3 Stamina Exercises for Football Players

What is up Guys! Welcome back to the Channel You know what If you want to be a Footballer, You need to be fast.. and you need to be fit So today, we are gonna learn from a Professional Footballer 3 exercises to improve your stamina Ready ? Lets go! Okay today we are with Mr. Nandha He’s played for India Under 23, Tamil Nadu Santosh Trophy Player, He’s played for Premier Futsal Chennai team And then went on to play for Chennai City FC and now he’s with Delhi Dynamos ISL Club All this within one year! We’ve done a seperate interview of his story. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Click the card above So today, Nandha you are gonna teach me 3 exercises to improve stamina in Football Okay? Ready? For Football ,most imortant is Stamina. For that we will do core exercises First lets see 3 exercises to improve stamina Now let’s start the 3 exercises to improve your stamina 1st exercise is this..I will show you we need to do 3 sets and each set we need to do 6 repetitions Now let’s see the 2nd exercise. Its also a core exercise We need to do this continuously for 30 seconds. Do 3 sets of 30 seconds each No let’s see the last core exercise to improve your stamina Perform each side 8 counts and do 3 sets Okay guys,you saw 3 exercises to improve your stamina You know how tired i am now So this guy is totally fit because he’s an Indian Player. Obviously he’s gonna be fit So he tought you 3 exercises you can do at home to improve your stamina in football Please follow him on Instagram @nandhasss Follow him on Instagram . He’s an Indian Player, He plays for Delhi Dynamos Like this video and subscribe to the channel if you like the content I’ll see you guys again on another video

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  1. Thanks it helped me a lot.
    This exercise will sweat immediately.
    Do this exercise for one month seriously you will get the best result but along with this i also used to run

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