8 Best Cardio Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

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  1. Eres uno de los primero que veo que tiene sus videos en Español ya que yo no sé inglés ….. y me motivaste
    Ya que veo tus vídeos asta el final y los voy leyendo todo ……. Ya que todo lo que es inglés
    El que no le entiende le aburre pero así como tú los haces asta quiero ver más y más …….
    Sin duda uno de los mejores y exitosamente
    Aquí en México Estás …. Rifando ✌️💪

  2. On second exersise i just started to breath like someone fuck me. Thanks Chris! I hope my neighbors are pretty sure now that i fucked good 👍

  3. Hey what should i do if i am trying to get a six pack but i have some fat on my stomach. Im not tryna lose weight cuz im skinny in other places. Help

  4. Hi Chris Heria I am very much your fan I live in Brazil
    I always watch your videos too I always do some exercises on your channel
    Not all because I can't admire your work so much I wish you a good sort

  5. I got plateau after 2 months workout, so I decided to have my first tattoo on my wrist, it was PATIENT but it chinese letter . Hope I'll break my plateau soon

  6. So hilarious, half way through, Chris says: “You must be feeling it now” and I am like: “Dear, what I am feeling is the sweet release of death from this routine” 😂

  7. Dear Chris,I say thank you so much!!!!👏I begin training every day,becouse you motivate me 👍🙏🏻I wish you good luck 🍀

  8. Hello Chris I've been watching your videos and this one is gonna help me a lot since I'm a beginner. I appreciate for this video man keep it up!

  9. you are so beautiful Chris, when I saw the video of "Lost in your eyes" of the song of Don Omar, I loved you … I love you you are beautiful, I love your greetings videos

  10. Have you ever heard of Albanian dips. It is harder than normal dips and it uses more muscles. If you want to watch how it looks send me your email and I will send you a video

  11. The clear video overwhelms with motivation. Your two channels are the best on YouTube. But there is a request: do more often Russian subtitles. Thanks.

  12. I'm on my way to losing 36 pounds thanks to Chris's videos. He keeps it simple and to the point. No equipment, no gym, but tones of heart. Thanks Chris's!

  13. Hey Chris! I m big fan of yours and Gabo also
    I do exercise daily but I m not able to schedule things right like when to do cardio , stretching, calisthenics workout etc
    So can u plz make a video on your daily workout routine and can u provide us with proper 2 hours scheduled workout

  14. Chris, can you show somewhere in your video how much calories do we burn during the training, please

  15. Que grande eres Chris, estoy un poco pasada de kilos eso me trae inseguridad he empezado hacer algunas rutinas suyas espero bajar y ponerme en forma… Gracias todo muy bien explicado xd

  16. Chris, is that workout good for women as well? I have done some of exercises and that's really crazy. But hell, how cool. 😁

  17. Начал заниматься и приводить себя в порядок 2 месяца назад. Месяц назад нашел Вашу 7 минутную тренировку. Очень нравится. Не давно начал комбинировать ее еще с одной. Посмотрим на результаты 2 месяцев. Конечно рано что то ещё говорит. С третьего месяца планирую попробовать комбинации трёх разных тренировок включая эту. Лично для меня, как новичка эти кардио идеально подходят. Я могу подобрать время, амплитуду и скорость выполнения упражнений с сохранением нагрузки. И это ощущается на протяжении всего дня. Спасибо большое.

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