3D / 4D Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan at Women’s Health Group Kilkenny

The 3d / 4d scan is a special opportunity for you to bond with your baby during pregnancy. Provided your baby is sitting in the correct position we can get 3d images of your baby and we can also get 4d video clips of your baby, the fourth dimension is the baby moving on scan. While this is not a diagnostic scan, your well-being of your baby is very important to us therefore we will check the position two babies lying in, we will check if it’s headfirst or transverse or breech as a bottom first. We will also check the blood flow in the umbilical cords to check that the placentas working correctly. We’ll check the position and the appearance of the placenta. Your baby’s growth can be calculated by measuring the baby’s head abdomen and femur or thighbone and this will give us the growth at the time of the scan. We will plot this growth on a growth chart for you to take away with you. During this 3d 4d scan we will also listen in to the baby’s heartbeat measure the baby’s heartbeat and depending on the cooperation of your baby, we will also be able to tell you the baby’s gender if you request. You will take home with you some black-and-white pictures of your baby, some colored glossy pictures of your baby in 3d and in 2d and a DVD of your complete scan

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