier
modifications this workout is divided up into four parts first we’re going to do
a light warm-up followed by some strength training then we’re going to do
a cardio round get your heart rate up and burn some calories and lastly we’re
going to do a cool-down stretching routine let’s get started we’re going to
get your heart rate up to start I’m going to do some jumping jacks and
Claudia is going to do a butt kick back my version is a little higher impact you
decide which one is right for you today throughout the course of this routine
we’re not going to count any reps so it’s really just working at a nice
little warm-up pace really in depend on your fitness level
whichever variety you choose making sure to stay nice and light on the balls of
your feet keeping a slight bend in your knees keeping good posture and again
just working at your own pace just to reiterate this is not the main workout
yet so exactly no reason to push it just warm it up here getting your mind right
staying focused on this workout to come all right move into the next one here
and five four three two one nice ok I’m going to grab my light hand weights the
next one Claudia is just going to use her own body weight we’re going to bend
over on a 45 degree angle we have our thumbs up and we’re going to do a tea
swing so bet from a bent over position get those arms straight just raise them
out to the side until your arms are parallel to the ground keeping those
thumbs up and you decide which variation is right for you today keeping your
weight back in your hips it’s going to work your legs a little bit – that’s
good this is a great one to get a little shoulder mobility here into the warm-up
as well let’s do this one for 10 more seconds
good let’s go five four three two one and zero okay I’m going to set these
down we’re doing a side to side punch cloudy is going to do a quarter squat
side to side punch I’m going to do a full squad and punch you decide which
variation is right for you but I want you to punch all the way across your
body and get that twist get that rotation
whichever squat variety you choose only and make sure you bend it back at those
hips first hips Bend back and then bend at your knees good make sure you keep
your knees out and prevent them from collapsing in very common mistake is
letting those knees come in on the squat don’t let it happen good want to have
healthy knees that’s right let’s hit this one four five four three two one
okay next we’re going to move into a standing arm challah we’re going to bend
over on a 45 degree angle and now we’re going to extend our arms out with our
thumbs down sweep across our body and then extend our arms back forward it’s
almost like a swimming move called an arm hauler great way to warm up those
shoulders as well as your back so thumbs are down as you sweep and swim think
your hands and elbows tight into your body while you extend your arms straight
forward nice keep it up okay let’s hit this one for ten more seconds excellent
work everybody thinking about that workout you got coming up you’re going
to crush it absolutely going to crush it all right let’s go three two one zero
all right standing straight up slight bend our knees hands are up overhead I’m
going to reach over and do us cross over toe touch Claudia’s going to do a
crossover knee touch you decide which one is right for you based on your
flexibility just keeping a slight bend in that knee as you bend over let your
hips using your hips like a hand he’s that opposite I had a sidearm nice
and straight kid knows hamstrings warmed up hamstrings glutes lower back past all
getting stretched out back there in the posterior chain nice again focusing on
that workout you got coming up all right here we go let’s hit this one four five
more seconds almost there guys almost nice and warm three two one and zero
nice work need two dumbbells you got them I’m
going to split stance Claudia’s two feet fifty-fifty we’re both dropping down and
then we’re going to press twister hands hands start facing our chin and then
we’re going to use that energy from our legs pressed right up overhead you
decide if you’re ready for a split squat or a traditional squat today
you decide which one is right for you palms start facing your chin and as you
press overhead go ahead and twist and rotate those hands inward and they’re
facing forward good doing that squat make sure you’re getting the weight back
in your hips every time breathe you got it let’s switch if you’re doing one at a
time otherwise keep it moving you got it knows what those knees collapse in make
sure they’re out nice and strong and out showing what that would look like
Claudia so if they’re going to collapse in C our knees get weak and they go
something like this which is a big no-no keep them out press out on those knees
hips are nice and open good you got it guys let’s go ten more
seconds on this one let’s go come on how many can you get by through five four
three two one all right row in the same move to the next one that’s an RT L plus
a row so it’s just the weight that you’re using
Peter shoulder-width apart a little bit in the knees kick those hips back down
row pull back mail both hips forward so butt back pull back in the elbows stand
up hips back bro hips forward notice how
we’re keeping a small bend in our knees the whole movement so
we’re not squatting down as we come down but instead breaking a clamp just
breaking that the hips using those hips as a hinge and pressing those hips back
behind you like you’re trying to touch that wall behind you with your glutes
good keep your back straight core tight we get a little Gusev squeeze
at the top yeah how are you good what we do that’s
right cleave him squeeze those glutes right
there at the top nice work guy come on keep it up what do
you got today put it all out there no holding back one rep into the next right
here focus on what brought you here focus on
your goals something brought you here today don’t forget about it keeping your
mind in the back your mind at the front of your mind you wake up in the morning
you go to bed at night only thing you’re thinking about right here let’s go you
got it guys you got it let’s go five more seconds on this one that’s it and
three two one zero to the ground we go when you both dumbbells lying on our
backs Peter down I’m going to do one leg crossing Claudia is doing – we’re going
to press up off our heels and press the dumbbells overhead at the same time you
decide if you should be doing one leg or the two leg version either way I want
