6 Great Core Strength Exercises for Low Back Pain by Chiropractor in Vaughan Dr. Walter Salubro

If you have chronic, recurring back pain,
keep watching this video. I’m going to give you some tips on how to
strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. Helping you relieve pain, conquer stress,
and supercharge your health the chiropractic way. Hi! This is Dr. Walter Salubro. I’m a chiropractor in Vaughan and the author
Back to Health by Choice: How to Relive Pain, Conquer Stress and Supercharge Your Health
the Chiropractic Way. Now, in this video, I’m going to show you
6 specific exercises that you can do at home to help strengthen and coordinate and also
stabilize your low back. These are very, very important exercises especially
if you experience recurring back pain. What does that mean? You have back pain for over 6 months, maybe
even longer, and every two or three months or maybe once or twice a year, it flares up
or exacerbates. That tells me there’s a weak core or very
poor stability in the abdominal muscles and in the core muscles. Also, keep watching this video because after,
at the end of the video, I’m going to give you a link where you can actually download
a PDF version of these core exercises where you can actually see the step-by-step instructions,
how long to hold the exercises, how to do them and so forth. That’s a free gift for you just watching
this video. So follow me and I’ll show these videos
right now. This is exercise #1 of 6 that I’m going
to show you today. It’s called the plank exercise. And you start on the ground and essentially
lift your body up in a straight position just like this. You are supporting yourself on your hands
and on your toes but your elbows are locked in this position here. The key idea with these plank exercises is,
as the name suggests, is you want to be flat like a board. Do not bring your buttocks up in a tipi fashion
and do not let your body dip down towards the ground because you would not get an effective
core exercise in that matter. With all these plank positions, this applies to this one
and the next few exercises I’m going to show you, you want to start off with about 30 seconds
of holding, so you’re holding this for about 30 seconds. And eventually, based on your tolerance and
your strength, you gradually increase to perhaps 45 seconds to 60 seconds of hold time and
then you go as long as you can to your maximum hold time. Try to get to a minute, minute and a half,
to two minutes of hold time. Here is a prone plank, Exercise #2. You are starting on the ground and you lift
yourself up supporting yourself on your elbows and on your forearms and then as well as on
your toes. Again, keep your body nice and straight. Just like the name suggests you’re flat
as a board or as a plank. Both these two exercises, number 1, number
2, are very, very good for keeping your back strong, strengthening your lower back muscles,
your gluteal muscles and also your abdominal muscles. Exercise #3 is a side plank. You start on the ground on the side position
then you prop yourself up and you’re supporting yourself on you forearm and on your elbow
and your feet as well—a very, very good exercise for your abdominal muscles and also
your glute muscles and low back muscles. Here’s exercise #4. This is the starting position. Exercise number 4 is called the bridge. So to start, before you get into a bridge
position, you lie flat on your back just like this. Hook your knees up. Keep your feet flat to the ground and then
you lift your hips right off the ground so your buttocks is right off the ground and
your flat as a board as well into this bridge position. Very, very effective exercise for strengthen
the low back and also the gluteal muscles as well as you thigh muscles over here. Now, this is called the squat and this is
exercise #5 today for these core exercises. And essentially you would get yourself into
this squat position and you hold it for about 30 seconds or even up to 60 seconds or you
can go as long as you can, a minute and a half to two minutes if you can. And what you’re doing is you’re really stabilizing
and strengthening your gluteal muscles and you’re thigh muscles. And the key thing about this position is that
you want to contract your abdominal muscles and keep them nice and tight coz that will
help stabilize your abdominals and your entire core. Exercise #6 today, six of six, this is the
starting position. I’m going to show you two versions. What I’m going to show you next is how to
do a crunch, an abdominal crunch. So you start off lying on the ground with
your arms on your side. This is the easier version. And then you just lift your shoulders about
two to three inches off the ground. You’re not doing a full sit up. Just lift your shoulders and your shoulder
blades about two to three inches off the ground and very, very important that you’re crunching
and really contracting and tightening up your abdominal muscles over here. Hold it about a second and then you want to
repeat this. You can repeat it 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50
times according to your tolerance. That’s abdominal crunch easy version. And this abdominal crunch a bit more difficult
because your hands are up by your head positions, you’re adding more weight at the very top
of your body and again, you’re just lifting your shoulders and shoulder blades about two
to three inches off the ground and you’re contracting your abdominal muscles and you
hold that position for about a second and you repeat that 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 times. You got a nice good workout for your abdominals. I hope you found those tips useful. Be sure to give them a shot. Remember that this is specifically important
for people that have chronic recurrent back pain, these core stability exercises. They’re not challenging to do but they do
need some effort. Also if you have acute pain, you may want
to watch yourself and do these exercises, it may not be suitable for you. But if you have a back pain that is tolerable
then these will be appropriate for you. It will actually help strengthen and coordinate
the low back. Also, be sure to click on the link below where
you can download the PDF version of these core exercises. This instruction sheet as well. And I hope you found this valuable and useful. Be sure to give us thumbs up and likes. And comment below because I like to answer any
questions. If you have a question, leave them in the
comments section below. And be sure to share this to someone that
may find this useful, a family member or a friend that has recurring back pain. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you in the next video. To learn more about how corrective chiropractic
care at Back to Health Chiropractic Centre can help you with your chronic pain problem,
visit www.ibthcc.com. Back to Health Chiropractic Centre is located
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