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Hey guys, I’m Meagan Martin and today we’re gonna do a full body kettlebell workout So if you haven’t warmed up yet Please pause this video because you need to get a great warmup in before you start working out with us Get that heart rate going and loosen up those muscles Once you’re warmed go ahead and take a sip of your Celsius to make sure that you have the extra energy to get through this workout So we’re gonna start with a kettlebell shoulder press So grab your kettlebell Bring it up to your shoulder. Make sure you have a nice wide stance And when we do this, we’re gonna bend and extend up We’re gonna do this exercise for 30 seconds. You guys ready? Three, Two One Make sure you have a nice bend in the knee and really use your legs to press up Now we’re gonna go ahead and switch sides so it’ll be 15 seconds on each side don’t start going until you’re ready and steady in your position to do the press Awesome job guys And now we’ll switch to our kettlebell swing Go ahead and just drop the kettlebell back and thrust forward. It’s a light little bend in the knees and then thrust your hips forward Almost like you’re kind of sitting in a chair Use that momentum You can always grab a heavier weight for kettlebells Really good guys Remember to keep breathing Now we’re gonna do a kettlebell lunge So grab your kettlebell in one hand and this is gonna be a reverse lunge If you need to go ahead and put your hands on the hips for more balance Really good lunges guys. Remember to keep breathing And now we’re gonna go ahead and switch sides again Make sure you have a good stance before you start your lunge Awesome guys Just a few more seconds and then we’re gonna get a nice rest Alright go ahead and put those kettlebells down. We have a 30 second rest Shake out the legs if you need to Nice deep breaths Keeping it together You guys are doing awesome Just trying to strengthen our core, our legs, our grip strength, our shoulders, so that we can do anything we want to do Start swinging around on monkey bars at a tough mudder. I don’t know Alright we’re gonna get into this next exercise in a second Alright guys, we’re ready for our second set Starting with the kettlebells shoulder press so we’re gonna start guys in three two, one Nice good stance for the shoulder press, slight bend in the knees. Nice big press at the top Just a little bend in the knees and a big explosive press we’re trying to become as explosive as possible Go ahead and switch sides guys Trying to work on our power Remember, shoulders are so important guys at home Like keep your shoulders nice and strong. This is how we prevent shoulder injuries Now we’re gonna go to the kettlebell swing if you guys want to switch positions Get a nice good swing back and thrust forward Like I said before it’s all about the legs and the hips not really about the arms We’re using our momentum to thrust the kettlebell forward good Awesome. Do you guys see the nice squat that McKenna has Don’t want to go too low, but she’s at the perfect part Little bend, big hip thrusts. Nothing with your arms. This is all about your legs. You guys are doing awesome Really good breathing. Maybe slight love some friends Good awesome. Now we’re gonna switch back into that lunge Go ahead find the right position and step back for your reverse lunge. Really good. See how McKenna’s knee is almost touching the ground but not touching you want to stay nice control of your legs, which is perfect You’ve been nice been frontwards go ahead and switch sides Keeping nice and square is so important. We don’t want to go off-kilter on these at all Good Valentino. Looking straight ahead Find something to focus on go ahead and rest guys. We have another 30-second rest and then one more round Go ahead and shake it out a little Then we’re gonna do it again. You guys are doing awesome I’m gonna keep breathing nice inhaling exhaling I should be able to hear you Shake it out a bit You might be feeling a little tired at this point It’s okay to modify a bit. We’ll probably modify this around a little bit either lower your weight get rid of the weights Whatever works best for you. You guys are doing great We’re gonna start with that shoulder, press again. Remember, we really want to have a light bend and a big thrust Really good guys. Awesome. We really want to make our shoulders nice and strong That way we can swing around on all the monkey bars go ahead and switch I don’t know about you guys, but you should probably want to do a Tough Mudder It’s a lot of fun We got to get nice and strong before we can do that, right? really good I’m gonna get into that kettlebell swing nice little dip and thrust Really good guys, keep going. You’re doing great Good thrust Even over exaggerate that thrust a little. We really want to use our hips and our legs. Get the glutes nice and tight Nice and strong so we can be quick and explosive You guys are doing awesome. Good breathing. Hit a little lower. Yeah, really good swings here Nice hip thrusting all about the glutes and the quads and the hammies Now we’re going to switch over to the reverse lunge with the kettlebell Make sure when you step back you’re getting a nice separation between both legs go ahead and start. Good. Make sure the knee hovers that back leg. The knee will hover over the ground, but as close to the ground as possible. You guys are doing awesome. Go ahead and switch sides Set it up before and go. Good. Awesome. Don’t let the knee touch Stay with it guys. You’re doing great. Keep breathing. We’re almost done. You’re doing amazing. Nice chest forward and up Keeping everything tight. We’re trying to build as much power as possible And that’s a wrap you guys, you did awesome. Way to go out there. You guys just got through your kettlebell full body workout. I’m sure with lots of style Please check out some of our other workouts because we want to get you as fit as possible You can subscribe here and you can comment below please. We’d love to hear from you Don’t forget to grab it Celsius before your next workout because then you’ll have all the energy you need. Thanks, guys

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  1. Working out with Meagan Martin…yes please and ty 24/7

  2. What the heck was dude doing in the background? He messed things up. Not in sync with the ladies. Other than that, good video.

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