7 MORE Foods to Boost Your Stamina for Running!

In this video, i’m going to list more of
the healthy foods that are study-proven to be the threads that may weave together more
sustained energy for running. The first one is specific greens, such as
spinach, kiwi and avocados because they are brimming in natural plant compounds known
to spark improvements in thyroid function that may lead to sustained energy for running. Overall, understanding the root cause of chronic
fatigue can be a complex problem AND study after study have found that an under-nourished,
sluggish thyroid leads to a greater susceptibility to chronically low energy, which could obviously
cripple your running performance. The good news is, according to Italian researchers,
spinach, avocados and kiwis are rich in carotenoids, which are plant compounds connected to improved
thyroid function as well as the healing of damaged thyroid tissues.This is why spinach,kiwis
and avocados are considered storehouses of sustained energy as per their nutritious capacity
in strengthening thyroid function. This is how these specific greens may multiply
your energy levels in a sustained way for running by improving common thyroid-related
symptoms, like banishing brain fog and ongoing fatigue. In keeping with foods proven to be important
in thyroid function enrichment, and therefore supercharging your energy for running, specific
teas such as black, green, oolong or white tea may help prevent energy shortages during
running by effectively supporting a more rejuvenated, youthful thyroid. According to reports from the University of
Connecticut, these teas contain a special brand of phytonutrients that work to reduce
tissue-damaging, fatigue-inducing inflammation within the thyroid and therefore may help
shore up more energy in a continuous way, especially for running. The researchers discovered that enjoying 5
cups of these teas daily may turn back time on your thyroid, helping keep your thyroid
young and viable via slowing thyroid aging by 42%, which in turn, may help stave off
energy droughts, enabling you to do even more in achieving better performance results in
running. So this is how herbal teas may help lift fatigue
attached to sluggish thyroid function. In keeping with teas that provide greater
energy readiness for running, white tea may help usher in more sustained energy for running
by kicking off positive changes in the brain that involves an increased production of the
mood-boosting neurochemicals, dopamine and serotonin, both of which can build crucial
sustained mental and physical stamina that may help amplify your performance efforts. According to tea expert Nadia De La Vega,
white tea is a rich source of L-theanine, a compound known to directly stimulate deeper
currents of dopamine and serotonin which taken together, may help feed your capacity to push
more beyond with great ease during running. Apples can be a valuable source of sustained
energy for running on many levels. Indeed, blood-sugar crashes can drain energy
and chip away at a runner’s performance. Luckily, apples may help clear away tiredness
by having a leveling effect on blood sugar and may be a true anti-hunger agent by helping
dial-back persistent, intense sugar cravings. According to Eve Schaub, author of Year of
No Sugar, apples are a prime source of a form of fibre known as pectin; what makes pectin
so energy effective is that it may control appetite by keeping you fuller, longer by
helping catalyze improved blood-sugar control which in turn, may help prevent premature
hunger as well as fatigue-causing blood sugar dips, thereby may help give you the access
you need to more sustained energy for running. In keeping with deepening your energy reserves
for running via avoiding sugar-crash fatigue, magnesium was found to have the power to prod
your muscles to burn more blood-sugar for energy, improve appetite control and may bring
a big payoff for regulating mood via staving off depression. In fact, the latest research has found that
if you are already in a mood-drought, magnesium may improve mood, making you feel more upbeat
and happier by 53%, which can make a big difference in increasing your performance efforts as
a runner because you will feel more confident and optimistic. The study-proven, mood-enhancement recommended
dose of magnesium was found to be 400-mg daily, but be sure to take it before bed to achieve
best results in feeling energized the next day, since magnesium is also a muscle-relaxant. Dandelion leaves may give you the energizing
help you may need to assist in building more endurance progress as a runner. This is because dandelion leaves are massively-rich
in vitamin B and lecithin which is a healthy unsaturated fat), both are a pivotal combination
in providing you enough mental stamina and focus to potentially help expand your endurance
capacity for running. More specifically, new research has identified
the b vitamin and lecithin content in dandelion leaves of having measurable effects on energy
gains by probing your brain cells to flare with faster firing rates, prompting them to
communicate more efficiently and effectively, which is the active component in sharpening
focus, and also, is partly at the root of overcoming brain fog and mental sluggishness. This is one way dandelion leaves may rekindle
more sustained stamina for running. In addition, ethnobotanist, Peter Gail, PhD,
author of The Dandelion Celebration, adds that in addition to b vitamins and lecithin,
dandelion leaves have an even more powerful line-up of neuroprotective and antioxidative
agents than broccoli, which again, can be enormously influential in improving your capacity
to uphold your stamina during running. Gail also underscored that because of its
enormous weighted sum of nutritional power, USDA touted dandelions as one of the healthier
foods one can eat. Lastly, you may way to take advantage of eating
bitter melon as it may easily provide a longer, continuous flow of energy for running. Bitter melon does this by rapidly converting
glucose, or sugar to fuel. According to reports in the journal PLOS one,
eating one small bitter melon daily may help you break through the fatigue fever via bolster
your energy levels by 35%! The researchers revealed that bitter melon
contains essential stamina-inducing nutrients that stimulate and energize your brain and
body the same way exercise does –which is by burning food for fuel at a more rapid rate,
giving you more energy capital to work with for running! You can find bitter melon in grocery stores
with an ethnic food section or in Asian food markets. Overall, if fatigue just won’t go away when
you run, the foods that I just mentioned are very notable for influencing positive changes
in the brain and other areas in the body that effectively may lead to more sustained endurance
gains. I think for most runners, the ultimate goal
is to discover the next best healthy foods, drinks and/or supplements that not only deliver
a hefty dose of energy, but does so with enormous staying power. You will quickly find that the energy these
foods may provide, may perfectly match the endurance demands of running long distances. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. For more nutritional tips for running, especially
pertaining to attaining more clean energy for running, because as an endurance runner
myself, I’m always on the hunt for study-proven foods that gives a good stretch of energy
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heel strike running vs forefoot strike. Thank you so much for listening and watching. Have fun out there on the roads and trails. Bye for now.

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