60 Minute Total Body Strength Workout with Weights – Weight Strength Training for Women Men at Home

60 Minute Total Body Strength Workout with Weights Weight Strength Training for Women Men at Home

100 Replies to “60 Minute Total Body Strength Workout with Weights – Weight Strength Training for Women Men at Home”

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  2. If I don't have dumbbells, could I use something that is heavy and I can lift, or would it be imbalenced?

  3. Oh you can only imagine all the F words I keep telling you during the excercises! But I really have to thank you because I've lost my first 10 pounds. THANK YOU!

  4. You guys are insane- and super motivating! Thanks so much for this one. I could barely lift my water bottle to my mouth by the end :D.

  5. I want to do this but I'm scared of the length. I'm not a beginner but I'm not in fantastic shape either! Please like this comment if you finished this workout so I know it can be done! Haha

  6. Thanks a lot for the great workout, I started working with it 2 days ago
    Any extra work for abdominal (Billy) area so I can lose some extra fat in that area
    Thanks in advance

  7. Been following different programs you have… went down from 85 Kg to 75 Kg (185 to 165 pounds) and now looking to build more muscle. Thanks for all your awesomeness!

  8. I really wish this video was with reps. Not tempo neccasarily but just reps. I do realize that would send this video well over an hour.

  9. Is the intention of this workout video to burn colories or build some muscles ? or both ?
    I need to know because i want to do other workouts too, please answer..

  10. Completed on 2/9/19. Oh my goodness I am sweaty and will probably be sore tomorrow but that's ok. I completed it! It's the first 60 mins video of yours I've done and I'm really satisfied. πŸ™‚

  11. If I slit this into 2 ,30 min.workout will I still get me some muscal ?two days of 30 min. Each. What do you think?lol

  12. Sweet Jesus. Typing this right now is a challenge! Wow, amazing, everything is cooked in a lactic acid stew! Thanks guys.

  13. Thanks a ton HASfit! We have made your workouts part of routine and I'm seeing results too! Please post more 1 hour weights workout!!! Both my husband and I are big fans of you!!

  14. I really love hasfit workouts. It's really challenging yet good for a person with asthma like myself. Keep up your good work coach and Claudia!πŸ‘πŸ’–

  15. What is the weight of that dumbells? Btw keep doing this great work and I might just donate to you guys in patreon

  16. Great workout, those biceps and triceps were a killer. You guys were funny today, loved Claudia’s comment about her arm during the biceps section and the β€˜science bomb’ lol.

  17. OMG I couldn't believe I braved this 1 hour workout,,i was doing your 20-30 ++ minutes last week, what d heck, I thought to myself to give this a go!, I did, I was tempted to quit many times but your persuasions got me through.. I finished, I'm happy and proud and grateful..God bless you both.. gonna push my family to follow suit.. love from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  18. I'm definitely doing these this afternoon after work looking forward to it πŸ’ͺπŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

  19. Dawn-rae from London Canada……….i loved this workout! All my muscles are burning and i feel like a million bucks…..thanks guys much love!!

  20. This one is amazing workout. Have been doing almost a month now, every alternate day. In how many days I can see the difference?

  21. Wow, this was a brutal, but doable, awesome strength workout!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’¦. I loved it so much 😍. Every exercise was so perfect for the muscle groups being worked, and I loved the format of going from one area of the body to the next. It gave me time to really focus in on the different sections of the body, and the muscle groups. This one is going into my favorites playlist, because I definitely want to do this one again! Thank you so much Coach and Claudia, I adore you guys πŸ’–. You bring just the right mix of inspiration, motivation, and of course very effective exercises ( and NEVER BORING!) 😊

  22. I just had to loose those 10 pounds on my legs, nothing impossible, but I needed someone to teach me enjoying working out (and that I thought was impossible) and you did it!

  23. I have been doing these workouts and they are even better than going to a weight class with the trainer right there. Thank you!

  24. by do not pause the video, do you mean do not take a 5 minutes break, or you mean do not quite the exercize for today?

  25. What an awesome workout. I thoroughly not only enjoyed it but I am so glad I invested the time I did. My upper body muscles are screaming right now. But I challenged myself on each move. Bonus Factor: Triceps push ups. Man they added a muscle challenge that I will incorporate during other workouts. Thanks!

  26. I’ve been sick for the last week and really needed a workout that would push me and this was IT! Loved it. It feels so good to be up and running again. Thanks guys!

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