30-Minute Strength Follow-Along Workout

– Welcome to the follow-along
strength workout. We are so excited you’re here with us. This is my friend Joe,
this is my friend Karen. They are going to do the work
that makes sense for them, the same goes for you. You pick the exercises that work for you. You choose a weight with the dumbbells that are a little bit less
than you think you can use now. We can always add more later. We’ve got towels on our set, water, and then we will be
going down to the floor. If you can manage that,
if it’s okay for you. So maybe a mat to put under
your knees or a pillow. So, to get started, we’re just
going to do a light warmup. Set your feet. We’re going to bring our
hands up in front of us, and then really lightly
we’re just going to pull our shoulders open and then
we’re going to come back. So just that pace right there. Right, so, now that world
around us starts to melt away. We’re comin’ in, we’re going
to get good strength worker. Worker? Strength worker! Am I a worker of strength? I am, I am. So we’re just going to pull open one more. And then we’re going to
bring our hands together in front of us and we’re
just going to press up. You go as high as you feel comfortable. Pause, and then just bring it back down. We’re going to press up
again, reach for the sky, come back down. We’re going to go up and
this is where we just feel some opening maybe in
the sides of our body. Maybe we get a little
click in our shoulders. Not a painful click, that one that goes, oh yeah, that felt good, I’m ready to go. We’re going to do one
more hear, send it up. And we come down. Now we’re going to bring
our feet open a little. Then all we’ll do is put
our arms out to the side and then we’re going to
lean just a little bit, and we’re going to roll our hands. Yep, so we’re just going to
roll our hands and reach, that’s it, just a tiny lean. It’s more of a reach with your fingertips, kinda wringing out our
shoulders, just to wake those up. Stretch our biceps a little bit. We’re going to go for a
couple more seconds here, maybe one and two. And then we’re going to rest that. We’re going to bring our feet together and we’re just going to
step out to the side, and then we’re going
to come back to center. So we’re going to step like we
have a hurdle underneath us, and come back to center, so here we go. It’s up and over, and then
we pick up and come back. You pick your foot up as high as you want. You keep it as low as you need to, right? So we step out, we receive
the floor, we come up. So we’re stepping over,
you know, like a rope that says don’t go here. And you’re like, eh,
I got to go over there ’cause my dog just took off
on me on the golf course and got to get over this rope. So everything works but
the reason we’re doing this is to warm up those hips and to get us in a different plane of motion, right? So we build strength in
moving all different ways using all of our limbs. Our core stays in the center of it all. We’re going to do one more here. We come back to center. We’re going to open our feet
up to a comfortable squat position, whatever works for you. Heels stay down, hands come
together in front of us. We’re just going to sit down
where you feel comfortable. If that’s it, that’s fine. So we’re going to come
down, you’ll stay down, and we come up, nice and slow. Just warming those legs up. We’re here for you. So you pause this when
you need to pause this. You pick back up when
you need to pick back up. Our job is to serve you. And I’m so thankful for
these two behind me, and I’m going to explain why in a second, just that they’re here
to be a part of this. And we come up and rest. Last one, feet come together. Now this is where if you
want to get near a wall or a counter for a little balance you can. It’s just a light, come up
on our balls of our feet a little bit, so if you
have a counter or a wall, something that you might
need to help support you, use that but it’s just a
little squeeze in the calf, we come back down, we’re
going to do a few more reps. And we rest. So, quick sip of water
if you guys need it. I’m going to take one and I’m
going to tell you what’s next. We’re going to do three
exercises in a tri-circuit. So that’s three exercises
in a circuit fashion. First one I’m going to show
you is going to be a dumbbell upright row, so we’re going
to grab our dumbbells. We’re going to get set up. So we set our base. And then before they get started,
I’m just going to show you what it is, it’s nice and easy, we pull up to as high as you feel comfortable. We control back down. That’s the first one of the three, then I’ll take you through the rest. So if you’re ready at home,
you’ve got your dumbbells, got your feet set, you guys ready here? – All set.
