7 Exercises You Should Do Absolutely Every Day.

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  1. Hi Bob and Brad, Do you do the exercises in your videos fast due to film timing constraints? I'm just curious because I've always been told by other physical therapists to make sure to do the exercises more slow and with perfect stance to maintain control of the exercises. If you two do them as quickly as you do due to timing constraints of filming your videos can you please add a verbal mention of that to others watching because not a lot of people would consider this and might hurt themselves worst by mimicking your quick exercises and not realize if they are using proper stance. I know it's your goal to help people so this could help them even more. Thank you.

  2. wow thankyou both so much, you fixed the pain right away, c5c6 out to shoulder down arm,  can I get you comment on at time 9.00, shoulder  blade into pocket, I found holding of the door jam for support , doing 1 shoulder blade with opposite foot, curling them towards each other  got my back to  crack- ( lower neck), and wow peace on earth) been  20 weeks in pain THANKYOU x 1000

  3. So, I'm finding this video 2 years after its release and have to ask: can Physical Therapists PLEASE discuss with car manufacturers the position of the headrests? Our newer cars have forward-positioning headrests and cannot be moved! Basically, each is positioned so one has to carry their head forward (opposite of the chin tuck), and forget about exercising the chin tuck while in your car! It's sad that we have purchased our latest cars based upon the headrests and barely upon any of the other features. One would think the headrest can be flipped around, or some other simple fix, but that is not true! Visit some car lots, and you will see. The resultant headache from driving–even to run errands–is very frustrating.

  4. I got a massage table pretty cheap on Ebay….don't know brand. It's sturdy…love it and it's good for people who have mobility problems getting down on floor.

  5. People will loosen up faster if they turn a stretch into yoga by simply feeling a good emotion while they stretch and imagine their mind expanding and floating outside of their body. Any pain caused by tightness will disappear far faster.

    Also, using a boron supplement to detox excess flouride means that if you don't stretch for a while you will stay more limber.

  6. Eating crow because I always lecture my kids about their phone faces, but I did your chin tuck exercise and relieved my irritated neck. I guess I have phone face too.

  7. sitting here watching you ..I feel happier….have pain..going to an MD tomorrow… si pain ..feel like my leg is just on wrong…. but I think I will follow your advice..s on much and know I will go toward health after this instead of taking my usual great strong health for granted. Maybe I will get thinner again..I do it often… and then have to do it again!!

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