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– Our gynecologists and obstetricians know a lot about us from our weight to our last pap smear. So, why are we so worried
about where to put our bra and panties? I don’t mind if my doctor sees my vagina, but my underwear? That’s just too embarrassing. (upbeat quirky music) What’s up ladies? I’m Madge the vag, and here are five things
to stop stressing about when going to the gyno. (upbeat quirky music) What about my bra and my underpants? I always hide them. I’m so scared for you
to see my granny panties just hanging around out in the open. What should I do with them? – You can do whatever you want with them. I don’t care as long as
they’re out of my way. Okay, I don’t wanna have
to step over your panties. I don’t wanna have to
step over your shoes. There’s usually a chair in the office. But I don’t care, fold your panties, put them on a chair, put them next to the table. They’re your panties. This is your visit. When you walk into the
room, it becomes your room. – Where do you put your undies and bra at the gyno when you’ve
taken your stuff off? – Well, I usually put them
in my bag like tucked away. I don’t wanna leave them out anywhere. – Oh, I just kind of
roll them up in a ball and like shove them in
my bag or under the bag. – Under my clothes. – Under the clothing. You don’t leave them out? I put mine just– I throw them. I throw them around. I put them on the doorknobs. (upbeat quirky music) Should I get a pedi? When you’re down there, do
you wanna see nice toenails or do you not care? Claws or toenails? I gotta tell you again,
it’s whatever you want. If you happen to get a
pedicure, good for you. I’ll comment at it. Girl, your toes look good. But if it’s chipped, you know your nails are all uneven, I don’t care because I get it. It takes time. – You get it? – Yeah, I get it. – How do you feel about my hairy legs? – Girl, I could care less
about your hairy legs. You’re not dating me. We’re not going out. I’m not interested in you like that. Okay, so it doesn’t bother you if it’s tickling your cheeks? – Girl, well first of all
I am not that close to you you gonna be tickling my cheeks. – Do you ever worry about
like if you have smelly feet at the gynecologist? – Yes. – So right there with your feet? – Yeah, especially in the summer. I don’t wanna subject them to that. – I never thought of that until just now. – Right now you will forever. – Oh my God. (upbeat quirky music) (spraying) – What about vagina? Can you smell the vagina? Are you looking to smell it? Are you heading down all
ready to get a whiff? What’s the deal? – This is the deal with the vagina. As long as there’s no
underlying infection, you don’t smell the vagina. But if you’ve got like
some bacterial vaginosis going on or some other kind of infection, sometimes I can smell the vagina. But that why you’re there to see me so that we can take care of that. And I always tell people
it’s not the vagina that’s the biggest offender. It’s those feet, and the biggest culprit, folks that wear those
UGG boots in the summer with no socks. I walk into the room and it’s like whoo. What is the most
embarrassing thing for you when you go to the gynecologist? – Well, even on a date you have to worry, but the doctor, that’s a whole other thing. – It’s like going on a
date. You gotta scrub. – Yeah. – Yeah. (upbeat quirky music) Do you prefer a lot of hair down there or do you like a bald eagle? Winter bush or bald eagle? What’s your preference? – As long as I can get to it, it’s not up to me. It’s your preference. I just work with what I’m given. I can work around, I can you know, break out the brush. – Part the sea. – Part the sea. Whatever. Again it’s not my vagina. It’s not my wool, it’s your. – What is one thing you make sure to do before you go to the gynecologist? – I shave myself. – Yeah, I do a little cleanup. I think that’s better. – I always like oh
shit, I should’ve waxed. Or I oh darn. I should have done some
landscaping down there. I you know, I tend to be sort of well you know, whatever. They’ve seen a lot and
mine can’t be the worst. (upbeat quirky music) – Be honest. Do you care about how
many partners I’ve had? I always get so embarrassed
when I’m asked that question. – There’s no judgment. You know, you can do what you want. My job is just to make
sure that you are safe. I give you all the information, you know, the options so that you can make
healthy and safe choices. No one knows what’s best for you or what’s going to be
in your best interest better than you. You know, my whole thing is
just getting women to embrace who and what they are. You know, ask the questions
about your breast, about your mood swings around your period, about your discharge. So you know, you are not the only one. – You’re like a vagina therapist. – Girl, I have a medical
doctorate in vagina. – Do you ever stretch the truth when they’re asking you those questions, those very personal questions? – I try to be as truthful
as possible just for safety, but I guess if there was
something really embarrassing I didn’t wanna say, maybe I would. – Like, have you ever done anal? No, doctor. Well that’s it. I’m leaving my bra and
bloomers out in the open. In the end, doctors
only care about my cave, and I say amen to that. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in my box, my inbox that is. (light music)

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  1. lol this Vedio had humor to it but like the doctor said in the Vedio a gyn Job is make shore your healthy and safe

  2. I wish she was my doctor. I had a super traumatizing experience with an on-gyn a long time ago and have just refused to go back.

  3. Next week this is my first pap test ever and im really freak out :'( im afraid about abnormal results it cause me anxiety and panic

  4. I can't stand those paper gowns or snap mu-mus. its soooo mentally uncomfortable and the window never has the shade down! My underwear is always in good shape. LOL

  5. Going to my Male PC Doctor for gyno exams makes me want to kill myself, but he doesn't care & he is insisting & pressuring me to also let him do the exam eventhough I go to a female gyno specialist for yearly pap exams & I have never had any problems. I'm starting to hate my doctor. I'm thinking of dropping my expensive/crappy insurance & never seeing another doctor again! If I die early of something, so be it! I live in Central TX, in the USA.

  6. I'm not interested in you like that? Well, a male doc would be. Well, he wouldn't be interested in dating you but if you're attractive at all he is in fact still a male and will be thinking as he's feeling and seeing every intimate inch of your naked exposed body.

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