– Ready. – All right, you ready? All right, here we go. 12 reps and we go. So it’s pull and return. Nice and controlled. Up. So a lot of times we don’t
need to use heavy weight. We can use lighter weights,
really focus on the movement. So I am pulling through,
little squeeze at the top. I’m controlling the weight down, good. Halfway there. That’s it. Control down. I’m going to vacate for a second,
you’re with Karen and Joe. You keep rolling, pull, perfect. So she gets to come up a little bit higher and come down. Pull up, good. And come down. So we’re going to try to
get that elbow, pull up, elbow goes up, if you have shoulder issues you can bring in the hands
more, bring in the elbow to the sky, we’re going
to do two more reps. Good, bring those elbows
up to the sky, one more. Good Karen. Up, good, and down, rest. So you guys can set the
weight down for a second if you’d like, just catch your breath. The next movement is
going to be cross curl. So I’m going to have my
dumbbells in my hands, but I’m going to show
you what it is first. We’ll have our dumbbells,
hands will be at our sides, we’re going to curl alternating and just come a little bit
across our midline, okay? We want it to be a little bit harder, we keep those dumbbells
up top, and return here. It’s always on strength. It’s always in a contraction. So grab the dumbbells again. Use those legs to pick those up. We’ll set our feet. And we’re going to go for it. We’ve got 20 reps guys. – 20 reps.
– 20 reps. Here we go, so we’re going to
start this hand right here. On our right side here, ready? And we curl up and we come down. Squeeze, that’s two. And up, good. And four. And I’ll take you guys to 10
and then I’m going to show the top-down version. Here we go, seven, there’s eight. Good, strong push those
feet through the ground. Use those legs as part of your strength. Squeeze up to where you’re comfortable. Now I’m going to stay up top, they’re going to stay down
where they were if they want, and they’re going to keep moving
it looks a little confusing at home maybe ’cause our
dumbbells might be moving from different places,
but it’s the same tempo and we’re just going to squeeze ’em. I got to hold these here, that’s core. I’m not letting that bicep rest. We got four more. There’s one, good, squeeze through. Eyes here, gimme a smile. Here it is, last one,
squeeze it up, and rest. Okay. We’re going to
set one dumbbell down. So if you guys want to just use the legs, we set a dumbbell down and at home, if you don’t want to keep bending down to the floor, maybe you have
a chair or something near you where you can just set
your dumbbells there and just grab ’em with ease when you want. So what we’re going to do on this, we’re going to turn a
little bit so you guys can see the movement. We’re going to do a tricep
kickback, one arm at a time. So we’re going to keep
our feet close together, we’re going to support
ourselves with our hand. Dumbbell comes up right here. Stay nice and high and then
we’re just going to push the back of our hand away from us. So here we go, we got
eight reps here, set. And we go back, that’s one. Nice and controlled. Squeeze, that’s two. Three, good, we’re taking our time because we want to feel that
muscle all the way through its full range of motion. Here we go, four more. One. That’s two, good. Three, last one right here, feel it in the back of that arm and rest. We’re going to switch sides. going to come around, we’re
going to reset safely, hand goes on the leg, we
set our base first, right? We always set a base of support first, then we get ready to do the movement. So if you guys are ready we’ll set up. Again we’re just going to push back, eight reps, set, and go. Back, and forward, good. Back, and here, there we go. Up, we’re halfway right here. Lot of core on this. If you really work on
keeping your hips square, your head in line with your spine, you’re going to feel this in your core as much as you are in your tricep, maybe in your glutes. Let’s go two more, we got this. There’s one, one last rep and press. Good job. We’re going to set those down. We’re going to grab a sip of water. We’re going to go back
through it one more time. You guys feel okay back there? – Yep.
– Mm-hmm. Karen, what’s your favorite? Of those three, what one do you like more? What do you want to get into?
– I like the– – You like the kickbacks. – I like the kickbacks. – You feel it in there? – Yeah, little bit.
