7 BEST Strength Exercises FOR MEN! (BUILD MUSCLE FAST!)

What’s Up! I’m Vince Del Monte Welcome to Muscle Camp. We got a couple great guys here. Flew in from all around the country to take us through our Ultimate Strength Workout. This is right out of the pages of Living Large. This is our mechanical tension day. We’ve got three workouts this week, full-body workout style. Low volume – high high intensity – These guys are gonna be moving some weight today. Come and join us. We’re gonna show you guys how to get strong the natural way. You’re gonna make some major strength gains on this Monday workout. It’s a longer workout but that’s what we’re gonna do now. Seven exercises, three sets of six to eight and we’re gonna take a full rest period between every exercise. Sound good. Alright. Let’s get into it. And it’s on. So you gone up from 275 to 315 and you’re gonna try and go up on your third set a bit more. A little bit. OK. Perfect that’s perfect. We’re gonna go up some micro plates here. So fill it up. You still got a day ahead of us so. You go buddy. Keep it tight stay strong let’s go finish your job here we go there we go drive the floor away. good work So they’re on exercise two now. Military press. 160 Good weight. Lightweight Drive it to the wall. Drive it through the ceiling. One of the things on this exercise guys is you just got to really be careful in those last few inches because that load is heavy especially on that last rep when you’re lowering it. Really try and put the brakes on so that it doesn’t ram you into a range that you can’t control that’s when you typically hurt your shoulders.So just be really careful getting in – getting out of these movements – loading it slowly – not getting reckless. That’s when people get hurt at the start getting into the movement and at the end getting out of the movement. Those last few inches – just own those inches in particular – really add your muscles on the brake system and you won’t get hurt all right. That’s the biggest precaution on these on this heavy day. This is just a long workout cuz you got – there’s only three sets but you’ve got the long rest periods. I don’t even mind if the rest periods go three four minutes as the week’s go on just to get that extra weight on the bar. So I want the weight going up for ten weeks straight into our D load week which is our 10th week so for nine weeks straight. There we go. Amazing it’s amazing so you notice how on that second half of the rep he’s really charging into it because he knows that’s when it’s hardest. 4. Come on. Big and strong here. 5. Now we start working here. Drive the floor away with the… Good. All the way to the top. got it let’s go start working all the way finish up finish up good good. Was that your hardest set of the three? Yeah. Absolutely. I did a 135 then you 160 160 or 185 so I went up 50. Perfect progression. Three sets. Six to eight here. Let’s get right into it. all right so Akash is modifying this exercise based on what he’s able to do. He’s unable to do the deadlift so he’s gonna do a straight leg deadlift which suits his injury history and that’s an acceptable decision for you to make. So this is a hip dominant exercise. So what we’ve done is we’ve just taken out the flexion from the knees and we’ve just isolated more at the hips so that it’s still hip dominant exercise and that’s how we address our limitations in the gym. Vince would you rather me go with a quarter and guarantee my 6-8, or jump to 5 plates? so we’ve got a 10-week phase ahead of us. So we can hit our 5 plates probably two – three weeks from that when the rep ranges come down at four or five reps So today let’s stay in that six to eight let’s go let’s go here we go good job keep it tight you got this .Up. Best rep here. Yep! Yeah! [Music] Big chest here. one. good. two three four five good job good work whoo that’s perfect so Akash is doing floor presses with the dumbbells. He just finds he can feel his chest a lot more and he feels a lot safer in this position so again if you have a preferred exercise that’s a compound movement that’s totally fine. Alright. He gets a lot more out of his chest with this specific movement he just doesn’t prefer to do the bench press so he’s made that substitute and that’s okay. You got this. Up. Okay One of the challenges of writing programs for many people who are following the same program is that I don’t know what you’re bringing to the gym. Your limitations, etc., so if a benchpress doesn’t feel good no problem. It’s just a name of an exercise. If you want to do a dumbbell press that’s fine, but we are using a flat angle so I want you to go with the floor or with a flat bench because you’ll see in the upcoming phase then we go to incline so the exercises are changed based on what we did in the previous phase. There we go looks good man. Good. Strong Good I’m with you man good. Drive your feet to the floor. There you go. You got this. Good set. Good. That’s good man So we got neutral grip chin ups here so the question is always where do I put my grip. Personally I always just go with with nat, with what’s natural. So this is natural. So you close your eyes bring your hands up that’s natural so my version of