7 Ways to Discover Your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES – #7Ways

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  1. The data tells us that 19 out of 20 people that you meet are not successful. One way that people try to elevate themselves, in their own minds at least, is to put someone else down. That will be the motivation for some of the 19 people that “dis” you. Another factor is that, by definition, if the 19 people knew how to be successful they would be the 1 out of 20 and not part of the 19.
    SPECIAL WARNING: You must be especially careful of the people that love you the most! I say this to you because these loved ones are sincere and they really think that they are helping you. The problem is that they don’t have the knowledge to be the 1, the 5%er. They are giving you advice based on what they think they KNOW and from what they have learned from the 95% crowd. Sincerity sells. Don’t get sold. Find a worthy mentor (a 5%er) that has done what you want to do and copy their success. That will expedite your journey on the road to success. REMEMBER it is OK to be a copycat IF YOU COPY THE RIGHT CAT!
    You see, years ago, when people received a burn, the general thinking was that the first thing that you should do is to put butter on the burn. Well, it turns out that putting butter on a burn is about the worst thing that you can do. Doctors tell us that putting water on a burn is the right thing to do. So people that don’t really know, that have your best interests at heart, can give you some very bad advice. Don’t allow yourself to get “burned” by that bad advice. Follow the advice of the “doctor”, the 5%er, and not the 95%ers.

  2. Thank you Evan and team I've always known my #strengths are love food good food and wellness as well as a stong fond of story telling and informing. Then theres my passion for hand free drawing and design. But my major #weakness is communication. Expressing my self to people in person face to face. Still working on it.
    #BTA1 have an awesome 👏 day

  3. I watch ur videos every morning n I feel u make these videos just for me… thank u for ur awesome channel… ur the best…

  4. 5:09 – "What is it that you do or the way that you think that is just different than other people it's an important question ask because a lot of times you may not see those things as strengths you may even see those things as weaknesses that because you're different you're not good like the other people are at this other thing but you see the world slightly differently than other people do and where do you stand out compared to the people around you and just accidental question we'll pull out some things that are very interesting so for me I'm very mission driven I'm also very pragmatic you know I I don't really hang out a lot of times just going for beer and watching movies with friends a lot of times is the purpose behind what I do you know there's a purpose behind the conversations I have I don't like dealing with small problems I want to look behind it to see the bigger cause and go out and solve that big thing." — Evan Carmichael


    3:33 – "I just kept doing it because I liked it, salsa dancing and creating YouTube videos." — Evan Carmichael

    REM NOTES: Grit & Perseverance / Slow and steady wins the race / Consistency / The Rule of Five Daily / "Winners never quit and quitters never win." — Vince Lombari


  5. This is exactly what im trying to do this year. After reading your book I got the courage to share my one word by doing my first FB live video to tell people about my one word: aspiration.
    Thanks for the great video! #inspired

  6. Great video today. Say YES more… I recently said YES! To ukulele jam sessions…and I'm loving it!
    I also like your tip about introspection..being honest with ourselves.

  7. I like identifying what you dislike to find out your strength … of course I could write a whole book on what I dislike but there are somethings that do provide insight .. Thanks!

  8. great video Evan, say yes more is my favourite one, but it's on and off at times, sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no, but I'm working on making it a practice. I think its a great way to find hidden strengths and even your passions.

  9. He's looking up at his future! 🙂 Say Yes More really resonated with me! Trying more things and being open to anything that comes your way is such a great way to find your strengths and weaknesses and passions!

  10. These are helpful tips! The most helpful and surprising one for me was to "examine what you hate, and then look at the opposite of that." I never really take time to think about what I "hate" so this exercise will be insightful.

  11. Awesome video, Evan! I always thought that if I want to understand myself better, I need to ask myself. It's funny that most of my friends think the opposite. I don't think they have much confidence in themselves. Thanks!

  12. Hi Evan! I don't want to bother you but I will post this on every video I can until you answer to my message on facebook! Its a kind of threat really I guess…anyway 😁hope to know from you soon #Believenation #Help me

  13. I loved that! Thank you! I really connected with "daydreaming" what a great idea. Also the top that it didn't have tho be a big thing. Throng small things and just seeing. Thanks again!

  14. 1. Have fun, use hobbies to guide you, passion – what do you love to do and can get lost
    2. Daydream – Start doing it. Build momentum, start small
    3. What do you do differently? See the world differently. Purposeful activity, do or think differently
    4. Be brutally honest – Be authentic
    5. Use friends as counselors but take it with a grain of salt.
    6. What do you hate doing?
    7. Say yes more and explore – Try new things and gain exposure. Don't discount things.

  15. Hi Evan, I also like to observe large problems and think deeply about the possible solutions, I really love doing that, I just need to know how I can bounce my solutions that may be considered too simplistic. I spoke to some Rotarians about how I thought social problems that relate to people managing their emotions could be tackled. Loving this clip

  16. Love your wisdom! Question for you…there are many things I love and am really good at but it can drain me if I spend too much time doing it. Is this actually an area of weakness?

  17. Dear Evan, I was wondering if you have an Audio that people can download your speech’s programmes. I would love to hear while on train, I just love motivational speech…👍🏽

  18. What are my strengths and weaknesses?!

    Strengths: Weakness:
    •Empathy Impatient
    •Generous Too honest
    •Good listener can be demanding
    •Great at giving advice Seek alone times
    •Daring Hate been told
    • Love meeting people. Can be shy…
    • Fair Easily hurt
    •Decisive Indecisive at times
    • Love to experience Easily bored
    Ambitious Expecting

    Evan, what kind career job will best suit a person like me with the strength and weaknesses, I am still looking for a great career job since I was studying marketing, administration and now I’m stock in customer service retail but I feel that I want more in life than just working for a small little job. I always wanted to be my own boss and own something that I invested on and I also wanted to be a great consultant but I want to be able to do something I’ll be passionate doing so. First of all I love music and dance, I believe I have great skills when it comes to it but I’m also a very good listener and I am great at giving advice to friends, family or workmates. Please help I’m only 26 and I’m big dreamer of my future🤭

  19. i think its a great tips you have just shared to identify our strength and weakness, you people have solved my problems, thank you very much.


    1 most fun doing

    2 where do u day dream about? Wishes, people u look up to. Take small step to try it

    3 in which way u think different than others, where do u stand out

    4 be honest with yourself, admit strenght and weaknesses

    5 use friends as councelors, they can give u a better self awereness and perspective on u

    6 what do u hate doing, where are u not good in. What values have the people u dislike or are alergic for

    7 say yes more to find out

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