5 Secret Style Power & Strength Signals | How To Appear MORE Powerful Through Clothing

Have you ever noticed how well-built most
banks are. So, as you’re approaching from the outside, the building itself is made of
stone. You go into it and everything seems to be over-engineered of the highest quality.
I mean you look at that vault right there and you’re like, wow, if there’s a tornado,
that would probably be the safest place in town.
Now, the reason they do this is you kind of, guys, I think get it is that you’re going
to give them your money because this is the safest place in town or is it? I mean when
you think about it, money is something that’s transferred via computers is really much money
even here. It’s all about the image, gentlemen and the power signals that are sent. And that’s
what today’s video is about, how you can send power signals with your clothing.
Tip number one to signal power with clothing is to wear what you want to wear and to wear
it with confidence. In a sense, you are the trendsetter you are the guy that is going
forward and if other people follow you, cool, if they don’t, it doesn’t matter. You
are setting the trend and first and foremost you are confident in what you’re wearing.
Now, let me give you a couple of examples because they’re a little bit extreme here,
but Mark Zuckerberg, what he wears is what he wants to because, hey, he owns the company,
he’s got enough money that he doesn’t have to worry about, you know, ever getting
fired or ever wanting for anything, so he wears what’s comfortable. And I’ve talked
about his wardrobe before, but I mean the guy has just got gray shirts and gray hoodies.
Let’s look at 50 Cent. Here’s a guy, totally different industry and he wears what he wants.
He sends the signals he wants because he’s always reinventing himself. But you know what?
If you work at a company that has no dress code and you decide to wear a bowtie or a
really nice shirt some nice trousers suspenders, you’re really wanting to look and it’s
all within the company, everyone looks at you says, Hey, man, tone it down a bit,
we’re t-shirt and jeans kind of guys. But, if you say, You know what? No, this
is me this is how I represent myself and I perform well when I can dress in a way that
I want to. Guys, you are a trendsetter and you’re showing power through your clothing.
Tip number two to send power signals through clothing is to leverage the power of expensive,
of unique, or antique accessories. So, these shoes right here, this is a pair of wholecuts.
When I look at this, I think, okay, a large piece of unblemished leather was needed for
these shoes. The man wearing this, he obviously cares about style. I make all these quick
decisions about this guy without him even opening his mouth, so this does send up a
higher signal of power and status because I know how much money he would have had to
spend on a pair of shoes like this. If I see a bag like this and I ask a guy about
it, oh, this is a twenty or thirty-year old bag my father passed on to me. Instantly,
I’m like, wow, this guy cares about history, he cares about style.
So, let’s say you don’t have $500 for a pair of shoes, you don’t have an heirloom
leather bag that’s been passed on you from your father, well, how to go? Unique accessories,
guys. The great thing about unique accessories is that they show you’ve done your homework
that you are trying to get something’s going to be a great conversation starter. You’re
kind of going against the grain. Speaking of grain, Original Grain, gentlemen,
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Tip number three to send power signals through clothing is to know the rules and then, knowingly
break them. Now, guys, this is very different than being clueless. If you’re clueless
you don’t know the rules and you don’t even know that you’re breaking them. So,
someone may be points out says, hey, man, you shouldn’t button that lower jacket or
you’re going in and you’re wearing like skinny tights, skinny suits and you’re kind
of a bigger guy and someone pulls you aside, man, you just look like a clown. That is being
clueless, that is not a power signal. But, let’s say you own a hat company or
you’re a musician and you decide to wear a hat indoors. Well, technically you’re
breaking a rule, but you know you’re breaking this rule, but the signal that you want to
send is, hey, I am totally comfortable here. I either want to send the message I want to
grab attention, I want to build up my brand. Tip number four to sending power signals with
clothing is to leverage the power suit. Okay, so in the United States over in England in
South Africa, in Australia, I can tell you in many parts of the world, the power suit
and its effect on people is real. There’s a classic study of a guy in a suit jaywalking
and they had another guy in a pair of shorts and t-shirt jaywalking. Whenever a man in
a power suit would jaywalk three times as many people would break the law and follow
this guy. We had just been programmed by society to
give a guy in a suit a little bit of extra time. Now, you can easily blow it, but if
you’re out there in sales, if you are a consultant, if you are meeting with somebody
for the first time, understand a power suit is going to give you a leg up. But it doesn’t
stop at the power suit, it also has to do with uniforms. So, if you own a plumbing company,
if you own an electric company, understand that, hey, why not have a uniform for your
people. Now, I started this off by talking about the
power suit, but what exactly is a power suit? So, we’re talking a solid dark-colored suit
in charcoal gray or navy. Black is a little bit too stark for contrast, it should be reserved
for black tie. So, try to avoid that, but don’t go with lighter colors, those are
going to not be as powerful. Now, when it comes to the shirt you want to go with a very
light-colored solid shirt preferably white. When it comes to neckties, try to go something
that’s going to be in the red, a darker hue. Don’t go for anything bright and if
you go for may be a pattern, make sure it’s a small repeating pattern. Again, you want
to make sure it’s got some red in it. Orange, a darker color orange is a going to
be okay, dark blues, navy blues are fine. Greens are going to be fine, dark greens.