narrow is this or you could go more narrow than this but this is gonna load the lat the best because this is the back exercise in the program right and this is what’s gonna work the back through a natural path of shoulder extension most people would consider that a medium grip and it looks medium because you could put your hands more narrow but as soon as you go this narrow now we’re doing a lot of flexion at the elbow and less extension through the shoulder which is what we actually want for a bigger back. So I’m a big fan of just using dumbbells when you got a workout partner with you so it’s gonna load your hamstrings a bit so what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna cross your knees I’m gonna put it right between your calves. You got to go heavier every set. This is your strength day so strength day we’re always challenging oursleves with more load across your lats. good close your knees now you’re set there we go go for six good ones squeeze hard to good keep those knees together yep keep the load on your lats.Tthere we go up. good good work. So we’re doing dips here for triceps so to emphasize the triceps we need a more upright torso to get more bend at the elbow alright. So this is a challenging exercise but we’re trying to create a lot of distance at the elbows so that the triceps are challenged the most here that’s why we want that upright torso. good job great set here nice work got a few more yeah so when this one with this one guys you just want to kind of lock it in get those elbows turned in and find where your triceps are loaded get your wrist engage everything’s got to be tense here okay and then just load those triceps focus on pushing those handles away and those triceps will grow off this one stretch it out there it is that’s the money rep that’s the money rep there we go looks awesome squeeze hard there you go nice good job finishing those same cues guys keep those abs tight work around your body let the biceps do the work get a nice stretch the tendencies the ones stop a few inches short of extension and you’re missing out on a lot of muscle fibers so just get that load that allows you to get that stretch so they then you can get that great range of motion more tension on the muscles the more growth you’re gonna get so that’s it how was it guys it’s a long workout right the number one question people ask me and I want you guys to validate this one you’re training for strength you have to take the long rest periods right a lot of people they email mean they say this I’m just in the gym for too long but it’s a part of the training week when we do the volume week a rest periods are a lot shorter the work that’s a lot faster to get stronger you need to give yourself that rest would you up from your experience Matt? Right so you’re going to the gym anything amiss I just want to take that pump and then you know it you’re like yeah you got a good pump, a lot of sweat happening but your strength games aren’t really moving right so that’s a separate goal. That’ll be a separate workout in the week how about you can you validate the necessity of the longer workout for strength day? Absolutely yeah you need to give that let’s do this you need to be able to get stronger to grow. I focus so much on my execution over the past few years that it’s nice to get your central nervous system a chance to recover. a lot of people they limit their size gains because they’re never having that piece of their overall training program focus on getting stronger so that’s the purpose of this part of the training phase. How about you Josh? yeah those rest intervals are key for me to come back and just restore my glycogen a little bit and just get in there with a little bit more strength. Vince also gave me a ton of cues on how to keep my body right and how to warm up properly and make sure I’m getting full extension and flexion and those little cues they made a big difference from where I felt it and I could actually feel myself like I’m getting stronger as a result of this workout. it’s pretty simple if they don’t get stronger in a medium rep range you know bigger well as long as you keep it good for which men do boys pretty okay so that’s what we’re doing here guys if you guys enjoy that workout be sure to give it a thumbs up if you want more full body workouts like this I’m gonna put a link on the screen to a playlist on this channel that’s got more full body workouts it’s a really powerful way to increase your size and your strength incrementally without doing too too much volume we can add volume down the road but for a lot of you guys especially if you’re just getting started not seeing those gains you want we want to step the volume back get the effort up get the intensity up then add the volume later which is what happens with this Living Large program thanks so much guys did you guys enjoy that be sure to give it a like a comment below and we will see you guys next time thanks for watching

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  2. You've go to get those guys to watch their neck form on squats and deads. Arching up the the neck like that is prime for injury. It's best to keep the neck neutral with the back.