– Yeah you see, you can see that she definitely does something with that. That’s my man Maddie Stocker right there, getting’ those things goin’, I know. Oh man, we’re so grateful
to be in his gym. So we’re going to go back up to top, we’ve got one more round with
those dumbbell upright rows. You at home, if you need to pause us, you pause us, you catch your breath, you come in when you’re ready. You choose the weight that works for you. And ultimately, if it’s a 12
rep, maybe you could do 15, maybe, but I want you to
work as long as it’s safe. So here we go, second time through. Set your feet and we’re going to go up. Pull and return, yeah. So, a lot of times, we’ll
squeeze the dumbbell really hard, you don’t have to, just nice safe grip on the dumbbell, pulling our way through. So is that five Joe? – That’s five.
– Six, good. I might need a counter for me. Seven, ’cause I just
yip-yap the whole time. You guys know that if
you follow me at all. We got four more so here we go. That’s one, starting to
feel that in the shoulders. That’s two, we got our
last two right here. Keep those eyes on us. Keep those feet rooted
in the ground, pull, control down, excellent. Now we’re going to stay right here. We’re not going to set ’em down this time. We’re going to get right into it. So a little less rest. If you need to rest at home,
you can set those down, you can pause us and pick us back up. Otherwise, we’re ready to get started. Now this time I’m going to
start mine up in the middle. You guys can stay down,
whichever you choose, it’s up to you. What are you thinkin’? You’re going up.
– I’ll follow you. – Going up.
– You’re goin’, oh boy, we’re all up. So they’re going to go up,
I’m going to stay down. You guys ready? Set and go. So now yep, you just move with me. It’s just going to be an
opposite movement, good. So you’re goin’ down with your hand, that’s it and comin’ up. I’m going from bottom to top. So good. We’re perfect, don’t rush. I want you guys at home
to think about feeling that movement, feel the
strength all the way through the length of your arm. So we let that come up and we go all the way down, good. That’s it, where we at, 11 here Joe? – That’s 11.
– Sounds great. – 12.
– That’s good. – We’re gettin’ extra credit. 13, come on. 14. 15, we got five more,
come on, stay with me. There’s one, squeeze it up. You go to the range of
motion you feel comfortable. No pain, come on, here we go. We got two more, here it is. One, and done. Rest, we’re going to set one of ’em down. We’re going to set one dumbbell down, we’re going to turn form again. We’re going to get in that
little tricep kickback. going to set that hand on the leg, we root our feet in the
floor so we have a good base of support and here we go. And we’re back, return. Back, good. Yep, nice and controlled. So we squeeze a little bit if we can and try to kinda gently
fight it as it comes back. Good, come on. Let’s do four more, one. Two, last two right here. Strong core, three,
don’t hold your breath, little breathing, four and good. We’re going to spin, going
to turn to the other side. – That feels good.
– Set our feet first. Yeah? Feeling back there? – Yep, feel good.
– Good, no pain? – Nope.
– That’s a winner. That’s a combo. Yep, so we set up, perfect Karen. going to bend that elbow, yeah, and then we’re going to go back and forward. Good, drive up. Good, there’s three. Take our time, feel that burn. That’s four. This is that suns out guns out, we say oh, the sun is comin’. Going to look nice at family
reunions, climbing mountains, playing sports, you know? Throwin’ around your grandchildren,
whatever you got to do. Good, drive it back. And we rest. Beautiful! That’s the first block done. And the rest of them are
going to go like that. So we have two more blocks, little bit of different movements. We’re going to bring some lower body in, why we started with that
was warm up the shoulders, warm up the arms a little bit, warm up the core a little
bit, without asking the body to do too much. Now we’re going to step
into letting the body work as a unit a little bit more, because that’s where strength
really comes to life. When we have multiple things working from the inside out, from the ground up. So this round, three exercises, two times through in this block. We’re going to start with
what’s called a dumbbell chop. So we’re going to grab one dumbbell. And you can use a lighter one. You and I are set, we got
what we need, right Joe? We’re going to bring our foot forward. We’re going to bring out
dumbbell right up to here. Okay? And we’re going to stay
right in this stance. I’m going to show it first
so you guys can see it. Try one out if you want, and
then we’ll start the reps. So this won’t be the start. We’re just going to come down to our hip, shoulders turn, chip goes with our chest. And then we just come back up to top. That feel okay? So we come down to the hip,
back up to top, perfect. Here we go at home, start right here on this opposite shoulder,
we got 10 repetitions on this side, set, and go. We sweep down and up. Good, we’re not rushing. Down and up, that’s it. Come through, let those shoulders turn. We’re going to keep that
chest up a little bit, so we’re not going to bend too much. want to protect that back,
rotation through the core. Good. Is that five? Six, there’s seven, I’m just checking. They’re at home going that’s five, – Sounds good.
