290,753 Women Were Given Health Care Training in 2018

In 2018, nearly 300,000 women in Asia benefited through free health care training, through Gospel for Asia’s support. I can remember visiting a slum in Asia, and meeting a woman there. Her little boy was about two years old, just a tiny little guy, and his whole arm was black…and just covered in burns. He had fallen into a pot of water, that was set out on the floor to cook. And they didn’t really know how to care for him. I realized this woman, is going to be in just a few months, apart of a program that’s going to teach her what to do. Several years have passed since that program started. Hundreds and thousands of women now have gone through this training. And I know it’s changing women like her. It’s changing little guys like the one I got to meet. Thank you so much for praying and standing with us, and being part of all that the Lord is doing! You’re helping make a profound difference in lives of so many people. Thank you!

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