you to drive off that heel or heels squeezing your glutes and your
hamstrings up at the top try not to hyperextend or arch your back
good dumbbells all the way up all the way down and do not bounce your arms off
the ground on this one train nice and controlled you got it good keep moving
keep it moving so pompe moving I love these compound movements they’re fishing
guys so efficient more work and less time you’re doing one leg switch it up
and keep it moving halfway point good yeah definitely getting to stay
where you getting hamstrings glutes lower back ABS shoulders chest triceps
just to name a few guys that’s why you’re feeling it the way you
are because we’re working right here make no mistake no bones about it you’re
doing great keep it up no quit in you you’re a fighter not a quitter
prove it to yourself right here let’s go five more seconds four three two one
zero okay up on our feet because keeping that
pace up again same movement for both of us this time feet are wide slight
pointing out on your toes sumo does have weight back in your hips
pull up elbows high weight back in the hips pull up elbows high so it’s a sumo
deadlift plus upright row and on that upright row you’re pulling back on your
elbows I gave a string attached to I’m going straight up pulling straight up
good and use those legs to help weight back in the hips make sure that you’re
sitting back and keeping your feet flat don’t come forward on your toes right
sit back weight is in your hips and your heels
good keep it up everybody I know this is too much for you with weights drop your
weight that’s right you keep moving do the same thing just drop the weight
still going to get a good great workout oh you haven’t noticed your legs are
probably screaming ours are – you’re not we’re right there with you
thousands maybe millions doing the same thing at home feel that same pain you
are you’re not specially not unique we’re all feeling it come on let’s go
you got this come on you got it got to be stronger than your excuses right now
got to be stronger it’s in your head let’s go let’s go five four three two
one zero let’s work on our arms next then over at a 45 degree angle combo
we’re going to curl elbows are up curl pinkies in then extend pinkies out
squeeze your triceps curls tricep kickback curl tricep kickback and on
this one keep your core tight little bend your knees you can get a little bit
of leg work in at the same time draw that belly button in towards that back
so keep those elbows up and ideally you’re trying to keep you
upper arm parallel to the ground curl squeeze the biceps squeeze your
triceps back whoo one into the next what do you got what do you made of let’s go
put it all out there guys no hold them back if you want to accomplish your
goals it’s going to take work not going to be handed to you but guess what right
here you’re putting it in no giving up you’re putting it in keep going you’re
doing great let’s go last ten seconds on this almost
there getting closer every rep getting closer getting closer five four three
two one zero nice work we’re ready for that thing I’m
going to do is a skater so no way it’s needed here to start just our own
bodyweight I’m going to be jumping side to side stand light and on the balls of
my feet I’m just going to do the modified steps a little more lower
impact but we’re just moving from side to side like Coach cozec is just
throwing our legs to the back so you decide which impact is which version is
right for you today but either way I want you to emphasize pushing off and
taking off on the balls of your feet and staying light on your feet now the trend
today we’re not counting any repetitions we’re just going to get as many reps in
as you can in a lot of time period so we’re breathing side to side for 10 more
seconds again give me as many in as you can good and five four three two one
zero to the ground we go we’re going to move into a bear plank position just up
on all fours knees are bent and I’m going to do a bear plank kick through
where Claudia is going to do a bear plank step back you decide which one of
these two moves is right for you I’m kicking through rotating at my core
where Claudia is just stepping back to right and left leg remember to breathe
through this exercise anytime you’re down on all fours like this exactly it’s
very easy to hold your breath and totally forget about breathing
and we’ll catch up with you good Lu both excellent total body cardio moves share
breathe getting again getting as many as you can in and a lot of time keeping
that core tight for 10 more seconds on this one guys almost there and five four
three two one zero we’re up on our feet I’m going to do a forward and back
happen where Claudia is going to step forward and step back so again hers is
more low impact version mine’s a little higher we’re both being light and on the
balls of our feet that’s the goal so I’m just jumping forward and back like
you’re just going over an imaginary line exactly seen with her right so if you
have a line forward and back over that line good come on let’s go get that
heart rate up we can feel it we feel it working already good whatever what
you’re doing push yourself because nobody else can do
it for you it’s up to you right here let’s go keep a slight bend in your knee
as you perform the movement good let’s go last ten seconds on this one
let’s go you got it you got it keep it moving
almost there in five four three two one zero
to the ground we go again I’m going to be up on all fours Claudia is going to
be underneath doing it’s called the Davies test I’m going to swipe my hand
left hand over my right in my right hand over my left you’re just trying to move
that hand across as fast as you can again it’s all about speed and how many
of these can you get in a lot of time frame keep your core tight shoulders
Square and don’t stop moving good don’t drag your hand across the
floor we’re not literally sweeping the floor
you’re just making like the sweeping motion exactly the kind of hard putting
the words on sweepers about the best word we could come up with sleeps wipe
just go fast go back just move come on let’s go guys
whoo you got it almost there let’s go ten more seconds on this one let’s go
keep a little bend in your elbows the whole time core stays tight back stay
straight you got it right here good don’t let that butt sink three two one
zero good news and bad news news is we get to
stay here bad news is this one’s Thanks I’m going to do a moving mountain climb
where I’m going to go from left to right Claudia is going to do a little modified