– That’s six. Come on. Yeah, that’s 10. Let’s go two more, here and up, last one. Down and up, beautiful,
we’re going to switch. (David inhaling and exhaling loudly) Catch your breath. We step forward, lot more
going on with that, right? So set your base first,
dumbbell’s to your other shoulder. Right, so the dumbbell’s
on the opposite shoulder of the leg that’s forward. And we’re goin’. Hip and up, good. To the hip, drive up to top. There’s a balance element here, so if you want to do this near a wall, if you want to do this without a dumbbell, just your hands first, just hands free, you can absolutely do that. Good. Five. Up. Six. Drive it up to top, good. Seven, push those legs through the ground. Control and up, eight. Down. Nine, last one right here. Shoulders rotate and top, rest. Perfect. We’re going to set the dumbbell down. This is where at home if
you have a pad, a pillow, we have our pads. We’re going to take our time and get down to the floor safely, we’re
going to take our pads, pillow, towel, whatever we got,
we’re going to put it underneath our knees, kay? And then for us on set we’re
just going to make sure that we’re not, we can push
back without a dumbbell in the way of us. So at home, you just have some
clear space in front of you, clear space behind you. If you can’t get down here, that’s fine, stay up top, get a sip of water. Maybe do some marches,
something to keep you moving. That is totally fine. We’re going to put our
hands under our shoulders, our knees under our hips and here’s what we’re going to do. I’ll show you the move first. We’re just going to reach out
tap our finger, tap our toe, and then Joe is doing the full version. So you want to do the full version, Joe? – Sure.
– Foot off the ground, hand off the ground?
– Yep. – Perfect, how about you Karen, what are you feeling? – I’m going to stay low right now. – Okay, perfect. So we’re going to do
eight reps on one side, eight reps on the other side. So it’s going to be this
hand and the opposite leg are going to move
together, you guys ready? – Yep.
– Set, and we reach. And return, one. Reach. And return. Strong hand on the ground, reach. Return, core’s on, reach, that’s four and we come back. Five. That’s it, head’s looking
down out in front of you, so we’re not cranking our neck. Six, there’s seven, you guys feel
that in the core a little bit? – Sure do.
– Got it. – There’s eight and we rest. Now we’re going to come up
a little bit if you want and just shake that out. Give our arms a rest. We’re going to go right back into it. Now we’re going to go opposite
arm, opposite leg for eight. Ready Karen?
– Ready to go. – You say when, you tell me when. I’m on you. – One, two.
– There we go one. (Karen laughing) And two, she’s just, she’s business. You guys have no idea, three, come on. – She’s not coordinated. – And four, you’re
doing a great job, five. I’m watching you out of
the corner of my eye Karin. I’m like, this is good. What’s that five Joe? Oh my god.
– That’s 12, I think. – 12 yeah, that’s 12. Seven, one more, stay straight,
don’t let those hips rock. And good. Now take your time, bring a leg up, hand on the leg, push
yourself through to top. Grab something to get
yourself up if you need to. We’ll pick up our dumbbell.
We’ll move our mats here so they’re just in a safe space. Now we’re going to be back to ’em. Last move, first round in this series. Dumbbell comes up. Now we’re just going to hold
it right at our chest height and all we’re going to do is, you guys hang tight, I’m
going to show ’em at home. We’re just going to step and back. Step and back, that’s it, kay? So you guys ready to go? – Ready.
