7 Stoic Exercises For Inner Peace

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  1. I don't chew food much. I chew till the time when my tongue feels like my inner neck(food pipe) can handle it. Most of the time it's three or four times.

  2. This is the philosophy of just another human, take it all with a grain salt ! take some and leave the rest behind.

  3. On your first date
    Eat in a mannerly way before gobbling up everything like a pig

    and calmly explain to your date with a straight face "No need for alarm, I'm practicing stoicism".

  4. Didn't know I was living a stoic life. Focusing on the gems that you have given : I am an introvert & I do well alone..keeping a positive & open mind..whatever happens just accept & work with it. When I go in public tho, another story. I am learning how to maneuver the rude, ignorant souls out there. I'm @ an even better place now as I can now accept, ignore & be the better person in all my interactions with the above characters. When I can go through a day & not being triggered them I have fully mastered the art.

  5. Great video. loved it. One small correction at 5:40 when you say "one of many many galaxies in milky way". Milky way is a galaxy in itself and its not formed by many galaxies. Its formed by many star systems just like our solar system.

  6. I think stoicisicm is good as a tool to balance the rhythms of life that bat us around but it never brought me peace, it made me realize that's not all and there's always something more behind it and it led me to mystic practices. I think the Drukama tradition is one of the most direct today I've seen.

  7. I'm 48 and I have been addicted to amphetamine, opioids and meds such as valium and xanax since I was 17-18. Have adhd and been medicated with the usual drugs. Ritalin and such. But by trying to focus on the stoic philosophy it has really helped me to find a little bit more peace in myself. Even if its 000.1 % improvement its always something. Really… If you have a similar past or present experience you should give it a chance. You won't lose anything.

  8. liked question of ishan mishra ( see comment of Timo wendner ) and replies to ishan by Aaron , joseph ross , and ashutosh .
    like replies of joseph ross to Ben tatou, in same section .

  9. Why aren't you vegan? It's hard to take you/your channel serious as you deliberately participate in the suffering of non-human animals and also harm your own body with it. Such a waste of potential.

  10. Inner peace can only come through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Peace is a spiritual thing that can only be given by the creator.

  11. Thank you for sharing. It’s interesting to know that most of these traits I’ve been practicing for some time now. I’ve picked them up somewhere along the way through my trials and harshness of this life I’ve been given. Deeper still, the path I have accepted is the path of the Warrior, or Ha’assche in Apache. Knowing the title of these traits and what they entail in greater detail will help me to identify more about myself and others through 2 of my most favorite of the practices: Self awareness and self reflection. Knowing what you do and why and reviewing all possible outcomes of each road taken.

  12. Inner peace shikku. O pra tera dhanvaad bot bot te thanks, par mai karlu aape jad kujj v karna hoyea.. Tuc socheya, tuhadi meherbani bot par na karo eh sab.. Shad de yar menu mere haal uppar te jee laen do menu meri jindagi..

  13. depressed people already do negative visualizations all day long – so dont add more negative visualizations if you are already depressed…

  14. I find your videos packed with such great information. I often find myself watching them a few times (or sections of them a few times). I love that you added links to books because books I find help to instil change. Will look into your book now. I have started taking notes on the comments you make in some videos and have been rereading my notes everyday.

  15. I am somewhat capable of not giving a damn in social situations where I know people don't know me, as a 17yo so going to school, I am incapable of getting into that mindset when in school
    For example, at a dancing ball I can do dumb things to intrigue people with my friend (like jumping over each other in the middle of a dance)
    But at school I could never do this because then people know me, and maybe the people who already don't like me might "diss" me for it, I know that it's foolish but at the moment I am incapable of adopting that mindset I get when in special social situations

  16. Hey man. You channel recently helped me find troubled self. For many recent years I had this type of mentality, it was almost suicidal but not quite it. The mentality of humans being small, that we don’t have much control over many things. Life goes around with or without us. You can’t possible control life, you learn to react to it. To not care about many things that do not shape us. I found your stoic themed videos and it helped me realize that my thoughts are not just “none fks given” type, but it’s the true meaning of happiness, stoicism. I even didn’t know the meaning nor the existence of the word stoic. Greetings from Perú 🇵🇪!

  17. Momento Mori….doesn't really make sense to me. It's like who cares. When you die you die. Why being aware of that is a motivator or whatever doesn't make sense to me.

  18. I appreciate all of these videos but honestly none of this works. We live in a society where everything unattainable (or attainable with luck or extreme stress) is shoved in our faces and down our throats. We are all going at 1000 miles and hour wanting and needing – no matter how good things are at the moment.

  19. Trust me, if your brain has always been wired this way and you've always been thinking like a stoic, you're gonna get tired and depressed sooner or later, I'm just talking from personal experience

  20. I'm really loving the stoicism philosophy. I need more of this in my life. Great videos my dude. Does anyone have any books to recommend on the subject?

  21. Worked my arse off to come to half of these conclusions and here you are putting them plainly in my face. In all reality trying to remember all of this crap will only make you lose your mind. Just keep in mind that nothing matters. This may sound bad but if you take it in a positive way it's up to you to be who you want to be. If you're smart enough you will realise since nothing matters, being ourselves and helping folks in our lives be happy is all that matters.

  22. Dude, really? A 7 minute video that does nothing more use the age old maxim "expect the worst, hope for the best?"
    Pat yourself on the back "Stoic The Vast"……… pathetic

  23. Here are my 7 stoic principles that allow me to live happily & freely:
    1. Have the courage to be honest & don't worry if the truth offends anyone. Their feelings are irrelevant to the truth.
    2. Follow your gut instincts & don't trust everything that you hear or see, especially on TV or the internet.
    3. When someone makes you angry, smile & respond back with witty humor. Kill them with kindness, don't give them any satisfaction.
    4. Do want you want to do & do it now. Stop using the phrase "next time" because there might well be no next time.
    5. Have fun & play like a kid occasionally, especially with your own children. It's good for your mental well being.
    6. Ignore the idiots, losers & assholes of the world, even if they are family or friends. You should not waste your precious time on petty people.
    7. Be grateful for all the good things you have in life. Somewhere out there in the world is someone who is much worse off than you, guaranteed.
    Hope that helps. Have a great stoic day, everyone!

  24. Please stay away Stoicism philosophy is derived from self-concept. If you are looking for Godly peace stay connected to its source, John 14:27 King James Version (KJV)27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Thank you, God bless 🙏🏾

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