3D Room Planner by MicroD – Newly Launched at Art Van Furniture

yes hi I’m Drew Dolski,
director of franchise development at Art Van Furniture and we’re here
at Furniture Market in the Furniture Plaza atrium you know I think you hear it across
retail right now technology technology technology and our customers no
different they want to be engaged and entertained just like a retail customer
in a showroom and they we need to show a different experience than than other
people out there really what we’re trying to demonstrate
is when we look at our sales process one of the one of the opportunities we saw
is how we could show our exclusive lines and we’re very heavy and exclusive
product and I’m really demonstrating that to our prospects and showing them
that through our tool that we sourced with MicroD you know it’s really not
really a challenge just just an opportunity to speed things along in the
sales process really piqued interest using technology and showing that
exclusive product no we’re no we’re really just
brainstorming and thinking about it and we’re kind of in the discovery process
and actually trying to understand it ourselves and how we could leverage it
in our sales process and then we saw MicroD’s tool at the last market that
really kind of piqued our interest and started talking from there just a really solid company we have
prior relationships with we do business with today so it’s really kind of that
trusted relationship already in place great very professional
just good team experts in their industry great with follow-up just very seamless yeah so this is kind of our starting
point and we’re we’re gonna brainstorm after what worked what didn’t work and
see where we can continue to grow it into the future we love how our customers come to us
with these different concepts and different use cases things that we might
not necessarily have had on our product roadmap and it helps us kind of build up
our offering and push that out and kind of build the robustness or the program
so that’s really exciting that they’ve thought of it in this particular fashion

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