4x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw’s Grip Strength Tips

what’s up guys is Brian Shaw here with
team redcon1 and I want to talk to you a little bit about grip strength I get asked a lot about grip strength and
you know how to improve it and how to just have a better grip overall and most
of the time it’s coming from you know more normal guys that are just trying to
get strong in the gym and be able to hold on to what they’re trying to lift
because really if you think about it your grip is your connection point so if
your grip is not strong enough to lift something then you’re probably not gonna
be able to lift it so first and foremost I would say the biggest mistake that a
lot of people make is going to straps when they’re trained so they really you
know maybe get started early on thinking it looks cool or whatever to have have a
you know pair of straps and then strap into the bar and you know even even a
movement as simple as you know lat pull-downs they’re strapping into the
bar and and not really making their grip work so that’s that’s the first thing
that I tell people is is you know what get rid of the straps don’t use them
unless you absolutely have to so inevitably if you’re training on a
consistent basis and holding onto bars holding onto dumbbells
your grip will have to improve over time number two is then to add in a little
bit more grip specific training into your training routine so what I have
here is I have a couple different attachments that you that you could
easily kind of grab and throw into your gym bag now the first one it’s gonna be
something you can probably find in a gym this is just a you know normal d handle
but it rotates so it’s free spinning with this what I like to do is you know
first for for you know type of exercise like rows or you know any type of you
know tricep work or or you know bicep specific work I can throw this in and it
taxes my grip really really hard especially for heavier movements like
rows I really really have to squeeze this handle hold on it and as I get
fatigued I’m making my grip work so my hands kind of starting to open up but I
have to squeeze even harder so that’s an easy one if you can find this
your normal gym outside of that is probably this next handle and this is
this is just a 2-inch handle but again it free spins so if you know if you
were going to a normal gym you could easily easily throw this into your bag
of ways you know weighs a couple pounds not something you certainly can’t fit
into your bag so you can you can grab this then use this for your normal
training so anything anything that you would use a you know normal D handle for
you could just throw this on and what you’ll do by throwing this on is is is
you’ll tax your grip even harder so this is a great tool it’s something you
could throw in again it’s free spinning so that it you know as you’re
getting up to the bigger weights especially it’s gonna get a lot more
challenging to work with but that’s an easy thing that you could throw in it
opens your hand up a little bit more and therefore makes it harder to grip so
it’s something that would be not only you you know obviously great for
building up the grip but it actually adds a little bit of variety and fun to
your training as well so it’s something easy to throw in that can be very useful
and then the next attachment that I have here this is just a pinch grip block
that you know you can attach weight to so this is something that would be even
more grip specific and the reason that I’m showing you this is a lot of times
in in normal training if you think about it your first four fingers get used a
ton so if you’re grabbing a barbell or a dumbbell your first four fingers are
wrapping around it and then your thumb is closing on top but a lot of times
that doesn’t make your thumb strength improve so what using a pinch grip block
can do is separate your thumb away from your first four finger so as you can see
when I’m when I’m grabbing this handle here this attachment I’m setting making my thumb do its own work so I’ve got four of my fingers obviously on one
side thumb on the other side but as I add weight to this it’s gonna make my
thumb work even harder and independent of my first four fingers so thumb
strength is gonna go up and and I’m a very big believer in in any type of
pinch grip building up grip strength overall so I think if your pinch grip
goes up you’re gonna be able to hold on to more things you know whether it’s a
barbell or dumbbell or anything else just by building that thumb strength up
because that’s something that often times gets very neglected so all you’d
have to do is have this you always could you know carry a bigger carabiner like
this as well in your gym bag now I’m gonna show you here a load loading pin
that you could bring with you as well this is empty I’ve just got 50 pounds on
it all I would do is just hook this carabiner on and then just pinch that
and pick it up so you could do any number of different things with this you
could pick it up with lighter weights and do holds for maybe say 10 you know 20 seconds something like that you could go for a maximum lift you could
you could do it for reps so there’s a lot of variety that you can do with with
something like that grip is fun in general if you’ve got a training partner
it’s a great way to kind of you know have some fun with training and go back and
forth see who can lift the bigger weight and and challenge if it is not your
training partner challenge your training partner challenge other people to
get involved with it you know it’s just something that can add a lot to a
training session and it’s a great way to start a great way to finish or you can
throw it in the middle whatever but hopefully you guys have enjoyed this and
you’re able to use some of these tips to improve your grip

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  2. Grip training!!!!! Very good info frm the strongest man in the world… πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾 keep the videos coming…I have some great info as well…sneak a peek once every blue moon if you can.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  3. I don't use straps, some say that it will help you on your lift but i reply them " I got all the help i need with my natural grip" and your right shaw, holding to some heavy months after months your grip will do more without straps

  4. Always love a Brian Shaw video. Proof you don't have to be an Ahole, jerk, or cuss all the time to be strong and powerful. Great info. If you've ever seen some of his videos with the Thomas inch dumbell, then you've seen how strong his grip is.

  5. I love Brian, but you guys need to get Robert Oberst on also. Preferably with Brian. They make a great comedy duo.

  6. 3:49 pinch grip block, pls dont use this guys, when u pinch something like that, and do row type of motion, all the overload will be stressed on the tendons of ur forearm, and medial elbow as ur fingertips are connected to both of it. this can lead to pain in those areas overtime causing injury and such. rest are fine because you grip it with ur calluses touching the equipment and relieving the stress

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