Hi everybody, in this video I will be talking about a very well-known idea in psychology. And that idea is that you can better understand self-control by making parallels with how the muscles in the body work. This was an idea that was developed by Baumeister and colleagues And, basically, it consists of three parallels between actual muscles and the way people use self control. The first parallel is familiar to everybody, who has ever played any sports in their life The idea is that when you start exercising, for example when you go to a football training, that in the beginning of that training, your muscles are still fresh but in the end, you cannot deliver the same amount of force with that muscle anymore. That idea is quite similar in the domain of self-control. As you know, the sequential task paradigm is often used to show the same effect: that self-control cannot be used forever. The second parallel has to do with the strength of muscles that differs between people, and even within people That means that some people are simply stronger than others, in their muscles; and at the same time, most people can increase the strength of their muscles by training. Now, Baumeister argues that this works kind of the same way when it pertains to self-control Self-control is simply stronger in some people than in others, but also, you can increase the strength of self-control by training. The third parallel that Baumeister discusses is about motivation The idea is that in football, for example, it might be the case that the muscles become weaker after a while, after training on the football pitch. But imagine that, maybe, you’re 1-0 behind, and you are really eager to win; the idea is, maybe you can then push out a little bit of last strength from your muscles. I am not sure if it actually works this way, but Baumeister, at least, argues that in the domain of self-control, it could work in the same way. so, when you are highly motivated, to engage in self-control you actually can, even after you have been using self-control for some time. I think the main advantage of this idea is that it is very simple and very easy to understand and because it’s so simple — the idea is that self-control works like a muscle — that is has been very influential for that reason. At the same idea, the idea isn’t bad, because it succeeds in explaining a lot of findings that are out there in the literature, so it is broadly applicable. This is the end of my video. Hope you enjoyed it, hope you watch the other ones as well, thank you for watching!

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