  3. I've wasted my initial years of workouts by following split routines…now I'm on fullbody regime since 2 years and I've never felt this much stronger in my entire life…and the gains are pretty much awesome..

  4. Wow, you pretty much nailed it (for me)! I do the same things, with slight variations, like chest dips instead of tricep dips. I also basically do the same sets and rep range, though, with a 2-day split. As I watched, I kept thinking, "Yup, good… that's what I do too" — even the neutral grip pull-ups which are much better than the straight bar, in my opinion. But then you throw in barbell curls at the very end! cringe ; ) It's too bad there was no barbell rowing. Though, I guess the curls are "necessary" if you want guns but don't do enough pulling exercises.

  5. what does weight look like if 3 sets of 6-8 reps? let's say my bench press is 100kg 8 reps.

    Set 1: 60kg x 8 reps
    Set 2: 80kg x 8 reps
    Set 3: 100kg x 8 reps


    On 2nd and 3rd workout days which will be high volume, what sets and reps? 3 sets of 12 reps using 80kg bench press?

  6. that's amazing.I really love it
    If you want to have a strong, muscle body , click here:

  7. military press for shoulders should be done on front side or back side? and more over how to do pull ups at home for beginners plz post a video sir…. i really loved it

  8. WOW! I don't normally read through comments, and I very rarely post, but I just had to say something about the the bad techniques that this guy is promoting. At 4:30, take a look. That's a loud and clear warning that this coach needs a coach. That's an extremely dangerous way to move weight, and should not be encouraged. I noticed something else, but it slipped from my mind and I cant play the video while I type a comment – which sucks.

    To all the people looking for quality advice, I'd like to recommend the videos by bodybuilding.com — their videos are usually better than decent and they will definitely teach you proper techniques and ways to lessen risk of injury.

    Even better sources of information ——-> AthleanX and Wesley Visser

    Check them out and STAY GOLDEN!

  9. Hey Vince, I've got a question for the deadlift portion of the workout. For the three seconds going eccentric and the second after, is the second supposed to have the weights slightly hovering over the floor?

  10. Great video, good breakdown of each workout. The discussion at the end is very informative. Overall well put together video.

  11. Very good video…i swear by all the compound movements…the best for all round overall size,strength, shape and muscle maintenance over time

  12. I'm not fully recovered from the tension day so should I go ahead with the next session on Wednesday or wait till I'm fully recovered

  13. I like the DTS training approach but can i make this a upper/lower split? of course is going to take longer for example:
    day 1 upper tension
    day 2 lower tension
    day 4 upper stress
    day 5 lower stress
    and next week with the damage days etc and adding a extra set for compesating the volume

  14. Ill try some full body workouts, but why not focus more on the bigger lower body muscles? Instead of biceps curls, maybe some Bulgarian split squats or lunges variations


  16. Ive been wasting my time at the gym i should just do this full body workout 2 times a week and it should be good better than going to the gym everyday seprate for different muscle groups

  17. Learning ego lifting is a waste of time… you won't be doing that long term… you'll end up with bad joints sooner before later… you'll become an old man before your time!

  18. What is the maximum or optimum number of exercises one could perform in a full routine? What about split routines? Thanks

  19. I started this routine in January. I am only training every 6 days. I have increased my recovery and rest time. By that 6 sixth day I am ready to hit the weights. My strength has gone up while losing body fat. I have modified my eating plan a little but after these workouts you really burn a tremendous amount calories. Thanks, Vince

  20. You can't do multiple sets without drugs you will never recover if you go hard on each set and if you don't go hard you won't make any gains . Volume has nothing to do with building muscle . One very hard set is all you need to stimulate growth . As Jones said you can bring an elephant down with one properly placed set you do not need to shoot it multiple times .

