3 Powerful Steps to Building Your Mental Strength

over the years I’ve had a fortune of
spending time with the world’s most successful people on this planet of whom
have also come on to the show here at success insider to reveal their
strategies in regards to how they got to where they are today and what I’ve
realized from hanging around with these successful people as well as perceive
reinventing my life where I used to work as a toilet cleaner to truly being able to
live the life of freedom and abundance I live today is it all comes down to
whether or not you take action on the things that you learn and the things
that you know right now that you know the fact that that’s going to get you to
where you want to be because most people out there know what it is that they got
to do but they don’t follow through on it and so how do you follow through how
do you build this muscle you’ve got to develop your mental strength and this is
why I decided to break down the three ways you can do this today so have your
notepad ready have a pen handy because we’re gonna go through these three ways
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two months free trial now going on to the first point is to become aware become aware now why is becoming aware
important when it comes to building your mental strength it’s because of this if
you aren’t aware of this fact the fact that what got you to here in your
life I want you to think about the results you’re currently getting as well as the
results that you’re not happy with in your life maybe it’s in your finances
maybe it’s in your health love whatever it maybe think about this what got you to here isn’t going to get you to where you want
to be you must realize you have to unlearn the negative programmings to
get to where you truly want to be you have to become aware of the fact that
you are like a hamster on a wheel right now repeating the same thing day in and
day out and Einstein once said this insanity is doing the same thing over
and over and over again expecting different results and so you have become
aware of what’s happening your life right now interrupt this pattern that’s
going on to get to this new level going on to the second point is to look listen
sorry listen to the champion okay I can’t actually fit this okay listen to
the champion now I’m sure you’ve had occurrences in the past whereby you told
yourself you’re gonna do something maybe is within the health pillar you
said you know what tomorrow I’m gonna go to the gym nice and early so you set
the alarm clock for 5:00 a.m. and night before yours like ready you’re like yes
I’m gonna go do it I’m gonna lose all of this weight I’m gonna pack on
muscle and then what happens when the alarm clock went off at 5:00 a.m. it
probably went on the lines of this you told yourself you know what I’m so tired
right now maybe tomorrow you know what I’m so busy
today I’ve got to deal with this you know I can just leave this off till
tomorrow by you listening to label this by the way voice as a criticizer by you
listening to this criticizer voice you are literally postponing your level of
success because you may just think it’s just a gym that you’re procrastinating
on but realize how you do anything is how you do everything the moment you
wake up and you actually procrastinate guess what this ripples
throughout your entire day I’m sure those of you’ve actually procrastinated
on decisions before you can relate how the moment you procrastinate first in
the morning guess what it ripples and all the other
day you just end up procrastinating procrastinating procrastinating so you
have to start listening to the champion what’s a champion it’s not the voice
that tells you can’t champion is a voice that tells you you must do this you can
do this you will do this champion is that little voice that’s the guiding
star that’s trying to get you to truly live the life you’re born to live and
the problem nowadays is most people out there they’re not listening to a
champion they’re tuning into the criticizer and they’re thinking that
criticizer is them and that’s the problem
realize the champion is within you raise the volume to the champion listen to
that champions voice because that’s what’s trying to get you to that next
level because the criticizer prevents you from grabbing opportunities
criticizer comes up with tons of excuses criticizes always negative
realize our minds is always gonna point to the negative why because this
help is basically a survival mechanism it’s designed to make us survive it’s
always gonna go to negative so you have to listen to that positivity of the
champion yes it’s gonna be a whisper but raise that volume listen to it more
and take action on it and sooner than later you’ll find that you’re only
listening to this voice this is the reality for me today the reason why I’ve
been able to create the results I’ve created in my life only nine months ago
I was shy from actually being to speak publicly but today I literally
travel all around the world speaking on stages with the world’s most successful
people how because I took action not listening to the criticizer but
actually listening to the champion you to have to do the same insider now going
on to the second point is environment write this down environment I wanna call you out not because
I wanna hurt you offend you but because I care about you I won’t be doing these
videos every single week insider if I didn’t care about you this takes a lot
of my time out from you know running my businesses why do I do this because I
want you to truly live the life you’re born to live our mission here at success
success insider is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion
people by 2020 and we believe this is possible if I encourage you to take
action if I encourage you to actually start doing the things you know so let
me ask you this have you actually upgraded your friends have you actually
done it because I’m sure you’ve heard of the great quote that goes on the lines
of you become who you hang around with so are you actually hanging around with
people that you truly want to become or are you still stuck with your childhood
friends because your criticizer is coming out with all these BS excuses to
why you don’t wanna let them go realize what got you from A to B isn’t
necessarily gonna get you from C to D you have to do things differently if you
really wanna get to that next level realize success never rewards the weak
if you don’t wanna step up to the next level don’t sign up for the class
successful people go all-in are you all in right now because what I
found personally in my life is when I was hanging around with broke people
guess what I was broke today I hang around with incredibly successful people guess
what I’m becoming them right and so that’s the reality you have to upgrade
your peer group you’ve got to actually hang around with winners to become a
winner and so you have to invest in the mentor let me ask you have you invest in
a mentor have you actually put your money down to actually get advice from a mentor
if not you’re actually not doing the stuff that you know start taking action
my friend environment is everything your environment right now dictates how you
truly feel it dictates your mental strength and it just ah you just got to do it
you really do from personal experience this is what made the biggest different
difference changing my environment and so these are the three ways to build your
mental strength I hope you found this video helpful if you have please be sure
to click the like button and comment below in regards to any questions you’ve
got and if you want to actually like contribute and give share this video
with your friends so that they educate themselves as well life is all about
giving and contribution at the end of the day so insider I just wanna say as
always my friend follow your heart and take action and go live the life you’re
born to live see you on the next episode very soon take care

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