Again, in darker hues, don’t go for bright colors when it comes to the neckties. But,
I really like red because it’s got this power of persuasion.
Now, with the pocket square, you can go with a simple white presidential fold with the
shoes, go with a dark color. If you want with a charcoal gray suit, go with black shoes.
If you want with a navy, you can go with black or you can go with a dark brown.
The next step for signaling power with your clothing is to focus in on fit. If you’ve
watched a few of my videos, you guys know I emphasize you’ve got to get everything
adjusted to fit you. Know the name of your tailor, take it over there. But, guys this
applies to not just suits, but all of your clothing.
When I was in the Marine Corps, we had uniforms and, yes, we all wear the same thing, but
you could easily tell once you’re in for a while what a well-square way marine looks
like and one that, you know, honestly doesn’t care too much about his appearance. And it
was amazing how a well-fitted uniform looked on a marine versus a non-well-fitted uniform.
The same thing applies to you and it’s one of those things you a man can be wearing
a suit and it looks like a costume because it doesn’t even fit him versus a man wearing
the same suit, but it fits his body, instantly he sends a signal of power.
Custom clothing I think is an incredibly powerful signal of power because it shows that to me
this is the ultimate luxury that the clothing, the shirts, the jackets, the shoes, that you
are wearing it can and custom, it’s not just clothing by the way. It can be custom
bags, it can be limited runs. Basically, you are showing that this was made for me or in
a limited run and I’ve got a limited edition. This is really cool, there’s a number of
things about custom clothing. One, you get it to fit you, so it should fit perfectly
going back to the point we just talked about, but also you get it exactly how you want.
You can get unique fabrics, you can get unique things on it like an extra pocket, maybe you
can get a really cool bright inner lining. Little details like that are to me what make
it so unique is this is all about you and when somebody ask you, oh, it’s great looking
jacket, where did you get it? Or those shoes, they’re amazing, where did you get them?
You can say, oh, well, I had them made. And you’re telling the truth, but you’re sending
that signal that you are that you care enough about this that you have the money
to actually get something custom made which isn’t always like that.
Actually, it’s kind of deceptive because now there are so many great shirt companies,
so many great suit companies that for actually at a pretty affordable price, oftentimes at
a lower price that getting designer clothing you can get custom clothing made for you.
All right, gentlemen. Now, it’s your turn, I want to hear from you down in the comments
what points did I miss? What would you have added to this video to make it better? Now,
I know I didn’t cover body language, I didn’t cover eye contact, I didn’t cover handshakes,
that’s going to be for another video. I wanted to focus in on clothing on this particular
video. Oh, and don’t forget, go checkout Original
Grain. If you’re looking for a unique accessory, a well-made watch that is going to be a great
conversation starter, guys, Original Grain is a great company to go with. And I’ve
got that good discount code for you down in the description, so go check it out. Go use
that code and get — treat yourself to a really nice watch that is going to start the conversation
is going to allow you to talk to the person next to you.
And, that’s it, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Video Summary:
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    4:01 – Know The Rules, Then Break Them
    4:49 – Leverage The Power Suit
    6:45 – Focus On Fit

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