– Ready. – Set and we go. Step and back. Step and back, so we get
that little side step. This forces us to stay up. It allows us to use our hips and our core to push back, I’m not giving
you a rep number on this. We’re going to go, if I said
we’re going to go until Karen tells us to stop, you’re going to be here for like 14 and a half hours. Joe, how many more you think we should do? – At least 22. – Ho ho! And so I know his lingo, that means four. One, come on, you can get a
little deeper if you want. Two, here we go, two more. Three and then last one right here. Sit down, butt back, up. Very nice. Grab a sip of water, we’re
going to turn it around, we’re going to go one
more round through that. How we doin’?
– Good. – You sure? – I love that, you
really feel the movement. – Where? Where’d you feel it most? – Well I feel it in through here. – Okay. – And trying to keep this tight and firm as a support in it all. – Good, thank you. – Why I said that I’m so
grateful for these guys being on the set with us here for you. I’ve never met them before today. They volunteered to come on with us. They wanted to be a part of this because they understand
how you want to live a healthy life and enjoy
everything you’ve worked for. So they came, it takes such bravery, I’m so grateful to both
of you for comin’ on and being a part of this. Let’s get to the top. Let’s keep working, I gave
you guys enough accolades. Now get to work. What? What happened? All right, so, we split our feet. Now, I’m going to show you a variation. You guys can stay in the
split squat like we did. So split squat, that’s here. You guys can stay there with the chop. I’m going to show you guys
a little bit of a variation if you want to make it more challenging. If you feel like you want to jump up, you can join me, but I
need one of you to stay put and just stay here for me. We’ll work on the same tempo. You guys ready? So split, I’m going to start with you. Dumbbell up here, and we go. We’re down, and see I
can lower myself down. Right, stay with me, stay with me. We’re doing the reps, good. And three. Knee stays over the ankle, right? Heel stays down on that front foot, that’s very important, that
heel stays on the ground. Chest stays up, down,
now we got four more. I’m going to show you my variation. Step and back. Step and back. Let’s go, come on, two more. Push up, that’s it. Control, push up and rest. Oh, I like it. We’re going to switch,
other foot comes forward. We’ll start here. You guys both feel good
about stepping into it? – Sure.
– All right, let’s start here with five of these, and then we’ll finish
with five stepping in. Okay, so we’ll start right here. At home, you do what works for you. Ready? Then we go sweep, up. Good, bend. Shoulders turn, we should
turn from the shoulders and the eyes a little
bit, not our low back. Knee stays out, good. And up, now here we go one more here. Good, now let’s come up. Yeah, step. And power. Step, everything stays the
same, come on, two more. Pop to the top, and done. Very nice we’ll set this down,
we’ll get our pad set up. We’re going to move to the floor safely. Get that underneath our knee. We’re going to set those
hands up under our shoulders. Here’s what we’re going
to do this time guys, we’re going to get a little crazy, okay? We’re going to alternate. So we’re going to go one side, other side. It’ll come to ya. Okay? Here we go, ready? We’re going to start this arm goin’ out, this leg goin’ back. Ready? And we go out, and back, other. Out, good, how’s that goin’? You guys gettin’ it? – Yeah.
– Good! Very good. So both of them, Joe and
Karen, as you guys can see, have have their hands and
their feet off the ground. That takes more core,
that takes more balance. Takes more stability,
a little more strength. I’m tapping my back foot just to help me with a little balance in the back, but they’re keeping their backs flat. You guys keep going at
that pace, don’t stop, keep going at that pace, good. See this, nice flat back right here. Working on finding her
balance, very good Karen. Sneaking through there, same thing. Joe’s not trying to let
his hips go side to side, you stay with us just a little
bit more, couple more reps. Staying nice and flat, I
could put a plate of food on his back and rest. Come up nice and safe guys. I’ve got you here if you’d like. – Thank you.
– Good. Yeah, he’s like get away. I got this. Hey, lateral step with our dumbbell and then we’re done with this round, then we got a quick finish. We’ll get you guys on with your day. So we’re going to grab that dumbbell. Now, Joe, you felt like you
might want to do the press we talked about, right?
– Mm-hmm. – So lemme show you guys what that is. Karen you can decide, I’ll pick the other. The press looks like this. It’s step, with a press. Okay? Light weight here. You don’t keep the dumbbell
out in front of you. Either one of you want to try that or you want to just stay with here? What are you thinking? – Push it out. – All right, you’re both
going to push it out? – Let’s push it out.