  21. I love what you just shared with us specially the nutrition point and injury prevention…. I am going to combine it with https://bit.ly/2E0GjDD to improve my results

  22. Great workout example! This workout is really heavy and it will be very tire your muscles and nerveous system if you are beginner take a rest after that day but if you experienced put a full body hypertrophy little high volume normal intensity workout after that day like dumbbell pesses, rowings, extensions work on weaker sides do not go hard to your nerveous system. After that you can take a rest day and repeat the same. Doing like this a very good option. Full body workout is best option for natural people for building strength and size if you do it correctly. the size I mean real muscle fiber grow not puffy look 'muscles' peace ✌

  23. Can strength training build you lean muscle? I'm overweight I want to lose fat but get real strong and gain lean muscle. What should I do?

  24. Thanks for the tips vince, they're really helpful. I just changed my routine from split to full body workout, with one day rest period.

    I do squat, bench press, military press, barbell row, and bicep curl (5 sets of 5 reps each).

    I have a very tight working schedule and i can't spend more than one and half hour at the gym. Any recommendations to make it more complete? I'm new so i would appreciate your advice very much.

  25. Been training for 33y, i am 46 recently back to stronglifts 5 x 5, squat, deadlifts, bench press, standing military press, bent rows, all you need rest around 3 minutes between sets. Best decision ever i am seeing my body transformation week by week

  26. Man this made me feel good!!! Day one – Squat, military, Chins/Dips – Day Two – Deadlifts, Rows, Bench. Heavy as I can for 3×5 reps. Everybody is talking about volume for hypertrophy, but as a beginner I'm seeing huge gains in size AND strength. When I can throw a lot of weight, I'll ramp the volume! Done!

  27. How much rest in between or does it depend on experience, gender or the individual???

  28. I lifted three to four times a week when in my 20's and 30's. Starting to return to lifting now that my kids are grown and on their own. I saw the video and did the exercises. Because I am now almost 60, I use much less weight. I am more concerned with proper form than going heavy (100 to 125 on each exercise). Once I feel I own it, I will start to increase weight a little at a time. Always starting with streches and warm ups before lifting and cool downs when done.I am in it for the long haul. Your thoughts please.

  29. Alot of snowflakes in the comment section spreading misinformation on things they've never done. It's almost painful to read. Nice video and effective way to lift.

  30. Pushups, pull ups and squats are my favorite exercises, overall. Even though ive never been able to perform a pull up properly, or at all haha

  31. Sir how many times in a week wud u suggest this workout ?? Also wanted to know u have any variations of same workout …eg 1 week incline , 1 week decline … Same muscle but working from different different angle

  32. Now I know why all these newbies at my yuppie box gym are never seen after 3-4 months, the reps, routine mirrors everything I am seeing here. The barbell overhead press should be cleaned to your
    chest, then you press up, that resting at chest level, is cheesedick using lifting belt too. 3 sets on barbell bench? WTF! You need 3-4 sets to warm up, plus no incline bench? It seems all the
    weights are stacked on the deadlift, they do not allow you to do that at my gym, depends on who is on shift, they will tell you to stop or get your membership revoked. The deadlift takes all your muscles to work, so it takes a few days to recover, it will tank you or break your spine either way, if it works for you, have at it. The pull ups, you need to spread your arms a little wider, the best overall
    back building routine is the Penlay row, not bent over, another cheesdick back routine. Most of these guys have been lifting for over 5 years at the minimum, it is a long process, lots of pain, time,
    commitment, and most of all money. If you all these supplemental starved people, you will spend on worthless stuff your body does not need, the fact to that, only less than 40% of supplements
    work for people. Now if you want to amp up your game, then easy to gear up, but then those cycles will be a mental strain, who's gearing, the red robin skin, constantly sweating, full intense charging
    to every exercise, no hair, bald or balding, needing to wear a ball cap, yeah, the side affects. Guys, it hard work, not going to be overnight, it takes years, the older you get the harder it is, at least you
    are in there.

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