7 Hairstyles Women LOVE On A Man (#3 Will Surprise You)

7 Hairstyles Women LOVE On A Man
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In today’s video, gents, I’m counting down the seven most attractive men’s hairstyles,
and a couple other ones on this list are going to surprise you. Coming in at number seven, the modern undercut. The key characteristics of a modern undercut,
let’s look at the top of the head. What we’re going to see is longer hair that
is brushed in general, back. Although, sometimes you can see it’s styled
forward just a bit as well. On the sides, we’re going to see the number
1, number 2, or number 3 guard used. Obviously, the short of the cut here and the
longer the hair on top, the more of a contrast we’re going to get. Now, the sides can be faded or of equal lengths. And, when it comes to sideburns, they’re optional,
but they look great with this hairstyle. So, why is this hairstyle attractive? Well, even though it’s become more popular,
it still isn’t one of the most popular styles out there, so you do set yourself apart from
the crowd. In addition, when you look at somebody with
this hairstyle what it does is it leans up the face. So, if you’ve got a little bit of a rounded
face, it will make you look leaner. The only thing to watch out for with this
particular hairstyle is if you’ve got ears that stick out, it is going to draw attention
to them, so make sure you’ve got good looking ears. Coming in at number six, we’ve got the pompadour. This is another trendy hairstyle that in the
last decade has really gained a lot of steam. Now, the key characteristic of the pompadour
is what’s known as the pump. That is all that hair right there in front
on top. So, why is the pompadour attractive? This hairstyle is all about youth and rebellion. Look at some of the most famous men that have
sported this hairstyle, someone like James Dean, the whole Rebel Without a Cause standing
up to authority. This is the look of youth, at the same time,
it’s got that they pay attention to the details. Women know that, hey, this guy has to — he
doesn’t wake up like this. This is something he puts a little bit of
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prevent hair loss, go to Keeps.com/RMRS to receive 40% off your first order. Again, that’s Keeps.com/RMRS. Coming in at number five, we’ve got the long
round layered look. Now, this is also known as the hockey cut,
a very casual style. You’re going to slick it straight back. Now, guys are going to use different products,
but not necessarily to keep it in place. People are using products here especially
if they got thinner hair, they want to give it a bit of volume. They want to go for that layered look. And, if you get frizz, so you’ve got really
just you know hair that curls, that’s where you want to basically uncurl it with product,
so it lays and stays straight back. Now, why do women find this look attractive? Well, let’s look it’s a very casual style,
and it is really geared towards I think the younger men. Older men that try to pull this off, you’ve
really got to have a body that works for it because in general we see this on athletes. We see it on younger men who want to go for
the longer hair, but don’t want to think about it too much. Now, it should be noted that some guys take
this hairstyle and they transform it into the man bun. And, if you do that, I need your man card
immediately and you’re kicked off this list. No. I’m just kidding. I don’t like the style, but I know some guys
absolutely love it. Let me know what you think about the man bun
down in the description. Coming in at number four, we’ve got the side
part. Overall, a very classic clean professional
look. So, it is an older style and some people do
consider it to be a bit too old-fashioned. I’m not in that camp, I like it, but I do
feel it’s not as versatile as a number of styles out there because it’s really geared
towards the man dressing sharp, not a guy that’s going to be casually just going out
on the weekend. Now, the key feature of the side part hairstyle
as the name implies is the side part. In general, this hairstyle works with medium
length hair. We’re talking about 4 to 6 inches on top. And over on the sides, they are going to be
shorter, but we’re not going to see any type of fades. It’s just going to be a natural transition
from the top. So, what about the part line? Should you go with a shaved part line? Should you go with a natural part line? The guys who talk about a shaved part line,
I think this can be a great look, but here’s the deal. You really need to trust your barber because
if they mess this up, it can turn out really bad versus the natural part line I think for
the vast majority of men, this is the look that you want to go with. And if you’re just trying out this hairstyle,
definitely go with the natural. Now, why do some women love this look? And let me be clear, not all women are going
to like it, but those that do, really like it. [0:04:58]
And for me, it harks back to a time when men they were gentlemen. If she likes a vintage if she likes old school
stuff, she wants to be treated like a lady, she’s going to see a guy like this and think,
you know what? I want to learn more about him. And, a lot of guys that go for this look they
pay attention to the details. So, if this is you if this works for you,
all the more power to you. Next on the list, we’ve got the crew cut. Now, at first glance there’s not much to this
hairstyle which is probably why it’s so popular with professional men around the world. Over all around the head we’ve got a relative
even length. Yes, a little bit longer up on top, a little
bit shorter over on the sides, but simply easy cut. I love this hairstyle because of how versatile
it. Is if you’re 55 if you’re 25, this hairstyle
works for you especially if you’re wearing a suit or if you’re simply wearing casual
clothing. It can work in almost any situation. Now, all this begs an answer to the question,
if it’s such a simple style, why is it so high on my list? In a nutshell, it’s hard to mess this hairstyle
up and it’s easy to augment it. So, all the other hairstyles I talked about,
there are situations in which you don’t want to wear them, and that’s an issue. So, a lot of guys they choose a hairstyle
they think they’re having fun with it and it kind of works against them. What I love about the crew cut is with relatively
simple changes, you can actually really elevate your style. So, go to your stylist, get maybe some highlights,
maybe use different products at home. Experiment, try combing your hair in different
ways and we can have the same hairstyle but a totally different look. And to me, it’s this versatility with the
familiarity of this hairstyle that women find that attractive. When you can show up one day and you’ve got
just a different look, there’s something different about you. You didn’t really change things too much,
you didn’t really get outside your comfort zone, that’s why I think this hairstyle is
great for most men. Now, this next two on the list I think are
going to surprise you. So, I’m going to talk about two really quick
right here in the same point. That is the buzz cut and the shaved head. So, with a buzz cut. Very simple, we’ve got a 0 or a 1 guard all
the way around the head. And with the shaved head, that one is pretty
much obvious. So, you’re probably thinking why do I have
these hairstyles or lack of hairstyle ranked so high on this list? Let me explain. First up, let’s talk about confidence. When you make the decision to shave your head,
this is a big decision and you’ve got to be confident in yourself in your overall look. And, just ask any guy that’s ever shaved his
head after he did it, it’s like, wow. And, I want to hear from some of you guys
down in the comments if you’ve ever shaved your head and how that made you feel. But, for a lot of men all of a sudden, they
walk taller they feel more confident about who they are. They notice that other people perceive them
to be and this is scientifically backed as stronger, more aggressive, as a different
person sometimes good. Maybe that’s not exactly what you’re looking
for if you don’t want to be coming off is dominant. But, many men will defer to bald men, so all
of a sudden they find they’re treated with a bit more respect. The second thing is that women love to touch
a bald head or a buzz cut. They love to run your fingers through that
bit of hair on the buzz cut, they love to touch the bald head. Not all women, but the 10% of women that absolutely
love this, those are the ones that we care about because if you’re out there single if
you’re married and you just simply your wife loves it, it’s something that it’s almost
a fetish. So, for that reason, yeah, not everyone’s
going to be for it, but you’re not wanting to get caught in the middle. You would rather be on the side of, hey, I’ll
take 10% of the population that absolutely loves it. Number one on this list is bed head also known
as the tousled look. And, I did not see that coming. Now, with the tousled look what we’re going
to see about 3 to 5 inches on the top, a bit shorter over on the sides. And overall, the style here is messy. Now, this one I have to admit is a bit of
a mystery to me, but I did find survey after survey that talked about how women absolutely
love this look. Now, this look has trended on and off for
the last thirty years in Hollywood. It’s kind of got a bad boy feel, so I can
see why women would find it attractive. I don’t know. What do you think? Should I go with the whole bed head look? Let me know down in the comments. So, what video to watch next? How about this one, fifty nine men that you
can steal style inspiration from? It doesn’t matter your body type doesn’t matter
your complexion, I’ve got you covered in this video right here. [0:08:53] End of audio