– I’m going to keep it in. We ready? Set. Go. Here, and back. So you can stay right with me. Good, and you don’t
have to push it out far. Just a little bit of
extension, that’s fine. If it hurts your back at
all, you bring that dumbbell right back in, you can get
plenty of work sitting down, getting lower, eyes stay up. Lemme see your shirt. Heels stay down, push that backside back. Here we’re going to go four more. One. Two, how you guys doin’? – Doing great.
– Okay. – Good, three, ooh, I like
that straight leg right there, Karen, that’s a stretch
on the inside, and rest. Very nice. Okay, set it down, sip of water. Here’s where we come, we’re
going to finish it up. So, this is what we call a
little combination lift, guys. And at home, this is how
this is going to work. We’ll take our dumbbells,
if this doesn’t feel safe, if it’s too much weight, here in this row, you can just stand here with the dumbbells and wait for us or you can
start just with your hands and then when you feel
like you can join us on the next movement,
pick your dumbbells up and come, so here’s what it’s going to be. With your dumbbells,
without is your choice. We’re going to row,
nice and slow, six reps. We’re going to curl, pop up, control down. Six reps. We’re going to hold them here,
and we’re going to squat, six reps, now you can
set the dumbbells down at any time, we do these all in a row. You guys ready for it? We’re going to challenge it. We’re going to get after it a little bit, but you make it work for you at home. So first pattern. Feet stay close, we’re
going to bend our knees, remember if this doesn’t feel
safe you guys stay up at home. Bend our knees, dumbbells
down to the side, and it’s just here, and return, good. Two, we’re just doing six. Nice and slow, three. Good, stay with me, four, squeeze those shoulder blades together. Five, last one right here. Six, good, strong core. Stand. Now, we’re going to
just pop up for a curl, so you guys stay with me, ready? Curl, control, use your
core, squeeze those glutes. Pop up, yeah. Control, control, control,
fight that, use your abs. Squeeze those legs and that
backside if you need it. Down, down, down, down, down. Good. Use the legs, pop it up. Squeeze, you make it work for you. Come on, two more. Fight that, fight that. That builds such amazing strength. It’s gentle on our joints. Fighting down. Now we’re going to pop up, okay? We’re going to have our palms facing us. We’re going to open our
feet to a squat position that we’re comfortable with. If you want to put your
dumbbells down that’s fine. You go as deep as you want to go. You guys ready? Six reps. So we go down, and then up. You don’t have to lock out at the top. You come up pretty close to the top. If you feel like you can lock out and it doesn’t bother your
knees or hips, that’s fine. Come all the way up. We stay here, keeps tension on our quads, tension in our glutes,
one more rep, chest up, heels down, knees out, rest. (David blowing out air) Set it down, we got one last round of that and we’re done. But here’s the deal. We went slower with that one. If you feel comfortable at home, we’re going to move a little
bit quicker with these reps. So we’re going to do four slow, and then we’re going to do
four picking up our pace a little bit, a total of eight reps, last round and we’re done. You guys feel good about that? – Good.
– Why am I sweating? (Karen laughing) What is, I mean, I haven’t
even got them working yet. Gee whiz! I need some training, right? Last one, so we’re going
to grab our dumbbells. By now you know what works for you. By the way, if next time
you come back to this and this was easy, grab a
little bit heavier weight, always staying safe first? We don’t know sometimes
if it was good for us until a day or two later. Start slower, start with less weight, see how you feel the next
two days before you go up. You guys ready to row?
