7 Health Benefits Of Golden Milk | Erectile Dysfunction | Stamina | Golden Milk Benefits

what is golden milk in its most basic
iteration golden milk is a hot or cold beverage that’s made by combining either
turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root with the milk of your choosing cow
almond coconut cashew etc often several more flavor boosting ingredients are
added to the recipe such as black pepper ginger cinnamon and honey black pepper
specifically is said to boost the body’s ability to absorb curcumin the main
bioactive compound within turmeric while new ish to many of us the origins of
golden milk can be traced back to ancient India where it was and still is
used in ayurvedic medicine to help with insomnia coughs and colds seven health
benefits of golden milk while golden milk itself hasn’t been the subject of
scientific studies turmeric root has been found to possess potent
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and it’s at the root of many
of golden milks proposed health benefits in fact turmeric and its main bioactive
compound curcumin have been studied extensively
for their ability to help combat a number of health conditions from
Alzheimer’s to arthritis to depression all of which have been linked to chronic
inflammation because fat also enhances absorption of curcumin enjoying these
spices in golden milk can help you enjoy the benefits even more just courting MS
RD CDN registered dietitian and health coach told M VG one it may ease achy
joints inflammation is a major contributing factor in the joint pain
associated with arthritis multiple studies have found that curcumin found
in the turmeric used in golden milk can ease the specific pain that
osteoarthritis patients experience in fact curcumin has such impressive
anti-inflammatory properties that in some cases it has been found to be more
effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen
because of this it may also be helpful for athletes looking to soothe soreness
said cording to it may improve digestion and gut health sipping on a mug of warm
golden milk just sounds soothing and it probably does research reveals that
curcumin possessed is anti-inflammatory antioxidant and
antimicrobial properties that make it beneficial for overall digestive and gut
health and even for preventing colorectal cancer in one study a daily
dose of curcumin over 30 days reduced the number of lesions in the colon by
40% that’s important because these types of lesions have the ability to turn
cancerous curcumin has also been used to treat inflammatory bowel conditions like
colitis and irritable bowel syndrome additionally the ginger and many golden
milk recipes can further boost digestive health as it has been shown to speed up
gastric emptying time which can reduce bloating and nausea 3 it may help keep
your memory sharp many degenerative brain disorders are caused by a decrease
in a key hormone called brain-derived neurotropic factor which helps the brain
form new neural connections turns out curcumin has been proved to
increase levels of this important hormone additionally because curcumin
crosses the blood-brain barrier research has suggested the brain can
benefit from its anti-inflammatory antioxidant benefits and stave off
conditions like Alzheimer’s said courting for it may boost your mood the
turmeric in golden milk may even help these symptoms of depression curcumin
impact on BDNF has also been shown to have a potential use in depression
treatment by reversing detrimental brain changes that occur in depression says
cording it’s also been studied for its potential to boost levels of mood
regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in fact in one
study patients with major depressive disorder were treated with either
curcumin or a placebo and after just four weeks the curcumin was found to be
significantly more effective at improving several mood related symptoms
plus an undeniable link has been found between depression and inflammation so
it’s no huge surprise that drinking golden milk can offer a meaningful mood
boost 5 it may improve heart health heart disease continues to be the no 1
cause of death in the United States happily research suggests your mug of
golden milk may complement an overall heart healthy diet and exercise regimen
curcumin and turmeric have been shown to protect your heart in numerous ways like
improving endothelial function and reducing inflammation and free radical
damage said cording 6 it may help low you to sleep once you’ve
tried golden milk you’ll be hooked on the way it settles your mind and body at
the end of the day and invites your entire being to relax and let go of any
worries as you drift off to sleep dr. Cole reach audrey md neurologist and
pioneer in the field of integrative medicine told MBG but why exactly is
golden milk so relaxing for one making and drinking golden milk in the evening
can be part of a relaxing bedtime ritual milk also contains carbs in the form of
lactose and consuming carbohydrates before bed has been shown to help you
fall asleep faster plus hot beverages of any variety have a soothing quality and
have been associated with reduced anxiety 7 it may boost immunity curcumin
anti-inflammatory antioxidant and antimicrobial properties all work
together to bolster the immune system which may lend legitimacy to the ancient
Ayurvedic practice of using golden milk to help treat coughs and colds

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