mountain climber where she’s going to step forward and step back you decide
which one of these variations is right yeah say you what being up in this
position not easy no it isn’t nobody said it’s going to be easy but it’s
going to be worth it guys come on gonna be worth it bring those knees into your
chest good don’t stop keep going keep fighting
almost there so that’s ten seconds on this one it’s go guys can’t I come on
five four three two one zero good we’re going to start with a wall
bent arm stretch so you need to make your way on over to a wall with your
elbow bent at a 90 degree angle then place your hand flat on that wall now as
we bring ourselves closer to that wall we’re going to feel stretch in our
shoulder and in our chest try your best to go ahead and keep that elbow bent at
a 90 the closer to you are to the wall the more you’ll feel the stretch the
further away the last little stretch and if you need some more stretch you can do
so by opening your body up and turning away we’re holding this one and let’s
just go ahead and breathe four three two one-zero excellent let’s go ahead and
switch and do the opposite side now again starting with that hand placed on
the wall elbows bent at a 90 degree angle and closer we get to that wall
more of a stretch we feel this one’s great for stretching out your chest as
well as your shoulders the muscles that get really tight when you’re hunched
over four hours of the day whether it’s driving on your cell phone at the
computer whatever it may be and let’s hold this one four three two one and
zero excellent go ahead and shake that one
loose that was a good one start with we’re going to go to the ground for the
next one or in do a lying angel so go ahead and lie down on your
back place your hands above your head elbows flat down on the ground and I
want you to drag those elbows and your hands straight down in towards your body
while keeping your arms flat on the ground when you reach the furthest point
go ahead and stretch them straight up overhead and on this one we’re trying
our best to keep contact with the floor throughout the move full range of motion
nice and controlled other note on this one is I want you to try to go ahead and
keep your lower back flat on the ground you don’t want a big arch happening
while you’re doing this one which is I know hard to do so it doesn’t look like
much but it is a great one for overall shoulder mobility pull those elbows in
towards your side and then stretch all the way overhead and as you’re going
through this one you’ll feel your range of motion and your mobility improve rep
by Rep and a little bit looser every time and again trying your best to avoid
arching that lower back are allowing that lower
back to come too high off the ground let’s do this one for three
– 1 & 0 excellent shaking it loose so it’s go
ahead and come up now we’re going to come on to all fours next we’re going to
perform a cat cow so on all on your hands and on your knees let’s go ahead
and make sure those hands are underneath our chests in a tabletop position here
we’re going to bring our chin up at the same time I want you to draw that belly
down to the ground and bring your gluts up to the sky and once you reach the top
position let’s reverse it this time I want you to bring that chin into your
chest and at the same time I want you to act like somebody’s got a string in the
middle of it your back and they’re pulling up on that middle of your back
just feeling that back stretch as you bring the chin into the chest and
reverse it again this time that chin goes up to the ceiling as you draw that
belly button down to the floor and it’s just one into the necks nice and
controlled on this one no rush breathe feel that stretch on
both sides of this one but we still really want to maintain a nice tight
core as we’re doing this cat cow movement I always like to think of
you’re pulling your belly button into your spine as you’re performing all of
these movements core stays nice and tight and let’s do this one four three
two one and zero are excellent okay coming up onto our knees now next we’re
going to stretch our hip flexors closed come up onto one knee both knees are
bent at a 90 degree angle first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to
squeeze your glutes in the back so I both glutes go ahead and squeeze next
we’re going to squeeze your abs in the front now just doing that alone you
probably already feeling that stretch in your quad and your hip flexor if you’re
not or if you need more now go ahead and gently and slowly bring your hips
forward not too much not a lot of range of motion in this one and you feel that
stretch up and down your hip flexor and in your quad just be sure to keep your
core abs tight and your glutes tight throughout go just squeeze and breathe
that’s it let’s hit this one four three two one zero
good all right let’s do that opposite side now opposite side leg up again 90
degree angles looking nice and pretty that squeeze those glutes squeeze those
ABS and now the hips come forward excellent
now you could you know if you didn’t squeeze your glutes and you didn’t
squeeze your abs you could easily just go ahead and drop all the way forward we
don’t want to do that keep them squeezed and it’s really going to isolate that
hip flexor and make that hip flexor stretch excellent keep that good posture
straight up and down four three two one zero
excellent all right stand down I’m going to sit down on our back sides those legs
out in front of you I’m going to do a toe reach plus scarecrow so legs are out
straight trying to best to keep them flat down on the ground like you to
reach towards those toes and then come up arms overhead into a scarecrow pull
back and down on those elbows so big by stretching your posterior chain up good
posture head back hold out so one into the next between these two
movements of this little combo you’re really getting your entire posterior
chain nice and stretched out and again every time you do this one you feel that
mobility improving that range of motion improving you reach just a little bit
far further every time good I keep this one up
five more seconds one the next nice and controlled two one and zero nice thank
you so much for working out with us today if you like this workout you’ve
been working out with those for a while and you’re starting to see some results
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will see you at your next workout

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