100 Replies to “7 Hairstyles Women LOVE On A Man (#3 Will Surprise You)”

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    Which hairstyle do you think is the most attractive? Comment below!

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  2. I'm all for the crew cut, simple, easy and clean and at the same time hugely popular (never heard a woman say she dislikes it)

  3. Not all the women are the same. I don't really want to attract a woman who likes freaky or pretentious haircuts. I want a woman who has some sense in her head, can respect a classy man with a classic look.

  4. I don't think fades with a beard look good if the fade goes to skin with the beard appearing out of nowhere. Example is the left guy at 0:34.

  5. Man buns are for hard core posers…shoe cobbler bears with the faves mullets and now the bun, which will also be looked upon as just as stupid
    The shaved head, sucks for them if they have a Charlie brown or elephant man shaped head lmao

  6. @8:20 I didn't see it coming either, but one man immediately pops up in my head when it came to that look, and he rocks it perfectly: Music by Blanks. And yes, he has a youtube channel of the same name. All you need is to watch one video of his to see what I'm talking about.

  7. Antonio, the man bun you say? Im actually growing my hair out to do a full man bun. Ive been growing it from a buzz cut(scalp showing), its been 5 months. Now im at the short mop stage, haha!

  8. I'm losing hair and I'm 19, which is not very common. So one day I just decided to shave my head. Best decision. As Antonio rightly said, it did boost my confidence and I felt great. I go to college and I was a bit apprehensive before going through with this idea, but one day I just took the leap and rocked the shaved head. It was amazing!!!!