– Ready. – Okay, so we bend the
knees, push those hips back, weight’s in the heels. Yep, nice flat strong
back, and we pull, one. This is controlled, two. Good, three. That’s it, squeeze. Now, we go one, two, little different tempo. Good, good! We stand up. We’re going to do the same
thing here for the power curls. Ready? So we’re going to come up, pop to top, control down for one, yes. Pop. Control down for two. And up, oh the sweat’s coming, it’s starting to bead
down, that means some work is gettin’ done and I’ve
had so much fun being here with you guys and I hope at
home this worked for you. So now look, pop, return. Pop, yeah that’s it, stay with me. Pop, come on. One more, pop. And now we get up top, good. Set your feet for that
good squat position. Eyes up, heels down. (exhales quickly) Get that breath. Ready? We got four slow. And here we go, down. And we’re going to make it really slow to really work those legs. This is two, press through the ground. Knees stay out, keep
those heels on the floor. You go as deep as is comfortable for you. One more here. Then we’re going to get
four little quicker, your pace, ready guys? Good, one. Two, keep that tension,
you feel the difference when we start to move
like that in those quads? And rest. Beautiful! Set the dumbbells down,
get a sip of water, catch your breath. Joe, amazing. We’re going to do a
tiny, tiny tiny stretch and then we’re going
to get ’em outta here. Mm-hmm, we’ll let you go on your day. Thank you for joining
us, thank you for working on your strength. Use this any time that
you feel like you can’t get to the gym, one of our classes, get outside, plug this in,
we’ll always be here for you. And we’re here for you. You can always make it harder, you can always make it
easier, you’re in charge of your fitness, we’re
just giving you permission to do it your way. So setting our feet up,
we’ll just do a nice slight, however you guys are comfortable. Maybe a little tricep, keep the head back. If you want your arm
up, if you want it down, if that doesn’t work, do something else. This is really about us
feeling a little stretch, but bringing our breath back. Bringing our heart rate down. Love the breathing Karen, I hear that. Our breath work, we can switch arms. Our breath work is some of
the most important thing that we can do with our fitness. And continuing to take those deep breaths fills our lungs, brings
oxygen into our brain and to our body and it
also relieves stress. You’ll find when you’re
stressed that your shoulders come up, you short breath. Just taking big purposeful
breaths will actually make you more relaxed and release stress. We’re going to come
down and then just nice and easy we’ll come kinda that across and just see if you can
get a little stretch in the back side of the arm, in that lat. Nothing in you low back, no pain there. We’re just going to take one breath there. (inhales and exhales) And then sometimes when there’s no pain
I’ll just turn my head toward that shoulder that’s
back for a little stretch. No pain, you don’t want
to go past resistance. We’re going to switch sides, come over. Grab that elbow, we set the stretch where we feel comfortable. And I sometimes will actually
like kinda actively just, like a two or three out
of 10, push my shoulder along as I’m pulling it to get
that little bit of a stretch. Once I set that, (inhales
deeply and exhales) I breathe into my belly,
not into my shoulders. My eyes lead as I look
toward that shoulder, good. Now we’re going to just come wide base, set our hands on our hips,
just sit back a little bit. Use the hands for support. You feel that on the inside of that leg? So you can come out,
spread your, there you go. And sit back with your
hips, there, right there. Can you feel it? – Oh yeah, I feel it.
– So what I want you to know at home is exercise, it’s real, we try to keep it super safe
so it’s hard to get hurt with what we do, we really do. We’re going to switch to the other side. But one inch, one inch, one adjustment. So we’re going to push
those hips behind you, back like there’s a door behind you, you’re going to tap it with your backside. That inch changes everything. So continue to work on ’em,
continue to feel around, find what works for you. Now we’re going to come back up top here. Near a wall, near a
counter, near a sturdy chair if you need support, we’re
just going to come, heel down, and we’re just going
to push our hips back. It’s not a bend, just push
our hips back a little bit, pull the toe up toward your shin. You feel that in your
hamstring and your calf, Joe, a little bit?
– Yeah, oh yeah. – Good. How about you Karen? That feel okay?
– It feels really good. – Little load here, yep. And the more you try to push the hips back and pull that toe up actively, the more you’re going
to feel behind that leg. Breath. (inhales and exhales) And we’re going to step up. We’re going to put that other heel down, get our balance first, wall for support if we need, we come back. Here we’re supporting
ourselves with our hands, not letting our hips slide out. They go back. Toe gets pulled toward the shin. Hips get pushed back. Breath (inhales and exhales) From all of us here on set.
– Thank you. – Karen
– Lot of fun, thanks. – And Joe. I’m David. Thank you guys, we’ll see you next time.

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