6 Core Strength Exercises I Trainer of the Month Club

– What’s up, it’s Meg here, and this is Well and Good’s Trainer of the Month Club. This is my favorite core series, (bell dings)
there are six movements, we’re gonna do each one for 30 seconds, and then
repeat that twice, so let’s go. So we’re gonna start out
with our Hollow Rocks here. You’re gonna roll back through your spine,
(bell dings) legs stay straight, think
about really crunching your belly button into your spine. Legs are in full extension
behind your head, and you’re just gonna rock. So you let the momentum of your legs carry the rest of your body down. Shoulder blades barely hit the floor, chin up to the ceiling, exhale in between at the top of each Hollow Rock. So after these, we’re gonna transition into my single leg sit-ups. Legs are bent on the ground here, (bell dings)
again, roll up through your spine, touching the opposite foot with your hand. Twist your body so you face
the front with each one, and as you roll back, make sure you keep the
tension in your abs, so you’re never laying
totally on the ground letting go of that core tension here. Exhale at the top of each one. (rhythmic electronic music) Make sure you’re turning to the side here, and then we’re gonna flip over, and you have one push-up
into four Mountain Climbers, so you’re high plank here,
(bell dings) push up, one, two, three, and four. Back into the push-up. Make sure your body stays
parallel to the ground. (rhythmic electronic music) Four Mountain Climbers
in between each one. Think about bringing
your knees to your chest, and if you have to modify these, push up to a high plank, two, three, four. Now, this next one is gonna be a low plank oblique
crunch, so you’re here, (bell dings)
in a low plank, bringing your knee right to your elbow, so really squeeze your obliques, keep your body parallel to the ground. (rhythmic electronic music) Make sure your shoulders
are squared over your elbows so you’re not pushing away,
and you’re not leaning in. Alternating legs here, and then we’re gonna transition into a high plank trunk rotation. So we’re here, (bell dings) we’re gonna come out,
touching the opposite foot, back to your high plank, switching, back to the middle. All the way up, back in. Make sure that plank stays parallel, if you wanna modify this one, knee taps. Right here to the side. Your biggest focus is
staying parallel, transition into a side plank,
(bell dings) crunching your knee to
your elbow, back out. (rhythmic electronic music) Squeeze your obliques on the side, foot never hits the ground. If you wanna modify this
one, this leg comes in front, all the way down, back up. Hip to the floor, back up. (rhythmic electronic music) And those are gonna be your six movements. Okay, so we’re gonna roll back
through those six movements one more time, 30 seconds
each movement, starting back at your Hollow Rocks.
(bell dings) Let the momentum of your legs carry your torso off the ground, lower back is coming off the ground. Roll through your spine,
exhale at the top of each one, and the tension stays in your core this entire 30 seconds. If you wanna modify, bring your arms in, and you could slightly bend your knees. Roll through your spine,
sitting all the way up. Last one here, and then we
transition back into your single leg sit-ups here.
(bell dings) Twist to the side, back down. Exhale at the top of each one, back down, alternating here, now if these
get a little bit tough, too, you could just come up to your
knees, and then back down. Keep the tension up top. Whenever you do sit-ups, you
never wanna sit all the way up. Keep that tension. And we switch back over to your push-up, four Mountain Climbers
in between each one, (bell dings) (rhythmic electronic music) Make sure you return to your high plank in between each push-up. Now, if you wanna modify this,
drop down to your knees here. Toes stay on the ground,
push-up, high plank, four Mountain Climbers. Push-up, high plank, and then we’re back into your low plank oblique crunches here, shoulders stay stacked over your elbows. (bell dings) Side crunch, and back. Hips stay square to the
floor in the middle. Make sure you’re squeezing
to get your knees in here. Feet stay a little bit apart, if you have to take breaks, totally fine. Go to your knees, back up, last one, great. Two more here, back into your high plank, (bell dings)
trunk rotations. Right here, and back. Touch your foot, return to the middle, touch the opposite foot, back in. Twist, back in. Right here, return middle. If you wanna modify, right here. Last one, and then we
have our last exercise. (bell dings) Right here, side crunch, back in. Side crunch, back in. If you want to modify, put
your foot in the front, hip dip, back down. Squeeze your obliques here, all the way up, push away from your hand. All the way back up, couple more. Last one, and up. So there you have it, six movements, my favorite core exercises, super easy, body weight only, you
can do it after a run, or anytime, anywhere. So thanks so much, and I
will see you next time.

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