  9. Shaving my head was the greatest thing I did to my appearance, I felt more confident and people indeed treated me with more respect. If you're doubting to shave your head, just go ahead and do it!

  10. Right now I´m sporting the side part. But in the spring I tried the crew cut for a bit. Personally I think both can be improved with a fade, it makes the cut look sharper and a bit more youthful IMHO

  11. I'm looking forward to videos that I have never thought I would see but would want to see

    I personally don't like the man bun. I agree with you.

  12. – nice jacket Antonio
    – i do agree with your opinion on the man bun. most ppl can't pull if off. the few that can pull it off look freaking awesome
    – i am digging the crew cut, esp the one that david beckham had
    – you cracked me up with the bed head look HAHAHA

  13. I definitely agree on the buzz. I’m 23 and always worried about my hair, I could never stop touching it. Suddenly I manned up and just buzzed it in an instant while just starting a new job in a highly public place. I began to feel VERY different. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and leave out being “the pretty boy” for once. Will I do it a again? Most likely not, but it was definitely a positive and bold action for mental transformation!

  14. I started going bald in my early 20's so I've shaved my head with a #0 or with a razor for about a decade now. I'm cool with it and it hasn't negatively impacted me getting ladies thankfully and actually most chicks say it's one of the things that makes them physically attracted to me. When I fist started balding I was like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK!!!! but not now.

  15. Im sure women like man buns. The guys with man buns usually look like they have dirty stinky hair and tying back so it never has a chance to touch them during coitus is a good thing.

  16. I shaved my head somewhat by accident 3 months ago, but it didn't bother me (possibly thanks to be confident already). But this did definitely led me to make the decision to have a 'buzzcut' hairstyle; I just buzz it off to either 6 or 9 millimeters each week or two, and it feels great.
    Thanks for the video Antonio!

  17. I just went all in with the 0 guard shave because it can meet uniform regs for 3 weeks. I liked it. And it dries completely between walking out of the shower and walking out of the bathroom. I've been doing this every 1-2 weeks for 13 years now.

  18. Hey, what should I do, I have roman curls and I want to keep them but, they look awful when they are unmanaged or close to my face.

  19. Wow, another amazing videos, good job, RMRS. By the way, just re-listen your podcast "Personal Image Podcast" recently, it is really a good podcast, deserve many credit, hope you renew for a new season soon, it is a more easy way to get in touch with men fashion and manner knowledge, also in connect with RMRS. 😊 👍

  20. The man bun is absurd on all men, especially men over the age of about 35. Anyone who wears it is basically saying "Look at me; I'm hip," which is the exact opposite of being hip.

  21. The man bun doesn't look good on everyone but If you have thick beard on chin and you have more than avg (not bulky or too thin) body.

  22. Imo, the crew, buzz, and shaved head are all about keeping an organized profile. For me it's less distracting and low maintenance cause my hair texture demands more attention the longer it gets. Every now and then though I do like a high tight fade just cause I feel it looks good on me.

  23. Definite plus one on a shaved head.
    When I was younger and losing hair my friends shaved my head.
    The next few times I went out I had women throwing themselves at me.
    As a bit of a control. For the previous 10 years that had NEVER happened to me.
    Not all women like it, but the ones who do, love it!

  24. I’ve been bald, the high and tight, crew cut and the side part. I preferred the bald look as far as the ease of upkeep but the wife prefers me with hair. Plus according to my wife and kids (when they were younger), I don’t look as scary and mean with hair lol

  25. Shaving my head really wouldn't work…I've got a big dent up there…so for now, I'll settle for an undercut, or a crew cut

  26. The fact that you have to say man in front of Bun says it all. To me the MAN Bun is an absolute no. But no disrespect to each their own.

  27. PLEASE give us information about that GORGEOUS jacket you’re wearing! Specially it’s fabric. Please! And did I mention it is gorgeous! LOL Greetings from Brazil!

  28. I've shaved my head since I was what, 14? 15, maybe. Still do it, now and then, 25 years later, although it's about a year since the last time I did it. My main issue with it is the clean-up afterwards, there's hair all over the place. Especially when maintaining it, and it's just a few millimetres long bits of hair. Everywhere. And it itches, because no amount of showering seems to get it all off, at best it just lets it go a bit further down.

    I like the look, but not the maintainance.

  29. A man bun is not a style, it is just smth you do when you don't want hair everywhere while doing something like training or eating.
    And if you have it as 'your style ' to just put your hair in a bun, that has a name. It's called being lazy.

  30. Hairpieces (wigs) are like toques as they are hot if the temperature is over 55° F. and hard to wash and blow dry as they tangle badly !

  31. I've literally had all these hairstyles throughout my life. Most are hard to maintain. Shaved right now and is the easiest. Takes some getting used to but once you adjust, you will be glad you did it.

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